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  TLANTIS                                                               Ralph Ellis with a Startling New Take

    Number 35
                September / October, 2002

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                         Jeff Nisbet
Digs Up Amazing Evidence of
Ancient Egyptian Connections

    Jeane Manning
On the Brewing Future Behind                                                            John Kettler Reports
  the Former Iron Curtain?

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  David H. Childress
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Search for Lost Technology                               UNRAVELING THE SECRETS OF THE SHADOW
                                                         Cynthia Logan Interviews Best-Selling Author Debbie Ford
ATLANTIS                         Number 35 • September / October


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                                   LETTERS 6

                                   THE NEW HERETIC
                                                  EARLY RAYS 10
           SCIENCE                 Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove
       UNEXPLAINED                 on the Limits of Cold Fusion 17
                                          THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST
                                           Michael Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology,
                                              on Darwinism vs. Christian Creationism 19

  J. Douglas Kenyon                                        Jeane Manning Explores the Developments
    CONTRIBUTORS                                               behind the Erstwhile Iron Curtain 23
     W. R. Benedict
       Barry Carter
    David Childress                                 MT. SINAI’S MYSTERY
    Michael Cremo
        Ralph Ellis
                                       Ralph Ellis Explores Possible Links with the Great Pyramid   24
     Julie Gillentine
      Frank Joseph
       John Kettler
                                                               QUANTUM ALCHEMY
     Cynthia Logan
                                   Using the Tools of New Science with Ancient Substance 26
  Dr. Eugene Mallove
    Jeane Manning
        Jeff Nisbet
                                           COL. FAWCETT’S STRANGE QUEST
       Rob Resetar                            Was He Searching for Lost Technology? 30
  Malin Space Systems                            CELESTIAL CATASTROPHE
                                            Did Atlantis Die with a Blow from the Skies? 32
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Views from the Forums
                  riting to At-                                                                      Enoch, of Genesis 5, did
                  lantis Rising,                                                                 not die. He was simply “taken
                  via snail mail, is                                                             away” by God.
                  not the only                                                                       “The Nephilim were on the
                  way to make                                                                    Earth in those days—and also
your views known to our                                                                          afterward—when the sons of
readers.     There      are    also                                                              God went to the daughters of
“forums” on the Atlantis Rising                                                                  men and had children by
web site (go to www.Atlantis                                                                     them. They were the heroes of and select “Discus-                                                                   old, men of renown.”
sions”). Visitors to the site will                                                                   Nephilim—indicates      that
find literally thousands of com-                                                                 these were giants. The “sons of
ments—intelligent and other-                                                                     god”—indicate the “fallen an-
wise—on all topics covered in                                                                    gels.”
this magazine and a few that                                                                         Therefore, both giants and
aren’t covered. In this issue, we                                                                “fallen angels” were on earth.
decided that it would be fun to                                                                      The interbreeding seems to
feature, instead of the custo-                                                                   indicate that mankind’s cor-
mary letters, an assortment of                                                                   ruptness became more and
intriguing Forum comments.                                                                       more evil.
(These remarks and their asso-                                                                       God told Noah to take with
ciated responses can be found                                                                    him every kind of “clean” an-
in the sections named in each                                                                    imal, male and female. This
headline. Forum membership                                                                       would seem to indicate that
handles are offered as signa-                                                                    there existed other kinds of an-
tures.)                                                                                          imals that were not “normal,”
                                                                                                 and that these could not be
City of Enoch in Bible Is                                                                        taken. Unicorn, Pegasus, Cen-
Atlantis                                                                                         taur, Satyrs, etc.
    The description in Genesis is                                                                    If this is true, then the
an absolute match for Atlantis.                                                                  mythical creatures did exist.
    There is too much being                                                                      Perhaps they were a genetic
“claimed” that Atlantis is in                                                                    experiment made by man.
                                            When those which have validity which
every part of the world except where                                                        We also know that breeding of cer-
                                            resemble Atlantis, and discounting the
it was definitely located in the Ti-                                                    tain animals with others produces a dif-
                                            silly theories which do not, we find
maeus & Critias by Plato. Period.                                                       ferent kind of animal, and this also ap-
                                            that the culture was spread all over the
    Atlantis was the name of a great na-                                                plies to agriculture...and this was long
                                            world. The peoples that were con-
tion who conquered and enslaved eve-                                                    before genetics. It is not improbable
                                            quered built buildings, etc., in order to
ryone all over the planet. Athens was                                                   that this same type of breeding was
                                            mimic Atlantis Proper. The Atlanteans
one of the few places left that had not                                                 used before which produced the my-
                                            moved all over the world by job
been enslaved.                                                                          thological creatures that were handed
                                            transfer or for pleasure, making each
    The Biblical account of the “sons of                                                down of lore.
                                            part a lot like Atlantis, but not quite
god” are clearly the “gods” of the an-                                                      If Hercules, Atlas, etc., were real,
                                            able to make it exactly like it, ac-
cients. The descriptions are far too pre-                                               then so, more than likely were these
                                            counting for why so many theories re-
cise not to be so. They had children by                                                 creatures.
                                            semble Atlantis, but just a tiny part
human females. These were the “men                                                                                   Smiley4554
                                            does not correlate with Plato’s ac-
of renown” such as Hercules. They also
produced giants as well such as Atlas.                                                  Global Flooding
                                                Genesis is a perfect description of
    Atlantis populated the whole world.                                                     IF—The temperature of the earth’s
                                            everything that happened to Atlantis. It
Its “capital” was located in the Atlantic                                               crust were to raise a significant
                                            was corrupt. They got “too big for their
Ocean. Again, the description is too                                                    amount; possibly due to the gravita-
                                            britches.” They tried to make them-
precise.                                                                                tional pull of an additional celestial
                                            selves into “gods,” and did so by some
    I, too, changed my mind off and on                                                  body (obviously implying something
                                            of their amazing feats to those who
with other people’s theories until I                                                    like PlanetX passing between Mars and
                                            were not versed. They tried to “take
began to realize that these theories                                                    Earth)...
                                            over.” Kind of like the “Titanic” where
were nothing more than the pieces to                                                        Is it possible that the ‘ground water’
                                            someone said that not even God could
the puzzle while Atlantis was the                                                       could warm enough to begin rising
                                            sink it.
whole puzzle.                                                                           (from the underground water reser-
                                                This place, originally, was won-
    However, we treat Atlantis as being                                                 voirs), and raise the earth’s ocean
                                            derful. But, man has a habit of cor-
a “piece of the puzzle.” This has to
                                            rupting, and being arrogant.
stop. The theories are the pieces.
                                                                                                     Continued on Page 9
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Continued from page 6                       Big Bang Theory
levels? Similarly, the moon Europa is           I always had the impression that the
believed to be liquid inside due to the     Big Bang theory was just a stage or
forces exerted by Jupiter. If a large       phase of the bigger cyclic universe
body (in comparison to Jupiter) passed      theory. If something is in motion it is
close to any planet, it would certainly     highly probable that it has been in mo-
increase the gravitational pressures and    tion for awhile. Especially, if we can
the interior of the planet would be-        see similarities in our smaller worlds,
come more heated and molten.                the quicker frequencies that seem to
    My thought is that this would force     last and last.
all of the non-oceanic waters (under
the continents) to evaporate and
greatly increase the water levels, and
                                                And I agree too that time has
                                            nothing to do with physical matter.
                                            Time is constant and forthcoming, and
                                                                                          Signs of
possibly create sink-holes across the
lands. Could this explain the compara-
tive extreme high-water levels that
                                            we use it as a measure of duration.
                                                I don’t know much about their
                                            “dark energy” theory. But I believe that
have occurred throughout earth’s his-
tory. These water levels seem apparent
                                            there is a simpler answer.                    Crop circles &
                                                For one, all matter does not have to
due to the fact that nearly all of the
continents were, at some time or an-
                                            arrive and explode at the same time. It     Sacred Geometry
                                            can boil like the sun’s solar flares.
other, beneath oceanic waters.
    Does this sound credible, or just too
                                            Therefore, other “collections” could ex-
                                            plain apparent accelerations after a
                                                                                        November 22 - 24, 2002
incredible?                                 slowdown.
                                Zyzzyva         Secondly, If we explode at the
                                            speed of light (or more), and later we
Architectural Secrets of Egypt              are gathering information from light
Passed on to King Solomon                   and radio waves from long ago (coming
    ...I’m looking for further informa-     to us only at the speed of light). We
tion based on a lecture I heard con-        shouldn’t even “see” our neighbors
cerning the secrets of Egyptian archae-     until we are near time to collapse
ology. The story goes something like        again. It will appear that stars are
this. When King Solomon married the         moving away from us but in fact they
Pharaoh’s daughter, he received from        are already in a far different position
Egypt archaeological secrets which
they employed in their pyramids. They
                                            and in a fantastic acceleration (us too)
                                            toward the gravitational impact point.
                                                                                         John Anthony West &
taught him to make hydraulic levers
which would remove platforms. It was
                                            We probably won’t even see it coming.        Drunvalo Melchizadek
                                                So if we are viewing matter in accel-    Linda Howe • Colin Andrews
said that Solomon had a secret              eration after a slowdown, it may be
chamber under the Holy of Holies in                                                     Nancy Talbott • Barbara Lamb
                                            that we are seeing early signals or light
order to hide the Ark of the Covenant                                                     Bearcloud • Francine Blake
                                            that used to hang in space between us,
from invading armies. Apparently, the       but because we are slowing down we                 Andreas Mueller
columns out front of the temple were        are getting the faster “compressed”           Paul Anderson • Chet Snow
hollow and filled with sand. The pillar     side of the wave.
caps were designed to sink down                                             Snailcall   The First North American
through the pillars and push the sand
out below ground onto large levers.                                                     Conference on one of the
One lever was supposed to lower the         Telepathy                                    Great Mysteries of our
floor (with the ark on it) of the Holy of      J. W. Dunne wrote 3 books, “An Ex-
Holies into the secret chamber below        periment with Time,” “The Serial Uni-
                                                                                         Times. Come hear the
ground and the other when activated         verse” and “The New Immortality.”              Rest of the Story!
was designed to raise an alternate plat-    These covered his very interesting
form in its place so that no invaders en-   ideas, which may now seem a bit                       all at the
tering the Holy of Holies would be the      1920s. However in the last named book
wiser. It is said that this accounts for    he talks about the Super Mind and de-          Hilton Phoenix-
the difference between the lengths          scribes our minds as “simply marked
given for the two pillars Boaz and Ja-      places in the Super Mind, marked by               East Hotel
chin in the books Kings and Chronicles      the world lines which determine the             Alma School Rd &
of the Old Testament—one measure-           presence of sensory phenomena.”              US 60 Freeway, Mesa, AZ
ment before the sand-hydraulic levers          Since your mind can possess several
were activated and the other measure-       foci it can concentrate on a focus  
ment afterward—they supposedly acti-        which occupies another mind’s atten-                      or
vated it when the Babylonians were at-      tion. “And that, of course, is mind-  
tacking the city in 587 B.C. Does           sharing or, as it is called so absurdly,
anyone know where I can find more           “telepathy.”                                 Dr. Chet Snow • PO Box 1738
info on this? Any help would be appre-                                                         Sedona AZ 86339
ciated.                                                                 Catastrophe
                                                                                             (928) 204-1962
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                 Number 35 • ATLANTIS   RISING 9
                                                                                              INDUS SCRIPT
ANCIENT 3D MAP FOUND IN RUSSIA                                                                SAID DECODED
S   cientists at Bashkir State University
    in Russia claim to have found infal-
lible proof of the existence of a highly                                                    T     he long-sought key to under-
                                                                                                  standing Indus Valley script
                                                                                             may finally be in hand. According to
developed civilization in the very an-                                                       the Times of India, the director of
cient past. Their evidence is a one-ton-                                                     Robertson Medical and Ayurveda In-
plus stone slab (about five feet long, by                                                    stitute in Allahabad, Ratna Gopalji
three-and-a-half feet wide, and six                                                          Agarwal says he has now deci-
inches thick) which they estimate to                                                         phered the enigmatic script.
be, perhaps, millions of years old. Lo-                                                                                For centuries
cated beneath the house of a local com-                                                                     scholars have tried un-
munity leader in the town of Ufa, the                                                                       successfully to decode
slab’s surface is a precisely detailed 3-D                                                                   the symbols found on
relief map of the Ural Mountain region.                                                                          artifacts at ancient
Its discoverer has dubbed it “The Map                                                                        sites at Mohenjo Daro
of the Creator.”                                                                             and elsewhere throughout the re-
    The discoverer, physics and mathe-                                                       gion, and, some believe, as far away
matics professor Alexander Chuvyrov                                                          as Easter Island. Some have doubted
had been researching evidence of an-                                                         whether the Indus Valley script con-
cient Chinese influence in the area and                                                      stitutes a language as we under-
had heard stories by early 20th century                                                      stand the term today. Graham Han-
investigators of several mysterious an-                                                      cock has argued that a powerful
cient slabs. Though interested, Chu-                                                         oral tradition took the place of
vyrov had despaired of finding one                                                           written language until the develop-
himself, when the chairman of the                                                            ment of Sanskrit almost 4000 years
local agricultural com-                                                                      ago. Agarwal apparently thinks oth-
mittee told him of such a                                                                    erwise, and in fact, claims his dis-
stone beneath his own                                                                        covery will lead to radical changes
house.                                                                                       in world history books. Moreover,
    After a difficult re-                                                                    he says, the interpretation of the re-
covery operation, Chu-                                                                       gion’s ruins has gone astray for mil-
vyrov reports being star-                                                                    lennia. According to Agarwal, many
tled to discover that the                                                                    of the structures are full-fledged zig-
                                                              can be said with certainty
map accurately reveals                                                                       gurat architecture composed of rec-
                                                              about the origins of the
many presently existing                                                                      tangular step platforms supported
                                                              stone. The technical diffi-
natural features plus many                                                                   by bricks with graven iconic lexi-
                                                              culty of creating such an
which no longer exist, in-                                                                   grams based on Indus script.The
                                                              accurate relief map is far
cluding a system of chan-                                                                    script in the temple complex
                                                              beyond that of any an-
nels, weirs and dams, as                                                                     speaks of the mother goddess Tirka
                                                              cient culture previously
well as inscriptions in an          Alexander Chuvyrov                                       or Durga. This iconic culture, he
                                                              believed by orthodox sci-
unknown language (Chi-                                                                       says, was the original religion of
                                               entists to have occupied the region, or,
nese has been ruled out).                                                                    Indus and India.
                                               for that matter, any place on earth.
    First discovered in July, 1999 the                                                           Agarwal also claimed his deci-
                                               Such a production would, in fact, be
slab has been subjected to numerous                                                          phering of Indus script reveals the
                                               very difficult to replicate even now.
tests by Russian scientists. The results                                                     Indus religion and civilization had
                                                   Some investigators believe the slab
have been baffling, to say the least. De-                                                    been unfolded to encompass the
                                               is a fragment of a complete map of the
terminations of age have been based                                                          world including Britain, Latin Amer-
                                               earth. A search for the missing pieces is
on radio carbon dating of shells em-                                                         ican, China, Mexico, and Peru.
                                               under way.
bedded in the material, but not much

                   ACADEMY OF REMOTE VIEWING
                    CADEMY OF  EMOTE  IEWING
     FIRST COURSE                                                        unconscious (Delta level of mind). Forecast your
     • As seen on TV shows Sightings and Real X-Files.                   probable future.
       Develop astounding intuition by learning to operate                                        $110 (S. & H. included)
       at the deep Theta level of brain.
                                                                       PROUDLY ANOUNCING OUR SECOND COURSE
     • Learn revolutionary mind-expansion technology
                                                                       • Master Remote Mind Influencing (subconscious).
       used by CIA and foreign intelligence services for 20
                                                                         Taught by former operative. Proven results.
       years. Become a psychic spy.
                                                                           $178 + s.&h. (BOTH COURSES $248 + s.&h. inclu.)
     • View any target in space/time. Receive and
       process information from the collective                                              800-299-1974

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N     ational Geographic
      has      withdrawn
from efforts to investi-
gate a reported under-
water city near Cuba’s
northwestern coast at
Guanahacabibes. The ap-
parently anomalous find,
however, continues to
provoke considerable in-
terest and controversy.
    First reported last
year by Reuters, the dis-
covery by Canadian
ocean engineer Paulina
Zelitsky of a vast com-                                                             • Retards age-related
plex of seeming ruins at
more than 2,000 feet                                                                  macular degeneration
below the surface has                                                                 processes.
created something of a
firestorm of curiosity,
                                                                                    • Promotes scavenging of
not only from the new                                                                 damaging free radicals.
age community but the                                                               • Helps prevent
general public as well.
Mainstream news media,                                                                oxidation of lipids and
from NPR to the AP,                                                                   promotes blood vessel
have now picked up the                                                                health.
story. The possibility
that the area might rep-                                                            • Retards general
resent an advanced but                                                                anti-oxidation
lost pre-diluvian civiliza-                                                           processes that damage
tion has not been far
from anyone’s mind.                                                                   vision.
    Earlier this year a                                                             • Provides nutrition to
leading Cuban geologist
Manuel Iturralde said he                                                              eye lens and
could not explain the                                                                 supporting structures.
site by any standard                                                                • Improves the
theory of natural ge-
ology. His report in                                                                  microcirculation and
Spanish (with pictures)                                                               regeneration of retinal
has been posted on the                                                                tissue.
web (http:/www.medio                                                                  • Inhibits the
siguenlos.htm). Yet, de-                                                              cross-linking of the
spite a demonstrated ap-
petite for more informa-
                                                                                      body’s proteins.
tion, efforts to pursue                                                             • Bolsters the body's
the investigation seem                                                                defense mechanisms.
in jeopardy. National Ge-
ographic’s withdrawal                                                               • Supports and
has been a severe blow,                                                               strengthens collagen
and even researcher An-
drew Collins, who has
argued in his widely read books that       ward in her efforts to raise the money
Cuba was the location of Atlantis, has     to pursue the investigation indepen-
expressed doubt about the human ori-
gins of the Guanahacabibes site, stating
                                              Further details, hopefully, will be
                                                                                    COMING SOON!
that things look pretty natural to him.    forthcoming soon.
Nevertheless, Zelitsky is pressing for-                                    


                                             Albert Einstein                               J. Edgar Hoover

                                             DOCUMENTS SHOW FBI BOSS TRIED
                                             TO BRING DOWN ALBERT EINSTEIN
                                             he was.
                                                     as J. Edgar Hoover out to get Al-
                                                     bert Einstein? A new book says
                                                                                           formation contained in any file your bu-
                                                                                           reau may have on the following
                                                                                           person." That person was Albert Ein-
                             Chinese Tower      According to journalist Fred Je-           stein, considered by many to have
                                             rome, recently uncovered FBI files            been the greatest scientist of the 20th
 A     n official Chinese news agency
       has reported that researchers are
investigating what have been described
                                             show that from the time Einstein ar-
                                             rived in the U.S. in 1933 until his death
                                                                                           century. The Hoover request appar-
                                                                                           ently intensified a secret campaign to
                                                                                           discredit him.
as “ET relics” in the far western prov-      in 1955 his phone was tapped, his mail
ince of Qinghai. According to Xinhua         was opened and his trash searched.                The FBI director, Jerome reports,
news agency, nine scientist were exam-          A 1950 memo by J Edgar Hoover              worried about Einstein’s outspoken po-
ining a mysterious pyramid-like struc-       opens the file: "Please furnish a report      sitions on social injustice and civil
ture which local legend says was a           as to the nature of any derogatory in-        rights.
launch tower left by aliens from space.
on Mount Bai-
gong, the                                                      COULD OCEAN SOUND REVEAL
tower is near
three caves
with trian-
                                                                 AN UNKNOWN MONSTER?
gular open-
ings, filled
with red-
                                                                                         S    ounds from the deep could be an
                                                                                              unknown monster. That is not the
                                                                                         lead for a Hollywood Sci-fi epic. It is a
hued pipes                                                                               mystery currently intriguing serious
which lead                                                                               ocean investigators.
into the                                                                                     According to New Scientist Magazine,
mountain and                                                                             researchers are baffled by a bizarre sound
a nearby salt-                                                                           first picked up by cold-war era Navy
water lake.                                                                              undersea microphones in 1997. The
Moreover,                                                                                strange unidentified noise has been
rusty iron scraps and pipes amid stones                                                  nicknamed “Bloop.” It has the attributes
of unusual shape are scattered about                                                     of a marine mammal but its calls are far
the largely deserted area. According to                                                  more powerful than those made by any
the Times of India, a research fellow at                                                 known creature including the largest
a nearby observatory of the Chinese                                                      whales. Phil Lobel, a marine biologist at
Academy of Social Sciences said the                                                      Boston University, says he doesn’t think
theory that the pyramid was created by                                                   the sound is made by a giant squid which
extra terrestrials was “understandable                                                   would not have the required gas-filled
and worth looking into.” No further de-                                                  sac. Or, as the Scotch might say, no
tails on the age of the structure or other                                               bagpipe, no music.
theories of its origins were immediately                                                     Whatever it is, the fervent hope is that
forthcoming.                                                                             it’s friendly.
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 DEADLY ASTEROID BARELY MISSES EARTH                                                                                J   une 14, 2002 will not
                                                                                                                        be remembered in the
                                                                                                                        same way as Sep-
                                                                                                                    tember 11, 2001, but it
                                                                                                                    could have been. That
                                                                                                                    was the day when an as-
                                                                                                                    teroid the size of a foot-
                                                                                                                    ball field and moving at
                                                                                                                    23,000 miles per hour
                                                                                                                    passed within 75,000
                                                                                                                    miles of earth. If it had
                                                                                                                    struck this planet, it
                                                                                                                    could have wiped out an
                                                                                                                    entire city. The scariest
                                                                                                                    part is no one saw it
                                                                                                                    coming. Not until three
                                                                                                                    days later, as it had al-
                                                                                                                    ready moved far beyond
                                                                                                                    us, did astronomers in
                                                                                                                    New Mexico pick it up.
                                                                                                                    The last time an asteroid
                                                                                                                    passed that close was in
                                                                                                                        2002MN, as the space
                                                                                                                    rock was dubbed, was
                                                                                                                    fairly light in weight and
                                                                                                                    scientists say it could not
                                                                                                                    have caused worldwide
                                                                                                                    damage. Of course the
                                                                                                                    hits on New York’s World
                                                                                                                    Trade Center did not
                                                                                                                    cause global damage ei-
                                                                                                                        Science and govern-
                                                                                                                    ment have finally begun
                                                                                                                    to take measures to deal
                                                                                                                    with the threat of strikes
                                                                                                                    from outer space. The
                                                                                                                    June near miss happened
                                                                                                                    just as British astrono-
                                                                                                                    mers had begun to test
                                                                                                                    telescopes on La Palma as
                                                                                                                    part of a newly expanded
Astronomers Karl Stapelfeldt and Robin Evans have tracked down about 100 small asteroids by hunting through         search for so-called Near
more than 28,000 archival images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2. Here is   Earth Objects.
a sample of what they have found: four archival images that show the curved trails left by asteroids.

     C     ameras that see through clouds,
           walls and even clothes are
     coming soon. Forget about X-Rays,
     though, these cameras will use T-rays
     and pretty soon they will be in every-
     thing from airport security to spy sat-
     ellites. British scientists are already
     hard at work on the project.
         T-Rays are terahertz waves and
     they come from just about anything.
     One camera already built can see a
     hidden gun and a human body. Soon
     they will possibly see hidden explo-
     sives, through a comet’s tail, or
     someday, to detect cancer.
         Superman, you are so 20th cen-
     tury.                                                                                     Ray Miland as X—The Man with X-Ray Eyes (1964).

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                                about Earth’s secret past, the ancient sisterhood of Seerers from the star system Sirius, who were the Bible Mothers of the the
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                                                                   support by Chinese scientific organizations. As our initial re-
                              COMMENT                              port in Infinite Energy of July/August 2002 remarks, the
                                                                   human capital of cold fusion is aging and is not being re-
                                                                   newed by a healthy influx of younger researchers. This is not

                      The New                                      surprising for a field that is so widely devalued; the career
                                                                   risks for becoming involved—even should some young re-
                                                                   searcher develop an interest—are just too great.

                                                                       On the scientific front on the other hand, it is not easy to
                                                                   find a field that has opened wide more of Nature’s doors
                                                                   than cold fusion. As reports at ICCF9 and at many other re-
                                                                   cent LENR conferences suggest, “cold fusion” has become

                   Dr. Eugene F. Mallove                           squarely the field of “modern alchemy.” The transmutation
                                                                   of heavy elements in these experiments has become the
                                                                   order of the day. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries sends its re-
                                                                   searchers to Beijing to report the repeatable, on demand
THE BOUNDARIES OF COLD FUSION                                      transmutation of cesium to praseodymium and strontium to
                                                                   molybdenum! This work will soon be published in the Japa-

Q      uote: “We do not know if Cold Fusion will be the an-        nese Journal of Applied Physics. This too will be ignored by
       swer to future energy needs, but we do know the exis-       mainstream physics, but what a spectacular achievement!
       tence of Cold Fusion phenomenon through repeated                It has taken far too many cold fusion researchers much
observations by scientists throughout the world. It is time        too long to realize that heavy element transmutation is inte-
that this phenomenon be investigated so that we can reap           gral to what they are studying. In the early 1990s cold fusion
whatever benefits accrue from additional scientific under-         began to show strong symptoms of this alchemical direction.
standing. It is time for government funding organizations to       Yet it has taken some cold fusion researchers over a decade
invest in this research.”                                          to finally acknowledge the reality of the low-energy nuclear
    So wrote Dr. Frank E. Gordon, Head, Navigation and Ap-         transmutation of heavy elements.
plied Sciences Department Space and Naval Warfare Systems              This brings up the compelling scientific question: What
Center, San Diego, in introducing a just released official U.S.    are the scientific boundaries of cold fusion? We’re no longer
Navy Report, TECHNICAL REPORT 1862, February 2002,                 talking about the now obsolete question of 1989: Is it chem-
Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System,                  istry or physics? We now need to know where cold fusion
Volume 1: A Decade of Research at Navy Laboratories;               fits within physics such that a profusion of alchemical results
Volume 2: Simulation of the Electrochemical Cell (ICARUS)          should be coming forth. Why is it so damned simple to
Calorimetry.                                                       create element changes in low-energy experiments? This just
    Cold fusion pioneer Dr. Martin Fleischmann is one of the       has to be a significant clue to the nature of cold fusion
report’s co-authors, a modest acknowledgment of the impor-         physics, but it may not lead to an answer that many in the
tance of his work by at least one official U.S. organization.      field may appreciate.
But this is far short of the high-level apology that is due this
scientist for the inexcusable malfeasance of its DoE “Cold Fu-
sion Panel” in the 1989 trashing of his work. Across the pond
in the U.K., by now Martin should have become Sir Martin
Fleischmann. How unjust that his work is not honored even
in his own land, while Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones will
soon be Knighted! (Please excuse me while I have my “19th
Nervous Breakdown.”)
    Don’t expect that the Navy report will move the U.S. gov-
ernment one millimeter closer toward re-evaluating cold fu-
sion. In fact, one bigoted anti-cold fusion scientist within the
U.S. Government (Dr. Peter Zimmerman, a “scientific ad-
visor” to the U.S. State Department) after hearing about the
report (but without having read it) exclaimed on an Internet
forum (9 May): “It’s my contention that somehow the crap in
it [the Navy Report] did not go through the formal NRL re-
view process which is very, very rigorous. I want to know
why the Navy issued it.” He promised immediate action to
cause trouble within the bureaucracy. As has been hap-
pening for over years, no sooner does a positive develop-
ment arise for cold fusion, but that influential negativists go        A schematic of the possible locus of cold fusion within
to work to make sure that no change is made in the govern-         physics appears in the accompanying figure, which presents
ment’s disgraceful non-policy.                                     three broad perspectives. To the “skeptics,” cold fusion still
    So the study of low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR, the        remains a troublesome residue of “pathological science.” It
more generic term for the plethora of cold fusion-related dis-     sits within the pristine house of physics, spoiling an other-
coveries) in the U.S. is bounded on one side by active ob-         wise triumphal march to a glib “Theory of Everything.” Next
struction by government agencies. This, in turn, has made it       we encounter the “Mainstream” Cold Fusion viewpoint,
nearly impossible to raise R&D capital from the private            which is probably held by over 98 percent of those directly
sector for investigations that are considered foolish by offi-     involved in the field. Here the boundaries of cold fusion
cialdom.                                                           physics are completely confined within “Accepted” Physics,
    The tight financial boundaries of cold fusion have made it     which for this community means quantum mechanics and
an island kingdom with diminishing resources. I have just re-      relativity. In this view, only the chairs on the deck of the big
turned from the 9th International Conference on Cold Fusion        ocean liner of physics need to be rearranged to accommo-
(ICCF9), which was held in Beijing (May 19-24) with official                                         Continued on Page 58
  Dr. Eugene F. Mallove is the Editor-in-Chief of Infinite Energy Magazine—
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                    Number 35 • ATLANTIS     RISING 17
                                                                                     INFORMATIVE LINKS
                                                                                       worth following

                                         Notes from
                    Michael A. Cremo
                                                                                   • Amazing New Crop
Christian Creationism, Krishna Creationism,                                           Circle at Stonehenge
                                                                                   On July 4 2002, a major for-
and the Origin of the Human Species                                                mation was discovered by a
                                                                                   pilot out of Thruxton air-

     or a long time, Darwinists assumed that anyone who argued seriously
     against their theory of human evolution must be a Christian creationist.      field, who quickly advised
     Perhaps that’s why my book Forbidden Archeology came as such a sur-           circles researchers that a
prise.                                                                             huge and quite amazing for-
     In a review of Forbidden Archaeology published in Geoarchaeology              mation was now on the
(1994, 9:337-340), Kenneth Feder wrote: “The book . . . represents something       deck next to the ancient
perhaps not seen before; we can fairly call it ‘Krishna creationism’ with no       Stonehenge monument.
disrespect intended. The basic premises of the authors are breathtaking. . . :
The prevailing paradigm of human evolution . . . is wholly untenable. There is             news/beaten/beaten
what amounts to a passive conspiracy (the authors call it a “knowledge
filter”) to suppress a huge body of data that contradicts our prevailing para-
digm. . . . This purported evidence indicates that “beings quite like ourselves
have been around as far back as we care to look—in the Pliocene, Mio-              • Clues to Missing
cene, Oligocene, Eocene and beyond.”                                                 Pagodas Found
    Feder concluded, “We all know what happens when we mix a literal in-           Submerged structures
terpretation of the Judeo-Christian creation myth with human paleontology;         found off the coast of Ma-
we get scientific creationism. It seems we now know what happens when              habalipuram in the Bay of
we mix a literal interpretation of the Hindu myth of creation with human pa-       Bengal could well solve the
leontology; we get the antievolutionary Krishna creationism of Forbidden Ar-       mystery of seven pagodas
chaeology, where human beings do not evolve and where the fossil evi-
                                             dence for anatomically modern         dating back to the Pallava
                                             humans dates as far back as the       Period (7th Century AD).
                                             beginning of the current manvan-                               http://
                                             tara.” Of course, I did not invent
                                             that fossil evidence, which does             articleshow.asp?art_id=
                                             show that humans existed hun-                                15199261
                                             dreds of millions of years ago. In
                                             reply to Feder, I say: “We all know   • Civil War Scientist
                                             what happens when we mix a                Developed Crude
                                             strong belief in Darwinism with           Atomic Bomb?
                                             human paleontology. We get a
                                             fundamentalist evolutionary ac-
                                                                                   Historians are reeling over
                                             count of human origins, in which      the discovery that a Con-
                                             human beings evolve from apes         federate scientist was just
                                             and the fossil evidence for hu-       weeks away from per-
                                             mans of our type only goes back       fecting a crude atomic
                                             about 100,000 years.”                 bomb—and planned to use
                                                Now let’s talk about my rela-      the device to destroy Wash-
                                            tionships with Christian re-           ington, D.C., 138 years ago
                                            searchers concerned with human         . . . in 1864!
                                            evolution. Among them are three
                                            groups. The first is the Biblical
                                            creationists, who believe that           news/index.cfm?instanceid
                                            God directly created the earth                              =38840
Charles Darwin                              and human beings about 10,000
                                                                                         Continued on Page 20on Page 20
                                                                    years ago. These young earth creationists are
            iNEWS                                                    mostly from conservative Protestant denomina-
                                                                     tions. The second group of Christian researchers
                                                                     are those who believe that God created human
     • Researchers Envisage                                          beings, but did it by the Darwinian process of ev-
        Turning Light into                                           olution. These researchers tend to come from lib-
        Liquid                                          eral Protestant and mainstream Catholic backgrounds. The
     A group of Spanish scien-                     third group are the new Christian academics who belong to the
     tists may have worked out a                intelligent design movement. They keep their Biblical commitments
                                            in the background, and keep the identity of the “intelligent designer”
     way of turning light into         deliberately vague. To varying degrees, they are against the Darwinian
     liquid. Computer simula-          theory.
     tions carried out at the Uni-         I have fairly good relationships with young earth Christian creationists,
     versity of Vigo in Ourense        despite my Vedic spiritual commitments and my old earth position. The
     showed light splits into          abridged edition of Forbidden Archaeology, titled The Hidden History of the
     water-like droplets under         Human Race, got a positive review in Creation Research Society Quarterly
     certain conditions.               (June 1995), the main journal of the       young earth Christian creationists. The au-
        news/story/sm_621294.html?     thor, Peter Line, said, “This book is must
            menu=news.scienceand       reading for anyone interested in human
                         discovery     origins.” I have also appeared on Chris-
                                       tian creationist radio and television
                                       shows. Here’s what I say: “Whether we
     • Great Pyramid Is                believe the earth has been here for a
        Melting Away                   few thousand years or a few billion years,
                      For more         humans have been here since the begin-
                      than four        ning. We did not come from apes, as the
                      millennia,       Darwinists would like us to believe.”
                      they have             Sometimes, I get into discussions with
                      stood among      young earth creationists about the geo-
                      the desert       logical dating methods. They have to re-
                                       ject all of them as totally useless. But I
                      sands as a       don’t find that to be a very viable posi-
                      testament to     tion. The dating methods can be
                      the engi-        checked against the yearly series of tree
                      neering bril-    rings, which go back thousands of years,
     liance of ancient Egypt. But      and the record of yearly snowfalls found
     the great pyramids and the        in the Arctic and Antarctic ice core drill-
                                       ings, which go back hundreds of thou-
     Sphinx, the last of the           sands of years. On rare occasions, trees
     seven wonders of the an-          can show more than one growth ring per
     cient world to remain in-         year, or there can sometimes be more
     tact, are at risk of destruc-     than one layer per year in ice cores. But
     tion from water.                  this doesn’t happen very much. The ob-
                           http://     served tree rings and ice cores thus sup-
                                       port the accuracy of various chemical                   The Creation of Eve, Raphael

           index.cfm?id=721962002      and radiometric dating methods.
                                            My own position is that the dating methods give approximately correct
     • Catastrophic Pole Flip          dates. By that I mean they could perhaps be off by as much as a factor of 2
        Coming for Earth?              times or 5 times, or even 10 times, but not by 1,000 or more times. The ages
     The planet’s magnetic field       obtained by these methods roughly correspond to the ages for the history
                                       of life given in the ancient Sanskrit writings of India. According to the Sanskrit
     is showing signs of wanting       writings, the current creation cycle began about 2 billion years ago, and
     to make a gigantic somer-         according to modern paleontology, the oldest undisputed fossil evidence
     sault, so that magnetic           for life on earth goes back about 2-3 billion years. Still, there are many ways
     north heads towards Antarc-       for the application of a particular dating method to a particular case to
     tica, and magnetic south          give an incorrect result. For example, the object being dated could contain
     goes north. Compasses will        contaminants that cause the dating method to give an age that is too
                                       young or too old. But in general, if the methods are applied properly, they
     point the wrong way, and          should give roughly correct ages.
     migrating birds, fish and tur-
                                           As for the Christians who have chosen to make a compromise with Dar-
     tles are going to be very         winism (God created human beings but He did it by evolution), I see two
     confused.                         problems with their position. First of all, they have to give up any literal un-     derstanding of their scripture, which says that God created humans in his
                      science/story/   image. Nowhere in the Bible can one find any statements that God made
               0,3605,748510,00.html   human beings by evolving them from apes. Second, they have tied their
                                       theology to an evolutionary picture of human origins that is contradicted by
           Continued on Facing Page
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                                                                                    • Temple Treatment for
                                                                                       Psychiatric Illness
                                                                                    A six-week stay at a Hindu
                                                                                    temple in Tamil Nadu can
                                                                                    produce the same improve-
                                                                                    ment in people with severe
                                                                                    psychiatric disorders as a
                                                                                    month-long course of stan-
                                                                                    dard drugs, say researchers.

