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					Dear Patron,

Greeting from Lagan Mandap!!


Rajasthan an ethnic state known for its PINK CITY- JAIPUR is filled with colors of
exotic Forts, lavish Palaces and Evergreen gardens. Large gatherings backed up by
heritage category hotels makes Jaipur a suitable destination for an exotic celebrations
and the Hub for Traditional and Heritage weddings. So, we welcome you to the Royal
City for experiencing an awesome Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition in Hotel Rambagh
Palace (Taj Group) Sms Convention Centre,Jaipur on 29th, 30th and 31st
August ‘2013.
Think Wedding and Lagan Mandap needs no introduction to Bride and Groom whatever
is the latest in the business of wedding and fashion you will find under one roof of this
exhibition.It is Rajasthan’s largest wedding and lifestyle exhibition and perfect platform
for business.Our aim is to promote the budding designers from every field.

Lagan Mandap wedding and Lifestyle exhibition is famous is for its unique and vibrant
theme decoration.on these 3 days you will find yourself surrounded by enchanting
Jewellery,Designer wear,wedding planners,Gift wrapping,wedding designer
card,wedding photographers,Footwears,Beauticians and much more.

Lagan Mandap brings to you the Wedding Show 2013 and we seek to draw your kind
attention to the USP….the Unique Selling Proposition that we offer.

…….The Large number of Discerning Footfalls

The Exhibition witnesses a footfall of celebrities, discerning buyers who have particularly
come to shop for an occasion or festival including those who have a purchasing power
and are fashion followers.

While the personalized invitation to visit Lagan Mandap will go to a very large number
of discerning clients, one specific segments which will prove to be our USP this time,
will be the invitation to more than a 500 families where wedding has been specifically
planned for the coming season. These are actual customers. Right on the verge of
planning wedding in their families and therefore ready to choose and buy your products
and services. This is perhaps first time when such focused endeavors are being made.
To ensure maximum quality foot-falls to Lagan Mandap 2013 has been our aim and
for this we have covered truly the entire spectrum of potential buyers. Just have a
glimpse at our efforts
     Print Advertisements will appear in all the leading newspapers and other
     FM & Television media will be fully utilized in the juggernaut of promotion.
     There will be hoardings and outdoor publicity at strategic locations.
     We have our own huge patron base built over the years who all will receive
        personalized invitation to visit the exhibition from our side.

We sincerely solicit your participation in this truly unique opportunity and let us
assure huge discerning clientele awaiting your unique products and services.

Thanking you and looking forward to our joint collaboration.

Sanjay Godha,

Lagan Mandap,
B-28,Takhte Shahi Road,
Email: / Website :
                   No exhibitor is allowed to participate in any other

             exhibition in Jaipur before and after one month our exhibition.

                  SMS Convention Center of Hotel Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
                           On 29th to 31st August,2013

                            APPLICATION FORMs

Name of applicant

Full Address

Telephone Numbers

Concerned Person/s

Product Offered

Name to be displayed on the fascia

Area Required

No. of People

Preferred Stall Location

Name and Address of Contact Person in Jaipur

Tel. NO./s

E-mail ID

I have read the enclosed terms and conditions and I am signing this application

form at my acknowledgement and acceptance.

Date: _______
                                            Signature of the applicant: ___________

                                            Company Seal: ______________________

Payments Details: _____________

                            Lagan Mandap Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition 2013
                                                 TERMS AND CONDITION
1. Selection Process:
        Because we are keen on prompting creativity and talent. We have many categories we also want to maximize
        profit for participants by restricting the number of people in each category. Participants will be selected based
        on quality and uniqueness of products and services offered.

