Countable and Uncountable Nouns

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                                                                                           ‫أضغط هنا‬
                                      Countable and Uncountable Nouns

                                        ‫األمساء اليت تعد واليت ال تعد‬

                     Countable nouns                             Uncountable nouns

                         ‫أمساء تعد‬                                      ‫أمساء ال تعد‬

              (a pen – pens), (an egg – eggs)              (ice, bread, milk, sugar, water)

                                               ‫مالحظات هامة‬
                           (a / an)                                     (a / an)
         I want a banana and an apple.                 Milk contains calcium.
         There is an orange in the fridge.             Water constitutes about 70% of the
                                                       Earth’s surface.

         I’ve got three brothers.                      There is much sugar in my tea.

        Test yourself
        Water (am / is / are) vital to life.
There are two glasses of water.
A window is made of glass.
                    (glass)                            (glass)

                                                       :‫مثال آخر‬
I bought a paper.
I bought some paper.
                    (paper)                  (paper)

advice                            money
bread                             luggage
news                              baggage
information                       work

                         [U]                [C]

Description: يعرض هذا الملف شرح للأسماء التي تعد والأسماء التي لا تعد