The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo                                                  • Turing Patterns Shape
huge amounts of physical evidence, in the form of anatomically modern                 Ant Cemeteries
human bones, footprints, and artifacts millions of years old. Nevertheless,         Ants arrange their dead using
most Catholic and liberal Protestant scholars and scientists have adopted           the same principles that are
the current Darwinian evolutionary explanation of human origins.                    thought to produce the
     But I’ve managed to change a few minds. A couple of years ago, Dr.             markings on animal skin and
Dennis Bonnette, head of the philosophy department at Niagara University,           on tropical sea shells.
a Catholic institution in New York state, contacted me by email. He was   
writing a book on human evolution, from the usual Catholic perspective                           708/020708-1.html
(God created the human beings, but He did it by evolution). But after he
read Forbidden Archaeology, he changed his mind and began reworking                 • Skull Find Causes
his book. In the new draft, he suggested that in light of the evidence for ex-
treme human antiquity documented in Forbidden Archaeology, Christian
                                                                                      Evolution Revolution
scholars might once more take seriously the Biblical accounts of the direct
creation of human beings by God. Bonnette wrote: “Scholarly research
such as that found in Forbidden Archaeology, offers reasonable strati-
graphic and other evidence that modern human beings predate proposed
transitional hominids, such as Homo erectus. This presents probable cause to
doubt current human evolutionary theory. . . . If human beings did not
evolve, then Adam and Eve did not descend from transitional hominids . . .
[and] Adam and Eve’s direct divine creation. . . becomes credible.” Bon-
nette’s book, The Origin of the Human Species, which came out last year in
a philosophy series from a major European academic publisher, is well worth
reading for anyone desiring to learn the ins and outs of various Christian po-
sitions on the human evolution question.
     As for the intelligent design theorists, such as William Dembski and Mi-
chael Behe, I have fairly good relationships with them. Behe attended my
lecture on forbidden archaeology at his university in Pennsylvania, and be-
fore the lecture, we had dinner together. He appeared quite interested in
the fossil evidence contradicting the Darwinian theory of human evolution.
Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial, and one of the chief spokesper-         His family name is Sahelan-
sons of the modern intelligent design movement, wrote a foreword to my              thropus tchadensis, but you
book The Hidden History of the Human Race, encouraging scientists to “ex-           can call him Toumai. His
amine evidence that was not included in the textbooks and review articles           skull dates back a staggering
they were given in their college and graduate school classes.”
                                                                                    seven million years.
    My relationships with various Christian scholars working on the evolution
question are part of a larger strategy. In the world today, we are in the                       news/science/0702/
middle of a major renegotiation of our whole picture of reality, the type of                  science07110206.html
renegotiation that takes place only every few centuries. We are moving
away from a strictly material and mechanical view of reality and toward a           • Scientists to Develop
view that incorporates the subtle energies of mind and consciousness. There
are many parties to this renegotiation—mainstream scientists, alternative sci-
                                                                                       Nanosensors for
ence reseachers, religionists, new agers, and more. As a party to this rene-           Astronauts
gotiation, my policy is to stay in touch with all the other parties, and my rela-   Tiny devices will fit inside
tionships with Christian reseachers are part of that policy.                        cells; monitor signs of radia-
                                                                                    tion damage or infection.
    Michael A. Cremo is author, with Richard Thompson, of the underground    
classic Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race. Dr.                      opm/newspage/2002/
Dennis Bonnette’s book The Origin of the Human Species can be ordered                             nanosensors.htm

               receding every great
                                                                                             Cold Fusion

          P    advance and many of
          the setbacks in our history,
          the geniuses of both light
          and darkness, have battled
          for the hearts and minds of
          the rest of us. But, despite
          the stubborn resistance of
          those committed to the
          primitive notions of earlier
          ages, the outrageous                                                               Wireless Power Transmission
          impossibilities of one
          generation continue to
          become the revolutionary
          breakthroughs of the next
          and the basic necessities of
          the future.
              Still... in the 20th
          century, while the
          Marconi's...the Henry
          Ford's...the Thomas Edison's
          have succeeded in capturing                                                        Inventor Paramahamsa Tewari
          most of the attention,
          others with technological
          prowess bordering on the
          miraculous, strangely, have
          gone unnoticed. Men with
          names like Tesla, Moray,
          Rife, Russell and
          Schauberger, laboring in
          almost complete obscurity,
          and achieving almost
          incomprehensible                                                                   Rejuvenation Technology
          miracles--free energy,
          anti-gravity, transmutation
          of the elements, physical
          rejuvenation and more--were yet largely rejected, ridiculed and despised by the
          scientific establishment of their day. But now, a few decades later, a new breed
          of inventors, scientists and researchers is making rapid, if yet unpublicised,
          strides toward unraveling the astonishing secrets of those unsung giants who
          preceded them. Today, many of these new technological magicians find
          themselves on the threshold of breakthroughs, still believed, by many, to be the
          stuff of hallucination.

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 Energy Revolution Torch Burns Brightly
 in Countries Once Behind Iron Curtain
Conferees Hear
of Astonishing
 Discoveries in
  the Former
 Soviet Union

           he two Russian scientists
           were in for a surprise when
           they set up their experiment
           in a high-ceilinged concrete
           laboratory. They had built a
meter-wide energy converter whose
rotating part carried magnetic rollers
similar to those built by John Searl, a
British inventor. They wanted to test
Searl’s claims to have had a flying disc
and a generator that converted energy
from surrounding space into elec-
tricity. With a special non-magnetic
platform underneath, the Russians’
total apparatus weighed 350 kilograms.

    When they sped the rotor up to 200
revolutions-per-minute (rpm), instru-
ments showed the platform rising
slightly on its vertical slides. Weight                      Zlatko “Shad” Loncar ignites gas from a water-filled bubbler
loss! At 550 rpm the ampmeter in the                             to prove the bubbles are burnable and not mere air.
motor circuit showed zero current           Further they were astounded to feel a           strange effects. This paves the way for
being consumed. Using clutches, they        cooling of the surrounding air. Concen-         new science.
disconnected the motor and con-             tric rings of cooled air alternated with            Dr. Anatoli Rykov, chief of an Engi-
nected the generator to the converter’s     normal temperatures. When they                  neering Seismology lab in Moscow, re-
shaft. After the shaft reached a critical   tested the surrounding air with sen-            ported in Alexander Frolov’s magazine
speed of 550 rpm, the rotor acceler-        sors, they found rings of “magnetic             New Energy Technologies (www. far-
ated sharply. The machine was run-          walls” interspersed with rings of ordi- that the Godin-Roschin unit ro-
ning itself! It didn’t slow down until      nary air rippling outward like waves in         tated the six-kilowatt-output electrical
they connected the first of ten kilo-       a pond, to fifteen meters from their ex-        generator for fifteen minutes without
watt-heating-units as a load.               periment without lessening. Not even            using any electrical input. Rykov theor-
    The strangeness escalated. In an ex-    Searl had reported measuring such               izes that the weight loss comes when
periment in the dark, they saw a            walls.                                          the aether is deformed locally opposite
donut-shaped      pink-and-blue     light       I met the two, Vladimir Roshchin            to gravity, by the direction of the
around the machine and smelled ozone        and Sergei Godin, in Switzerland last           rotor’s spinning. Roshchin and Godin
from ionization of the air. A wavy pat-     year. They were still based at the Rus-         did find that effects reversed when
tern corresponding to the surface of        sian Academy of Sciences in Moscow,             they reversed direction of the rotor.
the rollers was superimposed on the         but had lost their funding and lost pos-        Rykov concluded, “Wide abilities of
corona. Zones of yellowish-white light      session of the large prototype of their         ether to produce non-limited energy
appeared, but there were none of the        patented energy converter used in that          and to travel in space without inertia
crackling sounds that usually accom-        1993 experiment. Roshchin and Godin             are open now.”
pany electrical arc discharges.             later built a smaller version which                 This year Roshchin and Godin were
    When the machine was consuming          didn’t lose weight or run itself. That          scheduled to speak at a meeting in Ger-
the most power, seven kilowatts, the        disappointment taught them that size is         many, but a source said they have an
anomalous weight loss of the platform       important in getting the effects, in-           investor who doesn’t want them to re-
and its load reached 35 per cent. Was       cluding the magnetic and cool-air encir-        veal any more research details. Godin
the heavy machine slowly levitating?        cling “walls.” No existing mainstream           and Roshchin earlier tried to interest
■ BY JEANE MANNING                          physics theories can explain all of the                      Continued on Page 59
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                        Number 35 • ATLANTISRISING 23
                                                                                                                   unto the Lord, lest
  ANCIENT MYSTERIES                                                                                                    he break forth
                                                                                                                   upon them.”

The        Enigma of Mount Sinai
                                                                                                                       Here we have a
                                                                                                                     peculiar descrip-
                                                                                                                 tion of a mountain
                                                                                                                      that one cannot
                                                                                                                  touch the borders
                                                                                                                     of, as though the
        Does the                                                                                                   base of the moun-
                                                                                                                  tain was more like
     Great Pyramid                                                                                                          a cliff than a
                                                                                                                 gentle ascent. This
     Hold the Key?                                                                                                 mountain also ap-
                                                                                                                     pears to be small
                                                                                                                  enough to cordon

            he search for the biblical Mt.                                                                              off, so that the
            Sinai has been an enduring                                                                            people cannot get
            facet of Judaism, Christianity                                                                            close enough to
            and Islam, and its location                                                                                touch it. In this
            has been reported in loca-                                                                                   case, Mt. Sinai
tions as remote as the Sinai peninsula                                                                             must be relatively
and the deserts of Saudi Arabia. But                                                                                   small, as moun-
why should this mountain be so impor-                                                                                      tains go, and
tant to the three Judaic religions, and                                                                           thrust itself rather
how did its location become forgotten?                                                                           dramatically out of
    The answer to the first question is                                                                               the surrounding
relatively easy: Mt Sinai was where                                                                              plains.
Moses spoke to god; indeed it was ru-                                                                                   Another quote
moured that the Israelite God actually                                                                                   from the Bible
lived inside. The second question,                                                                                 seems to describe
however, is more difficult. Here is the                                                                                 the base of the
most sacred mountain of the Israelites,                                                                          mountain:
the home of their all-powerful god, and                                                                                 “And they saw
someone simply forgot where it was!                                                                                 the God of Israel:
The scenario is simply not credible.                                                                                     and there was
But if such an important location was                                                                             under his feet as it
not forgotten, then it must have been                                                                                     were a paved
deliberately mislaid or covered up—but                                                                                   work of a sap-
such reasoning by definition presup-                                                                                 phire stone, and
poses that there was something to            phus often provides us supports this          as it were the body of heaven in his
hide.                                        claim. With regard to Mt. Sinai, Jose-        clearness.”
    So what, in this case, were the Is-      phus says:                                        The description is peculiar, but it
raelite leadership trying to hide? My an-        “When he said this, he ascended up        does seem to indicate that there was a
swer initially seemed to be quite innoc-     to Mt. Sinai, which is the highest of all     pavement at the base of the mountain,
uous—it was simply a new location for        the mountains that are in that country,       which resembled the night sky. The
Mt Sinai. But as I continued the re-         and it is not only very difficult to be as-   term ‘clearness’ means ‘lustre’, so per-
search for the book Tempest & Ex-            cended by men, on account of its vast         haps the ‘sapphire stone’ looked some-
odus, it became obvious that the rami-       altitude, but because of the sharpness        thing like polished black basalt with
fications of this new location for Mt.       of its precipices also; and besides this,     white quartz inclusions—a granite-like
Sinai radically changed the entire his-      it was terrible and inaccessible, on the      building material that can be polished
tory and liturgy of the Israelite people.    account of the rumor that passed about        to a high lustre and then looks very
    In order to discover the true loca-      that God dwelt there.”                        much like the night sky.
tion for Mt. Sinai, we must first obtain         Here we have a description of a               Unfortunately, apart from a few ex-
a description of both the mountain and       high and sharp mountain that is diffi-        tracts that indicate that Mt. Sinai was
its general location. The first descrip-     cult to climb. The Bible does not have        on the edge of a desert, that is about
tion that presented itself was from the      a very good description of this moun-         the full extent of the descriptions of
accounts of the first century historian      tain, but it continues Josephus’ descrip-     Mt. Sinai. In this case we have a small,
Josephus. Many have been tempted to          tion by stating the following:                but nevertheless quite sharp and dra-
deride Josephus as unreliable, but Jose-         “And thou shalt set bounds unto the       matic mountain, that is surrounded by
phus himself says he derived his texts       people round about, saying, ‘take heed        a basalt pavement and is situated on
from books taken from the Temple of          to yourselves, that ye go not up into         the edge of a desert. There is only one
Jerusalem after the fall of that city in     the mount, or touch the border of it:         further point to be made, and while it
AD 70. If so, it makes Josephus’             whosoever touches the mount shall be          may seem to be innocuous, it may actu-
sources far older and more authorita-        surely put to death. There shall not an       ally be the key to this whole conun-
tive than any copies of the Torah (Old       hand touch it, but he shall surely be         drum. It is often overlooked that Moses
Testament) that are extant to this day.      stoned, or shot through.’                     did not simply climb Mt. Sinai to re-
Indeed, the extra information that Jose-         “Set bounds about the mount, and          ceive the ten commandments from
                                             sanctify it ... but let not the priests and   God, he actually descended into the
■ BY RALPH ELLIS                             the people break through to come up           mountain:

24   ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                            SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
    “And the Lord said unto Moses,             has to hold onto a rope as he is low-       its three great pyramids, is not just a
Come up to me INTO the mount                   ered into Mt Sinai. ‘Hold fast to that      wonder of the ancient world, but a stu-
(Sinai), and be there: and I will give         which he has given you and bear in          pendous wonder of the modern world
thee tables of stone.                          mind what it contains ...’, translates as   too. Here we have, in the form of the
    “And afterward all the children of         ‘hold fast to the rope and remember         Bible, a complete family history of the
Israel came nigh: and he gave them in          that god lives in the cave at the bottom    Israelite patriarchs who lived in Heliop-
commandment all that the Lord had              of this passageway’. One can readily im-    olis and yet it would appear that none
spoken with him IN mount Sinai.                agine the panic that this information       of them ever had tea at the pyramids or
    “These are the statutes and judg-          would impart upon a new initiate into       noticed these great ‘mountains’ on the
ments and laws, which the Lord made            the Israelite priesthood—not only was       near horizon.
between him and the children of Israel         he wholly dependent on a flickering oil         From Abraham to Moses, each and
IN mount Sinai by the hand of Moses.           lamp and a fraying piece of rope, but a     every one of the patriarchs could have
    “These are the commandments,               terrifying ethereal being resided below!    come and made an offering at the pyra-
which the Lord commanded Moses for                 This may appear to be such a di-        mids; then they would have subse-
the children of Israel IN mount Sinai.”        verse list of requirements that no          quently mentioned this in the biblical
    Not only was there a passageway            mountain in the whole of the Near East      accounts. More importantly, bearing in
into Mt Sinai, but the Koran also seems        would fulfill them all. So where does       mind the whole thrust of my books
to imply that this passageway went             this leave us? Can the location for Mt.     Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs and Tem-
downwards into the bowels of the               Sinai be solved simply by applying this     pest & Exodus, the biblical patriarchs
mountain and that there was a cave             peculiar set of requirements to each        were important people—high priests,
right at the bottom:                           mountain and seeing if a match can be       princes, Hyksos pharaohs. These im-
    “When (God) suspended the Moun-            found? The answer requires not only a       portant officials and rulers would have
tain (Mt. Sinai) over them as though it        liberal dose of lateral thinking, it also   not only come to Giza to make an of-
were a shadow, for they feared that it         eventually requires a massive leap of       fering at the pyramids; they were most
was falling down on them, (God) said           faith—for it would appear that the Bible    probably the very high priests who
‘Hold fast to that which he has given          contains deep secrets.                      were officiating at the service itself,
you and bear in mind what it con-                  If you take an electronic Bible and     just as the Bible implies!
tains...’                                      type in a search for the word ‘pyramid,’        So why, then, are there no refer-
    “When you depart from them and             the machine will grind its way through      ences whatsoever to the pyramids of
their idols, go to the Cave for shelter.       the long text and it will eventually        Egypt in the Bible? The answer is ob-
God will extend to you his mercy and           beep a solemn lament and say ‘nothing       vious: the Bible does mention the pyra-
prepare for you a means of safety.”            found.’ Isn’t this a little strange? The    mids, and it mentions them quite
    Although the Koran is often diffi-         biblical patriarchs were resident in He-    often; but the names of all the pyra-
cult to interpret, here we definitely          liopolis, which is just an arrow’s arc
seem to see evidence that the initiate         away from Giza. The Giza plateau, with                 Continued on Page 61

  Lifting the Veil on America’s Mysterious Past
                                            Ancient American is
                                        a unique, bi-monthly
                                        magazine describing
                                        overseas voyages to our
                                        country hundreds and
                                        sometimes thousands
                                        of years before Co-
                                            A popular science
                                        periodical, each issue
                                        features articles written
                                        by the world’s leading
                                        archaeologists and in-
                                        vestigators in clear,
                                        non-technical language
                                        and illustrated by a
                                        wealth of original color
                                        photographs published
                                        nowhere else. New dis-
  coveries and the latest theories about prehistoric contacts
  with the Americas appear in each issue.

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SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                     Number 35 • ATLANTIS     RISING 25
 DISCOVERIES                                                                                                Editor’s Note: At-
                                                                                                        lantis Rising frequently
                                                                                                        receives first-person re-

                     hat if the                                                                         ports and essays which
                    ancients                                                                            describe original re-
                   knew some-                                                                           search, discoveries and
                  thing very                                                                            conjecture. Previously
                                                                                                        (before issue #25) it had
                 basic about                                                                            been our policy not to
our world that we don’t                                                                                 publish such material.
know? What if the mystical                                                                              The reasons had to do
materials spoken of in most                                                                             with limited space and
of the world’s religions                                                                                the intention to main-
were actual physical sub-                                                                               tain our own credibility
stances that one could ob-                                                                              by sticking with third-
tain and work with?                                                                                     party objective reporting
    The ancient Egyptians                                                                               of material which is
                                                                                                        making news. Also, it is
had their “shemanna,” a                                                                                 important to remember
white bread, which was of-                                                                              that this is not a profes-
fered as gold to the gods.                                                                              sional journal devoted to
The ancient Israelites had                                                                              pure research and we
their “shew bread” and                                                                                  cannot become overly
their “manna” which they                                                                                technical. However,
kept in the Ark of the Cove-                                                                            much of the material we
nant. The ancient Egyptians                                                                             receive, despite the sub-
had the sacrament of the                                                                                jective bias of the
                                                                                                        writers, is quite inter-
bread and wine, as did the                                                                              esting and we feel that at
early Christians.
    Moses took the golden
                                 Using the                                                              least some of it should be
                                                                                                        passed on to our readers.
calf which the Israelites
made for worship “and            Tools of                                    to Unlock                  We are now devoting
                                                                                                        regular space to such
burnt it in the fire, and
ground it to powder, and         New                                        an Ancient                  material—once per issue.
                                                                                                        We hasten to add that
strawed it upon the water,                                                                              the appearance of such
and made the children of Is-     Physics                                      Mystery                   material in Atlantis
                                                                                                        Rising does not constitute
rael drink of it”; presumably                                                                           an endorsement from
in order to improve their                                                                               the publisher. Please
spiritual connection.                                                                                   form your own opinion
    The ancient Chinese al-                                                                             and let us know what
chemist Wei Po-yang wrote                                                                               you think.
of the “Pill of Immortality”
which is made of Huan Tan (Returned                                                      obtain and work with these strange ma-
Medicine) an edible powder from gold.      nelli tells us in his book Le Mystère des     terials. In 1989 David Hudson was
After one ingests Huan Tan “the com-       Cathédrales how the secrets of al-            granted patents on these materials and
plexion becomes rejuvenated, hoary         chemy were carved and concealed in            methods for obtaining them.
hair regains its blackness, and new        the architecture of the great cathedrals.         Other researchers were also making
teeth grow where fallen ones used to       He is believed to have made the Philos-       similar discoveries around this same
be. If an old man, he will once more be-   opher’s Stone helped by his study of          time but Hudson was the first to get in-
come a youth; if an old woman, she         these cathedrals.                             formation out to the public about his
will regain her maidenhood.”                   If there is truth in these ancient sto-   discoveries. During the early 1990s
    Hindu alchemists preferred to work     ries the alchemical materials would           Hudson toured the United States giving
with mercury. They “proved” that they      have to be substances which are not           lectures and workshops about what he
had made the correct edible white          easily detected with the tools of             had found. Transcripts of portions of
powder of mercury by heating it to         modern science. These substances              three of David Hudson’s lectures are
convert it to gold.                        would come from gold, mercury and             available on the web. The most com-
    The alchemy of the middle ages is      the other precious metals but would           plete of these transcripts is the tran-
thought to have originated in Egypt and    not look like these elements using            script of his Dallas lecture and work-
to have flourished in Persia before        spectroscopy or modern chemical               shop.
being brought to Europe after the Cru-     assay methods.                                    The materials that David Hudson
sades. Artephius, an alchemist of the          These substances would have an ed-        discovered appear to be the alchemical
twelfth century, claimed in his alchem-    ible white powder form and an oil             materials discussed above and can be
ical treatise entitled The Secret Book     form that imparts healing and spiritual       described using concepts of modern
that he had lived “for the space of a      benefit.                                      physics      like    superconductivity,
thousand years, or thereabouts, which                                                    quantum coherence and Bose-Einstein
has now passed over my head, since         Modern Discovery                              condensates.
the time I was born to this day, through       In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer           These modern alchemical materials
the alone goodness of God Almighty,        named David Hudson noticed some               have been called ORMEs, monoatomic
by the use of this wonderful quintes-      very strange materials as he was doing        gold, white gold, white powder gold,
sence.”                                    some gold mining on his land. Hudson          ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters,
    A French alchemist named Fulca-        spent several million dollars over the        and manna. David Hudson calls the ma-
                                           following decade figuring out how to
■ BY BARRY CARTER                                                                                   Continued on Page 28
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                                              QUANTUM ALCHEMY
       I AM AMERICA                        Continued from Page 27
                                           terials he found Orbitally Rearranged

           MAPS                            Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs. He
                                           also refers to them as monoatomic ele-
                                           ments in a high-spin state.
     as seen on the NBC Special                Since Hudson has patented his pro-
           “ANCIENT                        cess for obtaining and identifying these
         PROPHECIES II”                    elements, and since it has not been
                                           conclusively established whether these
                                           materials are monatomic, diatomic or
                                           something else, we recommend that
                                           the terms ORMUS and m-state be used                  David Hudson at his Portland, Oregon
                                           when referring to these materials.                              Workshop - July 29, 1995
                                               The ORMUS or m-state materials are       istry or under common spectroscopic
                                           thought to be the precious metal ele-        analysis. He claimed that he could
                                           ments in a different atomic state. The       make “pure nothing”. In his first Dallas
                                           following elements have been identi-         lecture David Hudson said:
                                           fied in this different state of matter           “So, working within Cornell, we re-
                                           (these elements, with the exception of       moved all of the iron, all the silica and
                                           mercury, are listed in Hudson’s pat-         all the aluminum from the sample. We
                                           ents):                                       still had over 98 percent of the sample.
                                                 KNOWN ORMUS ELEMENTS                   At this point he said, ‘Dave, it analyzes
     I AM AMERICA Full Color 24" x 28"           Element         Atomic Number          to be nothing’.”
                          S & H Included            Cobalt            27                    Hudson and other researchers have
       21         00                                Nickel
                                                                                        developed a theory to explain how this
                                                                                        might happen. The electrons around
                                                                                        these atoms, it is theorized, are all
                                                    Rhodium           45                paired up with each other in what
 You heard Lori Toye tell                           Palladium         46                physicists call “Cooper pairs.” Since
    how she–under the                               Silver            47                these electrons are no longer available
                                                                                        for electron bonding they will not react
 guidance of the ascended                           Osmium
                                                                      77                chemically in the same way as the me-
       master Saint                                 Platinum          78                tallic form of these elements. Basically
     Germain–created                                Gold              79                they do not form compounds.
                                                                                            This also would explain why they
                                                    Mercury           80
    prophetic maps of                          All of these m-state elements are
                                                                                        do not show up under spectroscopy
  America and the world.                   quite abundant in seawater. They also
                                                                                        since most forms of spectroscopy re-
                                                                                        quire electron interaction.
                                           seem to be present in most rock,
 NOW YOU CAN TAKE                          plants, animals, fresh water and in the
   A CLOSER LOOK.                          air. According to David Hudson’s re-
                                                                                        ORMUS Quantum Theory
                                                                                            Various researchers, working inde-
                                           search, these elements in their m-state
                                                                                        pendently, have identified these mate-
                                           may be as much as 10,000 times more
                                                                                        rials in this different state of matter.
                                           abundant than their metallic counter-

         S & H Included
     FREEDOM STAR Full Color 36" x 52"
                                           parts. There also may be other ele-
                                           ments that occur naturally in the m-
                                           state. It looks like these materials are a
                                                                                        They have made many of the same ob-
                                                                                        servations. These m-state elements
                                                                                        have been observed to exhibit the
                                                                                        quantum physical behaviors of super-
                                           new form of matter which was previ-
                                                                                        conductivity, superfluidity, Josephson
                                           ously unknown to science.
                                                                                        tunneling and magnetic levitation.
                                               If we are to solidify the connection
                                                                                            All of these behaviors are associated
                                           between ancient alchemy and ORMUS
                                                                                        with a phenomenon called quantum
                                           for modern science we have a lot of ex-
                                                                                        coherence. We suspect that quantum
                                           plaining to do. We have to explain why
                                                                                        coherence in the body might explain
                                           these materials are not known to
                                                                                        many of the properties that the ancient
                                           modern science. We have to explain
                                                                                        alchemists claimed for these materials.
                                           how these substances might fit into the
                                                                                            In order to better understand the
                                           world of quantum physics and other
                                                                                        ORMUS elements we need to take a
                                           modern scientific theories. We also
                                                                                        look at ordinary water.
                                           must explain what role they play in bi-
                                                                                            D.H. Lawrence said, “Water is H2O,

       Order NOW!                          ological systems and in consciousness
                                           in such a way as to suggest how they
                                           may have facilitated longevity and spiri-
                                           tual connection for the ancients.
                                                                                        hydrogen two parts, oxygen one part,
                                                                                        but there’s a third thing which makes it
                                                                                        water and nobody knows what that is.”
                                                                                            Double distilled water weighs more
                                           Stealth Atoms                                than water that is made by burning hy-
                                              Hudson suggested that the ORMUS           drogen in oxygen though science has

     1-800-228-8381                        elements are “stealth atoms” which do
                                           not show up using normal wet chem-
                                                                                        not explained this discrepancy.

                                                                                                   Continued on Page 62
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        Col. Fawcett’s
        Strange Quest

               Was His Ill-Fated Mission
             in Search of Lost Technology?                                                                 ■ BY DAVID
Col. Percy H. Fawcett, D.S.O. (on log, center), among Mato Grosso Indians

       n 1893, a young British officer             This alphabet was first discovered by       mythology, was published in Paris in
       named Percy Fawcett was sta-                the French traveler and missionary,         1879. According to Jacolliot, the Hindu
       tioned in Ceylon. Operating out             Abbe Huc, in 1845 while visiting a la-      classics tell of a former continent
       of Trincomalee and keenly inter-            masery on the frontier of Tibet and         called Rutas that sank beneath the
       ested in archaeology, history and           China. The lamasery, known as the           ocean in times past, according to the
Buddhism, he would often take long                 monastery of Sinfau or Sifau, or more       traditions of the goparams. Jacolliot be-
walks, sometimes lasting for days, into            popularly, the Kumbum Monastery,            lieved Rutas to have been a former Pa-
the remote jungle areas of the island.             contained the “mystic Kounbourn             cific continent, that the original inhabi-
On one such trek, he was overtaken by              tree”; upon each leaf of this tree a        tants of India had come from this
a storm, which forced him to seek                  Sansar character was allegedly written.     vanished continent and that the lan-
shelter beneath some trees for the                 Kunbum or Kounboun means “ten               guage of Rutas was Sansar.
night. As dawn broke into a new sunny              thousand images” referring to the im-           A number of events were set into
day, he found himself near an Immense              ages on the leaves of the tree.             motion by young Percy Fawcett’s
rock, covered with strange inscriptions                According to the report given to        finding of these strange characters on a
of unknown character and meaning.                  Huc, the tree and alphabet came from        rock wall in Ceylon, some involving
    He made a copy of the inscriptions,            the drowned land of Rutas, which in         mysteries still to be worked out.
and later showed them to a local Bud-              central Asian mythology is a lost civili-   Colonel Fawcett set off from Cuyaba in
dhist priest. This priest said the writing         zation now beneath the ocean. It is         the Mato Grosso in Brazil in 1925 to
was similar to that used by the old                often identified with “Atlantis” al-        find a lost city in the jungle. He be-
Asoka-Buddhists, and was in a cipher               though it could be identified with “Mu”     lieved there was a connection between
which only those ancient priests could             or Lemuria, or some other unidentified      the city and the letters he had found in
understand. His assertion was con-                 civilization now beneath the Indian         Ceylon. Neither he nor his two com-
firmed ten years later by a Ceylonese              Ocean, the Indonesian Sea or off the        panions were ever seen again, and
Oriental scholar at Oxford University,             coast of China and Japan.                   their expedition became the archetyp-
who claimed that he was the only man                   The name of Rutas for a lost conti-     ical “lost expedition.”
alive who could read the Script.                   nent showed up again in 1879, this
    Young Percy Fawcett, later to be-              time by another French traveler named       Expedition Fawcett to a Lost World
come a respected colonel and one of                Louis Jacolliot (1837-1890). Jacolliot         Percy Harrison Fawcett was quite
the most famous South American ex-                 was a serious student of mythology,         successful in his army career, leading
plorers of all time, believed that the let-        and had collected a number of Sanskrit      eight South American expeditions
ters which he had seen on the ancient,             legends while on sojourn in India. His      under contract with the Bolivian and
vine-covered wall in Ceylon had been               book, Histoire des Vierges: Les Peuple      Brazilian governments, to delimit the
taken from the ancient Sansar alphabet.            et les Continents Disparus, a study of      frontiers shared by these two countries

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with Peru and Ecuador. Between the              tain its origin. He wrote that they be-            whose territory lay between the Xingu
years of 1906 and 1922, he had made             lieved that the idol came from Atlantis.           and Tabatinga Rivers, claimed to know
four arduous journeys in Bolivia and            Fawcett himself was a great believer in            of a city where strange temples could
three in Brazil, as well as other expedi-       Atlantis, and felt that the lost cities in         be found, and baptismal ceremonies
tions into Peru and Ecuador.                    the interior of Brazil had an Atlantean            were practiced. The Indians there
    At a lecture before the Royal Ge-               origin. He disagreed with one pop-             spoke of houses with “stars to light
ographical Society in London in                        ular theory for the origin of At-           them, which never went out.”
1911, Fawcett described a “lost                          lantis, which actually placed the             Said Fawcett in his book, “This was
world” on the borders of Bo-                             lost civilization in Brazil, but be-      the first but not the last time I heard of
livia and Brazil, and told of gi-                        lieved that Brazil was once a             these permanent lights found occasion-
gantic footprints of primeval                            colony of Atlantis.                       ally in the ancient houses built by that
monsters he had seen. Sir Ar-                                Fawcett also believed that            forgotten civilization of old. I knew
thur Conan Doyle, the creator                            some of the writing copied at             that certain Indians of Ecuador were re-
of Sherlock Holmes, was                                  the end of the old Portuguese             puted to light their huts at night by
present at the lecture, later                            document was identical to the             means of luminous plants, but that, I
writing a book based on Faw-                             writing he had seen years ear-            considered, must be a different thing
cett’s tales, The Lost World:                            lier in Ceylon, and that both             all together. There was some secret
The Adventures of Professor                             writings originated in Atlantis.           means of illumination known to the an-
Challenger. You may have seen                           He hoped to prove the exis-                cients that remains to be rediscovered
the movie version, made in the                          tence of Atlantis by rediscov-             by the scientists of today—some
1950s, on late night TV.                                ering this lost city.                      method of harnessing forces unknown
    Later, H. Rider Haggard, au-                            As will usually happen, sev-           to us.”
thor of King Solomon’s Mines,                           eral of Fawcett’s assumptions                  Brian Fawcett then added a footnote
gave Fawcett a mysterious stone                         were erroneous. Despite the psy-           to his father’s book: “In view of recent
idol. Haggard had allegedly re-                         chic’s opinions to the contrary,           developments in atomic research there
ceived it from the British Consul,                     the idol originated in the Medi-            is no reason to dismiss the ‘lamps that
O’Sullivan Beare, who had                Haggard’s     terranean area around 400 B.C.              never go out’ as myth. The world was
picked it up at a lost city in Brazil in   gift     According to Barry Fell, an author             plunged into a state of barbarism by
1913. This stone statue was in the pos-         who has deciphered many ancient in-                terrible cataclysms. Continents sub-
session of Colonel Fawcett when he              scriptions, the foot-tall, basalt idol was         sided into the oceans, and others
disappeared in the jungle in 1925, but          made at or around Hallicarnassus be-               emerged. Peoples were destroyed and
its story didn’t end there.                     fore Hellenistic times.                            the few survivors who escaped were
    Fawcett, a believer in the para-                Colonel Fawcett reported just be-              able to exist only in a state of savagery.
normal, had several “sensitives” ex-            fore his ill-fated expedition that he had          The ancient arts were all but forgotten,
amine the statuette, in order to ascer-         been told that a Nafaqua Indian chief,                            Continued on Page 63

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Was Atlantean Civilization Felled by a Projectile from Space?

