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									UFO’s: What is going on?

       Paul Budding

The fact that so much of the best UFO cases occur near military bases gives the
game away for me. Roswell and Rendlesham are examples of this as is a more
recent case in Texas where UFOs were tracked on radar being escorted to a
massive military base. Hence, yes, there is a physical basis to the phenomenon
because it’s about human military craft. The mantra that always gets said by
witnesses is "Oh no, it can’t be because we can't design technology as miraculous
as this". But I am not being close-minded to discount that mantra. The reason why
it’s not close-minded is that the witness is never (and I mean 'never') qualified to
make such a statement. In the 70s and 80s Stealth was declared over and over
again as not ours, we can’t design this... and then America flew it in the gulf war
and said we designed it the decade before last. So the ET buffs then say "Well,
what about the strangeness?" Again, yes, in very rare instances there are strange
goings-on's in relation to UFO close encounters. I watched a program yesterday
whereby a UFO poured radiation all over a witnesses tree in the garden. Why the
hell would they do that? My answer is to reject that the belief that this somehow
proves that ETs travelled from Zeta Retculi, only to select a random woman in
Philadelphia and sprinkle her garden trees in sliver radiation so as to make them
look like Christmas trees. I think it a lot more likely that in these strange goings-
ons they are human intelligence that is simply messing with random humans...
showing off, attention seeking... knowing fine well that the witness will be thinking
that she’s witnessing an ET craft. And why do witnesses instantly jump from
outright rejection of ET to the ET hypothesis when they witness this stuff?
Because it’s the cultural position in the modern west. In another century we would
have said gods, or fairies. Now we say "the greys". We haven't advanced at all on
this one... because I think that 80 or 90% (maybe even more) come to an ET
conclusion when this happens. They don't think enough. If they did then they
would realize that the Nazis were working on this stuff in the 1930s. At the end of
WW2 leading German scientists (who had worked in service to the Third Reich)
were captured by the Americans in Operation paperclip and taken to the
Southwest of the U.S. The U.S. military activity takes place in the country and
desert areas of America (not in the famous cities!). That is for obvious reasons.
Then in 1947 in a little country place called Roswell the most famous UFO
incident in U.S. history happened. Nice timing (fits with Operation paperclip), and
nice geographical location (Southwest U.S... fits with Operation paperclip).
Moreover WW2 was a massive motivator for societies to massively improve on
craft design. So little surprise that there has been massive leaps in technology here.
All of the best UFO incidents are human but because the craft is so exotic the
witness thinks "hey we can’t do that so ET is real". If I ever witness a UFO then I
will think it was made on earth... but I don't live near a military base so the chances
are low.


I am confident that much of the abduction phenomena can be explained by high
radiation or technology impacting on the witness and inducing a trance-like altered
state of consciousness. The individual loses track of time in this mind-state and
generally is disorientated. Again, I think that this sort of experience is extremely
rare indeed and that it will occur more in the U.S. (and Canada) because it is in that
part of the world where the craft technology exists due to the fore-mentioned
Operation Paperclip. The German experimental designs will have been perfected
decades ago. Amazing technology will exist. For example anti-gravity technology
was being worked on in the 1960s according to John Haule. (private
correspondence). Haule is a thinker within the field of Depth Psychology and he
worked in Universities in the 60s and knew of such research going on then. It’s no
big deal… except that some people think that this is impossible now despite it
being half a century later.

The U.S. has secret technology that is cutting edge that they want know one to
know about. Why else would they put Area 51 in a desert with no road signs within
miles of the place? So we should EXPECT exotic technology. Indeed, it should be
more surprising if the U.S. did not have exotic craft technology. As for Great
Britain, it too has star-trek looking craft (some of which has been publicly
revealed). And Britain’s most famous ever case not surprisingly occurred at a U.S.
military base right next to Britain’s nuclear weapons.

Let’s return to the issue of Operation Paperclip… it isn’t a wild speculation to
suggest that these former Nazi scientists would have felt at home working in
secret. Why should it be expected that they would respect open government when
the society that they derived from had just spent years trying to defeat open liberal
democracy in a world war?

It is very true to say that those within the U.S. air force are often bewildered by
their own experience. Maybe they think they have access to truth by being an
insider. But secrecy has levels. For example those who have previously worked at
Area 51 have stated that they were only allowed to know about the project that
they were working on. They couldn’t walk around and observe what other workers
were doing. They would even draw curtains to maintain the secrecy. So secrecy is
layered. By definition not much can be said about it. But what can be said is that
it’s an effective way to dissolve systematization and thus, dissolve tracking…
especially if privatised and possessing no link to Congress. A Washington Post
investigation said that ‘control’ is lost in the U.S. black budget world.


There is every reason for those who operate without control to keep quiet about it.
It’s not a conspiracy so it will not be considered a wrong-doing.
Those with the most secretive power are human as opposed to ET’s: they have
wife, kids, home-life etc. But do they consider coming into the open concerning
their power? I think not!! Their technological innovations would make them an
absolute fortune in $$$. The innovations will result in technologies that end up in
the mainstream free market capitalist economy. Thus they possess wealth. And no
doubt they prefer to operate without interference; hence there is also freedom for
them that is guaranteed so long as they remain secret. Moreover some of them will
be proud that the U.S. has this, e.g., anti-gravity technology and thus think this is
for the best for the free world.

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