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					Ultimate Goal Setting - "The Midas Method" by Stuart Goldsmith I have been aware for
many years of the benefits of setting goals. Corporate Managerial Training Courses and
books that I had read featured a variety of different approaches to the subject. I
understood that the majority, if not all, of successful people used Goal Setting as one of
the most important weapons in their armoury to get to where they wanted to be. I even
had Goals for myself, or at least I thought I did. I have only just realised that even though
I have had ideas and aspirations about what I wanted to achieve in life for a many years
now I have never managed to transform them into a serious Goal within my subconscious
mind. Unknowingly, I had never understood how to turn a dream into a Goal. I bought
The Midas Method only a few short weeks ago and read it cover to cover in one day. It
was written by Stuart Goldsmith twenty years ago but the only thing dated in it is the
income levels he talks about in those days and the suggestion that an intermediate goal
may be to own a "new VHS video recorder type JVX 1600PD" !! It is not just about Goal
Setting. He goes into detail about how two different types of belief systems have been
programmed into our subconscious mind since birth, affecting our potential to achieve
our Goals. There is a consensus from all authors on this subject that you will not achieve
your Goals, you will not be successful, unless you have belief in yourself. Belief that you
are worthy of being successful- this he calls Positive Self Image belief and belief in your
ability to be successful- I-CAN belief. There is a short test to see where your strengths
and weaknesses lie and some simple exercises to work on them. The aim is to retrain the
subconscious mind that has been holding you back after many years of programming of
irrational fears and doubt. In the Goal Setting section there is a defined process to be
followed. He maps out how to set the initial goals, gives examples of the level you should
be aiming at, the time scale and how to visualise what you will achieve. This process is
very important as you will need to start with more achievable goals for your mind to
accept at first before hitting it with the "I will be a Millionaire by the time I am 40" goal.
He warns you not to be too bold with your first Goals but I did pitch mine slightly above
the level that he suggested. One was quite an easy DIY job to complete (although it had
been outstanding for three years), another was to run a route of about a mile everyday for
two weeks (I don't like running and hadn't done any for about 15 years) and the last two
were business related. One of the business Goals was very tough and I did worry half
way through if I was going to succeed, but I did. It was a great feeling. But it was my
following experience that I found most remarkable. At the time of writing, I finished
those Goals ten days ago. For one week I did not replace those Goals, I kept meaning to
get around to it but never did and didn't really achieve much for the whole week. Three
days ago I finally sat down and wrote four new Goals, at a more challenging level, and
almost immediately, like a light switch being flicked on, I felt charged and totally focused
once again. For a long time I have realised that the conditioning of the human mind rather
upbringing or education is the reason for our success or otherwise in this world but, until
now, I never had a system that I could choose to make it work for me. This is just one
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