               R. Corli, a French astron-   length of the Mid-                                                              destruction,
              omer in 1785, was the first   Atlantic Ridge, a                                                          when Psonchis,
              researcher to conclude        line of sub-surface                                                      the Egyptian nar-
              that the fragment of a        volcanos, among                                                         rator of the story,
              passing comet collided        which the island                                                            tells Solon, the
with the Earth to destroy Atlantis. The     of Atlantis was lo-                                                           visiting Greek
earliest thorough investigation of the      cated.                                                                   statesman, about
Atlantis problem was begun nearly 100           In the late                                                           “a declination of
years later by the father of Atlantology,   1980s and early                                                                   the bodies
Ignatius Donnelly. His second book on       90’s, astronomers                                                           moving around
the subject, Ragnarok, Age of Fire          Victor Clube and                                                           the earth and in
and Gravel (1884), proposed that the        Charles Napier af-                                                       the heavens, and
island-civilization had been annihilated    firmed an aster-                                                         a great conflagra-
by a comet’s collision with the earth.      oidal or meteoric                                                             tion of things
At a time when established scientists       explanation for                                                        upon the earth re-
did not even recognize the existence        the destruction of                                                      curring at long in-
of meteorites, his speculation was          Atlantis. They                                                             tervals of time.”
roundly dismissed as untenable fan-         demonstrated,                                                               Inscriptions on
tasy. He was supported by only a few        however, the                                                             the walls of Med-
contemporary thinkers, such as the          greater likelihood                                                      inet Habu (Upper
Russian physicist, Sergi Basinsky, who      of a virtual earth-                                                       Nile Valley), the
argued that a meteor impact with the        bombardment of                                                          “Victory Temple”
Earth was great enough to be respon-        “fire from                                                                        of Pharaoh
sible for the destruction of Atlantis and   heaven,” as our                                                              Ramses-III, tell
the simultaneous rise of Australia.         planet passed                                                                how the Atlan-
    But in the 1920s and ’30s, Don-         through or near a                                                          tean invaders of
nelly’s theory was revived and sup-         cloud of large de-                                                          Egypt were de-
ported by the German physicist,             bris that show-                                                               stroyed: “The
Martin Hoerbiger, whose controversial       ered down dozens                                                        shooting-star was
“Cosmic Ice” paradigm included the          or even hundreds              Asteroid over Atlantis, Tom Miller        terrible in pursuit
Atlantean catastrophe as the result of      of meteoritic ma-                                                         of them,” before
earth’s impact with a cometary frag-        terials, as opposed to Muck’s single col-       their island went under the sea. Ib-
ment of frozen debris. His British con-     lision.                                         rahim ben Ebn Wauff Shah, Abu Zeyd el
temporary, the influential publisher,           Particularly since the publication of       Balkhy and other Arab historians used
Comyns Beaumont, had already come           Muck’s convincing evidence, leading             the story of Surid, the ruler of an antedi-
to the same conclusion independently.       scholars, such as the world’s foremost          luvian kingdom, to explain that the
During the post-World War II era,           authority on Halley’s Comet, Dr. M.M.           Great Flood was caused when a
Hoerbiger was championed by another         Kamiensky (member of the Polish                 “planet” collided with the earth.
well-known British researcher, H.S.         Academy of Sciences), Professor N.                   In North America, the Cherokee In-
Bellamy. Meanwhile, Beaumont’s work         Bonev (Bulgarian astronomer at the              dians remembered Unadatsug, a
was taken over entirely by Immanuel         University of Sofia) and Edgerton Sykes,        “Group” of stars, the Pleiades, one of
Velikovsky in his famous Worlds in          the most important Atlantologist of the         whom, “creating a fiery tail, fell to
Collision (1950), which elaborated on       post-World War II era, believed the             Earth. Where it landed, a palm tree
the possibility of a celestial impact as    final destruction of Atlantis was caused        grew up, and the fallen star itself trans-
responsible for the sudden extinction       by an extraterrestrial impact or series         formed into an old man, who warned
of a pre-Flood civilization.                of impacts.                                     of coming floods.” As the modern com-
    Intriguing or even as plausible as          Preceding these scientific investiga-       mentator, Jobes, has written of Una-
these catastrophists argued, their          tions by thousands of years are the nu-         datsug, “The fall of one star may be con-
proofs were largely circumstantial. But     merous traditions of a Great Deluge             nected with a Deluge story; possibly
the extraterrestrial theory began to        caused by some celestial event, re-             the fall of a Taurid meteor is echoed
find persuasive material evidence in        counted in societies on both sides of           here.” A complimentary version occurs
1964, when a German rocket-engineer,        the Atlantic ocean. Many if not most of         in the Jewish Talmud: “When the Holy
Otto Muck, announced his findings of        these world-wide folk memories invari-          One, blessed be He, wished to bring
twin deep-sea holes in the ocean floor.     ably link a heaven-sent cataclysm with          the Deluge upon the world, He took
They were caused by a small asteroid        the Flood. Beginning with the first com-        two stars out of the Pleiades.” Similar
that split in half and set off a chain-     plete account of Atlantis, Plato’s Ti-          accounts may be found among the
reaction of geologic violence along the     maeus, the fall of an extraterrestrial ob-      Quiche Maya of the Lowland Yucatan,
                                            ject     foreshadows     the    islanders’
■ BY FRANK JOSEPH                                                                                        Continued on Page 65
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           gyptian tycoon Mohamed al               “I do understand your                                     repository of Templar and
           Fayed, owner of Harrods and         quest for knowledge,”                                         Freemasonic lore, Rosslyn
           father to Dodi, Princess            she said, “but please,                                        Chapel. Each could be
           Diana’s companion in their          please beware of the                                          connected to a third by
           fatal 1997 car crash, has           whole leyline question. It                                    straight    lines     drawn
listed his ten favorite books on the           is so easy to draw lines                                      through two small islands
Manchester Guardian’s website. One             and make assumptions,                                         to the northeast in the
of them is “The Scottichronicon: A His-        from prehistory onwards,                                      Firth of Forth—the islands
tory Book for Scots,” described simply         but that way madness                                          of Craigleith and Fidra.
as “Scotland’s debt to Egypt revealed at       lies.”                                                        Each connected to the
last.”                                             Hmmm…!                                                    Isle of May, 20 miles fur-
    What does he mean?                             For those unfamiliar                                      ther out, where one tradi-
    Completed in the 15th century by           with the term, leylines                                       tion tells us the Templar
Walter Bower, Abbot of Inchcolm, the           are the curiously exact                                       fleet landed after escaping
Scottichronicon begins with “The               alignment of ancient ar-                                      from France. Historian
Legend of Scota and Gaythelos.”                chaeological sites, con-                                      Stuart McHardy has re-
    The legend claims that Scota was           joined over many miles,                                       cently suggested that “the
daughter to the pharaoh who pursued            that academics dismiss as      Detail of 17th-century map     May,” as it’s locally
the children of Israel out of Egypt on         mere coincidence and                                          known, is in fact the Isle
their exodus to the Promised Land.             that those who discover them cannot             of Avalon where legendary King Arthur
Gaythelos, an exiled prince of Greece,         explain the “why” of. Crossing moun-            is buried. Glastonbury supporters,
was Scota’s husband. Shortly there-            tains and large bodies of water as they         staunchly supportive of their own pet
after, the couple is forced to lead an         do, leylines never seem to follow the           site’s long-held Avalonian connections,
Exodus of their own out of Egypt—              easily trod path—only the straight one.         are not impressed.
going first to Spain, then Ireland and,            So what use were they?                          Exactly midway between Craigleith
finally, to Scotland, which was named              I was studying the Knights Templar          and Fidra was a tiny island known lo-
after Scota. Their bloodline flowed            at the time—that enigmatic order of             cally as “the Lamb,” which would
down the centuries through all the             warrior monks barbarously suppressed            enter the equation later.
high kings of Ireland and Scotland. But        in France during the early 1300s for be-            I had then drawn three additional
Gaythelos’ pedigree was more ancient           lieving in things that contradicted Vat-        interconnected lines.
still—stretching back many more gener-         ican dogma at a most inconvenient                   The first stretched exactly due
ations to Old-Testament patriarch              time.                                           south from Craigleith to the Cistercian
Noah, eldest survivor of the Biblical              My discovery was as follows:                Abbey of Melrose. Founded contempo-
Flood.                                             I had noticed a geometrical connec-         raneously by Abbot Bernard of Clair-
    While historians argue that it was         tion between two pre-eminent Tem-               vaux, the Cistercians and the Templars
politically useful for royal families to in-   plar sites in Scotland—their earliest-          are thought by many to be two arms of
vent fanciful lineages of great antiq-         known headquarters in the tiny village          a single order. Interestingly, I later dis-
uity, could it be that the legend is           of Temple and that famed architectural          covered that if the line is continued far
more fact than fancy?                                                                          to the south of Melrose it arrives, un-
    On March 27, 2000, I received the                                                          erringly, at Glastonbury.
following comment from an eminent                                                                  The second line headed in a north-
UK archaeologist regarding my re-                                                              westerly direction from Melrose, ex-
port about an intriguing Scottish                                                              actly through both Temple and
leyline configuration I’d dis-                                                                  Rosslyn, to a place called Crossford,
covered:                                                                                           where it intersected the third line.
                                                                                                            That third line headed due

     The Pyramids of Scotland
                                                                                                          Continued on Page 37

                                                                                                                    North Berwick Law

34    ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                             SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
                                    HOW MUCH DID THE
 J. Douglas Kenyon
                                    ANCIENTS KNOW?
                                    A         ccording to the view of main-
                                              stream historians, primitive
                                              civilization in Mesopotamia,
                                    Egypt, and in India emerged from the
                                    stone age just over five thousand
                                    years ago.
                                        Just a few centuries after what the
                                    experts say was the first great labor
                                    saving invention of the ancient world,
John Anthony West
                                    the wheel, society crossed a major di-
                                    vide and headed inexorably toward
                                    the modern world. The wheel, we are
                                    told, revolutionized primitive society
                                    and set the stage for the great achieve-
                                    ments which were to follow.
                                        Such is the conventional scenario
                                    for the dawn of civilization on Earth.
                                    The assumption is, that the rise of
                                    highly organized society was unprece-
                                    dented. If there had been an earlier
                                    advanced civilization, we would have
                                    discovered unmistakable evidence—
Machu Picchu                        highways, and bridges and electrical
                                    wiring; plastic bottles, city dumps,
                                    and CD Roms. Those, after all, are
                                    the things which we will leave to
                                    puzzle future archeologists.
                                        But could an ancient civilization
                                    have risen to heights similar to our
                                    own and, perhaps, have traveled a dif-
                                    ferent road? Would we understand a
                                    world which might have employed
                                    fundamentally different—though no
                                    less effective—techniques to harness
 Robert Bauval                      the forces of nature? Would we un-
                                    derstand, for example, the transmis-
                                    sion of energy by means other than a power grid, rapid transit without internal com-
                                    bustion engines, or highly complex calculations involving earth science and astronomy
                                    without electronic computers? Have we been surrounded by evidence of such ancient
                                    advancements, but not yet, advanced enough ourselves to grasp the astounding impli-
                                        Now a breakthrough video from the creators of Atlantis Rising magazine takes a
                                    look at real evidence—largely ignored by the academic establishment—which shatters
                                    the orthodox scenario for the dawn of civilization on Earth. Now assembled in a devas-
                                    tating one-hour documentary, hosted by Atlantis Rising Editor and Publisher J. Douglas
                                    Kenyon, are the comments and evidence of breakthrough researchers such as John
 Stonehenge                         Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Richard Noone, Colin Wilson, John Michell, Pat-
                                    rick Flanagan, Christopher Dunn, Zecharia Sitchin, David Hatcher Childress,
                                    Edgar Evans Cayce and others.

                                    Technologies of the Gods —one hour VHS               $
                                                                                             1995 + $4.95 S&H
                                      Visa or MC 800-228-8381
                                        Atlantis Rising • P.O. Box 441 • Livingston, MT 59047
                 Zecharia Sitchin                     
36   ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                          SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
                                                   structure in the building, is what’s
   SCOTTISH PYRAMIDS                               been called a “working Masonic
                                                   drawing.” It is shaped more like an obe-
Continued from Page 34                             lisk than a pyramid, and yet it sang a
west from Craigleith, passing through              siren song to me. The central line of
Dunfermline Abbey along the way.                   the drawing passes through three pyra-
Robert the Bruce, quasi-hero of my                 mids—as viewed from above!
“Mystery of Bannockburn” article                       Why despoil a holy place, forever,
(AR#31), was buried at Dunfermline,                with a drawing that could have been
but his heart was removed and carried              more easily scratched in dirt? Is that
on an ill-fated journey to the Holy                not curiouser still?
Land. Brought back to Scotland from                    When it is visible, Orion is the most
Spain, which is as far as it got before            spectacular constellation in the sky—
the “infidel” horde                                and little wonder. Of all the constella-
put a stop to its pas-                                                  tions, Orion is the
sage, the heart was                                                     least abstract—and is
interred at Melrose,                                                    strikingly humanoid
just a day’s ride shy                                                   in shape. But of all
of a reunification                                                      its seven main stars,
with Bruce’s body.                                                      the belt stars have
History does not tell                                                   received the lion’s
us why.                                                                 share of attention
    In effect, I had                                                    over the millennia.
found a compass                                                         Called simply “three
and a square con-                                                       in a row” by native
necting several Tem-                                                    North     Americans,
plar and Freema-                                                        their relative posi-
sonic       sites    in                                                 tions have been re-
southern Scotland.                                                      cently correlated, by
And as many of you                                                      researcher     Robert
will know, the com-                                                     Bauval,     to    the
pass and the square                                                     groundplan of the
are important sym-                                                      pyramid complex at
                            Orion's belt stars rise above Fidra, the    Giza.
bols     of     Freema-   Lamb, and Craigleith Islands on June 24,
sonry. They can be                                                          Orion and nearby
                             1314, as viewed from Bannockburn
seen      on      every         Battleground. (A SkyChart III           Sirius, the brightest
Freemasonic lodge          background —           star in the sky, are
in     the      world—                                                  inextricably linked
surrounding         the                                                 to both the ancient
mysterious letter “G,” which has been              Egyptian belief system and the myster-
variously interpreted as God, Gnosis,              ious symbolism inherent in today’s bi-
or Geometry.                                       zarre Freemasonic rituals, practiced
    My leyline configuration buzzed                since the brotherhood’s earliest days,
with a significance that seemed to pre-            but now little understood—even by
clude mere coincidence. But a cau-                 Freemasons themselves.
tionary finger had been raised on my                   Could the key to what has long been
leyline investigation, so I put it on the          referred to as “The Lost Secrets of Free-
back burner—but not for long.                      masonry” have been hidden in the light
    While researching my Bannockburn               of the day, east-southeast of Bannock-
piece, I often viewed a computer simu-             burn, on June 24, 1314?
lation of the eastern sky as it would                  On a wild hunch, I decided to bring
have appeared on the day of battle.                Orion and Sirius down to earth, laying
Countless times I observed the three               the three belt stars exactly on top of
equidistant “belt stars” of the constella-         the three islands in the Firth of Forth.
tion Orion rise invisibly in the daylight          Incredibly, Sirius lay on tiny Inchcolm
sky, and at some point I noticed they              island, farther west in the Forth, where
were rising over Fidra, the Lamb, and              Walter Bower had written his Scottich-
Craigleith. Throwing caution to the                ronicon. In Richard Hinckley Allen’s
wind, I decided the Lamb deserved                  “Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning,”
some attention—sanity be damned.                   the author cites a Hindu astrological tra-
    I then drew a line from the May,               dition which personifies Sirius as a
through the Lamb and the exact mid-                hunter who shoots a three-jointed
point between Rosslyn and Temple,                  arrow which pierces Orion through the
just to see where it might lead. It led to         waist.
a tiny spot called Tara, far away in Ire-              It’s interesting that Walter Bower’s
land, where the high kings of that land            surname derives from the craft of bow-
were crowned—kings descended from                  making? Could it be that Bower, fin-
Scota and Gaythelos.                               ishing his book, let fly an arrow of for-
    Curiouser and curiouser!                       bidden knowledge towards a more
    On a wall of Rosslyn Chapel’s un-              enlightened future?
derground crypt, the oldest and holiest                          Continued on Page 67
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                       Number 35 • ATLANTIS   RISING 37

Celtic Cross: Ancient Sailing Relic?
 A Seafaring Civilization May Have Left Navigation Secrets
This article is published jointly with
DUAT, a new CD Rom periodical fo-
cused on ancient myteries about to
debut in the United Kingdom.
For more information go to http://

       n 1997 Crichton Miller, a quali-
       fied British yachtsman and navi-
       gator, made an astounding dis-
       covery that some believe could
       challenge orthodox concepts of
historical and religious history.
    As a result of his intensive research
Miller proposes that the knowledge
that formed our present system of be-
liefs and science was probably inher-
ited from ancient mariners that sailed
the oceans of prehistory.
    Moreover, he suggests that in the                                                              Crichton Miller’s patented instrument
cataclysms following the melting of the
ice age 12,500 years ago, which was re-       which all local times and distances         he believes the ancients used in prehis-
sponsible for the destruction of a huge       were calculated.                            tory to measure the stars and the
part of the flora and fauna of our                The result of this knowledge system     planet on which we live. This instru-
planet, the most likely humans to sur-        was the establishment of watch sta-         ment can tell the time, find latitude
vive were those who were at sea.              tions throughout the world which            and longitude, measure the angles of
    Miller reasons that any tsunami large     could go far to explain the similarity      the stars, predict the solstices and equi-
enough to destroy civilization would          over the millennia of structures and be-    noxes and measure the precession of
be more easily ridden out at sea, where       liefs on a worldwide basis.                 the equinoxes. It can also find the
the effect would be limited—nothing               This network has long been investi-     ecliptic pole as well as the north and
more, perhaps, than a large swell on          gated and argued about. Current aca-        south poles; it can make maps and
the surface. The effect of a large tidal      demic belief argues, despite the lack of    charts, design pyramids and henges
wave on a coastline, on the other hand,       real evidence, that such similarities are   and—used in combination with these
would be horrendous as the swell be-          entirely coincidental.                      sites—can record and predict the cycles
came a giant breaking wave upon                   Many investigators and writers have     of nature and time.
reaching shallower depths. This               commented on various pieces of evi-             Miller says the instrument is the ma-
breaking violent wave would annihilate        dence that could not be explained.          chine of the ancient wise ones who in-
all before it as it rushed up the beach.      These intrepid explorers have brought       vented astrology and astronomy; it is
    One reason, perhaps, that evidence        masses of information to public atten-      also a religious icon hidden in plain
of earlier civilizations is almost impos-     tion but have only deepened the mys-        sight.
sible for archaeologists to find is that it   tery and, in some cases, led many to be-        The instrument is on all Christian
is now below 300 feet of seawater.            lieve only aliens could have achieved       churches and many gravestones; it is in
    Evidence of earlier civilizations,        such things.                                literature and song and can be seen
however, has been left in stone and               Miller does not believe that aliens     hanging round the necks of the faithful
myth for us to decipher. Miller believes      were involved, but rather that, because     all over the world. The teachers of the
ancient civilizations were essentially        we do not understand the way our an-        Christian faith use it, kneel before it,
maritime, as we are still today.              cestors thought and lived, we are the       wear it as part of their raiment and yet
    In an effort to survive, these An-        aliens.                                     they do not seem to recognize it for
cient sea peoples would have devel-               In his book The Golden Thread of        what it is. Indeed the cross may be
oped a form of geometry and mathe-            Time Miller shows that, in comparison       older than time and the greatest
matics linked to astronomy and                to the ancients, we have become very        treasure ever left by our ancestors.
astrology.                                    dualistic and have divorced ourselves           The cross is a maritime treasure
    Sailors must know where they are at       from nature and the cosmos.                 trove of wisdom, and Miller believes it
sea and must be able to determine lati-           Were this not so, we would be able      may have been essential to the con-
tude and longitude. To find longitude         to see their legacy quite clearly and our   struction of the pyramids.
one must know the time both locally           civilizations might not be on the brink         Miller has discovered the remnants
and at a prime meridian. Today the            of disaster.                                of a cross hidden in the Great Pyramid
prime meridian is at Greenwich but                To prove that we have difficulty in     at Giza. This amazing cross is capable
Miller proposes that the original prime       seeing clearly, Miller has been able to
meridian is at Giza in Egypt from             identify the special instrument which                  Continued on Page 40
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                                                                                                                                   The Ascension process is accelerated through the remembrance of the Mer*Ka*Ba, a
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           immunity to
                                                        & NETWORK MARKETING
      antibiotic drugs
     pose a large and
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         the success of
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          These studies
    demonstrate that
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                                                                                                                  cross are wider at the outer edge than
  ATLANTIS RISING                                                       CELTIC CROSS                              on the inner. Why? The answer to
                                                                                                                  these questions came to Miller as he
 MAILING POLICIES                                                      Continued from Page 38                     experimented with different methods
                                                                                                                  to find out how the Egyptians could
      A regular subscriber to Atlantis Rising (for                     of measuring angles to an accuracy of
 either 6 or 12 issues) is mailed each new issue                                                                  have surveyed the Great Pyramid and
 directly from the printer at the time of publication.                 three arc minutes, showing that the        aligned it with the stars.
 Address labels go directly on the cover, with no                      cross may be more important than the           All constructions need surveying
 additional packaging. Such mailings are sent 4th                      pyramid since the pyramid could not        first. The Great Pyramid was an enor-
 class to the U.S. postal system only.                                 exist without the cross.
      In the past when customers have expressed                                                                   mous undertaking of civil engineering,
 interest in foreign subscriptions, or in receiving                        The cross appears to be much older     so Miller, using simple materials and
 their U.S. subscription by first class mail in an                     than the pyramids since it is also re-     the accepted mathematics of the time,
 envelope, we have been unable to comply.                              sponsible for the construction of Neo-     assembled a theodolite, which could
 Unfortunately, the handling requirements for such                     lithic henges in Europe that are gener-
 services were beyond our means to deliver.                                                                       carry out the tasks required.
 However, we are happy to report, that situation                       ally believed to predate the pyramids          With the addition of a scale rule and
 has changed. We can now offer FOREIGN and                             by thousands of years.                     a plumbline, the instrument became a
 FIRST CLASS U.S. SUBSCRIPTIONS (to be                                     Miller claims this knowledge was re-          cross that was extremely accurate
 airmailed in envelopes within a few days of                           discovered and kept secret by the
 publication). These subscriptions will be charged                                                                       and fulfilled the set task and much
 the additional regional flat rate for postage                         Knight Templars and other secret                   more.
 required, plus a service charge to cover the                          societies throughout the Middle                       Not long after this discovery,
 envelope and office expenses which we incur in                        Ages.                                               while carrying out further re-
 order to provide these services on a relatively small                     This great secret, he believes,
 scale. Should we experience sufficient demand, we                                                                         search, Miller discovered the
 may at some time be able to reduce the service                        probably led to the destruction of                   records of the Dixon Relics lo-
 charge.                                                               the Amerindian civilizations at                        cated in the north shaft of
 Subscription          additional service Total                        the hands of the conquistador                                  the Queen’s chamber
 Category               postage      charge Subs                       when the Indians were                                          in 1872.
                         per iss.    per iss. Charge                   discovered       measuring                                         On further investi-
 Regular U.S. (4th class, no envelope)                                 the stars with a form of                                       gation, he also realized
 6-issues                     0           0 $ 24.95                    cross the called “Staff of                                     there were further
 12-issue                     0           0    40.00                   Power” by the Maya.                                            relics still in the shaft
 First Class U.S.                                                          It is possible that the
 6-issues               $ 1.50      $ 1.50 $ 42.95                                                                                    and that these could be
                                                                       churches knew of its                                    seen quite clearly in the pho-
 12-issues                 1.50        1.50    76.00                   purpose during the last few
       Existing regular U.S. subscribers wishing to
                                                                                                                             tographs taken by Rudolph
                                                                       centuries, but that seems com-                       Gantenbrink in 1994 with his
 convert to first class may do so by sending us an
 amount equal to $3 for each of their remaining                        pletely forgotten now.                               miniature Robot “Uphaut 2.”
 issues. To determine the proper amount call our                           In the Celtic cross in the                           Miller then set about assem-
 toll free number at 800-228-8381 during business                      graveyard of Crichton church-                        bling the relics in a logical
 hours (Mountain time) Monday through Friday.                          yard, near Roslyn Chapel in the                      format and the result was a
 Canada (airmail only)                                                 Scottish borders, and others like                    cross and plumbline, which he
 6-issues               $ 1.85     $ 1.50 $ 45.05                      it, one can see that the cross                       describes as of incredible accu-
 12-issues                1.85       1.50   80.20                      forms an upright with cross                             racy.
 Mexico (airmail only)                                                 bars set at 90 degrees to                                    Capable of measuring all
 6-issues               $ 3.00     $ 1.50 $ 51.95                      each other. In the center                                 angles possible, this arti-
 12-issue                 3.00       1.50   94.00                      is an object that looks                                   fact, says Miller, when cou-
 Western Hemisphere (Except Can. & Mex.)                               like a hub and on the                                         pled with sufficient as-
 (airmail only)                                                        hub is hung a wheel.                                          tronomical knowledge,
 6-issue                $ 2.75     $ 1.50 $ 50.45                          Miller believes our
 12-issue                 2.75       1.50   91.00
                                                                                                                                     reveals all the mysteries
                                                                       ancestors never de-                                           of the ancients—how
 Europe (airmail only)                                                 signed things without pur-                                 they kept time and meas-
 6-issue                $ 3.60     $ 1.50 $ 55.55                      pose and the first purpose of using
 12-issue                 3.60      $1.50 101.20
                                                                                                                  ured the stars, sun, moon, planets and
                                                                       stone as a medium is that of preserva-     sailed the oceans of the world.
 Asia & Africa (airmail only)                                          tion. The second was to incorporate            But, adds Miller, it goes further than
 6-issue                $ 4.25     $ 1.50 $ 59.45                      important knowledge for their descen-
 12-issue               $ 4.25     $ 1.50 109.00
                                                                                                                  that, exposing the Ancient’s funda-
                                                                       dants.                                     mental spirituality and understanding
 Pacific Rim (airmail only)                                                In keeping with the concept of “not    of the world, nature and the universe.
 6-issue                $ 4.65     $ 1.50 $ 61.55                      casting pearls before swine,” they hid
 12-issue               $ 4.65     $ 1.50 113.80
                                                                                                                      Miller has discovered and published
                                                                       esoteric messages in anything that they    this rich source of understanding in his
      In some areas those interested in                                carved so that the seeker might find       book The Golden Thread of Time.
 lower prices and willing to accept later                              what he or she was ready to under-
 delivery can contact these distributors:
                                                                                                                  Many of his revelations, he says, have
                                                                       stand.                                     never been seen by the public before.
        For Europe and the British Isles:                                  This point, says Miller, can be dem-
          Frontier Science Foundation                                                                                 In 1998 Miller applied for a patent
  P.O. Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten. the Netherlands
                                                                       onstrated by the fabulous work of craft    on the cross and plumbline. The patent
 E-mail: — Website:                      masons in the medieval cathedrals of       was finally granted by the British
               For all other locations:                                Europe and, of course, by much older       Patent Office in November 2000 as an
              Adventures Unlimited                                     constructions like the Great Pyramid.      astronomical, surveying and naviga-
         P.O. Box 74, Kempton, IL 60946                                    In the Celtic cross it is clear that   tional instrument. The patented instru-
           E-mail:                               these masons carved a wheel designed       ment is a faithful representation of the
       Foreign orders for other products which we sell will have the   to rotate between cross bars on a hub.     Celtic cross.
 appropriate postage added to the bill with no additional service
 charge (our overhead costs have already been included in our          Why? In some of the older crosses a            Miller says his resurrected version of
 shipping and handling charges). In the case of back issues, foreign
 orders will be charged an additional 50¢ per issue plus the
                                                                       serpentine design was incorporated         the cross is made so that modern
 appropriate postage.                                                  around the wheel and the arms of the
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                                                                                                    encoded into the power

                                                                                                  generating Great Pyramid
                                                                                                       lead to the inevitable
                                                                                                        truth that the many
                                    Creative Relaxations                                           different extraterrestrial
                                    To Soothe Your Soul                                              species now observing
                                                                                                    planet earth, all share a
                                                                                                    peaceful intent, having
                                                                                                    long ago passed beyond
                                                                                                     the warring cycle that
                                                                                                  now engulfs planet earth.
                                                                                                     With the presence and
                                                                                                        benign intent of the
                                                                                                          extra terrestrials
                                                                                                      obviously contrasting
                                                                                                     with our own reactive
                                                                                                       history it is time for
                                                                                                    governments to enforce
                                                                                                      an immediate ban on
                                                                                                      weapons in space and
                                                                                                         specifically ban the
                                                                                                     targeting of any extra-
 A Guided CD by Cynthia Logan, CMT                                                                  terrestrial objects since
 $12.00 ($2.00 from each sale donated                                                                     such actions are
 to Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund)                          ISBN 0-9651546-4-5, $24.95
                                                             Over 350pp., Illustrations              unwarranted,. keep us
                                                                                                   planet bound, and could
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SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                              Number 35 • ATLANTIS         RISING 41

        Now NASA Says There’s
           Water on Mars
            —Lots of It—
          But Is That Just

 the Tip of the
Martian Iceberg?
               ars. Red planet. Schiapa-    the evi-
               relli’s canali, Percival     dences that
               Lowell’s canals. The Bar-    this is not so
               soom of Edgar Rice Bur-      streak hyperson-                                                                   ergy
               roughs.         Long-dead    ically through our                                                            equation
planet, now sere and lifeless. Really?      atmosphere daily as                                                      and effect the
    What if Mars not only once had          meteors. Meteors. Shattered                                          capture of Mars).
abundant water, but still has water?        planets rich in inner core materials.                       But when it was all done,
What if Mars not only had life, but still   Mars knows them intimately. Was               Mars was enslaved by Planet V and be-
has it? What if that life, through what-    nearly destroyed by them.                     came another moon.
ever mechanism or series of events,             Mars apparently dates back to the            The gravitational pull from the bully
achieved not only sentience but civili-     early days of the solar system, five bil- planet progressively slowed Mars
zation, grand civilization?                 lion years ago, emerging as an indepen- down from 12 hours per rotation to
    These are the issues discussed here,    dent planet orbiting around the sun, a more like 24 (24.66), caused love han-
and these are the issues now con-           planet considerably less dense than dles (tidal bulges) to develop at the
fronting all mankind, for in them may       Earth, but abundant in water and all the equator (as shown by the Tharsis and
lie profound lessons for all humanity       necessities for life. Described in the ref- Arabia mantle uplifts), and put im-
and the future of Earth. Now is a par-      erenced paper as a                                             mense stress upon the
ticularly appropriate time for such         “Garden      of    Eden”                                       Martian crust and in-
thoughts, for our planet has just had a     planet, Mars had an                                            terior. The tides, of a
frighteningly close brush with an as-       Earthlike environment                                          power       and      size
teroid. In June it missed us by 75,000      and laid down vast sed-                                        dwarfing       anything
miles, less than a third of the distance    imentary formations,                                           seen here even during
from here to the Moon, a vanishingly        as documented by the                                           tsunamis,       scoured
small margin in astronomical terms.         Mars Global Surveyor                                           great trenches on
                                            (MGS). This idyll lasted                                       Mars, trenches still vis-
Rethinking the Red Planets History          until roughly 500 mil-                                         ible in the diverse
   As described in the trailblazing         lion years ago, 450 mil-                                       NASA imagery. Mars
paper by Richard C. Hoagland and Mi-        lion years of planetary                                        did benefit, though,
chael Bara, “A New Model of Mars As a       peace, when a giant                                            from the bully and its
Former Captured Satellite: Bi-modal         bully arrived and pro-                                         moon, for the resul-
Distribution of Key Features Due to An-     ceeded to take over                                            tant orbital and gravi-
cient Tidal Stress?,” Martian history is    the neighborhood, the                                          tational    interactions
writ large not only on the planet, but      region we think of as                                          helped offset the fact
also other parts of the solar system, for   the empty space be-                 Richard Hoagland
                                                                                                           that the planet’s radio-
those with eyes to see. The paper, long     tween Mars and Jupiter. The giant bully active interior fire, its heat source, had
and     heavily    illustrated,   is   at   was what some researchers, among long been extinguished.         them Tom Van Flandern, call Planet V.            Things continued thus until some
and forms the skeleton of our discus-       It too was part of the original solar 65 million years ago, when disaster
sion.                                       system, had its own moons, and was struck. Liberation came again, but with
   Most of us are accustomed to             wandering about. There was a “fight” (a it a devastating carpet bombing which
thinking of the solar system as being       clash of energies and momenta). all but destroyed Mars and other parts
extremely stable and predictable. Yet       “Blood” was spilled (Planet K may have of the solar system. Yes, there does ap-
                                            lost one of its moons, to balance the en- pear to be a connection with the death
42    ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                         SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
                                                                                        From the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars
                                                                                        Orbiter Camera (MOC) and show a series of
                                                                                        troughs and layered mesas in the Gorgonum
                                                                                        Chaos region of the Martian southern
                                                                                        hemisphere. Gullies proposed to have been
                                                                                        formed by seeping groundwater emanate from a
                                                                                        specific layer near the tops of trough walls,
                                                                                        particularly on south-facing slopes (bottom of
                                                                                        picture). The presence of so many gullies
                                                                                        associated with the same layer in each mesa
                                                                                        suggests that this layer is particularly effective in
                                                                                        storing and conducting water. Such a layer is
                                                                                        called an aquifer, and this one appears to be
                                                                                        present near the surface. Also note
                                                                                        “crenulations” of the type pointed out by
                                                                                        astronomer Thomas van Flandern as anomalous.

