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					Online Backup and Local Storage There are many thoughts as to where is the best place
to back up your data - There are a couple of considerations to make, but on the whole -
get your data off-site and as far away as possible. Local backups to network attached
drives, or tapes are all well and good, and in most cases are a fast and handy way to
recover data in the event of a loss, but what happens if this local solution fails? Local
storage devices can certainly fall over, so if it's your only backup safety-net - what do you
do in this circumstance? Â As I've mentioned, if your data is stored off-site, and a local
data issue occurs, it is a simple case to get operational again. What happens if thieves
break in and steal all of your computer equipment - including your local back-up
devices? What happens if your building is affected by fire or flood? Get your data off-
site! Â Local backups are an excellent idea, they are fast and easy to work, and are quick
and easy to restore data from should you need to. I'm not enforcing the idea of getting
rid of these devices - far from it, but I am advocating supplementing them with a
common sense off-site storage solution. Â Apparently, film director Francis Ford
Coppola was broken into last year; all of his computer equipment was stolen - as well
as his backup drive. He lost 15 years of computer records including family photographs
and film scripts.  An automated online secure backup system is the way forward. By
installing a simple piece of software, you can instruct your computer to send automatic
back-ups over the internet at pre-determined times. This software does not noticeably
slow your computer down, and can be programmed to back-up at convenient times, as
well as send multiple generations of files to the backup data-centre. Â The beauty of
sending your data over the internet to be backed up, is that operator errors are reduced -
i.e. the computer will not forget to perform the back-up, and does not need to rely on a
staff member taking a disk or tape off-site with them. Â Data is sent to be backed up in a
secure encrypted format, meaning only you can unlock the code and decipher the data
should you need to perform a data restore - it is all done automatically, and is easy to
operate - in-fact, most people install the software and let it get on with its work. Logs
are sent by email confirming successful backup, and any errors are reported immediately.
 Typical off-site storage costs have came down greatly over the last few years, and for
the price of a cheap meal out, your data can be safe, secure and located off-site
automatically. Online secure data backup - Better be safe than sorry. Why not look at a
cost-effective online secure data backup system. Free Trial Available. Andrew Beatt - - a business necessity, not a luxury.

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