How to Shorten Your Golf Swing by MarijanStefanovic


									How to Shorten Your Golf Swing Should you learn how to shorten your golf swing? The
ONLY reason why you would... is because you are not physically capable of making a
full backswing. If you are not willing to work on your golf flexibility, then the only
option would be to learn how to shorten your golf swing. What Happens When You
Make Less Than A Full Swing?
1) Lack of clubhead speed - resulting in shorter distances with every club.
2) Inconsistent timing - making it harder to duplicate good swing mechanics.
3) No torque - your core stores a lot of power via torque. This is from a big rotation.
    Smaller rotation equals less torque, which equals less power and again distance.
4) Less confidence - when you make a shorter backswing you typically know you're not
    going to hit it very far which affects your mental side of golf. The Benefits Of A
    Shorter Backswing. Doing a shorter swing makes it easier to get back to the ball since
    you know where the club is. This can create better ball contact and straighter shots. A
    perfect example of a short backswing that is successful on tour is Zac Johnson, and he
    still hits it LONG. He is one of the better ball strikers on tour. Tips On How To Make
    A Shorter Swing Focus on your left arm. When you are making your backswing, feel
    like your left arm is going to stop parallel to the ground. In reality it will be further
    than that, but this is a good starting point. Along with your left arm is your hands.
    Think of your hands only going slightly higher than your hip height. Again in reality it
    will be further. Improve Your Flexibility If you want to hit with power, you should
    incorporate simple stretches specific to your backswing. That way you won't have to
    learn how to shorten your golf swing. Do you want to discover the secret to creating
    more power and consistency in your golf swing, and eliminate ALL swing faults?
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