                                                                                          now occurs, with a massive drop in
                                                                                          temperature leading to the formation
                                                                                          of the well-known Martian polar ice-
                                                                                          caps and the disappearance of the re-
                                                                                          mainder of Mars water beneath the
                                                                                          outer crust, driven by the inexorable
                                                                                          demands of spin, pressure and temper-
                                                                                              Nor is all well in the rest of the
                                                                                          solar system. According to Hoagland
                                                                                          and Bara, impacted by the spreading
                                                                                          wave of interplanetary debris from the
                                                                                          collision, Venus takes such a pounding
                                                                                          that the surface is totally re-melted, re-
                                                                                          moving all the old craters, super-
                                                                                          heating and contaminating the atmos-
of the dinosaurs. A direct connection. accretion of Planet V’s guts slathered             phere, literally knocking the planet
Enter Planet K, the cosmic suicide on it, and consequently, is much                       into its baffling retrograde spin; Ia-
bomber.                                     thicker than its relatively undamaged         petus, one of Saturn’s icy moons in the
    Planet K is another former, ancient counterpart, as well as being of an en-           outer solar system, is also plastered by
member of the solar system, now no tirely different composition. This inter-              the wave of carbon-rich debris heading
longer with us. In the Hoagland/Bara action of Mars with Planet K, just prior             outward from the sun, emerging with
model, planetary perturbations 65 mil- to the cataclysmic collision of Planet K           one light half and one dark half—as the
lion years ago cause it to wander right with Planet V, is also why the heavy              most asymmetric colored natural ob-
across the path of Mars, upsetting the southern hemisphere cratering on Mars              ject in the solar system; and Earth has
spin axis of Mars and                                       does not straddle the         an asteroid drop-in, which blasts the
leaning it over some                                        planet’s         current      Yucatan peninsula, taking with it the
sixty degrees, before                                       equator.                      dinosaurs. Van Flandern thinks, and
smashing        headlong                                        But long before the       Hoagland and Bara agree, that the
into Planet V and un-                                       big chunks arrive, the        deadly planetary collision also ac-
leashing a catastrophic                                     real damage has been          counts for the existence now of both
explosion which blasts                                      done. The withering in-       the asteroids and comets. The acceler-
both of them to bits,                                       itial simultaneous bar-       ating discovery of more and more as-
bits, that is, of planets                                   rage of millions of half-     teroid satellites, pooh poohed only a
4-5 times Earth mass.                                       mile diameter rocks has       few years ago by planetary scientists as
The newly exposed                                           simply blown away             “dynamically impossible,” is funda-
side of Mars is squarely                                    much of the Martian at-       mental evidence of their formation in
in the path of this ex-                                     mosphere, sending it          this recent extraordinary planetary cat-
plosion and pays for it                                     forever into space. And       aclysm.
in full, receiving not                                      the instant release from
only a near instanta-                                       the strong gravity of         Life on Mars
neous       shotgunning                                     Planet V when it was              What does the above have to do
from the smaller, more                                      destroyed has freed the       with life? Plenty! It turns out that Mars
energetic          debris   Astronomer Thomas van Flandern
                                                            Martian tidal oceans,         in many ways parallels Earth’s own de-
chunks, but hours later, the huge, which now snap back to their former                    velopment. 500 million years ago came
slower pieces arrive, smashing into the global extent, unleashing tidal waves             the “Cambrian explosion” on Earth, a
planet with stupendous force and exca- beyond description, which widens and               period in which in a mere 4 million
vating the enormous craters we see deepens the already existing Valles Ma-                years, life as we know it appeared and
today. According to Hoagland and Bara, rineris (initially began when Mars was             blossomed. An eyeblink in geological
this is why Mars is both lopsided and so captured, a half billion years before)           time. This corresponds not only with
weird in terms of geological age meas- now to over three miles deep and 3000              the Hoagland/Bara estimate for Mars’s
urements. The protected side is the miles long — the largest known canyon                 capture, but with the addition of rad-
crust as it was, and is accordingly thin, in the entire solar system.                     ical new energies to the planetary dy-
but the exposed side has an enormous            A nuclear winter type phenomenon
                                                                                                         Continued on Page 69
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                       Number 35 • ATLANTIS RISING 43

   Petra’s Magnificent and
 Mysterious Ruins May Be the
 Home of Unclaimed Wealth

            emember the third Indiana       the genuine finds, in-
            Jones movie: “Indiana Jones     cluding a Cretan gold
            and the Holy Grail (1989),      buckle of long ago,
            starring Harrison Ford and      that an expedition of
            Sean Connery? One of the        scientists has been
prominent features in the background        sent to the site of the
was the ancient city of Petra, also         mysterious stone city
known as “Rose Red Petra—the City as        of Petra, between the
Old as Time.” Harrison Ford playing         Gulf of Akabah and       Michael
Indie recovers the Holy Grail, the leg-     the Dead Sea.               Gelb
endary cup that Jesus Christ used               “Investigation re-
during the last supper, only to lose it     vealed that the first
and an attractive blonde Nazi spy           treasures had been ob-
                                                                                   One of Petra’s astonishing facades carved out of the rock
down a crevice.                             tained from an Arab
    Few people realize that there is ac-    sheik at Jerusalem, who furnished pro-              “They developed a high stage of civ-
tually a treasure connected with the        tection to caravans in Northern Arabia.        ilization, made glass that rivaled that of
legend of Petra. I know I didn’t, until I   After months of effort this man was            the Phoenicians, wove beautiful fabrics
came across a news item in the Ottawa       traced. It was then discovered that the        and modeled pottery. Into Petra for
Journal for January 29, 1927. Head-         treasures had been unearthed by Arabs          centuries poured the riches of
lined: “Will Hunt for Enormous              at Petra.                                      northern Africa and of Asia, while to
Treasure Hidden for Years in Mystery            “Petra, deserted for centuries, is per-    this was added the loot of the pirate
City of Petra,” it reads as follows:        haps the most astonishing city ever            ships.
                                            created by man. It lies in a once popu-             “This region remained unconquered
    “LONDON (by Mail) - Exquisite gold      lous valley, shut in by precipitous cliffs     until a mysterious and unrecorded
ornaments and precious stones—part of       of sandstone. Its only entrance is             tragedy emptied it of its hundreds of
what may prove the greatest ancient         through a gorge about 12 feet wide and         thousands, practically wiped out the
treasure ever recovered, making insig-      this gateway could be held against an          Nabataean race and caused it to be
nificant even the splendors of Tut-         army by a few men. Tombs, temples              shunned for centuries by the Arabs and
Ankh-Amen’s tomb—have come into             and houses were chiseled out of the            nomads around it.
the hands of an eminent archaeologist       rose red rock and stand today almost as             “There’s no record that the accumu-
connected with the British Museum.          perfect as they were when occupied.            lated wealth of Petra has ever been car-
    “The story of the discovery by a        The city was, in its prime, the capital of     ried away. If that treasure ever existed
wandering Bedouin, who literally            Nabataeans, an ancient Arab tribe              it is believed that it still must be there.
tripped on the “Open Sesame” to a lab-      which conquered the Edom of the                     “Expeditions before the war (World
yrinth of underground passages that         Bible, and a hundred years before              War I) were dangerous because of the
led to the treasure-house of a long-        Christ, had created a powerful kingdom         attitude of the Arabs and the isolated
vanished race, transcends the imagin-       extending north to Damascus, west to           locality. The city was lost to European
ings of the “Arabian Nights” author.        Gaza, and into Palestine and Central           knowledge for centuries until it was re-
    “Further romance is added by the        Arabia. The Nabataeans controlled the          discovered in 1812 by the German ex-
theory that the treasure includes the       caravan routes of the interior and were        plorer Buckhardt. Since then not more
loot of ancient pirates and so plausible    also great sailors and pirates. Both King      than a dozen archaeologists have vis-
does the story appear in the light of       Solomon and the Queen of Sheba used            ited it because of its inaccessibility.
                                            them to carry goods by sea and land to              “But since the war, under the
                                            distant countries.
■ BY W. RITCHIE BENEDICT                                                                                  Continued on Page 71
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                                        UNIVERSAL LAWS, NEVER BEFORE REVEALED:
                                        KEELY’S SECRETS
                                        Understanding and Using the Science of
                                        Sympathetic Vibration
                                        Dale Pond, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce
                                        and others.
                                        One hundred years ago, scientist/inventor/philosopher
                                        John Keely built various devices that were able to
                                        overcome gravity, tunnel through rock using a hand-held
                                        device, use acoustics to power engines, and create
                                        superconductivity by using wires made of gold, silver
                                        and platinum. Almost lost, this book finally compiles ten
                                        years of research by the editor/author that explains the
                                        technology used. Understandable to the laymen and
                                        useful to the most advanced teacher.
                                        Paperback, 288 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 illustrated

                                 THE PHYSICS OF LOVE:
                            The Ultimate Universal Laws
                                            Dale Pond, Edgar Cayce, John Keely,
                                                     Rudolf Steiner, Nikola Tesla
                                Explore the physics of love and consciousness in an
                             easy-to-understand and exciting manner. The universal
                              laws in this book are applicable to music, electronics,
                                 mechanics, healing and all branches of science and
                                         philosophy. This science demonstrates the
                             commonality that underlies all phenomena—vibration.
                                  Another name for Sympathetic Vibration is Love.
                                        Science and Spirituality are finally reunited.
                                           152 pages, 9 X 11 Paperback, Illustrated

                                         NIKLOLA TESLA’S
                                         EARTHQUAKE MACHINE
                                         With Tesla’s Original Patents Plus New
                                         Blueprints to Build Your Own Working Model
                                         Dale Pond and Walter Baumgartner
                                         In 1935, Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake in the
                                         region of his New York laboratory in 1898, was the
                                         result of a machine he had been experimenting with. this
                                         book presents this technology based on sonic vibrations.
                                         Now, for the first time, the secrets of the Tesla
                                         Oscillator are available to both the layman and
                                         advanced researcher.
                                         176 pages, 8 X 11 Paperback, illustrated
                                        S&H $4.95 for one book. Add $2 for each additional

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            hinking outside the box
            is de rigeur these days.
            Like “24/7,” the expres-
            sion is liberally sprin-

            kled in both personal
and professional conversations. A
tidy way to encourage creative
brainstorming, it describes the
genius and originality we would all
like to ascribe to ourselves. But
that’s not good enough for Debbie
Ford, author of New York Times
Best-seller, The Secret of the
                                                    of the
Shadow, The Power of Owning
Your Whole Story.
    For Ford and those who partici-
pate in her popular “Shadow Pro-
cess” workshops, nothing less than
“living completely outside the box”
will do. Acclaimed author Neale
Donald Walsch finds the insights                   Best-selling Writer
Ford offers in The Secret “more than
helpful…they are astonishing in their               Debbie Ford Says
clarity and value—in a few hours
reading your whole life can change.”
                                                   You Can Own Your
    An internationally recognized ex-               Story and Be Free
pert in the field of personal transfor-
mation, Ford has appeared on The
Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning
America, The Roseanne Show, The
BBC Morning Show, The Fox News
Channel, and has been featured in
magazines such as Self, USA Today,           the Universe wants to give you every-         is a special secret.” Discovering and un-
Woman to Woman and the L.A.                  thing. We don’t have to say affirma-          veiling this secret is what Ford now
Times.                                       tions, because our lives are an affirma-      specializes in through teaching “The
    The premise is that we have all          tion. There’s no story there, no issue        Shadow        Process”     in   seminars
created stories about who we are and         from the past arising in that mo-             throughout the nation and in her inten-
what we can do, then placed a meta-          ment…that’s how we know we’re out-            sives at The Ford Institute for Integra-
phorical “capsule” around those sto-         side our stories.”                            tive Coaching, LLC.
ries, which becomes an invisible but             Her own story is fairly dramatic: As          A graduate of JFK University in
effective boundary we don’t venture to       early as age five, Ford felt “not good        Northern California, Ford drew on psy-
cross. We also create what Ford calls a      enough, unwanted and that I didn’t be-        chologist Carl Jung’s famous concept
“Shadow Box,” which contains all the         long.” She turned first to sugar highs,       of “the Shadow” in developing her pro-
self-deprecating “old tapes” we play as      then to success with the in-crowd and         cess, which asks participants to em-
default listening material. “I should        a high-powered career in the fashion          brace all aspects of themselves—even
market that Box,” quips Ford; “then,         industry—and years of cigarette, sex          the ugly, destructive, negative parts
people wouldn’t even have to tell            and drug addiction. Still, the internal di-   that destroy relationships, drain fi-
themselves the negative things they go       alogue chattered away, telling her she        nances, kill our spirits and otherwise
on and on about—they could just push         would never have the love, security           keep us from fulfilling our dreams.
a button and hear it said for them!”         and inner peace she desperately de-               As Jung said, “One does not become
    The Shadow Queen has a great             sired. “I thought if I kept busy enough,      enlightened by imagining figures of
sense of humor, but she’s very serious       ate enough brownies, added enough             light, but by making the darkness con-
about conveying her message: “The            chemicals or accumulated enough cars          scious.” Our “shadow self” contains all
story of you does not begin to define        and clothes, I could rise above the de-       the parts of ourselves we try to hide or
who you are. In order to see your true       spair,” she remembers. “Then one day,         deny. Those parts, along with the parts
magnificence, you must step outside          in my fourth treatment program, I real-       we’re more comfortable with, and our
your story.” Easier said than done,          ized that people’s stories had a              memories, beliefs and life experiences
though. Stepping out requires a will-        common theme, and I was amazed to             form what Ford calls our unique
ingness to experience the daily              discover that we are committed to our         “recipe” for success. She emphasizes
struggle of life exactly as it is; then to   dramas—our stories—no matter how              the “lumps” in the metaphorical batter,
clearly define the ways we keep our-         painful they are.” She spent the next         noting that: “Some of us struggle with
selves separate, encapsulated in those       ten years examining those dramas—             issues about weight or disease, others
stories. Ford cites being in love as a       both her own and others’, and discov-         with money issues or career situa-
capsule-free, “unboxed” state most           ered that: “We create life stories in an      tions…that’s part of your mix; as long
people can relate to: “When you’re in        attempt to become someone or some-            as you’re putting your hands in the
love, you feel limitless; you feel like      thing; our stories hold the key to our        batter and trying to take out the lumps
                                             unique life-purpose and its fulfillment;      before you bake the cake, you’ll stay
■ BY CYNTHIA LOGAN                           and, hidden in the shadow of our story        stuck. It’s the lumps that hold the gifts.
46    ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                           SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
When you embrace your shadow, you          said that we have the divine and the di-   of the tragedy, it’s something she deals
will reclaim your power, your crea-        abolical within us, the sacred and the     with daily on a smaller scale. “Trauma
tivity, your brilliance and your           profane...she took that one sentence       happens every day; the question is,
dreams.”                                   and leveraged it into a career.”           how are we going to digest it?” she
    For Ford, finding her gifts involved       She’s also leveraged her rich, deep    asks. “Spiritually, we know that on
learning to meditate and listen within.    voice, lecturing to packed audiences       some level we’re choosing our experi-
When she did, she realized her unique      around the country. The basis of her       ence in order to grow, learn and heal.”
specialty. “My pain had taught me to       message is that the world mirrors back         Regarding 9-11, she is pragmatic
become a master at reinterpreting my       to us the flaws we see in ourselves.       and unshaken in her faith that it was
life’s experiences and using them to       “People mirror back what is within us      part of a greater reality. Though one of
transform my current reality: I could      because subconsciously we are calling      the participants in her coaching pro-
now bring light to darkness and find       it forth from them,” says Ford. “That’s    gram perished on one of the planes
the blessings in all life’s events.” She   why certain kinds of people or situa-      ("probably the greatest “light” in a
also heard the message that she            tions keep showing up in our lives over    group of 70"), Ford is looking for the
needed to write. Mining her pain, she      and over. When you no longer need an-      gift in that loss. “9-11 has shown me
disciplined herself to write daily, pen-   other person to mirror your shadow         that we have to do this a little faster,”
ning her first best-seller. In 1999, The   back to you, you’ll unplug.”               she says quietly. “We need to use
Dark Side of the Light-Chasers                 Though Ford teaches that we all        events, otherwise, events use us. We
climbed to prominence with the help        have the entire range of human traits      could make a list of all the gifts of 9-11,
of her agent, manager and older sister,    and emotions within us, she eschews        starting with the fact that we don’t
Arielle, founder of The Ford Group, a      the idea of a collectively unconscious     take our loved ones for granted any-
Public Relations firm that was largely     “Terrorist” committing the acts of 9-11.   more. Inside our recipe as Americans
responsible for introducing Deepak         “Sure,” she admits, “any of us born into   now is terrorism. But you can still em-
Chopra to America. A subsequent title      the society they were brought up in        brace your life; have an extraordinary
Spiritual Divorce was written from the     and taught the things they have been       life and see what there is to do.” For
desolation she experienced at 12 when      taught would be capable of committing      her part, she tells the community at the
her parents divorced and after her own     such atrocities, but they are sick         Chopra Center for Well-Being (where
divorce six years ago. She had spent       people…do we hate the sick, or do we       she is now a faculty member) to “take a
“five years and fifty thousand dollars”    have compassion? We need to say,           person off the list of 9-11 victims and
on 12-step programs and various thera-     ‘Where am I sick, and how do I con-        their families and live your life for
pies to help get her life back on track,   tribute to terror’? Most of us are so      them. When someone can receive a
but it was at a seminar given by Dr.       highly abusive to ourselves that were      blessing from our life, I don’t think that
Chopra that she made a permanent           we to behave that way towards a child      as a human being there’s much more
shift. “I had said that we are holograms   we would be arrested!” Though she
of the universe,” recalls Chopra. “I’d     certainly acknowledges the magnitude                  Continued on page 71

SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                 Number 35 • ATLANTIS      RISING 47
                                                                                      tion: sunspots = solar flares = magnetic
     ASTROLOGY                                                                        shift = shifting ocean and jet stream
                                                                                      currents = extreme weather and human
                                                                                          For thousands of years astrology has
                                                                                      endeavored to translate knowledge of
                                                                                      the skies into meaning for human exis-
                                                                                      tence. In the face of global terrorism,

                                                                                      political corruption and anomalous
                                                                                      weather patterns, is it possible to see
                                                                                      things from a larger perspective and
                                                                                      make sense of the sweeping change
                                                                                      and environmental disruption which
                                                                                      threatens to engulf us? The report of
                                                                                      the wise in all ancient traditions fo-
                                                                                      cuses on the role of humanity and our

                                                                                          In his book The Cosmos in Man H.
                                                                                      Saraydarian states, “Consciousness is
                                                                                      the result of action of the solar angel
                                                                                      on the mental plane, the purpose of
                                                                                      which is to align all the atoms of the
                                                                                      vehicles, thus building a path of light
                                                                                      for the returning pilgrim as he en-
                                                                                      deavors to work out the divine plan.
                                                                                      This energy is called solar fire.”
                                                                                          Paraphrasing from Esoteric As-
                                                                                      trology by Alice Bailey, it can be said
                                                                                      that solar fire is embodied in the path
                                                                                      of discipleship. The goal is identifica-
                                                                                      tion with the soul and not the person-
                                                                                      ality. The process through which this
                                                                                      occurs is increasing responsiveness to
                                                                                      the twelve zodiacal constellations.
                                                                                          The mythical journey of the Sun
                                                                                      King shows a yearly microcosm of the
                           Modern Science Is                                          path of the soul on the journey of re-
                                                                                      turn to the source. In his book Sun
                                                                                      Lore of All Ages William Tyler Alcott re-
                      Beginning to Discover                                           marks, “In the early history and my-
                                                                                      thology of all people we find the sun
                    What the Ancients Knew—                                           and moon regarded as conscious be-
                                                                                      ings closely connected with the daily
                     the Influence of the Sun                                         life of mankind, and influencing in
                                                                                      some mysterious way man’s existence,
                              on Earthly Life                                         and controlling his destiny. We find the
                                                                                      luminaries alluded to as ancestors, he-
                       Cannot Be Overstated                                           roes, and benefactors, who, after a life
                                                                                      of usefulness on this earth, were trans-
                                                                                      ported to the heavens, where they con-
                                                                                      tinue to look down on, and in a
                                                                                      measure rule over earthly affairs.”
                                                                                          In ancient Egypt the sun god Ra
                                                                                      claimed center stage as he directed his
                                                                                      powerful eye to influence daily life. But
“Let your soul stand cool and              tion later in this article.)               how do sun myths or the metaphysics
composed                                       Mitch Battros of www.earthchanges      of solar fire relate to the day star which
before a million universes.”      reported at the end of May that     gives light and life to our planet? I be-
                          Walt Whitman     NASA had launched a fleet of space-        lieve a better understanding of as-
                                           craft to observe earth’s atmosphere in     tronomy and physics not only deepens

            he sun is big news these       response to recent solar storms. Battros   interpretation and astrological signifi-
            days as solar astronomers      reported that “NASA’s shifting focus is    cance but may also show the way for
            work to solve mysteries and    to provide important new information       each of us to make a difference.
            answer puzzling questions      on the final link in the sun-earth con-
            about the sun’s behavior.      nection of physical process that con-      Solar Astronomy & Anatomy
David Hathaway, NASA scientist, and        nect the sun and earth—in other words,        The diameter of the sun is more
contributor to NASA’s            the connection between solar activity      than one hundred times that of the, confirmed that the ratio      and our weather.” Since 1999 Battros       earth. Our star rotates on its axis every
of solar flares to number of sunspots is   has put forward his theory of the rela-    twenty-five earth days rather than
“larger than expected.” (See explana-      tionship between earth events and          twenty-four hours like earth. Most of
                                           solar weather in the form of an equa-      the sun’s mass is a huge covering of gas
48    ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                      SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
surrounding the core. The sun’s thick            Neutrinos are ghostly subatomic par-     While astronomers know many details
surface, called the photosphere, ap-         ticles which are released by nuclear re-     about the cycle itself, and some of the
pears to be solid, but is actually a         actions in the sun’s core. They pass di-     dynamic processes that seem to play a
swirling mass of yellow-white gas. At        rectly through the sun and out into          role in creating it, they are unable to
the sun’s surface the gas is transparent     space. Although detecting neutrinos is       produce a model which predicts the
enough to allow light to escape into         difficult, results from several indepen-     number of sunspots within the cycle.
space. Glowing jets of gas, called prom-     dent experiments confirm that only a             Sunspots have been linked to every-
inences, spike outward into space            third of the expected numbers are            thing from tree rings to stock market
above the photosphere.                       counted here on earth. Solar astrono-        fluctuations and weather anomalies.
    More of the sun is invisible than vis-   mers have altered their models of the        Between the years of 1640 and 1710 al-
ible. Extending beyond the visible sur-      sun and its evolution over the past four     most no sunspots were seen. Histori-
face is the chromosphere, a layer imme-      and a half billion years to create a         cally this coincided with a period of ex-
diately above the photosphere. During        model which produces fewer neu-              tremely cold weather on earth called
solar eclipses, when the photosphere is      trinos; but answers still elude them. As     the “Little Ice Age.”
hidden by the moon, the chromo-              a result, scientists have questioned their       Solar flares occur in the vicinity of
sphere appears red. The spectral (light      understanding of neutrinos themselves        sunspots which seem to be extremely
signature) lines of the sun are pro-         and, according to one NASA scientist,        active portions of the sun. These
duced in the chromosphere. The co-           the solution to this mystery may shake       sudden and violent eruptions of matter
rona is the sun’s outer atmosphere.          some of the foundations of physics it-       and energy send visible and invisible
Special telescopes called coronagraphs       self.                                        light hurtling into space. Solar flares
permit vision of the inner corona. The           Strong magnetic fields running           can last seconds or minutes, and eject
outer portion of the corona, stretching      through the sun cause sunspots which         streams of charged particles which
far out into the solar system, can only      appear to us as darkened, irregular          often reach earth’s atmosphere,
be seen during total solar eclipses.         areas on the photosphere (sun’s visible      causing disruptions in communications
    The sun’s energy emerges from the        surface). Sunspots are about two thou-       and short-circuits in electrical power
thermonuclear furnace, burning at the        sand degrees cooler than surrounding         grids. Solar flares charge our atmos-
sun’s heart, which converts about five       regions and therefore look black by          phere with high-energy atomic parti-
million tons of matter into energy each      comparison.                                  cles from the sun and cause atoms to
second. Stars may differ in terms of             Over a roughly eleven-year period        glow. These charged particles tend to
brightness, color and length of their        the number of sunspots seen on the           be deflected toward earth’s magnetic
lives, but all stars shine for the same      sun’s surface ranges from nearly zero to     poles and become visible as breath-
reason. Starlight is generated by            over one hundred and then decreases          taking auroras.
burning hydrogen which converts to           until the next cycle begins. The nature          Even though we are moving away
helium and releases energy from ther-        and cause of the sunspot cycle is one of
monuclear fusion.                            the great mysteries of solar astronomy.                 Continued on Page 72

 •   Forms pictures of reality
 •   Stores pictures of reality in recall
 •   Recalls pictures that don’t exist in reality
 •   Compares recall with reality
             THE MODEL MIND
      What The Mind Is And How It Works
             HUMAN NATURE
       How The Mind Generates Behavior
                        Peter Bros
     The 4th and 8th volumes of The Copernican Series

                $15 postpaid sold separately
                 $25 both volumes postpaid
              Send check or Money Order to
       FBP, 6529 Elder Ave, Springfield VA 22150
      or order (full price) on-line from

SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                    Number 35 • ATLANTIS     RISING 49

‘Science’ Challenged
 These Videos Make It Clear that the Establishment Has Some Explaining to Do

        rom outer space to human
        genes, in this issue I’ve re-
        viewed     nine    fascinating
        videos that take a closer look
        at science and ask some very
poignant and pressing questions.

PLAINED (from the Pax TV show)
“What’s Under The Sphinx?” &
“The Tower of Babel” 45 minutes
    This video should be of particular
interest to Atlantis Rising readers, in-
asmuch as it includes extensive com-
mentary by Atlantis Rising editor
Doug Kenyon. Long an advocate for a
more extensive investigation of
Egypt’s Giza plain, Kenyon argues
forcefully here that an ancient civiliza-
tion—say, Atlantis—could have left a
cache of records behind. There is a sig-
nificant amount of evidence, many be-
lieve, indicating that something like a
Hall of Records may indeed lie buried                                                    “Encounters with the Unexplained” producer Paul
somewhere on Egypt’s Giza plateau,                                                       Vershon (seated left) questions Doug Kenyon in
perhaps beneath the paws of the                                                          Atlantis Rising office.
    Of course, there are many theories      Abdel Hakim Awyan feels differently.            SPACE—The Secret History
as to why, how and, especially when         He claims, in fact, that the ancient            (2 video set) 50 minutes
the Sphinx was built. Dr. Robert            builders used an ultrasonic machine for         Part 1—Cosmonaut Conspiracy, the
Schoch, noted geologist and collabo-        carving and sound vibration, producing          Vladimir Ilyushin Story
rator, with author, John Anthony West       an electromagnetic field that overcame              For space flight enthusiasts, this ex-
observes that the Sphinx’s great age is     gravity and moved huge rocks to con-            tremely well made, two-part documen-
clearly evident from water weathering       struct the Sphinx and pyramids.                 tary is filled with fascinating historical
brought about by long periods of                Part two (on the tape) continues            footage. One complaint I have for this
heavy precipitation which haven’t oc-       with the “Tower of Babel.”                      and the other Knowledge 2020 videos
curred in the Sahara for over 10,000            The search for evidence of the Bib-         I’ve reviewed in this issue is that the ac-
years. Other structures in nearby           lical Tower of Babel has led most ex-           tual running times are often shorter
Egypt show signs of similar erosion.        perts to modern-day Iraq. Ancient histo-        than what is printed on the package.
    Several ancient texts, Kenyon           rians including Alexander the Great             When a package says 60 minutes, I ex-
points out, refer to secret chambers        wrote of seeing the ruins of the Tower          pect 60 minutes. This video is 50 min-
and underground passageways be-             of Babel but made no indication as to           utes and the Science Behind Closed
neath the Sphinx. Around 443 B.C.,          where. According to some Bible                  Doors series (see below) has some that
the Greek historian Herodotus re-           prophecy scholars, the Tower of Babel           are as short as 45 minutes. All are adver-
ported that there exists a vast laby-       must be rebuilt before the final battle of      tised as 60 minutes. If they were origi-
rinth beneath and beyond the pyr-           Armageddon. Some say that the recon-            nally made for television, the missing
amid. Legends speak of a group of           struction of Babylon and the Tower is a         time was filled with commercials. But
survivors from the lost continent of At-    pet project of Saddam Hussein.                  this is the home video market so the
lantis who brought their advanced               Interesting commentaries, impres-           error comes off looking like false adver-
knowledge to Egypt prior to the             sive computer graphics and historical           tising. That being said, both videos:
sinking of the great continent around       reenactments make this episode of En-           SPACE—The Secret History 1 & 2 are ex-
10,500 B.C. and deposited it in a se-       counters with the Unexplained an im-            cellent historical documentaries.
cret chamber beneath the Sphinx.            pressive production for those just be-              On April 12, 1961 the Soviet media
    Traditional Egyptologists believe       ginning      to    consider    alternative      reported the successful launch, orbit
that the Sphinx was built approxi-          historical theories. Part one serves as a       and re-entry of earth by the first man in
mately 5,000 years ago and has no           brief but excellent introduction to alter-      space, Uri Gagarin. Gagarin instantly be-
such lost chambers. But tribal leader       native Egyptology.                              came an international celebrity and one
                                                VHS $19.95                                  of the greatest heroes in history.
■ BY ROBERT J. RESETAR                          To order call: 1-800-228-8331                   Interestingly, every nation except
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                       Number 35 • ATLANTIS        RISING 51
                                           failed experiments in-                                          the same day. Over
     VIDEOS                                cluding cosmonaut                                             165 individuals were
                                           training deaths and                                          inspecting the rocket
China sent their congratulations to the    some major rocket ex-                                              when it blew up
Soviet Union for Gagarin’s accomplish-     plosions were con-                                            killing everyone. Ru-
ment. But as we soon find out, China’s     cealed from the                                                   mors suggest that
non-acknowledgment of the event was        public. To this day,                                          there may have even
more than just an act of political snob-   the CIA and other gov-                                      been a cosmonaut on
bery. Recently declassified documents      ernment agencies still                                         board. As usual, the
from Russia tell a whole different story   make no claims as to                                             Soviet government
about the “real” first man in space,       their awareness of or                                       denied all knowledge
Vladimir Ilyushin.                         ability to track Ilyu-                                      of the event.
   On April 7, 1961 the Soviet Union       shin’s first space                                                In March of 1965,
secretly launched Vladimir Ilyushin        flight.                                                       the Soviets were the
into space. After successfully orbiting        Later in his life, Uri                                          first to achieve a
earth his craft had electrical problems    Gagarin probably                                                space walk. After a
upon re-entry and with all the turbu-      knew that his alleged                                            ten-minute walk in
lence, Ilyushin lost consciousness for     accomplishment was a                                           space, Alexi Leonov
several hours and made a hard landing      fabrication and he                                                 had trouble reen-
on Chinese soil.                           eventually became an                                             tering the capsule.
   At that time the Soviets had not yet    alcoholic, lost control                                            The effect of the
perfected re-entry and landing proce-      in public and said em-                                             vacuum of space
dures. Cosmonauts were expected to         barrassing and dan-                                                  caused an unex-
eject and parachute to Earth within        gerous things. He died                                        pected ballooning of
10,000 to 20,000 feet. Although Ilyu-      in a mysterious plane crash that some                          his space suit which
shin was severely injured from the         believe was arranged by the KGB.          made it almost impossible to enter the
landing he survived, thanks to the care                                              door. Leonov was close to death when
                                               Part Two—The Scariest and Dead-
he received by Chinese doctors. The                                                  he finally squeezed back through the
                                           liest Moments in Space History
Chinese government was obviously in-                                                 airlock.
                                               According to declassified docu-
terested in the space technology and                                                     Later, three Apollo astronauts died
                                           ments, in October 1960 a huge Soviet
held onto the craft and Ilyushin for                                                 in the space capsule before takeoff
                                           booster rocket malfunctioned on the
quite sometime.                                                                      when the explosion from an electrical
                                           launchpad. Kremlin leaders demanded
   In the 60s the Soviets were very se-                                              spark killed them instantly. After this,
                                           that the problem be fixed immediately
cretive about everything, especially                                                 the U.S. Space Program was stalled
                                           and that the rocket’s launch take place
their space program. All of their early                                              while over 1300 changes were made

52    ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                      SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
for the safety of future flights. Most       evidence revealed in the video Cold Fu-
people know of the Apollo 13 drama,          sion in this same series. The main point
which was dramatized in the motion           of this video is to discuss science’s un-         MICROHYDRIN
picture and the disastrous Challenger        fortunate dilemma: Without grants, sci-
explosion, which took the lives of all       entists cannot research. Without re-                     LONGEVITY’S
seven crew members including two             search, scientists cannot publish                        MISSING LINK
women. But besides these famous              papers. Without papers, scientists
events there are plenty of little details    cannot achieve recognition. And                         ANTI-AGING
from both the Soviet and U.S. space          without recognition, scientists do not               MIRACLE REVEALED
programs and some classic footage of         usually bring in the money needed to
the first Apollo moon landing and            secure their futures.                                Author, scientist, child
much more to keep this video inter-
esting throughout.
                                             Volume Two: Genetically Modified                  prodigy Patrick Flanagan’s
                                             Foods—Panacea or Poison?
    Highly Recommended.
                                                 Industry has been changing the ge-
                                                                                               greatest invention. Nobel
    $34.95 for two video set.                                                                  Prize Submitted technology
                                             netic design of crops and seeds without
    TO ORDER CALL: 1-800-228-8331
                                             informing the public. Labels are not              has now made a miraculous
                                             even required in the United States as to
SCIENCE—Behind Closed Doors                                                                    natural way to slow down
                                                          the genetic modification of
(Six-video set)
    This six-video col-
                                                                              particular       the aging process giving
                                                                           foods. Large
lection covers a
                                                                       chemical com-
                                                                                               you more energy and alert-
lot of ground                                                                                  ness than ever before. One
                                                                            panies own
from cold fusion
                                                                             most of the       capsule is equal to 10,000
to animal trans-
                                                                          seed compa-
genics and
                                                                         nies with the         glasses of freshly squeezed
human cloning.
The documen-
                                                                            intention of       organic orange juice.
                                                                       controlling the
taries have been
                                                                         source of the
done by several                                                                                CALL TOLL FREE FOR A FREE TAPE
                                                                          world’s food
producers and                                                                                     OR MORE INFORMATION
                                                                         supply. They
some are much
                                                                               can now
better than
others. But all of
                                                                          “patent” and           888-313-6170
                                                                       own seeds. Or- 
them have
                                                                         ganic farmers
plenty of infor-
                                                                        can no longer
mation. Titles in-
                                                                       prevent the in-
clude: Science
                                                                       fecting of their
Fraud, Geneti-
cally Modified
                                                                          grown crops
Foods, Human
Cloning, Holes in
                                                                             with cross-
                                                                         pollinated va-
                                                                                                 Missed an
Heaven (HAARP)
with Martin
Sheen, Animal
                                                                        rieties, which
                                                                 may contain harmful             important
Transgenics and
Cold Fusion.
                                                                chemical insecticides
                                                           inserted at a genetic level.
                                                          We, as humans, are the un-
                                                                                                  article in
Paying the Price of Fame & Fortune
                                             witting guinea pigs. Some estimates are
                                             that 70% of grocery store foods have
                                                                                               Atlantis Rsing?
    Driven by money and ambition, cor-       genetically modified elements. The
ruption finds its way even into the field    FDA’s own scientists have warned
of science where success and financial       about the unique health hazards of
security often depends on competing
for grants, status, position and money.
                                             from genetically engineering foods. Yet
                                             the FDA ignores the advice of its own
                                                                                               Don’t despair.
Caught in the web of greed, some sci-        scientists and chooses to support the
entists cut corners and fudge test re-       biotech industries in their quest to
sults for the purpose of acquiring large     “patent life” while poisoning the food
corporate grants and public recogni-
tion. The definition of science fraud is:
                                             system. At the time of this recent pro-
                                             duction, there has never been a single
                                                                                                  Check the
a deliberate act of one or more scien-
tists to knowingly pass faulty or mis-
                                             study on the human safety of geneti-
                                             cally modified foods. A frightening ex-
leading data to peers or the public, in-
cluding forgery, fabricated data,
                                             posé on the current abuse of genetic
                                             science.                                             on our web
falsified results, plagiarism and piracy.
In order to succeed in the system, sci-
entists, like politicians, have to spend a
                                             Volume Three: Human Cloning—
                                             Scientific Miracle or Crime Against                     site.
good portion of their time and energy

                                                1996 marked the first ‘official’
chasing the money.
                                             cloning of a mammal, a sheep named
    Science Fraud also contains a sec-
                                             Dolly. A heated debate continues to
tion which labels early cold fusion re-
                                             this day regarding the morality of
searchers, Pons & Fleishmann as
frauds, which is contradictory to the
                                             cloning. The video begins by asking the
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                      Number 35 • ATLANTIS   RISING 53
                                                       moral question: Is cloning “playing                                        lent musical
                                                       God” or is it scientific progress? And                                     score and is
                                                       then, in an effort to “convince us?” of                                       well done
                                                       its balanced perspective states: “This                                       across the
                                                       program presents both sides of this de-                                board. In 1989,
                                                       bate so that people may be able to de-                                      researchers
                                                       cide for themselves if they want to play                                      Pons and
                                                       God and clone humans.” Funny as that                                      Fleischmann
                                                       may be, the program ‘does’ give a                                        announced to
                                                       pretty even voice to both sides.                                        the world that
                                                           In the early ’70s when the first “test                                they had dis-
                                                       tube baby,” Louise Brown was created,                                   covered the il-
                                                       78% of the people were against the                                     lusive “cold fu-
                                                       idea of creating life outside the womb.                                      sion.” The
                                                       The process consisted of an egg that                                    scientific com-
       •Ancient                                        was fertilized outside the mother’s
                                                       womb, then implanted. Although it
                                                                                                                                    munity re-
                                                                                                                               belled and the
        Mysteries                                      caused a huge uproar of public pro-
                                                       tests and controversy at the time, today
                                                                                                                                  U.S. Depart-
                                                                                                    ment of Energy convened a panel led
                                                       the process is commonplace and over          by cold fusion critic, John Huizenga, to
       •Alternative                                    50,000 babies have been created
                                                       through assisted reproduction in the
                                                                                                    investigate the validity of their claim.
                                                                                                    Needless to say, Pons and Fleischmann
                                                       U.S. alone.                                  were condemned, discredited and
        Science                                            One of the threats of cloning is eu-
                                                       genics, the science of improving hered-
                                                                                                    forced to do further research in other
                                                                                                    countries. With over a decade having
                                                       itary qualities either by selective          passed since their original claims, inde-
       •Unexplained                                    breeding or genetic engineering. In the      pendent scientists all over the world
                                                       early 1900s, 30 states in the U.S.           are now duplicating and constantly im-
        Anomalies                                      adopted eugenics laws requiring citi-
                                                       zens to be sterilized if they had condi-
                                                                                                    proving the results of this new energy
                                                                                                    source which uses water as its source.
                                                       tions thought to be hereditary such as           The great science fiction writer and
                                                       insanity, criminal tendencies, retarda-      visionary, Jules Verne, predicted that

          ATLANTIS                                     tion and epilepsy. Similar laws were en-
                                                       acted in other countries. Adolph Hitler
                                                       wanted to be cloned and to create a
                                                                                                    water would be the coal of the future.
                                                                                                    Sir Arthur C. Clarke, futurist, author
                                                                                                    and engineer, now believes that the ev-

           RISING                                      master race. However, Hitler believed
                                                       that he was an expert on knowing
                                                       “what was superior and what was infe-
                                                       rior.” Is it so far-fetched to consider a
                                                                                                    idence (for cold fusion) is over-
                                                                                                    whelming. Even so, when M.I.T. did
                                                                                                    early research to investigate the claims
                                                                                                    of Pons & Fleischmann they were
           6 issues $2495                              nation creating an army of cloned hu-
                                                       mans, bred and brainwashed to kill?
                                                                                                    caught lying about the test results in an
                                                                                                    effort to disprove the theory. M.I.T. in-
          12 issues $4000                              Volume Four: Animal Transgenics—
                                                                                                    siders believe that the pressure to re-
                                                                                                    ceive government funding for the uni-
              Visa or                                  A New Breed of Science
                                                           Animals can now be given entirely
                                                                                                    versity prompted certain individuals to
                                                                                                    lie about the results. Since government
          Mastercard                                   new characteristics by transferring the
                                                       genes of one species to another. They
                                                                                                    agencies are controlled by multina-
                                                                                                    tional corporations who will stop at

