5 Benefits of Cloud PBX

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5 Benefits of Cloud PBX

It has been over a decade since this unique communication channel first came comfortable in the world
of business. Through these years of success, companies have realized the increased use of these five
characteristics. Almost all companies ranging from small to large, product-based or service-based local
to global reach most easily with the following VoIP PBX features.

Call hunting

Secure communication infrastructure required to support the process options call answering. Hosted
PBX This feature allows calls to have a backup responder. A certain series of numbers are in a round-
robin so that calls are directed to multiple extensions. This increases the chances of calls received from
different destinations. The numbers arranged in a series called hunting are not necessarily the. Calls to a
specific extension are forwarded to ring in the cell phone or home phone users. This makes employees
available to answer calls from anywhere, at any time and through any means or device.

Call waiting and return

When call channels are all loaded with calls and call new users, it is essential to know which calls are on
hold. This motivates employees to solve customer problems quickly to increase the next call. Moreover,
if some big customer, more likely to be a potential customer of the call, the answering machine, you can
place the current call on hold and another call. If a customer's call is on hold and it falls in the middle,
will record details of the call and as soon as the channel is free, that number will be redialed. This
increases the chances of conversion as the company takes the initiative to respond to questions from
nearly all potential customers.

Call Forwarding

This feature of Hosted PBX has gained its importance due to the use of mobile media and its
convergence with VoIP. There are certain customer calls the address of a person who has handled that
customer queries for long. In case the person is not at your desk, calls can be directed to your personal
number so you can receive the call and solve the customer problem no matter where it is. Business
organizations can also save the expenses incurred in holding two shifts of staff for companies. This
option allows maximum productivity of their existing staff by establishing rotations and transmission of
calls to the phone number of a particular employee at a particular time.

Queued Call
Call queuing is another important feature that allows callers to remain in a queue based on the time of
your call. This queue is maintained to rationalize the distribution of calls based on consultation and the
choice of the results of the callers. Once an extension to a desired department is free, the relevant
question is directed to the appropriate department. The presence of the function of music on hold
contributes a lot in the celebration calls for a longer duration. There are some callers that are irritated
while holding. This music that soothes a bit and gives the feeling that your application is the next to be
processed. Call queue is one of the main features that are useful in the celebration of the continuity of
the communication channel and flow management in an abbreviated process.

Automatic Call Distribution

Distribution of customer calls to the desired department in a timely manner is essential for routing calls
to the desired communication. This feature works in conjunction with the function call queue. The
waiting list of calls is kept in a queue, but it is not necessary that all callers want to connect to a single
department. ACD function identifies the queue on the basis of the department for which the call is made
and then checks the free extents in that particular department. As soon as an extension is free, the call
rings at extension thus following planning free FIFO. Therefore, callers receive sufficient care calls and in
a hassle free manner.

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Description: It has been over a decade since this unique communication channel first came comfortable in the world of business. Through these years of success, companies have realized the increased use of these five characteristics.