Social Security Disability Benefits by MarijanStefanovic


									Social Security Disability Benefits Being physically or mentally disabled is not a happy
proposition for anyone. Such people are not so rare in the society but progressive states
finds ways to keep these differently able citizens lead normal lives by providing them
with basic amenities which they cannot garner themselves. Healthy and happy citizens
make a progressive society. So, societies have taken upon themselves this task, which
is beneficial not to the disabled persons only, but also for the society as a whole. There
are many reasons for being disabled. Some are like that since their birth, some become
weak and feeble due to old age or sickness, or some by some unfortunate, unnatural
occurrences. It is for such persons that governments set aside sizeable amounts as social
security disability benefits fund. However, to become eligible for these benefits, the
person seeking the grant should get certified that he is permanently unable to undertake
any job of profit due to unfavorable physical, psychological or psychiatric reasons.Â
However, it is a long and comprehensive procedure spanning several months. The first
step is to submit a detailed application stating all facts. This is followed by medical
examination, verification of the stated facts and in some cases, arbitration. The level of
disability and its effect on the well being and survival is ascertained during the course of
these procedures. Sometimes the application may get rejected, but the applicant has the
choice to appeal for reconsideration or can approach appellate bodies as a last resort.Â
Disability is defined officially as a physical state where a person is unable to work, or
adjust to a different kind of employment due to adverse physical or mental conditions.Â
Also, it has to be noted whether the disability is of permanent nature, or just a passing
phase. A person becomes eligible if his or her disability continues for more than one
year. But, in real terms, one need not be fully and permanently disabled to become a
beneficiary. Once declared eligible, the applicant will receive support on a monthly
basis. After 24 months of support, the beneficiary will become eligible for medical
assistance too. Another feature is that dependent family members also are eligible to
receive a monthly benefit of maximum fifty 50 percent of support for a disabled person.
 Periodical reviews will be conducted to ascertain whether the physical or mental state
of the beneficiary is showing substantial improvement. In case of such an improvement
where it is proved that the person is able to work and fend for himself without help,
disability benefits will rightly come to a stop. If you want to know more about Social
Security Disability Benefits then feel free to visit

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