       1-800-228-8381                                  can be made to grow faster and larger,
                                                       but at what risk? With the world’s pop-
                                                       ulation skyrocketing, the need to feed
                                                       them necessitates a bigger and more
                                                                                                    nothing to maintain the world’s depen-
                                                                                                    dence on fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals
                                                                                                    and costly electricity—all of which have
                                                                                                    cheaper and much more effective sub-
                                                       sustainable food supply. Other poten-
                                                       tial uses of genetically modified animals
     MUSICAL POTTY makes training                      include creating animals with organs         Volume Six: Holes in Heaven (with
          FAST, EASY, FUN!                             that are easily transplanted into hu-        Martin Sheen)
Hop On!™ Musical Potty instantly rewards your tod-     mans.                                            HAARP—High Frequency Active Au-
dler’s success by playing cheerful tunes. Chim-
Chim-Cheree, Yankee Doodle and fourteen other               This production has a terribly over-    roral Research Project—is a controver-
favorite melodies make toilet training fun — and       done musical soundtrack. The music is        sial high-frequency radio transmitter
what’s fun comes easy!
                                                       often inappropriate, almost always too       operated by the U.S. military which
       REDUCE DIAPER USE TO ZERO                       loud, melodramatic and very poorly ed-       beams high-level energy into the
      1.800.DIAPER.0 (I.800.342.7370)                  ited.                                        earth’s upper atmosphere. HAARP can
                                                                                                    be used to locate hidden oil reserves
                         • ergonomic
                                                       Volume Five: Cold Fusion—Fire
                         • lightweight                                                              and missile silos, but critics claim it can
                         • easy to clean               from Water
                         • durable, waterproof                                                      blow a massive hole in the upper at-
                         • batteries included             This is by far the best video of the
                         • made in USA                                                              mosphere and disrupt the magnetic en-
                                                       bunch. Narrated and hosted by James
                               $22.95                                                               ergies of earth.
                                                       Doohan (Scotty of the original Star
                               plus s/h                                                                 Recommended. $99.95 for six
                                                       Trek) COLD FUSION has outstanding
New Signal, Inc.  117 Oakdale Drive    P.O. Box 1566                                                videos
                                                       graphics, great photography, an excel-
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                                                               HEALING CODES FOR THE BIOLOGICAL                                                   MYSTERIOUS AMERICA Loren
  BOOKS                                                        APOCALYPSE Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Jo-                                     Coleman This is a newly updated edi-
                                                               seph E. Barber  Investigates 2000 years of religious                                 tion of the 1983 classic, “Mysterious
CATASTROPHOBIA: The                                            and political persecution and the latest technologies being                       America,” with new chapters drawing
Truth Behind Earth                                             used to enslave, coerce, and even kill billions of unsus-                         attention to reports of the Giant Cat-
Changes and the Coming                                         pecting people around the world. Reveasg a mathematical                           fish and Minnesota Iceman, a new list
Age of Light                                                   formula, hidden in the King James Bible, of musical and                           of American “crypto black panther”
Barbara Hand Clow—The                                          electromagnetic frequencies for spiritual evolution and                           sightings, and many reworked/updated
recent discovery of the re-                                    world healing. Fascinating.                                                       chapters covering all manner of weird
mains of ancient villages                                                             530 Pages 6X9 Hardcover $26.95                             creatures like the Dover Demon,
buried beneath the Black Sea                                                              Sale Price $17.50                   Jersey Devil and Eastern Bigfoot as well as out-of-place
is the latest instance of                                                                                                     kangaroos and “devil” mondeys. The inexplicable keeps
mounting evidence that many                                    LAND OF OSIRIS                                                 happening, even in America.
of the “mythic” catastrophes of history—the fall of At-        Stephen S. Mehler—Was there an                                                   384 pp, 6 x 9 trade paperback $16.95
                                                               advanced prehistoric civilization in an-
lantis, the Biblical Flood—were actual events. The author
                                                               cient Egypt? Were they the people
                                                                                                                                                               Sale Price $11
shows that a series of cataclysmic disasters, caused by a
massive disturbance in the Earth’s crust 11,500 years ago,     who built the great pyramids and                               THE REINCARNATION CONTROVERSY—Uncovering
rocked the world and left humanity’s collective psyche         carved the Great Sphinx? Did the pyra-                         the Truth in the World Religions Steven Rosen—
                                                               mids serve as energy devices and not                           Is reincarnation the Gospel Truth? A recent Gallup Poll
permanently scarred. 256 pages, 6 x 9 P/B $16.00
                                                               as tombs for kings? Independent Egyp-                          showed that 72% of Americans believe in reincarnation.
                                Sale Price $11                 tologist, Stephen S. Mehler, has spent                         Steven Rosen takes us on an exploratory journey through
DEAD MARS AND DYING EARTH John Branden-                        over 30 years researching the answers                          the history of our own religions, revealing their teachings
burg & Monica Rix Paxson–Makes a clear and final ar-           to these questions and believes those answers are yes!         as consistent with the concept of reincarnation.
gument: Planets are fragile. Mars was once enveloped by                           231 pp., 6 x 9 PB, b&w photos $18.95                     144 pgs., 6 x 9 P/B $11.95 Sale Price $8
a protective atmosphere and nurtured by flowing waters                                     Sale Price $12.50                  SERPENT IN THE SKY John An-
and this environment was lost forever. Unless we act now
                                                               LOST CITIES OF CHINA, CENTRAL ASIA & INDIA                     thony West—Challenges all that has
to solve the problems of human pollution, our planet could
suffer the same fate. Solutions included.
                                                               David Hatcher Childress—Like a real life “Indiana              been accepted as dogma concerning
                                                               Jones,” maverick archaeologist David Childress takes the       ancient Egypt. In this pioneering
 306 pages 6X10 Hardcover $26.95 Sale Price $18                reader on an incredible adventure across some of the           study, West documents that hiero-
DEATH IN THE AIR Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz Exten-                world’s oldest and most remote countries in search of lost     glyphs carry hermetic messages that
                                                               cities and ancient mysteries. Discover ancient cities in the   convey the subtler realities of the Sa-
sively detailed and referenced in this book are the latest
                                                               Gobi Desert; hear fantastic tales of lost continents, van-     cred Science of the Pharaohs, and
developments in the controversial practice of population
                                                               ished civilizations and secret societies bent on ruling the    that Egyptian knowledge of the uni-
control and eugenics. Genetically engineered viruses and
                                                               world.                                                         verse was a legacy from a highly sophisticated civilization
bacteria, the latest technologies for biological warfare,
combined with exposures to chemicals, toxic metals, and            410 pp., 5 x 8 PB, b&w photos & illustrations $14.95       that flourished thousands of years before.
                                                                                                       Sale Price $10            Paperback, 266 pgs., black & white photos and illustra-
electromagnetic agents, offer a “Star Wars”-like arsenal
for conducting global genocide auspiciously for “public                                                                                        tions, 7.5 x 10 $18.00 Sale Price $12
                                                                                  MAYAN GENESIS: South Asian
health,” “national security,” and “freedom.”                                                                                  THE TALK OF THE GALAXY Paul LaViolette—First
                                                                                  Myths, Migrations and
 526 pp, 6 x 9 hb, color and b&w photos, charts & graphs                          Iconography in Mesoamerica                  time proof of the existence of interstellar radio signals of
                      $29.95 Sale Price $20                                       Graeme R. Kearsley India in the             intelligent origin. Evidence that pulsars are part of a vast
                                                                                                                              network of ETI communication beacons.
EARTH UNDER FIRE, HUMANITY’S SURVIVAL OF                                         Americas? Did the ancient Buddhists,                       6"x9" Paperback, 192 pages, black and white
THE APOCALYPSE Paul LaViolette—LaViolette un-                                    Hindus and Jains transfer cultural influ-
                                                                                 ences into Mesoamerica? Were the                                  photographs and illustrations $16.00
earths fascinating evidence of the scientific advancement                                                                                                     Sale Price $10.50
of an antediluvian culture that met with an untimely de-       Maya also in India? Who were the Mandaeans and were
mise.                                                          they among the enablers and traders who influenced the                                 WHEN THE GODS CAME
      PB, 405 pgs., black & white illustrations, 6.25 x 9.25   Maya? This book will rock the academic world.                                          DOWN Alan F. Alford—Alford
                            $20.00 Sale Price $13                     1098 pp, 7 x 9 PB, over 1200 illustrations $39.95                                explains why religion as we know
                                                                                                 Sale Price $26                                        it is a ‘dumbed down’ form of a
                    GATEWAY TO ATLANTIS                                                                                                                much older religious truth, which
                    Andrew Collins and David Rohi—             MOUND BUILDERS: Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten
                                                                                                                                                       has been carefully hidden from
                      A historian’s investigation that may     Record of Ancient America—With the Latest                                               the eyes of the masses. Beginning
                      have solved one of humankind’s           Scientific Evidence Gregory L. Little, Ed.D., John                                      with 4,500 year-old sacred texts,
                      greatest and most enduring mysteries:    Van Auken, Lora Little, Ed.D. Since 1997 a series of                                    Alford reveals that God was origi-
                      the location of the “Lost City” of At-   astounding developments have shattered American ar-                                     nally conceived as a celestial
                      lantis. After years of travel and re-    chaeology’s most cherished beliefs. Excavations have un-                                body, which exploded and seeded
                      search, Andrew Collins has gathered      covered solid evidence that ancient America was settled at                              the Earth with its meteorites. And
                      convincing evidence that may estab-      least 50,000 years ago. Genetic evidence shows that sev-       this discovery leads him to unravel the secret meaning of
                      lish not only that Atlantis did indeed   eral waves of migrations came into America from not            the Flood and the creation of man.
exist but also that remnants of it survive today.              only Siberia, but also from Polynesia, China and Japan.             480 pages 7X10 hardcover black & white illustrations
            Hardcover, 6.38” x 9.30”, 448 pages $40.00         Well documented and highly illustrated.                                                       $39.95 Sale Price $26
                                        Sale Price $26                      294 pp, 6 x 9 p/b $16.95 Sale Price $11
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                                                                              with Audio Books

                                                                                                                                                     REALM OF THE RING LORDS
                                                                                                                                                     Audio Editions—Read by
                                                                                                                                                     author Laurence Gardner
                                                                                                                                                         Brings together, for the first
                                                         BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL                                                                 time in one arena, the mysteries of
                                                         Audio Editions—Read by author                                                               the legendary quests for the Ring
                                                         Laurence Gardner                                                                            and the Grail. From Arthurian ro-
                                                             From royal and suppressed archives                                                      mance to the world of J. R. R.
                                                         comes proof of the descending heritage                                                      Tolkien, these stories are envel-
                                                         of Jesus in the West. Penetrating new                                                       oped within the magical lore of El-
                                                         light is cast upon the Grail Code of Ser-     GENESIS OF THE GRAIL KINGS                    phame; however, the myths are
                                                         vice and the venerated feminine element,      Audio Editions—Read by author                 based on no mere fantasy, but on
                                                         abandoned by the Church in order to           Laurence Gardner                              an engaging and continual history
                                                         forge a male dominated society. Fea-              This book traces the most ancient         of real characters and events.
                                                         turing all the charm and adventure of Ar-     Mesopotamian records to reveal the            Dealing with numerous aspects,
     THE FOUR AGREEMENTS                                 thurian romance, this worldwide best-         hidden mysteries of the Old Testament.        from Sleeping Beauty to Robin
     by Don Miguel Ruiz                                  seller also has a cutting edge of political   Some of the compelling elements are Star      Hood and Count Dracula, the au-
     Read by Peter Coyote                                intrigue, which removes the contrived         Fire, the Anunnaki, monatomic gold (the       thor reveals how a prestigious
         Rooted in traditional Toltec beliefs, these     blanket of established dogma to reveal        alchemical Philosophers’ Stone), levita-      sovereign heritage has been strate-
     four agreements are essential steps on the          one of the greatest historical conspiracies   tion ritual and the dynastic progression of   gically suppressed by parliamen-
     path to personal freedom: Be impeccable             ever told.                                    the Messianic Grail bloodline.                tary and church dictate, facilitated
     with your word; Say only what you mean;                      Unabridged: 8-cass. set $50.00                 Unabridged: 8-cass. set $50.00      by a forged document which has
     The word is the most powerful tool humans                                                                                                       controlled all monarchical and
                                                                     Abridged: 2-cass. set $14.00                   Abridged: 2-cass. set $14.00
     have; Don’t take anything personally; Self-                                                                                                     governmental practices in Western
     importance leads people to think they are the                                                                                                   Europe for over 1200 years.
     center of the universe, causing pain and injus-
                                                                                                                                                       Unabridged: 8-cass. set $50.00
     tice; Don’t make assumptions. To avoid frus-
     tration and blame, ask what is meant; Always                                      HISTORY OF THE SCOTS                                               Abridged: 2-cass. set $14.00
     do your best. This is the surest way to avoid                                     Audio—Recorded by HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, 7th Count of
     self-condemnation, though it is important to                                      Albany (Scotland) and senior legitimate heir of the Stuart Kings of Britain based on
     realize one’s best is always changing.                                            his book “The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland”
                     Abridged: 2-cass. set $17.95                                          This talk provides a distinctly new insight into Scottish affairs, delving behind an amazing
                                                                                       web of political intrigue to reveal hitherto suppressed truths about the corruption and intimi-
                                                                                       dation which led to the dismantling of Scotland’s individual sovereignty.
                                                                                                                                                                     Single Cass. $9.50

                                  CAROLYN MYSS                                                   Call 1-800-228-8381
                                    ADVANCED ENERGY ANATOMY                                       Add $4.95 s/h for one item & $2 for each additional item
                                    Carolyn Myss, PH.D.
                                        The author traces her earliest days as a medical intuitive working with Dr. Norman Shealy and goes on to describe what she “sees” in the en-
                                    ergy fields of individuals. She discusses how issues of power are related to most illnesses and how we get the energy leaks that deplete our vital
                                    life force and leave us vulnerable to disease. This is “the nature of healing” like you’ve never heard it before. She describes in detail how body,
                                    mind and spirit interweave their energies and what we can do to become masters of our own health.                               6-cass. set $59.95

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The Anatomy of Energy
Once Again, Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss Gets to the Heart

               nce again, Caroline Myss       to people and circumstances that can          Having expectations stops the flow of
               brings us an eye-popping       help you come to terms with parts of          creative energy because you lock your
               lecture series which is        yourself that need healing.                   energy into a specific goal. Then you
               based on her work as a             3. The relationship between time,         are very focused, but very locked in
               medical intuitive. Rather      space and speed. Why does health and          and you become deaf to guidance. Co-
than focusing on disease and health,          positive change take so long in some          creation is a partnership. Paradox is
her work with clients began to shift          people and happen instantaneously for         the nature of divinity. What looks big is
into an analysis of how archetypes and        others? We contribute a part of our life      small, what looks frightening is safe,
other unconscious forces relate to            force to every thought, ambition,             what looks safe is frightening. Life is
problems of health, including addic-          memory, person, trauma or situation.          the journey of becoming reversed so
tions, self-esteem and victimhood.            From that moment on, your precious            that your inner world becomes more
                                              life force is being directed into your his-   prominent than your outer world. As a
ADVANCED ENERGY ANATOMY—                      tory rather than being available for use      human we may never know why things
Dr. Caroline Myss, Ph.D.                      in your present world. And so we be-          happen as they do, and if we persist in
Sounds True (Six audiocassettes)              come easily fatigued because we’ve in-        asking that question we have a one-
    The “power of choice”                                   vested more of our energy       way ticket to self-pity.
is the one key to health                                    in our past than the                6. Accountability is a signature of
and transformation that                                     present. This is a choice.      the self. Blame is a signature of the
we all have. But few of us                                  “Keeping your (traumatic)       group. “I’m not responsible, I was
really exercise it know-                                    past alive is like investing    raised that way,” “We always do it that
ingly or even want the re-                                  your life force into a mau-     way,” “Blacks are always that way,”
sponsibility for the unlim-                                 soleum and hoping it pays       etc. Letting the tribe do your thinking
ited     power      that  is                                you back.” For the invest-      for you so you can abdicate the per-
available to us when we                                     ment you have in the past       sonal use of your creative power.
access our ability to                                       you are creating “time.”            7. Creation moves in cycles. Death
create and energize our                                     Every energy investment         and rebirth, seasons, etc. So know that
spiritual and physical                                      you have in the past is an      life will continue to give us wonderful
health.                                                     energy “outside present         choices at all times. We will never run
    The lecture begins                                      time” so it will take more      out of opportunities, choices, options
with the principles of co-                                  time to get back in the         or chances to explore the full nature of
creation, choice and con-                                   present. So, how do you         our spirit that we were born to experi-
sequence.                                                   get your energy in present      ence in life.
    “Co-creation is a re-                                   time? Let go of the past,
ality that is best under-                                   forgive, let go, make no            These are some of the profound
stood when we realize                                       judgments, give up the          highlights from tape one, side one and
that the unfolding dynamics of our            need to know why things happen as             it just keeps getting better. If this were
lives happen according to “The seven          they do and have no expectations.             merely someone’s theory about life, it
laws of co-creation”:                             4. Every thought and emotion, every       might be interesting at best, but to
    1. Every thought creates form—for         dynamic that goes on within you is an         know that this information is the result
every choice there is a consequence.          “Act of Creation.”         Synchronicities    of years of very personal work with
The most powerful choices we make             occur as a result of our inner creations.     thousands of clients as a medical intui-
in life are the ones we usually don’t         At the most basic level, we all have          tive, coming to the realization that true
recognize as choices: our attitudes, our      created an available parking space            healing lies in the acceptance and right
belief systems, our resentments, the          through using our power of thought            use of our co-creative powers, makes it
quality of our love, how we judge             and desire. But larger acts of creation       meaningful, practical and real. Disease
someone and much more. Our entire             require more energy, and most impor-          is just one of many things we can
inner life is duplicated.                     tantly, that you are not afraid of what       create. We can create wealth or pov-
    2. The law of magnetic attraction—        you’re creating or its consequences.          erty, love or victimization, health or ill-
like attracts like. The magnetics of your     We’re not afraid of parking spaces or         ness all by our choices from moment
energy, spirit and psyche attract to          phone calls from someone we’ve just           to moment. The co-creating is always
yourself mirrored experiences of what         thought of. But bigger things like            going on whether we realize it or not
you need as a reflection of where you         changing relationships are more fright-       and whether we accept it or not. How
are at that pointin your life. You also at-   ening. The more we become aware of            can you not want to hear more?
tract to yourself what you’re afraid of       our power of co-creation the faster our           Profound, easy to understand and
so that you can see what you are. The         lives change.                                 transformational. 6 audiocassettes for
law of magnetic attraction draws you              5. Make no judgments, have no ex-         $59.95.
                                              pectations and give up the need to                To order call: 1-800-228-8381
■ BY ROBERT J. RESETAR                        know why things happen as they do.

SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                       Number 35 • ATLANTIS      RISING 57
                                                                                                    but only at an interface (and
     EUGENE MALLOVE                                                                                 perhaps that is where the
                                                                                                    bulk of the transmutation is
Continued from Page 17                                                                              occurring; this needs to be
date the unexpected tourist—                                                                        determined). I am also re-
LENR. Creative cold fusion                                                                          minded of work reported
scientists must play the diffi-                                                                     years ago by Professor John
cult game of fitting the exper-                                                                     Dash at Portland State Uni-
imental data with theories                                                                          versity (Oregon) in which
built of formalisms (the deck                                                                       transmutation of elements
chairs) taken right out of                                                                          on cathode surfaces seemed
reigning physics texts. This                                                                        to be an on-going process
view gives the appearance of                                                                        after the end of an experi-
working more or less well,                                                                          ment!
depending on the agility of                                                                             Whether a physically ac-
the theorist.                                                                                       tive aether as described in
    Even some mainstream                                                                            the experimentally and theo-
cold fusion theorists—notably                                                                       retically based form by Dr.
Drs. Martin Fleischmann, Em-                                                                        Paulo and Alexandra Correa
ilio Del Guidice (and the late                                                                      (www.aethero,
Giuliano Preparata)—feel that                                                                       by Donald Hotson (whose re-
the ocean liner of physics has                                                                      construction of physics post-
lately been developing leaks                                                                        Dirac appears in two recent
in many of her lower decks.                           Dr. Martin Fleischmann                        issues of Infinite Energy), or
No, they do not believe the ship of         other heretics. They are also uncom-                    by someone else, cold fusion
physics is about to go down. But they       fortable with these others, believing       researchers should think about the pos-
do believe that some heavy patch-work       perhaps that “one deep heresy is            sibility that an Enlarged Physics could
is needed to save the ship and encom-       enough.”                                    help them explain what have proved
pass not only LENR, but also what they          I am speaking, for example, of the      to be resistant mysteries. But giving se-
consider to be otherwise unexplained        kind of heretical hydrogen research         rious thought to the supposedly ban-
phenomena throughout nature, in-            that is being carried out by Dr. Randell    ished aether may be uncomfortable for
cluding biological systems. Perhaps we      Mills and his colleagues at BlackLight      many reasons—not the least of which is
should locate this view somewhere be-       Power Corp. (www.blacklightpower.           the intellectual and social problem of
tween the second and third part of the      com). Of course Mills has made the sit-     being involved with two heresies at
schematic.                                  uation more difficult by going out of       once.
    This third viewpoint, “Enlarged         his way to ignore and even disparage            Finally, we come to the boundary of
Physics,” suggests that “Accepted”          cold fusion research—as though his          technological achievement: what new
Physics needs radical surgery to re-        heresy of hydrino (shrunken hydrogen)       energy source will be first to enter the
move dysfunctional dogmas and re-           physics (within his more encompassing       marketplace, and thus transform the
place them with a New Physics that is       “Classical Quantum Mechanics”) is less      boundary conditions for academic ar-
yet soundly based on experiment—such        heretical, or more soundly experimen-       guments in this area? Within the cold
as are being revealed in the LENR field     tally based than what cold fusion re-       fusion arena, it appears that so-called
itself. Obviously such a New Physics,       searchers have to offer!                    “catalytic fusion” (pioneered by Dr. Les
while flying in the face of Accepted            But the ingredient most absent from     Case) and various thin-metal film tech-
Physics theory, will have to be consis-     the “mainstream” cold fusion view is        nologies are leading contenders, but it
tent with the data from Accepted            that essence that must fill that “void”     must be said that progress has seemed
Physics experiments. Such a view is         within and between atoms. That intol-       painfully slow. Certainly it has been in
Copernican in scope, and will neces-        erable vacuum is now considered to be       light of my earlier anticipation that
sarily meet with stiff resistance even by   the space-time plenum in which matter       cold fusion would triumph in the mid-
the “mainstream” cold fusioneers.           and electromagnetic radiation reside.       1990s.
These will wish to rely on the useful       Oh, maybe a little “ZPE”—zero point en-         It may be that LENR will have
but now tired nostrums of host metal        ergy—is admitted to the picture now         greater commercial applicability in ra-
lattice dynamics, nuclear active sites,     and then by the mainstreamers, but          dioactive waste remediation or in spe-
surface catalytic activity, and such        nothing more than that from outside         cialized rare element or isotope crea-
other conceptual baggage that the 13-       the textbooks.                              tion than in energy production. After
year-old isolated and in-grown scien-           It is not that it was unreasonable to   all, if the on-rush of space energy
tific field has developed.                  begin with, the assumption that text-       physics (ZPE/aether) succeeds in get-
    Indeed, the cold fusion field has       book physics could explain cold fusion.     ting robust engines to market, technol-
grown to be very insular and self-          It was and still is a worthwhile exer-      ogists may be loathe to spend re-
contained. It has no idea of where it is    cise. But it is unreasonable to exclude     sources to overcome the materials
located in time or space. It might even     an aether (or ZPE) physics from cold fu-    science issues that have always at-
be said to be lost in time and space, re-   sion theorizing, when that aether could     tended cold fusion excess energy phe-
alizing little if anything about sur-       well be filling the Nature’s void and       nomena. My advice to the cold fusion
rounding fields of investigation that       bringing about those relatively easy al-    community is that it should re-consider
could lend it support. Many—make that       chemical-like reactions. In the Mitsu-      the physics that bounds it. It will most
most—cold fusion practitioners seem         bishi experiment reported at ICCF9, for     likely find something just over the
barely aware of other heretics at the       example, the mere passage of deute-         nearest hill or in the next valley that
gates of physics and what they have to      rium through a thin layer of either ce-     will help it out of its doldrums. And, as
offer. Or, if they are aware, they see no   sium or strontium led to the transmuta-     for competing power-generating de-
relationship between what they are          tion of either species. Yes, the element    vices, the cold fusioneers should be
doing in LENR and the work of those         is in contact with a layer of palladium,    looking over their shoulders.

58   ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                           SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
                                                sults on the excess energy output from                   harness 30 times more energy than is
   ENERGY REVOLUTION                            the plasma process. The next year they                   pulsed into the devices. Fox said his
                                                applied for a patent. Then a full group                  Emerging Energy Marketing Firm is
Continued from Page 23                          of Russian scientists tested the device                  promised enough funding to develop
the American government. Tom Va-                and documented its output. Technical                     such technologies. They can be used to
lone       (         people can read more about Kanarev’s                     transmute both liquid and solid high-
helped them get in the door at the De-          theory in his books, such as Crisis of                   level radioactive wastes into safer sub-
partment of Energy in January, 2001. A          Theoretical Physics. Results of the                      stances. Shoulders received the U.S.
memorandum of agreement resulted,               plasma-electrolytic experiments were                     patent for HDCC methods, and later Al-
but it appears that no government re-           predicted by the theory.                                 exander Ilyanok in Belarus and Russian
search was funded.                                  The bottom line for us non-techies is                scientists Mesyats and Baraboshkin also
    Valone told the June 2002, Second           that hydrogen can compete with fossil                    discovered charge clusters.
Berlin Conference for Innovative En-            fuels as an energy carrier. Previously,                     At the Berlin meeting Fox reported
ergy Technologies that his institute is         existing methods of getting hydrogen                     another patented Soviet-based inven-
trying to inform Washington D.C. legis-         from water required more power than                      tion. A. I. Koldomasov’s device piezo-
lators and is organizing a science-and-         is produced when hydrogen is burned.                     electrically vibrates a mix of waters
ethics public forum in November. Al-            Kanarev says it is possible to get ten                   through a special dielectric material to
though he and other speakers at the             times more energy output than input,                     produce heat energy in more abun-
European conferences are North Amer-            and he calculates that ideally more than                 dance than the energy which powers
icans, this article will mainly look            1,500 ampere-hours of electrical energy                  the oscillator. The device is reported to
abroad. Scientists in the former Soviet         could be produced from each liter of                     put out 40 kilowatts of heat energy
Union have little money but somehow             water. Engineering the lab models into                   with only two kilowatts of electrical
do cutting-edge research.                       industrial models has been delayed by                    input. Last year Dr. Josef Gruber de-
    Dr. Philipp Kanarev, chairman of            lack of money, he said this year. He                     scribed a visit to the research institute
Kuban State Agrarian University’s de-           was apparently too wrapped up in his                     where Koldomasov is managing engi-
partment of theoretical mechanics,              research to attend this year’s Berlin                    neer. Koldomasov discovered the new
Krasnodar,      Russia,  developed      a       conference, but sent a paper.                            energy source while observing cavita-
method of water plasma electrolysis                 Hal Fox of Utah has interviewed sci-                 tion—implosions in water such as
that he sees as the best way to get             entists in the former Soviet Union. He                   found in “water hammer” in pipes.
cheap hydrogen from water. He tells             points out that the high-density charge                  Gruber showed a photograph of the
why his 1987 report on it didn’t reach          cluster (HDCC) phenomenon first dis-                     small device, filled with pure water
news media nor the open literature              covered by Ken Shoulders was also in-                    mixed with only one percent deute-
about patents. Since his device was de-         dependently found by several others.                     rium (heavy water). Although there are
veloped “at the enterprise of the mili-         When the process is refined into a reli-                 no spark plugs or similar equipment,
tary industrial complex,” his certificate       able product, HDCCs may be used to                       electrical discharge could be seen. En-
of invention was stamped “for                                                                                     ergy comes out in the form of
service use only” and its con-                                                                                    both heat and electrical cur-
tents was not published                                                                                           rent. “Depending on kind and
openly.                                                                                                           location of the magnets, DC or
    At that time, the focus was                                                                                   AC (electricity) may be ob-
on purifying and disinfecting                                                                                     served.” Gruber said testing re-
water with the help of the                                                                                        vealed 2000 percent excess en-
plasma in his reactor. Two                                                                                        ergy.
years later Drs. Stanley Pons                                                                                         Don’t      more-output-than-
and Martin Fleischmann an-                                                                                        input machines violate a law of
nounced they had excess en-                                                                                       physics? A few speakers said
ergy output during a type of                                                                                      that “law” is invalid if a ma-
electrolysis. This renewed re-                                                                                    chine releases trapped poten-
search efforts behind the                                                                                         tial energy from nature in previ-
former Iron Curtain as well as                                                                                    ously unrecognized ways. They
in the West. In 1996 one of                                                                                       cited zero-point fluctuations of
Kanarev’s co-authors on the                                                                                       the vacuum of space, vacuum
1987 certificate published re-                     Kanarev’s water plasma electrolysis device                     spin or aether as the source of ➛

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SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                                    Number 35 • ATLANTIS     RISING 59
                                                  A focus on the East must include the     manned a booth near the entrance to
     ENERGY REVOLUTION                        late Professor Aleksandr Chernetskii of      the Berlin symposium, where Schau-
                                              Moscow. He developed a plasma gener-         berger and associates such as editor of
excess energy. The word “aether” is           ator said to convert vacuum energy           Implosion journal Klaus Rauber and
loaded with baggage from the nine-            into electricity. A press release at the     William Baumgartner (www.implosion-
teenth century, when aether was               time quoted Chernetskii as saying ex- educated visitors from the
thought to be a static substance filling      periments with different circuits            nearby Solar Energy 2002 fair.
all space, just sitting there. In contrast,   proved that the energy output was al-           Zlatko Loncar, nicknamed “Shad,”
a new understanding is of a non-              ways greater than the input. The mys-        wanted to demonstrate one of his ex-
material dynamic primary background           terious effect was called the self-          periments—molecular dissociation of
out of which the material world is            generating discharge. One experiment         diesel fuel—to prove that his process
created. This aether is seen as being in-     with a powerful plasma unit burned           runs without electricity. Organizers of
credibly dense with energy in constant        out the huge megawatt electrical sub-        the conference, however, declined to
motion.                                       station of the Moscow Aviation Insti-        take that risk indoors. His presentation
      Dr. Harold Aspden from England          tute. The discharge had reached a crit-      to the Berlin meeting (www.binnotec.
( is both a           ical point in which super-strong             org) focused on two ways to take apart
theoretical and practical physicist. In       current flowed from the generator and        water molecules: with a combination
1972 he was 30 years ahead of his time        back into wires to the substation. In an     of pulsed current and “magnetic reso-
with his book Modern Aether Science.          experiment with an                                              nance,” and secondly
As patent director of IBM Europe and          input of 700 watts,                                                 with his “Neutrino
then a professor of electrical engi-          the generator pro-                                                     Diffusor” which
neering, he could have taken the easy         duced nearly five                                                     somehow works
route of accepting consensus science.         times as much.                                                       without electrical
But he instead came up with a physical            Oleg V. Gritske-                                                current to convert
theory that applies to new energy tech-       vitch is a physicist                                                diesel into gas. He
nologies including magnetic motors            who has patented                                                changes its efficiency
and plasma discharges.                        variations of an elec-                                             by putting layers of
    At the Berlin meeting Aspden gave a       trostatic generator-                                           organic and inorganic
strong hint to experimenters who are          converter. He says                                               materials around the
looking for a way to gain energy from         his device makes                                                     Diffusor, to prove
the aether’s spin: try pulsing at least 25    electric power                                                  that what the late Dr.
kilovolts of electricity at frequencies of    without any fuel con-                                           Wilhelm Reich called
around 100 kilohertz (100,000 pulses          sumption and is                                                   “orgone” energy has
per second) into concentric cylindrical       nearly ideal for large-                                           an effect. During his
capacitors (arrangements for storing          scale electrical gener-                                             presentation he ig-
electrical charge). This suggestion           ators. Frolov’s maga-                                                  nited gas from a
came from analyzing what is known             zine highlights the                                                water-filled bubbler
about successful inventions including         claim that a proto-                                              to prove the bubbles
the Radiant Energy device of the late T.      type in Armenia has                                              are burnable and not
H. Moray of Utah. From his knowledge          been producing                                                     mere air. That’s all I
of new physics Aspden concluded the           more than 1,500 kilo-                                               could understand,
inventions had features in common. As         watts of power for                                               since his speech was
far back as 1871, American inventor           several years.                                                 in German.
Daniel McFarland Cook received U.S.               Gritskevitch                   Jorg Schauberger                     A planetary cit-
Patent 119,825 on a device which illus-       worked in the USSR Academy of Sci-           izen, Loncar was born to Communism-
trates Aspden’s suggestion. The free-         ences but became an independent in-          suppressed Slovenian nobility in 1964,
electricity converter at the Mether-          ventor in 1985. He has more than 70          spent his childhood in Switzerland and
nitha community in Switzerland in-            inventions, ranging from a non-              now lives in Croatia. His passion for al-
cluded cylindrical capacitors. When in-       mechanical marine engine to “electro-        ternative science began before he was
viting the aether into an electrical          hydraulic” refrigerators. Frolov says        ten years of age, and Nikola Tesla was
generator, apparently shape is impor-         today Gritskevitch and fellow scientist      his idol. Since Loncar found nothing
tant.                                         S. A. Lisnyak are working on their new       about aether in established science, he
    Aspden’s talk led up to the presen-       “vortex power system,” the Vortex            turned to philosophy. Atlantis Rising
tation of Dr. Paulo and Alexandra             Tube which Griskevitch says directly         readers will be interested to hear from
Correa       (http://www.aetherometry.        creates excessive electrical energy by       Loncar that Tesla received many of his
com). Their outstanding work will be a        using the insulating properties of pure      ideas about atoms and aether from the
future topic in this magazine. For now,       water during vortex rotation.                5,000-year-old Vedantic knowledge.
we’ll quote Dr. Eugene Mallove.                   Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) of           As with many energy researchers,
“There is now a verified, meticulously        Austria told the world about vortex          Shad’s findings are on the Internet. Cir-
documented technology that is able to         power. At the Berlin conference Jorg         cuits are connecting in the global
produce more electricity out than is          Schauberger spoke about his grandfa-         brain. Professor of economics Dr. Josef
input by the reactor.” He says the            ther’s revolutionary ideas about how         Gruber said in Berlin, “Humankind can
Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge de-            nature works and how the natural             reach a sustainable economy world-
vice of the Correas at Labofex in             order is damaged by human habits of          wide. Cooperation is the secret of suc-
Canada is “well on its way to commer-         moving things the wrong way. He said         cess.”
cialization for electric power genera-        we can restore ecosystems by implo-
tion in vehicles and in homes. It looks                                                       Jeane Manning was invited to
                                              sion technology and produce ample
solidly protected by U.S. and foreign                                                      speak at a session for the public after
                                              amounts of power silently with no
patent coverage….The ultimate origin                                                       the Berlin technical conference and
                                              damage to ecosystems, by using in-
of the energy may well be the vacuum                                                       also presented at last year’s meeting
                                              ward-spiraling motions. Proponents of
energy of space….”                                                                         in Weinfelden, Switzerland.
                                              this harmony-with-nature approach

