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                                             INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS

After School Activities students must have a sponsor to stay after school for any activity, club, or help
session. Students must report to their activities no later than 2:15 PM. You must sign-up before the end of each day
you intend to stay on the bulletin board in the cafeteria during lunch, or before school. (Bueltemann)
* ATTENTION students: Do not exit the building after school if you plan to stay for an afterschool activity. Once
  you go outside, you are not allowed to come back into the building for an activity. (Kozdron)
Date       Week           Time                           Events                                     Where
10/26-30   Week                      Red Ribbon Themes:                                 See information below
*10/26     Today                     "Drugs and I don't go together”.                   Wear mismatched clothes
*10/28     Wed.                      "Drugs are Knot for Me"                            Wear your favorite tie
*10/30     Fri                       "Team up Against Drugs"                            Wear your favorite longhorn or
                                                                                        sports team shirt!
*10/26,    Today,     Afterschool    6th Gr. Homework Center: Must sign up in           Room #3322
28, 29     W., Th.                   the cafeteria bulletin board. (Hyatt/Moelm)
*10/26,    Today,     Afterschool    Cross Country: *See information below              Meet in room #3222 (Jackson)
28, 29     W., Th.
10/26      Today      Afterschool    Wrestling practice (Taylor)                        Small Gym
                                      th    th
*10/28     Wed        Afterschool    7 & 8 Grade Math club will meet on Wed.            Room #3206
                                     instead of Monday for this week. Please sign
                                     up in the cafeteria. (Ramirez)
*10/28     Wed.       Afterschool    6th Gr. Math club: Sign up in cafeteria            Room #3326
10/28      Wed.       Afterschool    Science In Motion (Granger)                        Room #3323
10/29      Thurs.     Afterschool    Beginning Tennis (Granger)
10/27      Tues       7:30 pm        All District Choir Concert                         Touhill - UMSL
10/28      Wed.       3:15 pm        Wrestling tournament time has been                 Central Middle
                      *3:00 pm       changed to start at 3:00 p.m. not 3:15.
                                     Participants will leave West Middle about
                                     1:50 p.m. Everyone is invited. (Taylor)
10/29      Thurs.     Afterschool 6th Grade Fall Mixer                                  See information below
10/29      Thurs.     6th period  World Music Day (Burks)                               Gym
11/1       Sunday                 Daylight Saving Time ends                             Set back one hour
11/4       Wed.                   Cross Country District Meet
11/10      Tues.                  Mix-It-Up Day
11/12      Thurs.     Afterschool 8th Grade Mixer
11/19      Thurs      Afterschool 7th Grade Mixer
* Please join us in celebrating Red Ribbon Week POSTER CONTEST: All posters should be in color on an 8 1/2 " X
  11" sheet of paper (regular size paper). The poster must include Parkway West Middle School and a "Safe and Drug
  Free" message. All entries should be turned into your grade level counselor by November 5th. The top entries will be
  placed on a Dominos' pizza box in December. Winners’ art work will be displayed in the school. (White)
Cross Country is for runners on the roster. All meet participants must have a navy blue West Middle t-shirt to wear on
  race day. T-shirts may be purchased at the school store. Dress in layers for the cooler weather! (Jackson)
Collecting gently used warm winter coats for Coat-A-Kid, Inc. until Friday, 10/30. Drop off your coats in the boxes
  outside your grade level counselors’ office. Thank you for donating to children less fortunate than yourself. (Rowe)
* Last week for West Middle Art display in the Parkway District board room. (Taylor)

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