Common Terms and Descriptions For Users of Two Way Radios by MarijanStefanovic


									Common Terms and Descriptions For Users of Two Way Radios Everyone can
remember when they were kids and their first experience with two way radios at a play
ground or a friends house. What is it about radio communication that is so special? No
one is quite sure but for the actual inventors of the technology that experienced it for the
first time, the experience must have seemed close to magical. For adults though, radio
communication is usually far more utilitarian and their use of two way radios is governed
by numerous rules and regulations. What Do They Mean? This is why any conversation
about two way radios and the use of them will always be interlaced with abbreviated
terms, such as UHF, CB, VHF and FCC. All of these abreactions and many more just like
them all mean something that pertains to two way radios and their usage. For instance,
FCC stands for "Federal Communications Commission", which is the federal agency that
oversee all communications on public airwaves. Some are Slower and Some are Faster
UHF and VHF both refer to the frequency of radio waves. VHF is the abbreviation for
"very high frequency" and UHF stands for "ultra high frequency". If you were to hold a
long piece of string at each end and wiggle it gently it would adulate in such a way as to
create long smooth visible waves that passed by slowly or "infrequently". Now agitate
you hands aggressively and you produce shorter waves that contain more energy in them
that move at a quicker rate or more "frequently". Take a Look for Yourself This describes
exactly how radio waves move through the air, only instead of moving in a straight line
like the waves on a string do, radio waves move in all directions. To get a much better,
but still not yet completely accurate view if how radio waves move through the air,
simply throw a stone into a body of calm water and watch the waves move outward away
from the stones place of impact. Written by Domingo Mandelo. Now you can find more
info on Midland Two Way Radios plus 2 Way Radios

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