60   ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                            SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
                                             an ancient Egyptian stele of Ahmose I—          the period of 40 years being a symbolic
   MOUNT SINAI                               the first time that a biblical account has      period repeated throughout the Bible,
                                             been found in the historical record.            the Sinai peninsula can be considered
Continued from Page 25                       One of the prime results of this dis-           to be an extension of the Sahara desert.
mids have been deliberately obscured         covery, is the implication that Moses           Such a assembly of people would not
by the scribes. The Giza plateau IS          and the Israelites were paid a large            survive two weeks in this environment,
mentioned in the Bible, as is the Great      tribute by the Theban pharaoh Ahmose            let alone a period of some years. But if
Pyramid itself, and the biblical name        I to leave Egypt. When Moses received           Mt. Sinai were actually the Great Pyr-
for the latter is Mt. Sinai.                 this tribute, in the parallel biblical ac-      amid, the account would actually make
    Take another look at the list of re-     counts (although the Bible does not             a great deal more sense, and the ‘wan-
quirements that the real Mt. Sinai must      specify where the tribute came from),           derings’ of the Israelites around Mt.
fulfil. While the description of a natural   he was standing at the base of Mt. Sinai.       Sinai would then become a procession
mountain would agree with very few           For such an account to make any sense,          circling around the pyramids (the Bible
of these points, the Great Pyramid of        it would be preferable if Mt. Sinai were        is specific in indicating that there was a
Giza fulfils each and every                  actually located in Egypt, where Ah-            circular motion involved in these wan-
one of them. The Great Pyr-                                                                  derings).
amid is both sharp and                                                                           If this were so, is there any evi-
steep, it contains a steeply                                                                 dence to support such a notion? In-
inclined passageway that ter-                                                                deed, there is. Firstly, the period of 40
minates in a rough cavern, it                                                                years can be explained numerically, as
resides on the edge of the                                                                   the Great Pyramid is a 40 times copy of
desert and it also rises very                                                                the Pi fraction. An approximation of Pi
suddenly from the sur-                                                                       can be derived from 22:7, while the di-
rounding pavement area. As                                                                   mensions of the Great Pyramid
mountains go, the Great Pyr-                                                                 measure 880:280 cubits (twice base
amid is rather small and easy                                                                length and height)—the ratio of
to cordon off, yet it is also                                                                880:280 is an exact 40 times copy of
the tallest pyramid in Egypt.                                                                the pi ratio of 22:7. Secondly, modern
Finally, that pavement that                                                                  relics of this great procession around
looked like the night sky cor-                                                               the pyramids still survive to this very
responds perfectly with the                                                                  day—in the perambulation of Christian
great, black, basalt pavement                                                                reliquaries through the streets of Medi-
                                                                     Great Pyramid of Giza   terranean cities and also in the circum-
that originally surrounded
the Great Pyramid. (Re-                                                                      navigation of the faithful around the
member that the upper                                                                        Ka’ba in Mecca.
chambers in this pyramid                                                                         The truth that lies below the surface
would still have been con-                                                                   of the Torah, Bible and Koran is that
cealed in this era, thus the                                                                 the Israelite people were a very influen-
Bible makes no mention of                                                                    tial faction in lower Egypt during the
them.)                                                                                       thirteenth to seventeenth dynasties of
    The problem for the                                                                      Egypt. They were a substantially Egyp-
clergy, with this new identi-                                                                tianised people and one of their main
fication of Mt. Sinai, is not                                                                functions was the control and supervi-
only that this sacred mount                                                                  sion of the religious ceremonies upon
is now situated in Egypt, it is                                                              the Giza plateau. The Israelites
also the distinctly Egyptian                                                                 achieved this powerful position
bias that this location gives                                                                through the slaughter of the original su-
to Judeo-Christian theology.                                                                 pervisors of the Giza plateau—a military
The first question that will                       Moses taken from bulrushes by Pharaoh's   campaign that is still preserved in the
be asked is: Just what was                                    daughter and her entourage     biblical account of the defeat of the
the Israelite God doing inside an Egyp-                                                      Troglodytes (Horim) by the patriarch
                                             mose I could actually deliver this              Esau (the brother of Jacob). The Bible
tian pyramid? Unfortunately for the          tribute to Moses. In addition, this vast
classical theologians, authors like                                                          is strangely silent on why the Israelites
                                             tribute—of gold, copper, cloth and oil—         would want to slaughter a tribe of
Ahmed Osman and myself have been             was used by the Israelites to fabricate
unearthing copious amounts of infor-                                                         lowly Troglodytes, but the fact that
                                             the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Cove-         these cave dwellers were actually a
mation that point towards an Egyptian        nant; the two most extravagant, ornate
ancestry for the Israelite religion. Egypt                                                   very influential tribe who controlled ac-
                                             and luxurious artifacts in the whole of         cess to the sacred chambers of the Giza
is, after all, where the Israelites spent    the Bible. These artifacts were made at
their formative years, and received its                                                      pyramids makes the whole scenario
                                             the base of Mt. Sinai, but once more it         much more comprehensible. With the
influence.                                   would make much more sense if this
    But having said all this, how does                                                       defeat of the Troglodytes, the Israelites
                                             fabrication actually took place in Egypt,       had become the Guardians of the Giza
this new location for Mt. Sinai square       where the industrial facilities that
with the biblical accounts of the Ex-                                                        Plateau and the associated sacred
                                             would be required were actually lo-             chambers of the pyramids. The sacred
odus? Surely, as the Israelites were said    cated.
to be traveling to Jerusalem, the                                                            Israelite ‘mountain’ that held their all-
                                                 Finally, we come to the account of          powerful deity was called Sinai—the
‘mountain’ had to lay outside Egypt.         the ‘wanderings’ of the Israelites in
Actually, this is not so; instead, there                                                     Great Pyramid.
                                             Sinai. The biblical accounts indicate
has probably been some scribal deceit        that some 500,000 Israelites wandered              Extracted from Jesus, Last of the
in the subsequent translations.              around the mountains of the Sinai pe-           Pharaohs and Tempest & Exodus by
    In Tempest & Exodus, I discovered        ninsula for some 40 years. Such a pro-          Ralph Ellis. © 1998 - 2001. R.
an account of the biblical Exodus on         posal is complete nonsense. Apart from
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                       Number 35 • ATLANTIS      RISING 61
                                                                                           agine that every cell has a cell phone
     QUANTUM ALCHEMY                                                                       with a hard-wired phone to use as a
                                                                                           backup if the batteries get depleted.
Continued from Page 28                                                                     The backup phone uses the nerves as
    We believe that all natural water is                                                   wires but the cell phone communi-
more than just two atoms of hydrogen                                                       cates via quantum coherent antennas at
and one of oxygen. There is something                                                      super-light speed.
else which enables water to change its                                                         Now imagine that the cell phones in
structure. We have evidence that this                                                      each person’s cells have batteries that
“something else” is ORMUS.                                                                 are dead or almost dead and broken an-
    The ORMUS elements appear to                                                           tennas. We postulate that the ORMUS
have the ability to initiate coherence in                                                  elements can bring in energy to re-
water and in biological systems that                                                       charge the batteries because they pro-
contain water. This means that changes        Giant Walnut beside and ordinary one         vide a quantum coherent resonant an-
to one water molecule in a glass of                                                        tenna which picks up energy from the
                                              stantaneously. They are not limited to       implicate order. These ORMUS an-
water will instantly transfer to all of the
                                              the speed of sound or light.                 tennas would, in effect, provide a di-
water molecules in that glass of water.
                                                 There appear to be other factors at       rect, non-local connection to every-
(The same would be true of changes in
                                              work here too. I like to think of the        where at once. This would provide an
any biological entity.)
                                              ORMUS elements as having three legs.         incredible communication system be-
    It might help to think of ORMUS as
                                              Two of these legs are in the physical        tween all of the cells of the body and
a communication medium like air,
                                              world and one is in the spiritual world.     with the non-physical template.
which carries sound to our ears. Where
                                              When we concentrate the ORMUS it                 If the ORMUS elements transduce
the air is denser the sound travels
                                              looks like we establish a better connec-     more energy for the cell and provide
faster. If you have something as dense
                                              tion between the physical world and          an improved mode of communication
as steel, sound will travel faster than in
                                              the non-physical (we can call it love or     in the body, what might the conse-
the thickest air. This is why you can
                                              spirit).                                     quences be?
hear an oncoming train by putting your
ear to the track long before you can          Bridge between Spirit and Matter?                It looks like the ORMUS materials
hear it through the air.                          The great physicist, David Bohm,         must reach a certain concentration in
    Suppose there was a substance that        postulated that the “explicate order”        order to bring each cell of the body
was infinitely dense. Such a substance        (reality as we know it) is the projection    under their umbrella of instant, co-
might carry information instantane-           of the “implicate order” which could         herent communication. As this hap-
ously.                                        be thought of as a non-physical or           pens every system in the body seems
    Physicists have been “playing” with       spirit template for physical reality. This   to work better.
such materials but the versions that          spirit template would require some               Certain tissues in the body are gen-
they are “playing” with require that          physical mechanism to communicate            erally not considered to be easy to
they get a bunch of atoms to a tempera-       with physical reality. It is like we have    heal. The enamel and structure of the
ture near absolute zero (absolute zero        a conceptual bridge between spirit and       tooth is a case in point. But there are
is the temperature at which all move-         matter but this bridge is missing a seg-     reports of broken tooth self-repair after
ment in an atom ceases). What hap-            ment or keystone to make it clear to         the ingestion of ORMUS from magnetic
pens is that they get the bunch of            science.                                     trap water for 2 months.
atoms to “condense” into a single                 Certain of the properties that have          We have also seen some evidence
common atomic state so that the entire        been observed in the ORMUS materials         that plants are greatly benefited by sup-
bunch of atoms behaves as a single            suggest that they might be the key-          plementing them with ORMUS. We
atom. They call this state of matter a        stone in the bridge between spirit and       might see incredible improvements in
Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC).               matter. Chief among these properties         agricultural productivity like the giant
    One property of BECs would be that        would be non-locality (also known as         walnuts shown.
information would travel instantane-          being “everywhere at once” or omni-              David Hudson claims that the
ously throughout the entire BEC               presence).                                   ORMUS materials repair the DNA.
system. There is strong evidence that             Quantum non-locality has been ob-        Other researchers have noted that im-
BECs occur in nature and that they are        served by physicists in other contexts.      mune system indicators are boosted
a part of biological systems. The phe-        They claim that it is connected to           after ingesting ORMUS. One un-
nomenon, which suggests that BECs             quantum coherence. Superconductors           replicated study on white mice showed
are present in living organisms, is           and lasers are the best-known exam-          a doubling of T-cell count in four
called “quantum coherence.” (It occurs        ples of quantum coherence.                   weeks.
to me that quantum coherence might                Superconductivity is generally con-          Theoretically ORMUS should benefit
be a scientific term for love if love is      sidered to be a property that requires       any disease condition that is related to
the energy and knowledge that con-            extreme cold like the temperature of         damaged DNA or with the immune
nects all things.)                            liquid nitrogen in order to manifest. In     system. Anecdotal reports suggest that
    Obviously, in this model, the whole       1996 I videotaped some ORMUS gold            this is the case.
transfer of information will become           powder levitating away from a magnet             You can find out more about
more effective as the density of the          as I moved it under the powder. (A seg-      ORMUS on the Internet at: http://
transfer medium (ORMUS) becomes               ment of this tape is available as an AVI
greater.                                      file on the Internet.) The phenomenon        whatisit.htm
    Keep in mind that with air and rail-      that I videotaped is strong evidence for         Barry Carter has been researching
road tracks we are talking about mate-        superconductivity at room tempera-           the ORMUS materials since 1989. He
rials that transfer information (sound)       ture.                                        has started dozens of local and inter-
at a definite rate. We can measure the                                                     national discussion lists on this sub-
                                              A Cell Phone for Every Cell                  ject. You can contact Barry at
speed of sound in the air or in steel.
                                                 Here is how ORMUS and quantum    or at 541-523-3357.
The ORMUS elements, on the other
                                              coherence might work in the body. Im-
hand, appear to transfer information in-
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                                            Grosso. Fawcett’s horse had died on          Izariri allegedly claimed that Fawcett
   FAWCETT’S QUEST                          the same spot in 1920, forcing him to        and his two companions, his oldest
                                            turn back. He told Nina, “You need           son, Jack, and another young man
Continued from Page 31                      have no fear of any failure...”              named Raleigh Rimmel, had been
and it is not for us in our ignorance to        These were the last words ever           killed by the tribe. That same year,
say that the science of antediluvial days   written by the Colonel, and his disap-       senor Orlando Vilas Boas of the Central
had not advanced beyond the level we        pearance became an enduring mystery,         Brazil foundation published a confes-
have now reached.”                          especially in Britain, Brazil and Peru,      sion by chief Izarri, that he had
    There is today a method of growing      where the Fawcett family had lived and       clubbed the two Fawcetts and Rimmel
a quartz crystal with phosphorous dis-      worked over many years. Starting in          to death. Izariri’s successor, Comatzi,
persed throughout its interior. Such a      1928, expeditions of various sorts took      disclosed the alleged grave of Colonel
crystal will absorb daylight and then       off to the jungles of Brazil in search of    Fawcett, where bones were subse-
emit that light at night. This would be     Fawcett and his companions. One ex-          quently dug up and sent to England for
a simple, yet ingenious device for          pedition even had Peter Fleming, the         examination. After a team of experts
creating a light that shines by itself, a   brother of novelist Ian Fleming of           from the Royal Anthropological Insti-
light storage battery                       James Bond fame, as a member. In             tute in London examined these re-
which could sit on the                                    1933 a report claimed          mains, they declared that they could
top of a pyramid or                                       that an “English Colonel”      not be the bones of Colonel Fawcett. It
pillar for years, shining                                 was being held prisoner        is possible that they may have been
every night! Can small                                    by a remote tribe and in       those of AIert de Winton, however,
quartz crystal devices                                    the following year a           who was lost searching for Colonel
such     as    decorative                                 Royal Geographic So-           Fawcett in 1930.
skulls or pyramids ab-                                    ciety expedition discov-           From this evidence, much of which
sorb radiated power                                       ered a theodolite com-         is undoubtedly idle storytelling, it
from an obelisk or Tesla                                  pass      belonging      to    seems possible that Colonel Fawcett,
Tower and then later                                      Fawcett.                       Jack and Raleigh were still alive as late
glow all night? Fawcett                                                                  as 1935, an incredible ten years after
was a believer in all of                                  The Fate of Colonel            they had begun the expedition. But
these things.                                             Fawcett                        Brian Fawcett, in the chapter of his fa-
    On May 29, 1925,                                         In 1951 a Portuguese        ther’s book, draws negative conclu-
Colonel Fawcett wrote                                     book published an ac-          sions from the evidence, not believing
a letter to his wife,                                     count of a 1943 expedi-        that his brother fathered a child with
Nina, from Dead Horse                                     tion which included a          an Indian girl, and questioning the
Camp, deep in the Mato                                    confession by a Kala-          story brought back by Rattin of the
                                                          palos Indian chief, Izariri.   nameless English colonel. Quoting           ➛

SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                   Number 35 • ATLANTIS     RISING 63
                                           like an H. Rider Haggard novel, full
     FAWCETT’S QUEST                       of mystery, lost cities, savages, and
                                           evil priestesses.
Brian, “And why, why did the old man           According to The Fate of
not tell his name?”                        Colonel Fawcett, the Colonel was
    Actually, there is a good reason why   still alive in 1935, when the “con-
the real colonel may have remained si-     tact” first started. Raleigh and Jack
lent. Brian himself tells the reader in    were killed by the Indian tribe that
the prologue to Explorations Fawcett       held them captive, when they in-
that his father, before setting out on     sisted on continuing on to the lost
this last journey, “...fearful of other    city that they sought. Jack Fawcett
lives being lost on his account, urged     was well liked by the Kalapalos,
us to do everything possible to discou-    but the Indians felt that Rimmel
rage rescue expeditions should his         was devious, influencing Jack
party fail to come back.” And there        against them. As the two set off on
may have been other reasons Fawcett        their quest, the Indians who were
chose to not disclose his identity. He     supposedly escorting them shot
may actually have preferred to stay        both Jack and Rimmel on the or-
with the Indians, though certainly his     ders of chief Izariri. Jack was killed
son and wife could not have imagined       instantly with a dozen arrows in
this.                                      his back, Rimell was allowed to
    Colonel Fawcett was a believer in      suffer for a few hours, as he was
psychic phenomena, as was his friend,      deemed the instigator in wanting
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In 1955, an in-    to take Jack Fawcett away from the
teresting book called The Fate of          tribe.
Colonel Fawcett was published by the           The reason Izariri wanted to
Aquarian Press in London. This rare        keep the explorers captive was
book is an investigation into the disap-   that the chief had lived for some
pearance of Colonel Fawcett by psy-        time among Europeans, and did
chic Geraldine Cummins, who alleg-         not want the Whites’ civilization to
edly “makes contact” with the colonel      affect his tribe. He was afraid that if he   provided proof so that they would dis-
on several successive instances. As un-    let Fawcett’s party loose, they would        continue the search. This could be
conventional as its topic may be, the      return with more Europeans. Izariri          why Albert de Winton was killed, and
book makes fascinating and exciting        wanted the whites to believe that            his remains then passed off as those of
reading. It reads, curiously enough,       Colonel Fawcett was dead, and even           Colonel Fawcett.

64   ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                         SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
    According to The Fate of Colonel                                                            image of a fish. Her role in the Great
Fawcett, the Colonel did eventually                CATASTROPHE                                  Deluge is described below. The Mayas
reach the lost city, after the death of                                                         throughout Yucatan and Peten hung
Jack and Raleigh. Izariri had wanted           Continued from Page 32                           small packets of cake on the branches
Colonel Fawcett to marry his sister, a         the Muysica of Colombia, the Arawak              of the holy ceibra, especially where the
high priestess. This woman hated Faw-          Indians of Venezuela, the Aztecs at              tree was found standing among clear-
cett, and vice versa. The union never          Cholula, the Greeks of classical times,          ings in the forest or at crossroads.
took place, as before the marriage,            etc.                                             These offerings were made of the
Fawcett insisted he visit the lost city, fi-       In the Iranian cosmogony, the Bun-           finest corn available and intended for
nally being escorted there safely by an        dahis, an angel personifying Sirius, the         the spirits of the dead, as indicated by
Indian servant. Fawcett eventually died        Dog Star, battles with the devil for mas-        their name, hanal pixan, or “the food
back in the village of the Kalapalos,          tery of the world, shape-shifting from a         of the souls.” For the Mayas, the ceibra
poisoned by the priestess. So ended            man and horse to a bull. In these                tree was a living memorial of the Great
the bizarre story of Colonel Fawcett           guises, the angelic Tistar creates a             Flood from which their ancestors sur-
and his ill-fated expedition, as related       month-long deluge, from which Evil               vived by sailing to Yucatan. The hanal
through the medium Geraldine Cum-              One’s offspring seek refuge in caves.            pixan decorated this most sacred tree
mins.                                          But the rising waters find them out and          for the first three days of each No-
    In the most bizarre part of this           drown them all, but their combined               vember. Meanwhile, in the High Andes
book, Fawcett says in the supposed             venom was so great it made the ocean             of Peru and Bolivia, the Incas per-
communication that he could imagine            salty. Tistar’s assumed forms suggest            formed the Ayamarca, or “carrying the
Egyptians walking in the city and that         the conjunction of constellations at the         corpse” ceremony on the second day
there were towers everywhere. Cum-             time of the Great Flood, which is                of every November .
mins has some curious information              clearly depicted as
from “Fawcett” concerning the pos-             the result of a
sible towers of Atlantis. In bits and          major celestial dis-
pieces Fawcett, from the “other side,”         turbance.
tells Cummins what it is like in At-               Interestingly,
lantis. In many of the readings, refer-        such diverse ac-
ences are made to towers as well as to         counts of the
Ireland, England, Atlantis, the lost land      Great Flood
of Hy Brazil, Egypt, and other ancient         sparked by some
lands. Fawcett describes himself at one        celestial calamity
point as walking among these towers,           are part of far-
which used electricity from the atmos-         flung mythic tradi-
phere, and that the towers were an im-         tions defining a
portant part of Atlantis.                      specific date for
    In a transcript from January 16,           this Atlantean
1949, we learn that “I was in a valley,        event. A relation-
gazing up at a strange white town. I           ship between
could vaguely perceive gigantic build-         early November
ings, soaring towers. I was intrigued          and a day of the
and thrilled and strove to project my-         dead is not only
self towards that distant vision; the ef-      worldwide but                    Mayan bas-relief from Yucatan shows survivor departing Aztlan
fort only seemed to increase the dis-          very ancient. The
tance between it and me. I tried again         “Days of Death” celebrated in early No-              The appearance of the Pleiades at
with all my might to go forward, and           vember were among the most impor-               that time simultaneously signaled the
was suddenly faced by a great door of          tant Aztec festivals, and appear to have        beginning of Hawaii’s most important
gleaming metal.”                               dated to Maya or even Olmec times, in           celebration, the annual Makahiki fes-
    Are these towers some kind of obe-         the 13th century B.C. The Aztecs began          tival. It honored the arrival at Keala-
lisks, part of a Tesla-type system also        their ceremonies with the heliacal              kekua (in the Kona district on the Big
described by Edgar Cayce? In Fawcett’s         rising of the Pleiades; this took place at      Island) of Lono. He was a white-
astral travels in search of his lost city      dawn over several days until the con-           skinned, fair-haired “god” who recently
he believes that Atlantis lies beyond          stellation was completely obscured by           escaped a catastrophic deluge. Lono
this door of gleaming metal—a door he          the sun. Their Atemoztli, or “Falling           was associated with all manner of cata-
must open. Alas, he does not open it,          Waters,” took place every November              clysmic celestial events, together with
but is confronted by a giant snake, to         16, when the end of the Fourth Sun or           devastating earthquakes and floods. At
him the symbol of death. Fawcett’s is a        Age, brought about by a world-flood,            the western end of the Pacific, cele-
strange story, one that, via Geraldine         was commemorated. The Atlantean                 brants still participate in the Loi Kra-
Cummins and her friends, brings us a           identity of this calendar festival is af-       thong, the night of the full moon (as
small step closer to assembling a pic-         firmed by the god who presided over             the name of the festival indicates) by
ture of the ancient power system of At-        it, Tlaloc (the Maya Chac), portrayed in        launching candle-illuminated model
lantis (for more information on the fas-       temple-art as a bearded man bearing             boats into the Gulf of Thailand. De-
cinating story of Colonel Fawcett and          the cross of the sky on his shoulders,          signed to honor a sea-goddess, the
his lost city, see my book, Lost Cities &      the Mesoamerican Atlas.                         lotus-shaped little vessels made of ba-
Ancient Mysteries of South America).               Indeed, a variant of Tlaloc’s name          nana leaves bear flowers, incense and a
                                               was Atlatoc. More than a philological           coin to the spirits of their ancestors
   An edited excerpt from Atlantis and         correspondence existed between the              who perished in the Great Flood. The
the Power System of the Gods, by               Aztec Atemoztli and Atemet. The Egyp-           Loi Krathong, depending on the ap-
David Hatcher Childress and Bill               tian goddess, Hathor, in her guise as           pearance of the full moon, may occur
Clendenon     (Adventures Unlimited            Queen of the Sea, was depicted in sa-           from November 2 to 12.
Press, 2002).                                  cred art wearing a crown shaped in the               The Japanese have traditionally cele-       ➛
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                           Number 35 • ATLANTIS       RISING 65
                                                                               of our October and the start of No-
                                       CATASTROPHE                             vember. Both the 17th and 27th days
                                                                               occur in early November. Non-biblical
  Share a                           brated Bon, the Feast of the Dead,
                                    since prehistoric times in a manner vir-
                                    tually identical to the Loi Krathong.
                                                                               Jewish tradition relates that Noah re-
                                                                               garded the appearance of the Pleiades
                                                                               at dawn (identically to the Aztec Ate-

   Little                           They set adrift fleets of burning lan-
                                    terns to guide ancestral spirits across
                                    the sea. Ceremonies last for several
                                                                               moztli cited above) of the 17th of
                                                                               Cheshvan, as an omen signifying the
                                                                               onset of the flood.

 Light with                         consecutive nights, and include the
                                    Bon-Odori—-hypnotic outdoor dancing,
                                    often in cemeteries. Bon was partially
                                    appropriated by Buddhism in its early
                                                                                   The Roman Catholic “All Souls’
                                                                               Day” is set aside for special prayers on
                                                                               behalf of the dead, and takes place
                                                                               every November 2. It was officially
    Your                            struggle with native Shinto traditions,
                                    when the annual date of its celebration
                                    was probably shifted to the middle of
                                                                               adopted in 998 by Odilo, the Abbot of
                                                                               Cluny. He supposedly decided to insti-
                                                                               tute All Souls’ Day after having learned

  Friends                           the 7th lunar month, around August
                                    14. A similar “day of the dead” festival
                                    is still conducted on the island of
                                                                               about an island where the lamentations
                                                                               of the dead could still be heard. The in-
                                                                               clusion of this island is a discernable
                                    Taiwan and (until the Communist revo-      mythic reference to Atlantis.
                                    lution) in China,

          ATLANTIS                  where it was
                                    known as the
                                    Feast of Lanterns.
                                        Another Japa-

                                    nese ceremony of
                                    the dead does in-
                                    deed take place
                                    from the last week
                                    of October to the
                                    first days of No-
                                    vember. This is
     Send SIX ISSUES                the Tsunokiri, or
                                    ritual “Antler-
     of the magazine                Cutting” at the Ka-
       for New Age                  suga Taisha
                                    shrine, near Nara.
       Adventure to                 The sacred bucks
                                    are lassoed by a
       TEN of YOUR                  priest, who care-
                                    fully saws off their
        FRIENDS for                 antlers; they sig-
                                                                                              Noah prepares for the deluge
                                    nify life, due to
     only $
               125 00               their regenerating velvet. Deer also
                                    symbolize the sun, so cutting their ant-
                                    lers implies the sun’s loss of power;
                                                                                   The Egyptian version of the deluge
                                                                               happened during Aethyr, a name asso-
                                                                               ciated with the Greek Alkyone—-one of
      Now you can order             i.e., darkness. The Assyrians conducted    the Pleiades—-because the month was
                                    elaborate rituals on behalf of the dead    regarded in the Nile Valley as “the
        ten subscriptions           during Arahsamna, their month that in-     shining season of the Pleiades.” Aethyr,
      to ATLANTIS RISING            cluded the end of October and the be-      like the Assyrian Arashamna, corre-
      for the price of five.        ginning of November. It was then, they     sponded to late October early No-
                                    believed, that the sun-god and the god     vember. The name has several re-
       Just jot down the            of the Pleiades entered the land of the    vealing connotations in Egyptian myth,
       names of your ten            dead to rule.                              proving its significance over a long pe-
                                        The ancient Persian New Year           riod of time. The story of Osiris tells of
     favorite people, call          began after November 1, and was            the man-god who, through the mys-
     our toll free order line       known to them as Mordad—-the month         teries of Isis, his wife, achieved new
     and use your Visa or           sacred to the Angel of Death. Mordad       life. He was locked inside a coffin that
                                    derived from the earlier Marduk of the     was thrown into the sea on the 17th
       MasterCard now.              Babylonians. They revered him as “the      day of Aethyr, our November 2. It was
         What could be              Lord of the Deep,” who caused the          henceforth known as a day of death
                                    Great Flood, and November belonged         and rebirth.
              easier?               to him.                                        Aethyr is a variant of Hathor. The
                                        The author of the Old Testament        sun-god, angry with mankind, com-

     1-800-228-8381                 (Genesis, chapter 7, 8) reports that the
                                    World Deluge began on the 17th day of
                                    the second month, concluding on the
                                    27th day of the second month the fol-
                                                                               manded Hathor to punish earth’s in-
                                                                               habitants. Her obedient onslaught was
                                                                               catastrophic, so much so, the other
                                                                               gods, fearing all humanity would
                                    lowing year. In the ancient Hebrew cal-    perish, unloosed a worldwide deluge
                                    endar, the second month was known          of beer. Drinking it up, she became too
                                    as Cheshvan, and equivalent to the end     intoxicated to complete her genocidal
66    ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35                                SUBSCRIBE OR ORDER BOOKS, VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE!
task. Her great festival in the name of                                                 that the stone upon which British mon-
this event was among the most popular          SCOTTISH PYRAMIDS                        archs have since been crowned is a
public occasions throughout the Nile                                                    substitute. This real stone, he claims, is
Valley, and held for several days           Continued from Page 37                      the Throne of Akhenaten, the heretic
around November 1. She was herself              The other stars in the Orion/Sirius     pharaoh who tried and failed to estab-
sometimes depicted in sacred art as a       configuration, however, were not so         lish monotheism in Egypt shortly be-
cow walking away from a funeral             accommodating. Bellatrix, the star that     fore the biblical Exodus. That stone
mountain.                                   marks Orion’s right shoulder, lay insig-    began its journey to Scotland with
    The earliest name by which she was      nificantly in the sea, far from the May,    Scota, who Laidler says was Akhe-
known appears to have been At-Hor, or       the island my “compass” had suggested       naten’s daughter, while Akhenaten led
At-Hr, “Mountain of Horus,” an ap-          played a major role in what looked in-      the Exodus to the Promised Land under
parent philological relation with things    creasingly like a message from the past.    the name given to him in the Bible—
Atlantean. Her funeral mountain is simi-        On another wild hunch I enlarged        Moses!
larly suggestive of death-dealing Mt.       the stellar group, pivoting it on Crai-         Could today’s Christians and Jews
Atlas and November associations with        gleith, until Bellatrix lay on the May.     be linked to a common Egyptian patri-
days of the dead. The lioness-headed            The result was riveting!                arch? The implications are staggering!
goddess, Sekhmet, was used by the                                                                    But where did Betelgeuse
Egyptians to describe the fiery comet                                                            lie—the star between the May
that brought about the destruction of                                                            and Dunsinane?
Atlantis. She was actually Hathor in her                                                             My map showed a feature-
vengeful guise. Both deities were as-                                                            less landscape. But subsequent
pects of the same goddess.                                                                       research revealed that an an-
    The Pleiades are associated with Ha-                                                         cient stone circle, now “lost,”
thor, too. Writing about the world-                                                              had once existed to the west of
wide day of the dead festivals in the                                                            the nearby hamlet of Dunino. If
19th century, R.G. Haliburton won-                                                               the lost circle proves to lie
dered, “It is now, as was formerly, ob-                                                          under Betelgeuse, archaeolo-
served at or near the beginning of No-                                                           gists will have a merry time
vember by the Peruvians, the Hindoos,                                                            losing it again.
the Pacific Islanders, the people of the                                                             The stars at Orion’s feet also
Tonga Islands, the Australians, the an-                                                          lay in interesting locations.
cient Persians, the ancient Egyptians,                                                               Rigel, Orion’s right foot,
and the northern nations of Europe,                                                              stood on the lands of Yester.
and continued for three days among                                                               Built in 1297 by the “Wizard of
the Japanese and the ancient Romans.                                                             Yester,” Hugo de Gifford,
This startling fact at once drew my at-                                                          Yester Castle stands over a siz-
tention to the question, How was this                                                            able     underground       cavern
uniformity in the time of observance                                                             known as the “Goblin Hall,”
preserved, not only in far-distant quar-                                                         where Hugo practiced his
ters of the globe, but also through that                                                         “magic,” and passed to the Hay
vast lapse of time since the Peruvian                                                            family in the 14th century. Fa-
and the Indo-European first inherited                                                            ther Richard Hay later wrote a
this primeval festival from a common                                                             history of the Sinclairs of
source?”                                                                                         Rosslyn. Lord William Sinclair,
    Haliburton’s question is answered                                                            it’s said, actually moved his
by the internal evidence of the festivals                                                        castle to free up the chapel’s
themselves. Together they describe in           Sirius now lay on Torphichen, head-     building site. Location was everything,
common a natural cataclysm that killed      quarters of the Knights Hospitaller—the     I guess—even back then!
huge numbers of their ancestors. Some       Catholic military order that “absorbed”         Saiph, Orion’s left foot, stood be-
of them survived to replant civilization    the remnants of the outlawed Templers       tween the towns of Musselburgh and
in other lands. The only event that         and, by the grace of Rome, acquired         Prestonpans, on land once owned by
measures up to this universal Festival      most of their property to boot. Recent      the Cistercian monks of Newbattle,
of the Dead is the destruction of At-       research, however, suggests the Tem-        and later associated with the Templar-
lantis. Indeed, astronomy combines          plars may have continued to maintain a      connected families of Seton and Kerr.
with historical myth to provide the pre-    secret autonomy within the Hospi-           Besides hosting one of Scotland’s first
cise day of the catastrophe. Comet          tallers.                                    Masonic Lodges, the area also hosted
Encke’s autumnal meteor shower very             But that’s just the beginning.          the first meeting of the North Berwick
closely, if not exactly, corresponds to         A line drawn from Bellatrix through     Witches—accused in 1590 of plotting to
such festivals. Most of them were and       Orion’s left shoulder (Betelgeuse), led     murder Scotland’s first officially Ma-
are concentrated in the first days of No-   directly to Dunsinane Castle, immortal-     sonic king by the “abomynable cryme
vember, just when the Taurid meteor         ized in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”            of wytchcraft.” The trumped-up case
stream in the wake of Comet Encke                Keith Laidler, author of “The Head     helped kick off over 100 years of witch
reaches its intensity.                      of God,” relates an interesting tale        persecution in Scotland, barely cov-
    The uncanny correspondences of          about Dunsinane. He cites an 1809           ered in mainstream histories.
worldwide folk traditions cannot be de-     newspaper article reporting that a large        Here’s the kicker:
nied. In the aggregate, they represent      stone of “the meteoric or semi-metallic         A line drawn from Rigel, through
mankind’s enduring memory of a “fire        kind” had been discovered hidden be-        Saiph, led directly to Bannockburn, site
from heaven” that annihilated the first     neath the castle. The stone was sent to     of the great Scottish battle for indepen-
true civilization and brought the age of    London for study, but disappeared en        dence where, on Midsummer’s Day,
its greatness to a terrible end.            route. Laidler goes on to say that it was   1314, a great message was hung invis-
                                            Scotland’s real Stone of Destiny, and       ibly in the dawn—a message meant to           ➛
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                                                                                                       CELTIC CROSS
                                                                                                    Continued from Page 40

Overhead view of Pyramids at Giza; map of Fidra, the Lamb, and Craigleith; photos of the islands.
eventually reveal that we’ve been                  their presentation. The orientation of
fooled for a very long time.                       the grouping is wrong, and the Lamb is
    Surprise, surprise!                            called “Long Bellenden.” The name is
    Last April I drove out of Edinburgh            especially curious because the Lamb is
to take photographs of the three belt-             not long at all. In fact, it is the shortest
star islands, and was struck by the                of the three islands. Could it have been
shape of North Berwick Law, the peak               shortened to “sharpen” the aim over
that stands just to the south of Crai-             the vast distance from the May to Tara?
gleith. It looked remarkably like a pyr-           Might not the islands have been one
amid, so I made some calculations.                 long island at some point, carved from
    According to Hancock & Bauval’s                the mainland by a cataclysm the an-
“Message of the Sphinx,” the bottom of             cient “mythmakers” would only hint at,           people may understand it and compare
the square pit in the center of the                and then cut into three? And might not           it with the ancient Celtic cross.
Great Pyramid’s subterranean chamber               North Berwick Law have been                          The working cross is marked in de-
lies 610 feet below the pyramid’s                  “shaped” from the tailings of such an            grees round the edge and the wheel
summit platform. North Berwick Law                 enormous excavation? Just take a look            spins freely on a hub. Its arms are per-
stands at 613 feet!                                at Fidra, sliced almost in two and bored         forated with viewing holes to allow the
    Care to split some very fine hairs,            clear through, and ask yourself if it was        observer to read the angles and the
anyone?                                            shaped by God, Nature, or the helping            bottom of the wheel is weighted so
    From the top of North Berwick Law              hand of man!                                     that it will always point to the center of
the islands of Craigleith, the Lamb, and               I realize I stand on shaky ground            the earth. The scale around the outer
Fidra lie stretched along the coast like           here, but not without consideration—             edge of the wheel runs from 0 degrees
pearls on a string. The questions                  and I welcome your arguments. Be                 at the bottom to 90 degrees clockwise
cannot be avoided: How could they                  warned, however, that this article               and anti clockwise so that horizontal
possibly be positioned, each to the                could have been a lot longer. The                measurements can be taken in any di-
other, like the Giza pyramids? How                 simple grid shown here has blossomed             rection through the viewing holes.
could they lie below the rising of                 into greater bloom—and I’m loaded for                Miller believes the advantages of the
Orion’s belt in the Bannockburn dawn?              bear!                                            instrument are immediately apparent
How could North Berwick Law be py-                     History tells us we’re the greatest          to an observer measuring the angle of
ramidal? How could natural geological              civilization ever to walk the face of the        the sun in the east at dawn. As the
features be so conveniently where they             earth. Wars have been fought since               world spins round, the sun appears to
are in the first place without divine in-          time immemorial over matters of faith—           rise from the horizon and its angle of
tervention? And why, in that small                 each side believing that God is on their         ascent may be read from the scale di-
corner of the world, do the voices of              side. But what if the things that make           rectly. The angle changes, as the
myth and history join to sing a siren              us swing our swaggersticks are wrong?            season’s progress throughout the year
song to people like me, and maybe                  Who’ll forgive us for the damage we’ve           and time and place may be determined
you?                                               done, fool unto fool, believing in lies?         from the results of observing stars,
    Perhaps I can suggest answers to                   Orion was brought down to earth in           planets and constellations.
some of those questions, and raise new             Scotland, and then later nailed in place             “The cross,” says Miller, “should be
ones.                                              by tales of a legendary stone, a holy            completely understood by as many as
    Risking the hoots and hollers of aca-          chalice, a magical sword, a battle the           possible, for it was the foundation of
demia, I propose that North Berwick                world would not soon forget, and a               the very roots of ancient Civilization,
Law and the islands of the Forth are               once-and-future king named Arthur.               wisdom and understanding.”
where they are due to large-scale “ter-                Much care was taken, over dan-                   Miller believes that, in these cur-
raforming”—i.e., shaping the landscape             gerous times, to make us think. Per-             rent, dangerous and confused times,
to suit a purpose that is only now                 haps now, more than ever, it’s time.             we could do well trying to understand
emerging from the mists of time.                       The author Jeff Nisbet is the art di-        the deeper knowledge of our ancestors
    On a mid-17th-century map of the               rector of an international trade mag-            and apply some of it to our present
area, supposedly based on the original             azine, and is writing a book titled              world.
but now mysteriously lost drawings of              Carved In Stone: Lost Secrets of the
late-16th-century mapmaker Timothy                 Templars and the Holy Grail. He can be              Miller’s web site, www.crichton
Pont, the three belt-star islands are              contacted through his website at       , explains much more
shown. But there are curiosities about                     about his discoveries.
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                                             it exactly one Martian day later as by-            org/webfiles/mars/face/mola/facemola
  MARS                                       products? Many species on Earth are                .html for technical details), creating the
                                             metabolically tied to various planetary            infamous “catbox” image which killed
Continued from Page 43                       cycles.                                            the Face for so many. After this marve-
namics, precisely the sorts of condi-            Then we have Arthur C. Clarke’s                lous bit of spin made all the evening
tions (in Hoagland’s related Hyperdi-        “trees,” curious branching structures              news broadcasts, NASA then released
mensional Physics Model) likely to           which seem to advance and retreat                  the unflattened image which should
trigger mutations on both planets Earth      with the seasons, as would be ex-                  have gone out in the first place. That
and Mars.                                    pected if water supply varied season-              image, to this former military analyst
    There’s the matter of the Viking         ally. To see these and other marvels,              with overhead imagery experience,
Lander experiments in 1976 which             please visit Tom Van Flandern’s site               shows multiple evidences of artifici-
found multiple evidences of life, only,          specifically        ality, not just in the Face proper. The
to be rejected by NASA as “impossible”       the April 2001 National Press Club                 parallelism of the sides of the Face’s
and “false positives” because of the ab-     Briefing.                                          platform is simply striking, but no-
sence of liquid water. But what else             Students of evidence for Martian civ-          where nearly as much as the neatly ra-
other than life takes up radioactively       ilization will of course have heard of             diused corners.
tagged carbon dioxide, only to release       the Face on the plains of Cydonia, the                 Those who still believe in NASA’s
                                             subject, together with many other ap-              “trick of light” argument are referred to
                                             parent artificially created and precisely          Mark Carlotto’s work in Hoagland’s
                                             aligned objects, of a vast amount of               The Monuments of Mars, to the work
                                             analysis by the Enterprise Mission, Di-            of artist and sculptor Kynthia who has
                                             Pietro & Molenaar, Mark Carlotto, Tom              made both bronze and digital models
                                             Van Flandern, Ron Nicks and Kynthia,               of the Face and compared them with
                                             among others. Interestingly, many mo-              Viking imagery (
                                             viegoers will also know about the Face,            face), and to the Mars work done by In-
                                             for it was the subject of a 2000 Holly-            sight           (
                                             wood blockbuster “Mission to Mars”                 mars.html), which includes multiple
                                             which, more than anything, neatly illus-           animations from different times and an-
                                             trated NASA’s schizoid approach to                 gles. Kynthia argues that more than sci-
                                             Martian intelligence.                              entists need to be involved in assessing
                                                 On the one hand, NASA has stone-               the artificiality of potential Martian
                                             walled all the way, denying the evi-               structures, that it should be a multidis-
                                             dence at every turn, refusing initially            ciplinary approach including anyone
                                             even to reimage Cydonia at high resolu-            who can help. In light of the U.S. intel-
                                             tion, then finally (after protests covered         ligence community’s use of all-source
                                             in AR No. 13's “NASA Accused of Skull-             analysis for its work, this suggestion
                                             duggery with Mars Data” by the                     strikes the writer as eminently sensible.
                                             writer), grudgingly providing images                   It is that same grossly uncooperative
                                             even worse than the initial Viking im-             NASA which is officially listed as Tech-
                                             agery. To compound the problem, it                 nical Adviser for “Mission to Mars” — a
                                             then took the image and subjected it to            film which in no uncertain terms links
                                             multiple distortions and flattened it              the Face directly to extraterrestrial
                                             (see Lan Fleming’s article www.vgl.                creators.

