Laptop Locks - How to Stop Laptop Theft by MarijanStefanovic


									Laptop Locks - How to Stop Laptop Theft For the average notebook owner a laptop lock
is the quickest and easiest way to protect your computer. But what is a laptop lock? If
you've ever worked in a office you will definitely have seen a colleagues laptop sitting on
their desk with a metal "block" attached directly to it and cable leading away from it.
However, successfully using a laptop security lock requires a simple understanding of the
four key components being: The notebook itself The lock device The cable What the
cable is attached to. The Notebook You've probably never noticed but most notebooks
manufactured in the last decade come with a special lock hole already built in. Generally
speaking you'll find the slot on the sides (towards the back) of your laptop - it will be
oblong shaped. The Lock Device The best way to understand the locking device is to
think of the kind of padlocks you use to secure a bicycle - these are usually tube shaped.
And you can lock it by either (a) using numbers - known as a "combination lock" or (b)
using a key - known as a "keyed lock". Attaching The Cable Every laptop lock has a
cable which is attached to the locking device. And where you attach the cable is
absolutely critical in determining how safe your laptop will be. Again this is very similar
to when you lock your bicycle up. So, attaching the cable around the leg of chair won't do
much good if the chair isn't fixed to the floor. But attaching it to the leg of a fixed desk in
the office will be a far better solution. Kensington is recognized as the market leader for
the best laptop locks and are so dominant in this area that you'd be forgiven for thinking
that there are no other suppliers. Similar products are available from companies such as
Targus and Belkin. However, laptop security locks are taken so seriously by major laptop
manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba that their notebooks come as
standard with the security slot identified with the Kensington security logo. A laptop lock
is inexpensive and takes about five minutes to setup. So don't make the fatal mistake of
thinking it's too difficult or costly to protect your notebook. Find the latest information,
videos, tips & tricks on laptop locks and kensington products by visiting

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