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					 On the Move
             Keri                         Krishna
             Brooke,                      Polu,
             Replicon                     CytomX
             The San                      Therapeu-
             Mateo                        tics
             provider of                  The South
             cloud time                   San Francis-
             tracking       co biotechnology com-
software named Keri         pany appointed Krishna
Brooke vice president of    Polu chief medical officer.
marketing. Previously,      Previously, he served as
she held positions at       vice president of clinical
Hyperion, Oracle and        development at Affymax.
Host Analytics.
             Mark                         Ray,
             Jensen,                      CytomX
             ForeScout                    Therapeu-
             Technolo-                    tics
             gies                         The South
               The                        San Fran-
               Cupertino    cisco biotechnology
               provider     company appointed De-
of real-time network        banjan Ray vice president
security tools ap-          of business development
pointed Mark Jensen to      and alliance management.
its board of directors.     Before his recent appoint-
Previously, he held an      ment, he was a senior
executive position at       director.
Deloitte & Touché.
             Jon                          Siegel,
             Kondo,                       Cognitive
             Replicon                     Networks
              The San                     The San
              Mateo                       Francisco
              provider of                 provider of
              cloud time                  real-time
              tracking      data services that power
software named Jon          enhanced TV on smart
Kondo chief revenue         TVs appointed Joshua
officer. Recently, he was   Siegel vice president of
chief executive at Host     product. He is former
Analytics.                  principal product manager
                            at Hulu.
             Lorenzen,                    David Van
             Cloud-                       Blerkom,
             words                        Atlantic
               The San                    Trust
               Francisco                  The private
               cloud-                     wealth man-
               based                      agement
translation manage-                       division of
ment application            Invesco named David
provider named Heidi        Van Blerkom senior vice
Lorenzen chief market-      president and senior
ing officer. Previously,    relationship manager in
she held positions at       the San Francisco office.
Polycom, Interwoven,        He is former director of
Autonomy, and Globa-        business development
lEnglish.                   and investor relations at
                            Inflective Asset Manage-
             James          ment.
             Institu-                     Scott
             tional                       Weber,
             Venture                      FirstRain
             Partners                     The San Ma-
              The Menlo                   teo provider
              Park                        of advanced
venture capital and                       customer
growth equity firm                        intelligence
named James Newell          software named Scott We-
vice president. Previ-      ber executive vice presi-
ously, he held positions    dent of sales. Recently,
at Maveron.                 he executive positions at
                            NICE Systems.
             Poirier,                     Karen
             Addepar                      White,
              The Moun-                   Addepar
              tain View                   The Moun-
              smart                       tain View
              tech-                       smart
              nology                      technology
platforms provider                        platforms
appointed Eric Poirier      provider appointed Karen
chief executive. Previ-     White president and chief
ously, he held positions    operating officer. Recently,
at Palantir.                she was CEO and chair-
                            man of Syncplicity.