Crenulated “tubes” in complex networks
including perpendicular intersections. No
known type of lava flow could form such
perpendicular tubes. (Malin Space Sciences
Systems)                                                  Artist John Bejko’s conjecture what mysterious “crenulations” might look like up close.
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                           Number 35 • ATLANTIS         RISING 69
    More recently, new anomalous fea-
tures were discovered. Called “Tun-
nels” by their discoverer Richard
Hoagland in the Summer of 2000 (see
samp5. htm), these strange features
look as though they are made of seg-
mented glass or plastic, because they
reflect like those materials. NASA was
shown the images (see Van Flandern
link) and hauling out its stock “expla-
nation” labeled them a “trick of light.”
This didn’t sit well with Kynthia, who
proceeded to test NASA’s argument
based supposedly on “shape from
shading” algorithms. Using ordinary
transparent water bottles, she pro-
ceeded to sculpt in damp sand the
area imaged, with the bottles as the
“Tunnels.” Not only did her simple
analysis uncover severe flaws in
NASA’s “explanation,” but later anal-
ysis by Fred Torres using the powerful
Light WaveT M 3-D rendering program
found that NASA had not considered
the possibilities of transparency and
specularity, nor did its obsolete data
apps help. See
Tunnels/ for details and a 3-D rotation.
The Insight link above also has an im-
pressive animation of the “Tunnels.”
    Let us now mention arcologies, gi-
gantic structures like the ones seen in
“Blade Runner” and far surpassing any
modern structure, these are entire
communities housed in one colossal           (Top) View of Cydonia Plain and “Face” from 1976 Viking Mission. (Below) Series of images begin-
building. Hoagland, Van Flandern and           ning with NASA’s filtered “catbox” at left, and then adjusting light and angle to image at right.
others all claim to have found evi-
dence of ruined arcologies on Mars,        Water, Water Everywhere, But Will                   about enormous quantities of water,
and not just at Cydonia. NASA has re-      NASA Think?                                         especially on a supposed desert planet.
sponded that what’s presented is               The absence of liquid water has                     You would logically expect NASA
“frost heave” while conveniently ig-       been the linchpin of NASA’s rejection               to be jumping for joy, trumpeting the
noring myriad valid arguments as to        of life on Mars for decades. Someone                news to the world and lobbying con-
why it can’t be that. Unfortunately for    forgot to tell Mars, though. Multiple an-           gress for the funds to send a manned
NASA, it has now been hoisted with         alysts have now found repeated in-                  expedition to Mars. It didn’t happen.
its own petard, er, IR camera, the         stances of “seeps” (see Van Flandern                Instead, claiming all the essential infor-
THEMIS mapper, which sent back not         link    and     several    articles   on            mation had already been leaked (offi-
only an image full of geometric anoma- on var-                  cial NASA information, notes Hoag-
lies, but also underground ones below      ious Mars imagery. These seeps have                 land), NASA cancelled a previously
these anomalies. Doubly unfortunately      been carefully studied, behave like                 scheduled press conference and is
for NASA, its best scientists haven’t      water, and occur only under tempera-                now talking of getting a manned mis-
been able to come up with even a half-     ture conditions where such would be                 sion to Mars in twenty years or so. Yes,
baked explanation for the hard scien-      possible. Moreover, they have been in-              you read that right. The Russians say it
tific facts confronting them, some veri-   dependently statistically analyzed and              could be done in two or three, at a
fied by cross comparison with Viking       found to conform to the predictions                 cost of 600 billion dollars.
imagery. But Hoagland has an answer,       made in the Hoagland-Bara Mars Tidal                    Could it be we are seeing yet an-
and it goes right back to water, to the    Model paper, a paper published before               other covert dynamic at work here,
inconceivably huge tidal waves un-         the stunning May 28, 2002 Jet Propul-               one of a documented host from public
leashed when Planets K and V de-           sion Lab press release “Odyssey Finds               officials in a purportedly open, civilian
stroyed each other, for the explana-       Water Ice in Abundance Under Mars’                  space program? Could this be yet an-
tion which fits the data is that we are    (sic) Surface.” Though able to see only             other example of the pernicious ef-
looking at the mud-filled foundation       a yard deep, the Gamma Ray Spectrom-                fects of the notorious 1959 Brookings
and base remnants of multiple arcolo-      eter on the Odyssey detected “enough                Institute report which recommended
gies. This accounts for the scour pat-     water to fill Lake Michigan twice                   that the NASA administrator “rigor-
tern observed and for the wholly un-       over.” The odds are that the layer of               ously suppress” any evidence of extra-
expected IR emission differences           “dirty ice” goes way down and with                  terrestrial life, particularly advanced
between the geometric forms and            water making upwards of half the                    sentient life, to keep society from col-
their interiors. Oops!                     volume of the material, we are talking              lapsing?
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Continued from Page 44
British protection of Palestine, matters
have changed, and the party now on
its way under military guard will have
no trouble in investigating and exca-
vating. The clue to the treasure cham-
bers is shown close to a remarkable
building called: ‘The Treasury of Pha-
raoh’, which like all the other temples
is cut out of the side of the mountain.
    “According to the story of the Arab,
some wandering Bedouins encamped
in Petra, in the upper valley, close to
the Treasury. One of them passed back
into the deep rooms within the cliffs.
Poking around among the debris be
stepped upon ‘a moving stone.’ The                                                       years have passed and one cannot help
                                           bling and falling, he got back safely to
stone tilted and dropped back into a                                                     but wonder if the treasure mentioned
                                           his camp near sunset.
shallow vault, then crashed back into                                                    and the secret door still are untouched.
                                               “He showed his find to the half-
place, leaving him in darkness. He                                                       It seems a remarkable coincidence that
                                           dozen members of his family, and they
cried out in vain for help. Feeling                                                      Stephen Spielberg and the writers of
                                           spent several days trying to discover
around the vault, he came across the                                                     the movie would hit upon Petra for a
                                           “the stone that moved,” and the fissure,
opening of a passage. After groping his                                                  lost treasure yarn. It may be remem-
                                           but without success.
way along it for about half a mile, al-                                                  bered that Indie had to step on certain
                                               “The ancients had great skill, British
ways moving upwards, he saw a faint                                                      floor tiles in order to gain entrance to
                                           Museum authorities point out, in con-
light. He came out into a large                                                          find the Grail. It could be of course
                                           triving secret passageways and doors
chamber, from which six other pas-                                                       that someone knew about this legend
                                           whose entrances were apparently part
sages led back into the mountain. In                                                     which was then incorporated in the
                                           of the stone walls themselves, but
the center of the chamber, on a ped-                                                     movie, but that seems highly unlikely.
                                           which, by a cunningly devised system
estal, was a huge urn. He climbed the                                                    People in 1927 did not have ground-
                                           of balances, would easily open under
pedestal and within the urn saw a heap                                                   penetrating radar and modern elec-
                                           pressure at a certain point.
of gems and gold. Taking a couple of                                                     tronic technology, so if something
                                               “The treasure may have been found
handfuls, he knotted them in his cap                                                     does still exist on the site, it is only a
                                           in an entirely different way, but the
and went to a fissure in the wall                                                        matter of time before it once again
                                           Arab’s story is considered worth inves-
through which the light streamed and                                                     comes to light. As the story says, it is
found himself out on the side of the                                                     certainly worth investigating.
mountain far above the valley. Scram-         Since this news article appeared 75

   DEBBIE FORD                             how to heal the darkness unless you’ve        time and money in the long run. “I’m
                                           experienced a lot of darkness,” she           not interested in seeing people spend
Continued from Page 47                     says. “Most people use their pasts as an      years in analysis,” she states. “It’s not
that any of us really want.”               excuse to stay stuck. Probably 90% of         necessary.” But like Freud, Ford feels
    Other than safety. We want that.       the world does that. They stay victims        that when we suppress behaviors,
“But,” Ford says, “you can’t get ex-       of their own lives and beliefs. My work       thoughts, feelings and characteristics
ternal safety. The only safety we have     is about being unwilling to have an ex-       we find unacceptable, we also find
is our spiritual connection and            cuse! Let’s say I’m going to pay you ten      trouble. She explains that “if we can’t
knowing that everything is as it should    million dollars next week and give you        embrace something internally, we have
be. When we connect with God at the        the perfect house and the perfect             to create it externally; what we can’t
deepest level, we feel safe. That’s why    mate—if you can find a way to be              be with runs us.”
some people could travel as soon as it     happy—do you think you would?” You                After running for so many years her-
was permitted after the event, and         bet. According to Ford, there are al-         self, Ford has a “ruthless compassion”
others still haven’t gotten on an air-     ways excuses inside a story—that’s how        for others caught in the struggle she
plane. People who are scared now           you can tell it’s a story. And we tell our-   faced head-on and conquered. She has
were scared before, but they didn’t        selves things have to work a certain          no tolerance for being ‘the victim’ and
know it. Outer experiences show us         way. Though that may be strategically         won’t allow those she works with to
our deeper wounds.”                        sound and “goals are good,” Coach             entertain it either. “My mission is to de-
    Ford isn’t a triage manager. She       Ford says we need to be willing not to        liver a simple process to people so they
doesn’t differentiate between wounds.      have to go in a particular direction.         can transform their lives without years
“I’ve taken tens of thousands of people    “When we’re outside our stories, we’re        of suffering and therapy,” she states.
through the “Shadow Process,” and I        more flexible in our responses to life.       “It’s about balancing your karmic
can tell you that pain is pain. It de-     We say, ‘Wow, that door’s closed,             scales, learning how to take responsi-
pends how you process it, what kind        there must be another door open’.”            bility, how to clean up your past and
of emotional system you have, who              Though people pay serious money           make peace with your internal world.
you are.” Besides, most people who         to have Debbie Ford be their mentor,          When you love yourself completely,
seek her help have some serious stuff      she emphasizes that her system offers         you have everything you really want.”
to work out. “You don’t go looking for     an efficient method that saves both               The lady walks her talk: For now,    ➛
SEE OUR GREAT 8-PAGE CATALOG SECTION BEGINNING ON PAGE 74                                   Number 35 • ATLANTIS      RISING 71
                                                                                         Firewalk on the Pilgrim’s Path
   DEBBIE FORD                                 ASTROLOGY                                     Through the power of myth the
                                                                                         awareness of the Solar Lord’s role in
                                            Continued from Page 49                       our life has always been deeply under-
                                            from sunspot maximum, the number             stood despite modern rationalism’s at-
                                            and intensity of solar flares has intensi-   tempt to undermine the mystical.
                                            fied over the last year, puzzling and        What might increased solar fire mean
                                            concerning NASA scientists. If highly-       to us at this juncture on earth? Hu-
                                            charged atomic particles can create au-      manity is said to have been created “in
                                            roras and fry energy grids, what is the      the image and after the likeness of
                                            potential effect on the subtle energy        God.” If the heart center of our solar
                                            systems of a human body? Could this          system is emitting increased energies
                                            be a factor in the spontaneous new           in the form of solar flares, how will this
                                            DNA linkages reported by Russian sci-        affect us in the microcosm?

                                            Ancient Wisdom
                                                Ancient         Wisdom
                                            teaches that the universe,
                                            containing billions of gal-
                                            axies and billions upon bil-
                                            lions of stars, is the ex-
                                            pression of a conscious
                                            life called by many names
                                            in various traditions: God,
                                            Brahma, Ahura Mazda,
                                            Allah, or the LOGOS. We
she’s got pretty much what she wants.       are told that this one life is
When she’s not doing the work she           a conscious unity and as
loves passionately, she enjoys “cuddles     this consciousness ener-
with (seven-year-old son) Beau” and         gizes a cycle of manifesta-
lying on the beach under an umbrella.       tion It does so as a Trinity.
“Oh, and I love music—good country              Associated with the
music, opera and Elton John.” Ford is       cosmic logos and trinity
optimistic that her work is indeed          are seven embodiments of
changing lives, mentioning that “there      Its nature called seven
are people taking my workshops who          cosmic planetary logoi. It
want to bring this process to Israel and    is said that all the stars in
the Arab nations, to show them that         the universe which are
what they think they hate about the         centers of great evolutionary systems            Although the topic was selected ear-
other is inside themselves.” She’s con-     belong to one of the great seven. In all     lier, as I wrote this article I was sur-
vinced the world will change one            the vastness of our universe the An-         rounded by the element of fire as fo-
person at a time. “If we can love our       cient Wisdom says that the fiery orb         rests in Colorado were consumed or in
past, if we bring love to the parts of      which is our sun is the lord of a solar      imminent danger. Hundreds of people
ourselves that we hate, if we can for-      system, a conscious, vastly-evolved          were evacuated and told to pack one
give people who have wounded us, we         being, fulfilling the role of a solar        bag or box, taking only the most essen-
can make it,” she says. “We have to         logos.                                       tial items. That was a fierce and potent
look inward and take responsibility for         Associated with the work of the          exercise in penetrating to the heart of
our lives.”                                 solar logos, manifesting within the          the matter and choosing what mattered
    The confident 46-year-old has expe-     principle of “As above, so below,” are       most. Many people, the author in-
rience as well as scars under her belt      seven planetary logoi. In Hinduism           cluded, were faced with contemplating
and when she says “I’m not sure of a        they are called seven Prajapatis, in Zo-     the contents of their homes, repre-
lot of things in life, but the one thing    roastrianism the seven Amesha Spentas        senting a lifetime of meaning and mem-
I’m totally, positively sure of is that     (Immortal Holy Ones), in Hebrew and          ories, and selecting a few treasures to
who you are and what you have is per-       Christian tradition, the Elohim, or          carry with them into the future.
fect. If you’re willing to express your     seven spirits before the throne of God.          Quoting again from Saraydarian,
gifts in the way the Universe offers,       The solar system is the physical body        “Beginning in 1975 the Great Ones will
you’ll reach a place beyond your            of the solar logos, and the planets can      release the energy of the will center
wildest dreams”—you believe her. And        be likened to His chakras.                   over humanity. Will energy is fiery,
when she says “Standing in the pres-            In a horoscope for an individual the     highly dynamic and penetrative. The
ence of your true essence, unencum-         sun represents the will of the true Self     effect of this energy will be condi-
bered by your story, you will know          and denotes the sense of identity,           tioned by humanity itself. Humanity,
yourself as the totality of the Universe—   power, individuality, magnanimity and        through its activities, emotional reac-
both the nothingness of your smallest       the major focus of life lessons. Anatom-     tions and mental responses, will decide
self and the fullness of your humanity”     ically the sun is the heart which pumps      the effect of this energy.” In short, our
—well, why not? It’s a wonderful tale to    blood through the entire system, vital-      choices will bring about our transfor-
tell. And it’s way outside the box.         izing the body’s community of cells.         mation or our painful purification.
   Contact Debbie Ford at debbie-           Symbolically our heart is at our center or the Center for Integrative      just as the sun is the center of the solar
Coaching: 800-655-4016.                     system.
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                                                                 BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL: The Hidden                        CYMATICS: A Study of Wave Phenomenon
     BOOKS             Alphabetically by Title
                                                                 Lineage of Jesus Revealed Laurence Gardner,                    Dr. Hans
                                                                 “Special Author’s Edition,” 4 NEW CHAP-                        Jenny—Back
12TH PLANET Zecharia Sitchin—Powerful evidence                   TERS—From royal and suppressed archives comes proof            in print by
of humanity’s extraterrestrial forefathers.                      of the descending heritage of Jesus in the West. Pene-         popular de-
  Paperback, 436 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99         trating new light is cast upon the Grail Code of Service       mand! For dec-
                                        Hardcover $22.95         and the venerated feminine element, abandoned by the           ades, students
                                                                 Church in order to forge a male dominated society. Fea-        of Sacred Ge-
APOCALYPSE & THE MAGNIFICENT SEVENS: An                          turing all the charm and adventure of Arthurian romance,       ometry, Man-
Exciting New Look at an Amazing Prophecy                         this worldwide bestseller also has a cutting edge of polit-    dalas, New
Bonnie Gaunt—                                                    ical intrigue, which removes the contrived blanket of es-      Science, Meta-
The author has                                                   tablished dogma to reveal one of the greatest historical       physics, Sound
been researching                                                 conspiracies ever told. P/B 454 pages, 24 color plates, 10     Healing and
the gematria of the                                              B&W figures, and 15 B&W charts $18.95                          even Crop Cir-                                      HOT!
Bible for nearly                                                                                                                cles have cov-
forty years. In this,                                             CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX
                                                                 David Icke—Who are the Chil-                                   eted these
her latest research,                                                                                                            hard-to-find volumes. This comprehensive edition por-
she reveals an                                                   dren of the Matrix? We are. All
                                                                 of us. We are born into a world                                trays fascinating experiments using audible sound to ex-
amazing story that                                                                                                              cite powders, pastes and liquids into life-like, flowing
is hidden in the                                                 controlled by unseen forces that
                                                                 have plagued and manipulated                                   forms. The stunning array of images reflects a variety of
Apocalypse. It is a                                                                                                             patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture.
story that closely                                               humanity for thousands of years.
                                                                 David Icke exposes these forces                                These images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their
touches each and                                                                                                                visual beauty in portraying the inherent responsiveness of
every one of us, be-                                             and their methods of human con-
                                                                 trol and reveals a fantastic web                               matter to sound (vibration), but because they inspire a
cause we are living
in it. But Apoca-                                 NEW!           of global manipulation, orches-                    HOT!        deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this
                                                                 trated by forces beyond this                                   same complex and intricate vibrational matrix—the music
lypse need not be                                                                                                               of the spheres!
the picture of doom                                              physical realm. He exposes the hidden bloodlines,
                                                                                                                                Oversized hardcover edition, Vol I and Vol. II compilation
that some have sup-                                              through which other-dimensional entities live and operate           with hundreds of B&W and color close-up photos and
posed. It is a beautiful story of hope for a world that          unseen among us; and he shows how the bloodlines of the
                                                                 royal, political and economic rulers of today are the same                           color plates, 10 x 9, 312 pp. $60.00
surely needs it. Includes the difference between vibrations
per second in seven octaves and twelve perfect fifths, and       as those who ruled as the kings and queens of ancient          DARWIN’S MISTAKE: Antediluvian Discoveries
more fascinating information!                                    times.                                                         Prove - Dinosaurs & Humans Co-Existed
                                 5 x 8 P/B, 216 pp. $14.95                                       P/B, 6 x 9, 459 pp. $25.00                            Dr. Hans J. Zillmer—Yes,
                                                                 THE COMTE DE ST. GERMAIN: The Secret of                                                   there were cataclysms (among
ATLANTIS AND THE POWER SYSTEM OF THE                                                                                                                       them The Flood) in the course
GODS: Mercury Vortex Generators and the                          Kings I. Cooper Oakley The Comte de St. Germain                                              of history, but no, there was
Power System of Atlantis                                                                        was one of the most myster-
                                                                                                                                                                 no evolution. The Earth’s
                           David Hatcher Chil-                                                 ious characters in history—a
                                                                                                                                                             crust is relatively young and
                                  dress & Bill                                                 brilliant man with incredible
                                                                                                                                                             no more than a few thousand
                         Clendenon—Part I is an                                                    knowlege and because of
                                                                                                                                                            years ago, its poles were free
                                    unabridged reprint of the                                       this, traveled widely. He
                                                                                                                                                             of ice. Published in nine lan-
                                  rare 1990 book “Mercury:                                     was known as a mystic, phi-
                                                                                                                                                           guages, this international best-
                                      UFO Messenger of the                                           losopher, and master al-
                                                                                                                                                               seller pits the latest discov-
                                  Gods” by Bill Clendenon.                                      chemist who held the key to     NEW!                               eries and new evidence
                                    He researched “vimana”                                     immortality. The author was
                                                                                                                                                              against Darwin’s Theory of
                                    at a centuries-old library                                   able to procure documents
                                                                                                                                Evolution. The author, who owes his insights and exper-
                                   in India. See the resulting                                     and papers unavailable to
                                                                                                                                tise to numerous excavations he participated in, describes
                                   detailed diagrams of mer-                                       others during her years of
                                                                                                                                recent findings that—in line with suppressed results of
                                  cury vortex engines he de-                                   research, which allows some
                                                                                                                                other scientific research—prove what seems unthinkable
                                       veloped, which he be-                                   of the mystery to drop away.
                                                                                                                                to us today!
  HOT!                                 lieved to be the power                                        What emerges is a more
                                                                                                                                                               6 x 9 P/B, 292 pp. $19.95
                                    source of these vehicles,    complete and fascinating picture of the Comte de St. Ger-
                                     and probably of modern      main that deserves to be explored.                             DESTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS: Compelling
UOFs. Relive his strange personal UFO encounters, in-                      280 pp., Trade Paper, 6 x 9, Illustrated $22.95      Evidence of the Sudden Fall of the Legendary
cluding a meeting with a “Man in Black.” In Part II Chil-                                                                       Civilization Frank Joseph (Foreword by Zecharia
                                                                 COSMIC CODE Zecharia Sitchin—Many thousands of                 Sitchin)—All human cultures share the myth of an an-
dress explores intriguing theories of a power system uti-
                                                                 years ago, a race of extraordinary beings guided the evo-
lized in the ancient civilization of Atlantis that was based                                                                    cient deluge. What accounts for this shared myth of envi-
                                                                 lution of life on Earth—determining the existence and na-
on broadcasting power from enormous crystal towers. He                                                                          ronmental catastrophe? The author links this worldwide
                                                                 ture of mankind as we know it today. All powerful, all
presents a fascinating analysis of the broadcast tower                                                                          cultural phenomenon to the story of the lost civilization of
                                                                 knowing, the proof of their genius is apparent in the mys-
system developed by Tesla that used nearly identical prin-                                                                      Atlantis. In the most comprehensive account of this legen-
                                                                 terious monoliths at Stonehenge, and in the strange, but
ciples. Were the obelisks of ancient Egypt and Ethiopia                                                                         dary island, Joseph provides compelling evidence that At-
                                                                 highly significant structure of concentric stone circles in
part of a similar system? And what of the “terrible                                                                             lantis was at the root of all subsequent human civiliza-
                                                                 Israel’s Golan Heights—both requiring sophisticated as-
crystal” described by Edgar Cayce?                                                                                              tions.
                                                                 tronomical knowledge.
     6 x 9 P/B, 286 pp, b&w photos and drawings $15.95                                                                                            6 x 9 HB, 288 pp, Color Inserts $22.00
                                                                    Paperback, 298 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99

74     ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35
DIVINE ENCOUNTERS Zecharia Sitchin           $6.99                                          GIZA DEATH STAR: The                THE GOLDEN THREAD
FREE ENERGY SECRETS OF COLD ELECTRICITY                                                     Paleophysics of the                   OF TIME Chrichton
Peter Lindemann, D. Sc.—Finally, long-time Free En-                                         Great Pyramid & the                              Miller
ergy researcher Lindemann steps up and tells all. This                                      Military Complex at                    Miller has discovered
four-part book explains exactly how Edwin Gray, Sr., pro-                                   Giza                               that the most important
duced what he called “cold electricity.” Mr. Gray discov-                                                                      icon in Christian faith is
                                                                                            Joseph P. Farrell—This is          not what it seems to be
ered that the discharge of a high-voltage capacitor could                                     physicist, Joseph Farrell’s,
be shocked into releasing a huge, radiant, electrostatic                                                                       and that the cross really
                                                                                            amazing book on the secrets
burst. This energy spike was produced by his circuitry and                                        of the Great Pyramid of
                                                                                                                               was the most highly so-
                                                                                                                               phisticated and practical
captured in a special device Mr. Gray called his “conver-                                    Giza. Among the topics dis-
sion element switcing tube.” Nikola Tesla actually discov-                                                                     mathematical instrument
                                                                                              cussed in detail in this fan-    ever devised by ancient
ered this same effect, back in 1889. With the information                                     tastic book are: An archae-
in this book, you will learn what it took Tesla, Gray and                                                                      man, having patented the
                                                                                               ology of mass destruction;      working cross. Crichton
others decades to figure out. Using articles, patents, dia-                                  Thoth and theories; the ma-
grams, and photographs, Dr. Lindemann unravels the mys-                                                                        then went on to discover
                                                              chine hypothesis; Pythagoras, Plato, Planck, and the Pyr-        one in the Great Pyramid at Giza proving that the cross is
tery until the whole method is fully revealed. Now you        amid; the weapon hypothesis; encoded harmonics of the
can do it, too! This is the information free energy enthu-                                                                     older than the pyramid and that the pyramid could not
                                                              Planck Units in the Great Pyramid; the grand gallery and         exist without the cross. Making an investigative voyage
siasts have been waiting for.                                 its crystals: gravito-acoustic resonators; the other two
                           8-1/2 x 11 P/B, 130 pp. $29.95                                                                      from the pre-Ice Age peoples to the Freemasons of the
                                                              large pyramids, the “Causeways,” and the “Temples.”              present day, Crichton uncovers the mysterious and often
FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS —The forbidden                       Also: a Phase Conjugate Howitzer; Evidence of the Use of         tragic past of the real cross.
Legacy of a Fallen Race Andrew Collins—Collins                Weapons of Mass Destruction in Ancient Times; High                                              6 x 9 H/B, 355 pp. $30.00
reveals that the angels, demons and fallen angels of scrip-   Frequency Direct Current “impulse” Technology; How
ture were flesh-and-blood members of a race predating         the Giza Death Star Worked; and tons more in this fasci-                                             HARNESSING THE
our own. He offers evidence that they lived in Egypt (prior   nating and technical book!                                                                           WHEELWORK OF
to the ancient Egyptians), where they built the Sphinx and                              290 pp. P/B, Illustrated $16.95                                            NATURE: Tesla’s
other megaliths monuments, before leaving the region for                                                                                                           Science of Energy
what is now Eastern Turkey following the cataclysms that      GLIMPSES OF OTHER REALITIES—VOL. I                                                                     Thomas Valone—A
accompanied the last Ice Age.                                 Linda Moulton Howe—Discover the truth behind the                                                        compilation of essays,
     Paperback, 464 pages, 6"X9", 20 B&W Illus. $20.00        US Government’s cover-up of paranormal activity. Emmy                                                     papers and technical
                                                              award winning journalist Linda Moulton Howe presents                                                          briefings on the
GALACTIC ALIGNMENT: The Lost Knowledge of                     evidence that a non-human intelligence is interacting with                                              emerging Tesla Tech-
the Ancients John Major Jenkins—The Galactic                  earth, including information about recovered crash debris                                               nology and Zero Point
Alignment is a rare astronomical event that brings the sol-   and the transfer of human souls from body to body—                                                    Energy engineering that
stice sun into alignment with the center of the Milky Way     evidence of a mystery involving the entire human race.                                               will soon change the en-
galaxy every 12,960 years. Building on the work of his            365 pp., 8.5 x 11, many b&w & color photos & images          NEW!                                tire way we live.
book, “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012,” Jenkins demonstrates                                                            $45.00                                                    6 x 9 P/B, 288 pp.
that the end-date of 2012 does not signal the end of time,    GLIMPSES OF OTHER REALITIES—VOL. II: High                                                           $16.95
but rather the beginning of a new stage in the evolution of   Strangeness                                                      HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE Michael A.
human consciousness.                                                PB, 477 pgs., b&w photos illus., 11" x 8.5" $27.95         Cremo & Richard L. Thompson—
              352 pp., 6 x 9 PB, b&w illustrations $18.00                                                                      Graham Hancock, calls Hidden His-
                                                                  GODS OF EDEN:
GENESIS OF THE GRAIL KINGS: The Explosive                           Egypt’s Lost                                               tory Of The Human Race “One of the
Story of Genetic Cloning & the Ancient                                                                                         landmark intellectual achievements of
                                                                 Legacy and the                                                the late twentieth century.” Con-
Bloodline of Jesus Laurence Gardner—Drawing                          Genesis of
on pre-biblical documents,                                                                                                     densed from Forbidden Archeology,
                                                                     Civilization                                              this edition exposes a major scientific
this updated special USA edi-
tion of this international best-
                                                              Andrew Collins                                                   cover-up showing that people like
seller incorporates new color
                                                              Hidden deep below
                                                              Egypt’s Giza plateau
                                                                                                                               ourselves existed on earth millions of                NEW!
images and improved genea-                                                                                                     years ago. Paperback, 228 pgs.
                                                              is perhaps the key to                                                  black & white illustrations, 6 x 9
logical charts. With direct
                                                              unlocking the mys-                                                                                     $15.95
comparisons between Bible
                                                              teries of the Great
scripture and the original                                                                                                     HISTORY OF SECRET SOCIETIES Arkon Daraul
                                                              Pyramid. Built using
texts from which the Old                                                                                                           Almost every social system has produced its secret so-
                                                              a technology une-
Testament derived, a very                                                                                       HOT!           cieties. Here is a unique, sensational study of such socie-
                                                              qualed even today,
different and highly contro-                                                                                                   ties from the earliest recorded times to the present, and an
                                                              the ancient Egyptians
versial picture emerges. Here                                                                                                  analysis of their forms, rituals, and beliefs. Much source
are the documented records                          HOT!      claimed they inher-
                                                                                                                               material never before revealed is given by the author, who
                                                              ited their advanced
of the hermetic Phoenix, the                                                                                                   traveled extensively through Europe and the Middle East
                                                              culture from a race of Elder gods who lived during a pre-
Philosophers’ Stone and the                                                                                                    in order to track down stories of secret societies, and to at-
                                                              vious age known as Zep Tepi, the First Time. In his earlier
Tables of Testimony—records which give stunning in-                                                                            tend ceremonies held by clandestine organizations. The
                                                              companion book, “From the Ashes of Angels,” the author
sight into the Missing Link, active longevity, the transmu-                                                                    Charcoal Burners of Italy, the Castrators of Russia, the
                                                              provided historical and scientific evidence showing how
tation of gold, and the anti-gravitational science of the                                                                      Old Man of the Mountains, and the Gnostics are but a few
                                                              these Elder gods, who were the flesh and blood members
pharaohs. Adam and Eve were not the first man and                                                                              of the subjects discussed in the pages of this absorbing
                                                              of a race of fallen angels, founded ancient Egypt. Now, in
woman on Earth, but they were certainly the first of a                                                                         book.
                                                              “Gods of Eden,” he describes the remarkable achieve-
kind, and their explosive story—an account of ancient                                                                                               6 x 9 P/B, 256 pp., Illustrated $12.00
                                                              ments of their culture. He shows us how this great society
gods and genetic cloning at Shimti in Eden—was recorded
                                                              mastered acoustic technology and employed the use of             HUNT FOR ZERO POINT Nick Cook—A ten-year in-
2000 years before the book of Genesis was ever devised.
                                                              sound to raise heavy objects into the air and pierce holes       vestigation by award-winning defense journalist Nick
                                 6 x 9 P/B, 408 pp. $18.95    through solid rock; and with this technology, they con-          Cook proves that America cracked the gravity code and
GENESIS REVISITED Zecharia Sitchin—Space travel,              structed the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. With thorough         classified the technology at unheard of security levels.
genetic engineering, computer science—astounding              research and scholarship, he reveals the fascinating histor-     Picking a path through America’s most classified weapons
achievements that stunning new evidence proves were           ical destiny of this culture of fallen angels and the im-        programs, Cook follows a trail of detection that takes him
known to our forefathers millions of yesterdays ago, as       prints and legacies they left behind at the genesis of civili-   to Germany, hunting down a repository of technical se-
early as 3,000 years before the birth of Christ.              zation.                                                          crets buried by the Nazis 50 years earlier. (Acquired from
   Paperback, 343 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99                         480 pp., 6 x 9 PB, b&w inserts $20.00        a foreign distributor. May require significant delays.)
                                                                                                                                                            HB, 324 pps., 9" x 6" $44.95

