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									Introduce your friends to...
 Ballroom Dance!                                                             Dance Classes
 Beginner’s Group Lessons:
                                                                              For All Ages
 $58.50 per person or couple

 •    Duration: 5 x 1 hour lessons
 •    Time:Tuesday at 8:30PM
            Thursday at 8:30PM
 •    Beautiful air-conditionetd
 •    Sprung floor,
 •    Classes instructed by variety
      of instructors,

 •    Learn to dance: Salsa, Tango,                                          All Classes are ongoing. New students
      Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, Foxtrot.
                                                                                 may dance with us at any time.
                                       N                            All classes are ongoing. You may start and finish the course at any time within
                                           Ka na
  Dance Trends                                     n Rd
                                                          .                               three months of your registration.
                                                                             1145 Lindero Canyon Rd. STE D1, Westlake Village, CA 91362
      Lakeview Rd.
                                                                                    Call us today at 818-889-3828
                                                                                         or visit our website:
                     Lindero Cyn Rd.

 W                                                            E

                                                                  Name of new student(s): ________________________________________________

                                                                  Recommended by: _________________________________ student no.: _______
      101 FWY                          S

and recive $20 worth of lessons vouchers.
It is very simple.
 1.   Fill in your and student’s name.
 2.   Clip and give this coupon to a friend.
 3.   Your friend registers for the class.
 4.   We mail you a $20.00 voucher for each new student
      ($40.00 for a couple) that you recommend. Vouchers
      have a 6 months expiry date and are valid for any
      group class.

      We call this a triple win! Your friends will be happy because
      they get a great deal. You will be happy getting rewarded
      for sharing your joy of dancing with friends. We will be happy

                                                                   Everybody wins !
      Because you are happy
      and we get a new client.

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