2. Application process:
        Please send us details of the products you want to exhibit along with your official application form, which is
        enclosed here with.
3. Security:
        Maximum security measures will be provided at the exhibition center but they will be for the venue in general
        not for individual stall. The organizer cannot be held for any of risk involved.
4. Payment Schedule:
        50% with your application form.
        Balance amount to be paid by 1stAugust,2013
        Payments are to be made in favor of Lagan Mandap.
        Note Service tax has not been included in the stall cost and will be charged over and above stall cost as
        The cheques/DD has to be made in the name of the same as mentioned above.
5. Location Preference:
        While sending the payment the exhibitor is requested to send his preference of stall number so that we can try
        to allot the same to him.
6. Cancellation Clauses:
        In case of cancellation of space booking made by participant, no refund will be made on any charges already
        paid. In case of cancellation by the organizer full refund will be paid.
7.      An exhibitor will indemnify the organizers against any claim made against them in respect to damage to
        Exhibition premises and structure caused by the exhibitor.
8.      a) No alterations to the size or position of an exhibition stand is permitted
        Without the prior written approval of the organizers
        b) The organizers reserve the right to modify the layout of stand sites and gang ways.
        c) The organizers reserve the right to require Exhibitors to make such alterations to their stands as to the
        setting of exhibits as they responsibly feel necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of presentation of to
        avoid interference with the display of other responsibly feel necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of
        presentation or to avoid interference with the display of other exhibitors.
        d) Conversion of an allocated shell Scheme site to free design in not permitted.
        e) While reasonable fixing may be allowed to the plywood walls of the shell scheme. No alterations so the
        Fascia structure or the format is permitted. Any attempts to do this will reinstatement of the original structure
        at the expense of the exhibitor or this agent.
        f) Stands may not overhang the allotted area, nor are any obstructions permitted at the gang way, fire points,
        extinguishers or emergency exits.
9.      Exhibitor should not cause any permanent damage to the walls, panels and floors through use of nails,
        paintings self Adhesive tapes or any other such material.
10.     The organizers reserve the right to cancel any reservation of space in the event of the exhibitors not having
        paid the dues of the rental charges by 1stAugust,2013.
11.     Every Exhibitor shall occupy the full stand area booked by him. Should an exhibitor fail to take up the space
        allocated to him, the organizers reserve the use the space as they deem fit.
12.     Insurance of the exhibits and the property of the stall will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
13.     The organizer will make the best endeavors to ensure, supply of services at the event and those services
        mentioned in the manual but as the supply of such services is not within the control of organizer the organizer
        shall not incur any liability to the exhibitor for any loss or damage, if any such service wholly or partially fails
        or ceases to be available, Nor shall the exhibitor be entitled to any allowance in this regard in respect of rental
        due or paid under the contract.
14.      Maintenance: The organizers will carry out general cleansing of the exhibition hall and surrounding areas.
        Cleaning of individual stall will be responsibility of the participants.
15.     Storing of Packing Cases: due to lack of space, no empty cases of packing material will be allowed in and
        around the halls. All stalls must be responsibility of the participants.
16.     Government Rules and Regulations (Sales Tax and others)Please adhere to all government rules and
        regulations concerning your product contact your sales tax consultant for rules applicable to your products.
17.     Decoration: stall will be available for decoration on 28th Aaugust at decoration should be completed by
        29th August at 7:00 am.
18.     Timings:
        a. Timings for participant: 9:30 a.m to 10 p.m.
        b. Timings for visitors: 10 :30 a.m to 8 p.m.
19.     Stalls are non transferable.
20.     The use of halogen lamps in prohibited.
21.     Verbal Agreements concerning any aspect of this contract or the exhibition is not valid unless confirmed in
22.     Any dispute between the organizers and the exhibitor is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in courts in
        Jaipur only.
23.     Please fill in and send the enclosed application form along with your payment.
24.      Your name of the Fascia will be put up by us to maintain uniformity in design.
25.     The hall management team will be available at the Venue on 28th August,2013.
26.     Wet and ready to eat items which can be opened in the hall will not be allowed on the stalls.
27.     If you have any problems/requirements you many contact Sanjay/Aparna Godha at
         B-28 Takte Shahi Road, Near RBI, Jaipur.
        Phone: 0141-2574538
        Mobile No. -9829466997, 9672507888
        Email: / Website :

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