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      LEARNERS!             October 28, 2009         Vol. #11

                                                First Grade visits the Pumpkin Patch

                                               I am on a field trip. I picked a tall pumpkin. We went
                                               on a hayrack ride.
                                               I liked the slide there. It was fun.
                                                   By Camron

                                               Today I went to the pumpkin patch. I got a pretty big
                                               pumpkin. There was a big and
                                               a little slide. When I got back to school, my pumpkin
                                               was almost orange. I had a
                                               very fun time. The hayrack ride was fun. Now the
                                               pumpkin patch is my favorite!
                                                    By Grace

                                                           Character Word of October:

                                                 Accepting a difficult situation without giving a
                                                 deadline to remove it.

If your child is going to be absent or
tardy, please call the office by 8:45
a.m. so teachers can be notified of
your child’s absence/tardy that day.
Thank you in advance.

            Elmont Skating Party
          Wednesday, November 4th
              6 p.m. to 8 p.m.                  On Tuesday, October 27th, Rotary Club members Kathy
                                                Gross & Rick Tanner distributed dictionaries to all Elmont
                  $3.00                         3rd Graders. This is the seventh year for this project and one
                 Sk8Away                        that is so beneficial to the students in the Seaman School
                                                District. A BIG thank you to the North Topeka Rotary Club.
                                                                                         FREE SCREENING
Monday ...Tonys Pizza                                                                    Have you ever had a concern about the way your
Tuesday …Chicken Patty                                                                   child is walking, talking, or playing? Maybe you
Wednesday …Chili                                                                         have wondered about your child’s development. If
Thursday … Breaded Beef                                                                  so, please be informed that the Seaman School
Friday …Quesadilla                                                                       District Special Services Department offers free
                                                                                         monthly screenings for children ages 0-5. Areas to
Please make checks out to SEAMAN FOOD SERVICE
                                                                                         be screened are speech/language, motor, cognition,
                                                                                         vision, hearing, and social/behavioral skills. If
                                                                                         you would like to have your child screened please
                                                                                         call 575-8670.
                       Don’t forget that this
                     Sunday, November 1st is
                    the day we turn our clocks                                                     Santa’s Wor kshop
                           back 1 hour.                                                  Shawnee County Parks & Rec is
                                                                                         offering a Santa’s Workshop at Elmont
                                                                                         Elementary on Thursdays, Nov. 12th
Calendar                                                                                 through Thursday, Dec. 10th from
                                                                                         4:00 p.m.-5:15 p.m. (no class Nov.
October    29-30       No School/Parent Teacher                                          26th). The fee is $25.00. Registration
                                                                                         forms can be picked up in the office, or
November       4       Skating Party 6-8 p.m.                                            you may call 286-0676 to register.
                       at Sk8Away
               6       Bobcat Bonus
              12       District Wellness Night/SMS                                       Office Depot is taking care of education!
              19       Picture Re-takes
              19       Elementary Band Fall                                           Every time parents, students and school
                       Concert                                                        supporters give our school’s 5% Back to
                       7:00 p.m. at SMS                                               School’s ID number when buying qualifying
                                                                                      school supplies at Office Depot, Elmont
             23        Channel 49 Weather                                             receives credits equal to 5% of the qualifying
                       Presentation to 4th Grade                                      purchases to use for FREE SUPPLIES!
              24       3rd Grade to Stone Nature                                      So next time you shop at Office Depot, please
                       Center                                                         remember to use our School ID #.
           25-27       Thanksgiving Break
                                                                                      Elmont’s School ID # is:                      70039230
December        2      Winter Program at SHS

                                                                                                 Elmont Mission Statement-
Remember to check for updates on our                                                  Elmont Elementary will provide a supportive
webpage, then click the                                                environment in which individuals actively
                                                                                      participate to become confident, responsible
Elmont link. Go to the building calendar.                                             learners for life.

           AN EQUAL EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY AGENCY: Seaman Unified School District #345 does not
           discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, handicap, or age in admission or access to or treatment of employment in
           it’s programs or activities. Any questions regarding the districts’ compliance with Title VI, Title IX or the Title VI and Section 504
           contact the coordinator at 785-575-8600, 901 NW Lyman Road, Topeka, KS 66608.

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