                                                                                                                                  MORE GREAT BOOKS ON THE NEXT PAGE
                                                                                                                                    Number 35 • ATLANTIS                  RISING 75
JESUS, THE LAST OF THE PHARAOHS—The Truth                                                                                                                        10% Discount on
Behind the Mask Revealed Ralph Ellis—Traces                                                                                                                     orders of over $100
the history of the Egyptian royal family from the time of                                                                                                           (See page 81)
Noah through to Jesus, comparing Biblical and Historical
records. Nearly all of the biblical characters can be identi-
                                                                 MYSTERIOUS LIGHTS AND CROP CIRCLES Linda                                   PARANORMAL
fied in the historical record—all are pharaohs of Egypt or
                                                                 Moulton Howe—A fascinating adventure through the                         INVESTIGATOR’S
                                                                 magical landscapes of Wiltshire, England and beyond,
pharaohs in exile.                                                                                                                             HANDBOOK
                                                                 where beautiful swirled patterns appear from nowhere and
   Hardcover, 6 X 9, 320 pages, Color Illustrated $24.95         luminescent globes dance in and out of existence in front        Valerie Hope & Maurice
K2—QUEST OF THE GODS (Sequel to “Thoth”)                         of astonished observers. Emmy Award-winning investiga-           Townsend—A practical in-
Ralph Ellis—Quest of the Gods explains the design of             tive reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, uses level-headed sci-        troduction to many unex-
the Great Pyramid in great detail and it appears that its ar-    ence and analysis to back up the photographic and anec-          plained phenomena—from
chitect has specified a structure that contains a curious        dotal evidence. P/B, 7 x 5, pp, well-illustrated $19.95          ghosts and poltergeists to
blend of technology, lateral thinking and childish fun—yet                                                                        ley lines and out-of-body
this design can also point out the exact location of the leg-          MYSTERY OF THE CRYSTAL                                     experiences. The book
                                                                                                                                  gives an informed overview
endary ‘Hall of Records’ to within a few meters. Join the         SKULLS: Unlocking the Secrets
                                                                                                                                  of the current methods of                        NEW!
author on the most ancient quest ever devised, a dramatic               of the Past, Present, and
journey in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and to the                                                                        research used by real-life in-
                                                                                             Future                               vestigators and includes easy guides to investigating phe-
highest peaks at the very heart of the Himalayas...              Chris Morton & Ceri Louise                                       nomena for yourself. 6 x 9 P/B, 144 pp., illustrated
                             P/B with color plates $16.95        Thomas—A real-life detective story                                                                    $14.95
                                        KEY TO THE               of the ancient world with over-
                                        SACRED                   whelming implications for the modern                 HOT!        QUEST FOR ZERO-POINT ENERGY Moray B. King—
                                                                 one. Native American legend prophe-                              The theories of zero-point energy maintain there are tre-
                                        PATTERN: The             sied that at a time of great crisis for humanity, 13 life-size   mendous fluctuations of electrical field energy embedded
                                        Untold Story of          crystal skulls, said to contain crucial information about        within the fabric of space. King explains the following
                                        Rennes-le-               humankind’s true purpose and destiny, would be rediscov-         topics: Tapping the Zero-Point Energy as an Energy
                                        Chateau Henry            ered and brought together to reveal information vital to         Source; Fundamentals of a Zero-Point Energy Tech-
                                          Lincoln—“Holy          the very survival of the human race. The authors set out         nology; Vacuum Energy Vortices; the Super Tube; Charge
                                       Blood, Holy Grail”        on a quest to discover the truth behind this mystery. They       Clusters: the Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions;
                                       researcher Lincoln        journied from the ancient temples of the Maya to the             Vortex Filaments, Torsion Fields and the Zero-Point En-
                                        presents the latest      British Museum, the Smithsonian, and to the crystal labor-       ergy; Transforming the Planet with a Zero-Point Energy
                                      info on the Rennes-        atories of Hewlett-Packard, where sophisticated scientific       Experiment; Dual Vortex Forms: the Key to a Large Zero-
                                      le-Chateau mystery         tests on the skull—made from the same quartz crystal             Point Energy Coherence. Packed with diagrams, patents
                                             and the secret      used in today’s computers—lead to the conclusion, “This          and photos.
                                            caves. He also       skull shouldn’t even exist.”
                                      counters arguments                                                                                             224 pp., 6 x 9 P/B, Illustrated $15.95
NEW!                                                                                                6 x 9 PB, 400 pp. $20.00
                                         made against his                                                                         REALM OF THE RING LORDS—Beyond the Portal
                                          theories in other      NETHERWORLD Robert Temple—Drawing evidence
                                                                 from a range of sources, this volume examines the science
                                                                                                                                  of the Twilight World Laurence Gardner—Brings
books by other authors. Chapters include: The Shepherds                                                                           together for the very first time in one arena the mysteries
of Arcadia; The Priest, the Painter and the Devil; The           of prediction in the ancient world, contrasting the tech-
                                                                                                                                  of the legendary quests for the Ring and the Grail. From
Poussin Geometry Appears; Plantard & His Priory; The             niques and traditions of divination in the ancient world,
                                                                                                                                  Arthurian romance to the world of J. R. R. Tolkien, these
Pathway of Discovery; New Findings, more. For all those          contrasting the techniques and traditions of divination in
                                                                                                                                  stories are enveloped within the magical lore of El-
interested in Rennes-le-Chateau, Sacred Geometry, and            classical Greece, Rome and ancient China. (Acquired
                                                                                                                                  phame—however, the myths are based on no mere fan-
the “Lost Tomb of Jesus.”                                        from a foreign distributor. Shipping may require signifi-
                                                                                                                                  tasy, but on an engaging and continual history of real char-
                             6 x 9 H/B, 225 pp. $18.95           cant delays.)
                                                                                                                                  acters and events. Time-honored tales of fairies, elves and
                                                                                                       496 pp H/B $44.95          dragons have long carried a particular fascination which
LOST BOOK OF ENKI: Memoirs and Prophecies
of an Extraterrestrial God Zecharia Sitchin—                                                   NOSTRADAMUS:        THE            lingers in our collective psyche—a familiar but historical
                                                                                               LOST MANUSCRIPT: The               allure which is rooted in the far-distant realm of the
    The long-awaited companion volume to “The Earth
                                                                                               Code That Unlocks the              Scythian Ring Lords. Dealing with numerous aspects,
Chronicles” series that reveals the story of the seeding of
                                                                                               Secrets of the Master              from Sleeping Beauty to Robin Hood and Count Dracula,
humanity by inhabitants of Nibiru, the “12th planet,” and
                                                                                                                                  the author reveals how a prestigious sovereign heritage
the wars of gods and men; offers insight into life on Ni-                                      Prophet Ottavio Cesare
                                                                                                                                  has been strategically suppressed by parliamentary and
biru; explains why the Anunnaki space beings from Nibiru                                        Ramotti—In 1994 members           church dictate, facilitated by a forged document which has
initially came to Earth and why they eventually aban-                                              of the Italian National Li-
                                                                                                                                  controlled all monarchical and governmental practices in
doned humans to return to their native planet; a culmina-                                       brary in Rome found buried
                                                                                                                                  Western Europe for over 1,200 years.
tion of the author’s life’s work and research.                                                 in their archives an unknown
                 352 pp., 6 x 9, b&w illustrations $24.00          HOT!                         and unpublished manuscript                              405 pp. 6x9 HB. Illus. Index. $26.95

                                                                                                 consisting of 80 mysterious                                 ROUND TOWERS OF
                                                                 paintings by the famed prophet Michel de Nostradamus                                        ATLANTIS: Or the
Chemtrails and the Secret of Alternative 4                       (1503-1566). This manuscript, handed down to the
Tim Swartz—Sensational data obtained from the in-                                                                                                            Mysteries of
                                                                 prohpet’s son and later donated by him to Pope Urban                                        Freemasonry, of Sabaism,
ventor’s most private papers and kept under wraps by the         VIII, confirms the hidden chronology of Nostradamus’s
military and big business concerns. This book is for all                                                                                                     and of Buddhism
                                                                 quatrains discovered by the well-known Nostradamus
those who feel that the military industrial complex is at-       scholar, Ottavio Cesare Ramotti. Ramotti, a former pro-
                                                                                                                                                               Henry O’Brien—This fasci-
tempting to control our lives, our financial affairs and our                                                                                                    nating book, first published in
                                                                 gram analyst for the Interforce Electronic Center of the
belief structure.                                                                                                                                             1834 as “The Round Towers of
                                                                 Italian National Police, has dedicated the past 10 years to
                            155 pages, P/B, 7x10 $14.95                                                                                                      Ireland or the Mysteries of Free-
                                                                 decoding more than 600 of the quatrains of Nostradamus.
                                                                                                                                                                 masonry, of Sabaism, and of
LOST REALMS Zecharia Sitchin—With a visionary’s                                                     8 x 10, 176 pp. $16.95          NEW!                      Buddhism,” was an instant sen-
ardor and a scientist’s attention to detail, Zecharia Sitchin,   ONE FOOT IN ATLANTIS William Henry, James                                                     sation at the time, and was one
author of The Earth Chronicles, gives a stunning account         Roderick (Editor)—The secret occult history of WWII              of the first modern studies of Atlantis, Round Towers, pre-
of human interaction with celestial travelers. He also pro-      and its impact on new age politics. Includes F.D.R.’s            Christian Megalithic Architecture and Secret Societies. In
vides further proof that prophetic dreams, visions, UFO          search of Christ and the Holy Grail in Shambhala; the            addition to being a sourcebook on Atlantis research,
encounters, and other phenomena, are the hallmark of in-         race to discover Atlantean stargat technologies; angels          Druidic culture and origins of modern Celtic Christianity,
tervention by intergalactic emissaries who reach out from        and aliens in the White House; Atlantis in the stars; and        the book is a treasure house of ancient esoteric lore and ar-
other realms.                                                    the emergence of the New Atlantis.                               cane knowledge of the past.
   Paperback, 390 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99                                   Paperback, 240 pps. $16.95                                 6 x 9 P/B, 524 pp., illustrated $18.95

76     ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35
SAUNIERE’S MODEL AND THE SECRET OF                                                                    SECRETS IN THE                         TAPPING THE
RENNES-LE-CHATEAU: The Priest’s Final Legacy                                                          FIELDS: The                     ZERO-POINT ENERGY:
That Unveils the Location of His Terrifying                                                           Science and                      How “Free Energy”
Discovery Andre Douzet In 1916, Berenger Sauniere,                                                    Mysticism of Crop                 and “Anti-Gravity”
the enigmatic priest of the French village of Rennes-le-                                              Circles Freddy                    Might Be Possible
Chateau, created his ultimate clue: he went to great ex-                                                Silva—The author re-         with Today’s Physics
pense to create a model of a region said to be the Calvary                                             ports the history of cir-    Moray B. King—King ex-
Mount, indicating the “Tomb of Jesus.” But the region on                                                 cles, their nature and     plains, in a technical but
the model does not resemble the actual layout of Jeru-                                                symbolism, the issue of       easy-to-understand way,
salem. Did Sauniere leave a clue as to the true location of
his treasure? And what is that treasure? After years of re-
                                                                                                       man-made hoaxes, and
                                                                                                      gives the reader a vivid
                                                                                                                                    how free energy and anti-                          NEW!
                                                                                                                                    gravity are possible. The
search, Andre Douzet discovered this model, never col-                                               sense of what it’s like to     theories of the zero-point
lected from the model maker by Sauniere, who had died             NEW!                                  be in a circle just after   energy maintain there are
just before the model’s completion. Backed by evidence                                                      it’s made. He then      tremendous fluctuations of
showing correspondence between Sauniere and the model             presents a persuasive argument for the validity of the crop       electrical field energy em-
maker.                                                            circles as a transhuman event, discussing them in terms of        bedded within the fabric of space. This book tells how, in
 6 x 8, 116 pp, pictures and detailed drawings of the model       their production by acoustical, electromagnetic, and light        the 1930s, inventor T. Henry Moray could produce a fifty
                                                     $12.00       sources. Finally, he discusses the “themes” of each year’s        kilowatt “free energy” machine; how an electrified plasma
                                                                  crop circle season, and suggests their growing design com-        vortex creates anti-gravity; how the Pons/Fleischmann
  SECRET DESTINY                                                  plexity represents a progression of messages meant to re-         “cold fusion” experiment could produce tremendous heat
     OF AMERICA                                                   awaken humankind to the deep wisdom of the Earth.                 without fusion; and how certain experiments might pro-
    Manley P. Hall                                                     8 x 10 P/B, 319 pp., Color and B&W Photos $19.95             duce a gravitational anomaly.
    Back in print at                                                                                                                                      5 x 8 P/B, 190 pp., Illustrated $12.95
last, the story of how                                            STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Zecharia Sitchin—After
our continent was set                                             years of painstaking research—combining recent archaeo-           TEMPEST AND EXODUS (Sequel to “Jesus—Last
aside for the great ex-                                           logical discoveries with ancient texts and artifacts—             of the Pharoahs”) Ralph Ellis—Describes the dra-
periment of enlight-                                              Sitchin has identified the legendary Land of the                  matic discovery of large biblical quotation on an ancient
ened self-government.                                             Gods…and provided astounding new revelations about the            Egyptian stele. When compared to the biblical equivalent
Drawing upon often                                                Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and other mysterious monu-            the text appears to be two separate accounts, from both the
neglected fragments                                               ments whose true meanings and purposes have been lost             Egyptian and the Israelite perspective, of a conference in
of history, evidence is                                           for eons.                                                         Egypt discussing the way in which the biblical exodus
presented which indi-                                               327 pgs., illustrated, Paperback, $6.99 Cloth, $22.95           should be organized. The quotation thus has fundamental
cates that the seeds of                                                 STONE PUZZLE OF                                             implications for both history and theology because it ex-
the plan for the                                                        ROSSLYN CHAPEL                                              plains why the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant
founding of America                                               Philip Coppens—                                                   were constructed, why the biblical exodus started, where
were planted one                                                                                                                    Mt. Sinai was located, who the god of the Israelites was—
                                                                  Rosslyn Chapel has fueled
thousand years before                                                                                                               indeed, it even explains exactly who the Israelites really
                                                                  controversy and debate in
the beginning of the christian era. Whether discussing the                                                                          were and thus why the Torah, Bible and Koran were
                                                                  past centuries, and also re-
symbolism of the Great Seal of the U.S. or the mysterious         cently, because of several                                        written               P/B, color plates, 250 pages $16.95
stranger who swayed the signers of the Declaration of In-
dependence, the book shows how the brilliant plan of the
                                                                  world-bestselling books.                                                                   TEMPLE AND THE LODGE
                                                                  Revered by Freemasons as                                                                     Michael Baigent & Richard
ancients, concealed from the common view, has survived            a vital part of their history,
to the present day and will continue to function until the                                                                                                     Leigh—From the authors of the
                                                                  believed by some to hold                                                                        bestseller, Holy Blood, Holy
great work is accomplished.                                       evidence of pre-Columbian                                                                   Grail, comes a new book on the
                            Paperback, 200 pages $12.95           voyages to America, as-                                                                    origins of Freemasonry. Its mys-
                                          SECRET OF THE           sumed by others to hold                               NEW!                                    terious beginnings in the four-
                                          SHADOW                  important relics, from the                                                               teenth century through currents of
                                            Debbie Ford—          Holy Grail to the Head of Christ, the Scottish chapel is a                                   thought and political upheavals
                                          The personal expe-      place full of mystery. This book will virtually guide you                                 surrounding it in seventeenth-and
                                          riences of our lives    around all the enigmatic and important aspects of the               HOT!                      eighteenth-century Europe are
                                           can often cause us     chapel. The history of the chapel, its relationship to free-                                charted. “Compelling...sane and
                                                to reassess our   masonry and the family behind the scenes, the Sinclairs, is       informed...Written with gripping academic-detective
                                               self-perception.   brought to life incorporating new, previously forgotten           style.”—TorontoStar.
                                          But for some of us,     and heretofore unknown evidence. Significantly, the story                            PB, 306 pps. 36 b&w photos. $13.95
                                             these encounters     is placed in the equally enigmatic landscape surrounding
                                                                  the chapel, which includes features from Templar com-             UNDERWORLD Graham Hancock—A physical and in-
                                         can also instill neg-                                                                      tellectual journey, a worldwide exploration diving for the
                                          ative beliefs which     manderies to prehistoric markings, from an ancient kingly
                                                                  site to the South, to Arthur’s Seat directly north of the         underwater ruins of a lost civilization, this book bolows
                                          are adopted as true                                                                       cues in ancient scriptures and mythology and in the scien-
                                               facts about our-   chapel. The true significance and meaning of the chapel is
                                                                  finally unveiled: it is a medieval stone book of esoteric         tific evidence of the flood that swept the Earth at the end
                                            selves. We condi-                                                                       of the last Ice Age. This text explores the question of early
                                             tion our lives ac-   knowledge “written” by the Sinclair family, one of the
                                                                  most powerful and wealthy families in Scotland, chosen            humans swept away by the catastrophe. Who were these
                                                 cording to the
NEW!                                       limits imposed by      patrons of Freemasonry.                                           populations—pre-civilized hunter/gatherers or more so-
                                                                                         6 x 9 P/B, 124 pp., Illustrated $12.00     phisticated peoples altogether? The text is written as a per-
                                           these ‘shadow be-                                                                        snal adventure involving the reader in the travels, the prac-
liefs,’ and our lives become a shadow story. Continuing           SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS: INSIDE EARTH Timothy                         ticalities and the risks while developing the larger theme
the shadow work that made her a success with “Dark Side           Green Beckley—Is the earth hollow? Is our planet hon-             along the way, building up to the explosive revelation of a
of the Light Chasers,” Debbie Ford explains how each of           eycombed with caverns inhabited by a mysterious race?             global mystery. (Acquired from a foreign distributor.
our life-defining events is experienced for a reason, al-         Are there civilizations of super beings living beneath the        Shipping may require significant delays.)
lowing us to lead a life of direction and purpose. In this in-    surface of the earth? Are the residents of this subsurface                                       Hardcover, 752 pps. $44.00
spirational, solution-driven guide she provides a complete        world friendly, or do they have our domination in mind?
plan for release, and shows that if we stop viewing these         Here are strange and unexplainable legends of the “Wee            WARS OF GODS & MEN Zecharia Sitchin
events as obstacles, and instead embrace them as essential        People” the Dero, and long-haired Atlantean giants as en-            Paperback, 377 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99
ingredients for our life’s direction, then we banish our          countered by cave explorers, and miners trapped beneath
shadow story and unlock the passage to freedom.                                                                                     WHEN TIME BEGAN Zecharia Sitchin
                                                                  the earth. A new age mystery that is stranger than fiction!
                                 6 x 9 H/B, 240 pp. $24.95                      6 x 9 PB, 158 pp., b&w illustrations $15.00            Paperback, 410 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99

                                                                                                                                       GREAT VIDEOS ON THE NEXT PAGE
                                                                                                                                         Number 35 • ATLANTIS                 RISING 77
                                                                                                                                                           10% Discount on
     ATLANTIS RISING                                                                                                                                      orders of over $100
                                                                                                                                                                (See page 81)
     VIDEOS                                                   HARD-TO-FIND                                                 AREA 51 BASE: Is Area 51 America’s Hidden
         CLASH OF THE                                                                                                          Its existence is of-
        INVENTING THE                                         VIDEOS                                                       ficially denied by the
                                                                                                                           US Government, but
     IMPOSSIBLE Here, at                                                                                                   its buildings and run-
 last, is the story of a                                      ANCIENT POWER PLANTS                                         ways have been docu-
 handful of inventors bat-                                             AND ADVANCED                                        mented in Russian sat-
 tling to save the world                                                  TECHNOLOGY                                       ellite photos. The
 from industrial giants,                                   (from the 1999 Egypt In The                                     perimeter is patrolled
 like Ford, Morgan, Ed-                                    New Millennium conference)                                      by unmarked helicop-
 ison and their ilk. From                                  Christopher Dunn—Find out                                       ters and assault vehi-
 Nikola Tesla to T.                                        why researchers from around the                                 cles, and signs warn
 Henry Moray, from                                         world are praising Dunn’s theo-                                 intruders of “Deadly                                   NEW!
 John Keely to Pons and                                    ries. Explore how the pyramids were really built, and how       Force Authorized.” A
 Fleischman, the struggle                                  they were used. Dunn, author of The Giza Power Plant, is        scientist that worked
 to break through with world-saving technologies has       a professional engineer who understands how advanced            there claims it con-
 gone on for generations, but now a new breed of in-       technology operates in the modern world; and sees it            tains captured UFOs.
 ventors threatens to succeed where others have failed.    clearly in the ancient monuments of Egypt. Dunn’s re-           What is going on at
 Here is the story and the commentary of the geniuses                                                                      Area 51?
                                                           search is stunning.               VHS 240 min. $39.95
 behind many of today’s amazing discoveries in free                                                                           46 min. vhs $19.95
 energy, antigravity, rejuvenation, and much more.                                      ANCIENT SECRETS OF AL                                           CONTACT with the
                               One-Hour VHS $19.95                                      KHEMIT (from the 1999                                           Unknown Intelligence
                                                                                         Egypt In The New Millen-                                       Behind the Crop Circles
                               ENGLISH SACRED                                            nium conference) Stephen
                               SITES: THE                                                                                                                   This visually stunning docu-
                                                                                        Mehler—The oldest civiliza-                                     mentary shows you mysterious
                               ATLANTIS                                                    tion of Egypt was called Al                                     balls of light, their intelligent
                               CONNECTION Pow-                                           Khemit and Mehler has spent                                    behavior, their connection with
                                  erful evidence linking                                much time in Egypt exploring                                      the crop circles and their clear
                                  Stonehenge, Avebury,                                     its roots with the local wise                                     interaction with the human
                                 Glastonbury and many                                       men and their descendants.                                     mind. Mind-blowing images,
                                 other English locations                                      He has uncovered a com-                                       eyewitness accounts, recon-
                                   with an advanced an-                                 pletely non-traditional system                                 structions and original pieces of
                                 cient order now lost to
                                    history. Written and
                                                                                            of knowledge that does not
                                                                                          agree with the academic and
                                                                                                                            HOT!                       footage providing rock-hard ev-
                                                                                                                                                       idence of the presence of highly
                                    narrated by Atlantis                         scientific establishment, but has sur-    intelligent, non-human entities. This documentary con-
                                     Rising editor Doug                      vived through the centuries. This ancient     tains material that will change your view of this world for-
                                   Kenyon, the video is    wisdom was passed on verbally and otherwise; preserved          ever. Prepare to watch the most overwhelming evidence
                                   based primarily upon    by the keepers of wisdom. Mehler is an Egyptologist, field      ever documented of a non-human, unknown intelligence,
                                the discoveries of Cam-    archaeologist, and former Director of Research at the Kin-      present at this very moment in time—an intelligence with
                                  bridge-trained scholar   naman Foundation, Monuments of Giza project.                    a plan for mankind. A very informative documentary, su-
 and author John Michell. The program demonstrates           180 min. 2 videos $39.95                                      perb camera work, spectacular aerial and ground shots of
 how a mysterious network of perfectly straight                                                                            the best crop circles up to and including the year 2000, in-
 tracks, laid out for hundreds of miles across the Eng-        ANGELS DON’T PLAY
                                                           THIS HAARP: Advances                                            triguing eyewitness accounts, reconstructions and au-
 lish landscape, proves the great advancement of pre-                                                                      thentic footage of the lights.
 historic science.         Forty minutes VHS $19.95           in Tesla Technology
                                                           Dr. Nick Begich—The U.                                                                      51 Minutes VHS Video $19.95
         TECHNOLOGIES                                      S. Military’s zapper,
           OF THE GODS                                                                                                      CYMATICS: The Healing Nature
                                                           HAARP (High-frequency                                                                of Sound
     Overwhelming evi-                                     Active Auroral Research
 dence of the existence                                                                                                        Three-part composite tape: Cy-
                                                           Program). A ground-based                                        matics film by Dr. Hans Jenny (Vol.
 of high technology in                                     “Star Wars” weapon being
 prehistoric times, this                                                                                                   III), Interview with Dr. Peter Guy
                                                           tested in the remote bush of                                    Manners by Jonathan Goldman, and
 video shatters the or-                                    Alaska. This system manipu-
 thodox scenario for the                                                                                                   Muscular Therapy treatment with the
                                                           lates the environment and                                       Cymatic Applicator. The Dr. Jenny
 dawn of civilization on                                   mankind in unimaginable
 Earth. Now assembled                                                                                                      Vol. III from “Cymatics: Bringing
 in a devastating one-
                                                           and unnatural ways. This
                                                           video is based on what was
                                                                                                                           Matter to Life with Sound” is a visu-               HOT!
 hour documentary,                                                                                                         ally exciting and fascinating portrayal
                                                           named one of the most im-                                       of the interplay of vibration and form, energy and matter.
 hosted by Atlantis                                        portant books of 1996 by “Project Censored: The News
 Rising Editor and Pub-                                                                                                    The stunning array of images seen in these programs are
                                                           That Didn’t Make the News.” The U.S. Military’s first           actual physical phenomena—these life-like, flowing
 lisher J. Douglas                                         target is the electrojet: a river of electricity that flows
 Kenyon, are the com-                                                                                                      forms result from sound frequencies stimulating various
                                                           thousands of miles through the sky and down into the            liquids, powders, pastes and iron filings. There are no
 ments and evidence of                                     polar icecap. The electrojet will become a vibrating artifi-
 breakthrough re-                                                                                                          computer-generated images.
                                                           cial antenna for sending electromagnetic radiation raining
 searchers such as John Anthony West, Robert                                                                                                                   90 minutes vhs $29.95
                                                           down on the Earth. The U.S. Military can then “X-ray” the
 Bauval, Richard Noone, Colin Wilson, John Michell,        Earth and talk to submarines. But there’s much more they        CYMATICS: Soundscapes Dr. Hans Jenny—This
 Patrick Flanagan, Christopher Dunn, Zecharia              can do with HAARP. This video reveals surprises from se-        film focuses on the polarities of seemingly static struc-
 Sitchin, David Hatcher Childress, Edgar Evans Cayce       cret meetings.                                                  tures which are actually dynamic flowing forms.
 and others.                                                                                       2 hrs. vhs $29.95                                         30 minutes vhs $25.00
                             One-Hour VHS $19.95

78    ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35
HOT!                                                             HOT!                                                           HOT!
FROM PRISON TO PARADISE David Icke—Icke’s                        LIFE ON MARS? New Scientific Evidence The                     OF SOUND MIND AND BODY This comprehensive doc-
view of human history and who really controls the world;         press conference with Tom Van Flandern, former Chief          umentary surveys contemporary therapeutic uses of music,
a companion to the book, “The Biggest Secret,” by David          Astronomer for the United States Naval Observatory and        chanting, and vibrational toning. Deepak Chopra, Bernie
Icke. This is the presentation the publisher says Illuminati,    Brian O’Leary, former Apollo Astronaut trained for            Siegel, Don Campbell, Ray Lynch, Steven Halpern, Jill
which it calls the forces of global control, tried so hard to    America’s first manned mission to Mars. In this historic      Purce, Rupert Sheldrake and others add insights and share
stop—media interviews were cancelled, immigration offi-          press conference, scientists announce the discovery of        specific techniques.
cials turned up at the theatre to question his right to speak;   startling artifacts found among the 65,000 recently re-                    70 minutes vhs $29.95
pressure was applied to the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver,          leased NASA/JPL photos by Mars Global Surveyor. They
British Columbia, Canada, to cancel the event itself. The        believe these artificial structures are proof that Mars was       PERU’S MYSTERY IN STONE
book claims to show and prove who is really running the          once inhabited by an intelligent civilization.—”The               A Unique Look at an ancient
government, banking and medical facilities of the world!         Crowned Head”—the second face found on Mars;—                 Enigma Known as Marcahuasi, this
            VHS 3-video set, six-and-a-half hours $59.95         Gigantic perpendicular “T”-shaped crater; —”Glass             region in Peru is one of the planet’s
                                                                 Tubes”—a network of translucent underground tubes;            least explored mysteries! Hundreds
                                                                 “Giant Trees”;—Patterns of “Arranged Triangles” and           of bizarre shapes can be seen on this
                                            EVENING                                                                            12,500’ plateau in Northern Peru.
                                            WITH                 more.                                                         Recognizable images from Easter Is-
                                            ZECHARIA                                              Approx. 1 hr. VHS $19.95     land, Egypt and perhaps even Mars!
                                            SITCHIN                                                                            Who could have created these im-
                                                 Zecharia        MYSTERY OF                                                    ages that possibly date back to pre-
                                             Sitchin, inter-     THE CROP                                                      civilization? The answer from the
                                             nationally ac-      CIRCLES: The                                                  man who spent 50 years investi-
                                           claimed author        Cosmic                                                        gating may surprise you!                   VHS $14.95
                                           of The Twelfth        Connection
                                               Planet, The           An impres-                                                         QUEST FOR THE LOST
                                              Stairway To        sive television-                                                              CIVILIZATION
                                               Heaven and        style documen-                                                with Graham Hancock—In this
                                           Genesis Revis-        tary tracing the                                              acclaimed television mini-series
                                            ited to name a       history of Crop                                               Hancock traverses the world elo-
                                             few, presents       Circles to the                                                quently explaining his theory that a
                                              evidence for       present with                                                  highly sophisticated ancient civili-
                                            mankind’s ex-        credible theories                                             zation sailed the planet as early as
                                         traterrestrial ori-     about their pos-                                              10,500 B.C. spreading advanced
                                         gins and cosmic         sible meaning,                                                astronomical knowledge and
                                              connections.       function and ori-                                             building ancient monuments and
                                               Sitchin dis-
                                           cusses some of
                                                                 gins. Featured                                                observatories. Hancock points out                HOT!
                                                                 experts include                                               astounding similarities in giant
                                             the advanced        Colin Andrews,                                                stone structures in the Egyptian
knowledge possessed by the Sumerians nearly 6,000 years          Prof. Michael                                                 desert and Cambodian jungles, and on Easter Island and in
ago. Not only did they have the wheel and detailed writ-         Hesemann and                                                  Micronesia. Along the way he points out compelling
ings on clay tablets but also wrote of the planets in our        Richard Hoag-                                                 worldwide evidence of an ancient society of seafarers. All
solar system and knew the accurate distances between             land, to name a few.                                          three programs feature spectaular on-location footage
them.                                                                                                                          from many of the Earth’s most mysterious ancient lo-
                               2-hours 2-videos $34.95                                               90 min. VHS $24.95
                                                                                                                               cales.                      VHS 3-Tape boxed set. $29.95

                                                                                                                                    Number 35 • ATLANTIS               RISING 79
                                                                     THE SECRET NASA
                                                                  TRANSMISSIONS: ‘The
                                                                         Smoking Gun’
                                                                   From space shuttle cam-
                                                               eras comes startling evidence
                                                               that We Are Not Alone... On
                                                               March 11, 2000, in front of an
                                                               assembled audience of UFO
                                                               enthusiasts and the media, ev-
                                                               idence was presented that                                        THE SPHINX AND THE TOWER OF BABEL Grizzly
                                                               would appear to indicate the                                     Adams Productions—From the Pax TV’s “Encounters
                                                               existence of not one, but two                                    with the Unexplained,” this episode Includes interviews
                                                               types of unknown extraterres-                                    with Atlantis Rising editor Doug Kenyon, Boston Univer-
                                                               trial life forms. Labeled ‘Phe-                                  sity Geologist Robert Schoch, Christopher Dunn, Stephen
                                                               nomena One’ and ‘Phe-                                            Mehler and others (not the episode pictured here). Can we
                                                               nomena Two’ by a man who spent several                           discover what, if anything, is under the Sphinx? Is it pos-
                                                               years recording and logging thousands of hours of NASA           sible that even today, the Sphinx, stands guard over some
                                                               space shuttle transmissions, this “historic” footage and the     still undiscovered chamber? Archaeologists and geolo-
                                                               story that lay behind its discovery can now be revealed...       gists square off as the Egyptian government declares:
                                                                                                    90 Min. VHS $24.95          hands off! Also, some argue that much of the hatred and
                                                                                                    SHROUD OF TURIN:            animosity in the world today can be traced to a single
                                                                                                       Is It the Burial         event... The confusion of language at the Tower of Babel.
                                                                                                   Cloth of Jesus?It is         New discoveries fire the debate. (Available in May)
                                                                                                 just an ordinary piece of                            VHS approximately 46 min. $15.95
                                                                                                      old linen cloth, but it
                                                                                                     has been subjected to
                                                                                                     thousands of hours of
                                                                                                   intense scientific study
                                                                                                                                    CD ROM
                                                                                                       and is the subject of       DUAT CD Magazine
                                                                                                 heated and controversial              Featuring video inter-
                                                                                                  debate. Is the Shroud of         views and footage, audio
NEW!                                   REMOTE                                                     Turin the silent witness         interviews, exclusive
                          VIEWING METHODS:                                                         to the greatest event in        articles, high resolu-
                                                                                                   human history? And is           tion diagrams and
           Remote Viewing Methods & Remote                                                          the face so hauntingly         photos, major
Influencing Basics                                                                                    etched into the fabric       names in the alter-
Presented by Lyn Buchanan—This two-tape set con-                                                 the face of Jesus Christ?         native history
tains all the latest on the controversial science of “Remote   NEW!
                                                               NEW!                                   46 min. vhs $19.95           genre—Robert
Viewing.” Lyn Buchanan worked for military intelligence                                                                            Bauval, Robert
as one of their star “Psychic Spy/Remote Viewers.” Now                                                                             Temple, Erich von
for the first time, in this video you can learn remote                                                                             Daniken, Rand Flem-
viewing and remote influencing techniques developed by                                                                             Ath, Ralph Ellis, Alan Al-
one of the top experts in this field.                                                                                              ford, John Anthony West—                   NEW!
                            Two Tape Set, 4 hrs. vhs $49.95                                                                        plus many more, new writing and
                                                                                                                                   cutting edge research, all on CD Rom.
                                                                                                                                       Issue One Available in September 2002 $12.50


                                         NEW!                                                                                         LIFE ESSENCE SERIES—with
                                                                                                                                      Book, “Return to Harmony”
                                                                                                             NEW!                  Created by Nicole Lavoie—Utilizes Sound Wave
                                                                                                                                   Energy technology that instills in sound frequencies
SCIENCE: Behind Closed Doors Science Fraud. Ge-
netically Modified Food, Genetically Modified Animals,                                                                             specific nutrients for enhancing health and well-
Human Cloning, HAARP and Cold Fusion. Scientific ad-                                                                               being. These CDs act much like a tuning fork, they
                                                               SPACE: The Secret History Discover the hidden his-                  remind our cells of their ideal vibratory rate, and
vancement without limitation is a recipe for disaster. Now     tory of space exploration. Learn how some of the most
you can judge for yourself the dangers of real scientific                                                                          the re-entrained cells will begin to match energy of
                                                               dangerous events were concealed from the public and how             the nutrients.
controversies that affect our lives today.                     several of the greatest heroes went totally unrecognized.
                                  6 hours. 6 tapes. $99.95                                      120 Min. 2 Tapes $34.95                                   4 CD Set with book $99.95

80   ATLANTIS RISING • Number 35
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■ BOOKS, TAPES, ETC.                      MICROHYDRIN LONGEVITY’S missing
                                          link. Anti-Aging Miracle Revealed. Au-
                                                                                       ■ OPPORTUNITIES
MYSTICAL      ARCHAEOLOGY     Hand        thor, scientist, child prodigy Patrick       MAKE MONEY. Distribute Atlantis
carved replicas with embedded histo-      Flanagan’s greatest invention. Nobel         Rising to friends. Buy 25 or more
ries. Toll Free brochure 1-866-           prize submitted technology has now           copies at a 50% discount. Credit card
4SYMBOL.               made a miraculous natural way to slow        orders call 1-800-228-8381
                                          down the aging process giving you
EDGAR CAYCE INFO:           more energy and alertness than ever
                                          before. One capsule is equal to 10,000
                                          glasses of freshly squeezed organic
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INNER CIRCLE INFO www.teachers-of-
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HEALING MUSIC tapes and CDs for all       TESLA TECHNOLOGY: The Multi-Wave
modalities.   Oscillator! Developed by George Lak-            does not constitute an en-
TACHYON ENERGY! Pain manage-              hovsky in the 1930s for use in French           dorsement by the publisher.
ment, neutralize EMF, Accelerate          clinics, the MWO is now available for           Any inaccuracies or misrepre-
                                          experimental use. Send $1 — for com-
health potential. Endorsed by Gabriel
                                          plete info pack. Zephyr Tech, POB 55,
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