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Properly Preparing for an Exam


Any student can tell you how much they dread exams, but you don't have to worry if you follow these simple tricks.

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									Properly Preparing for an Exam
As the demand for nurses continues to grow across the country, more and more individuals are choosing
to get their nursing degree and pursue a career in nursing. With all of the students flooding nursing
programs and receiving their nursing degrees, there are more than a few who have found themselves
struggling with their exams.

Test day can be an extremely stressful day for the majority of students, even and especially those
seeking a nursing degree. But this stress that students often feel the day of their examination does not
have to be debilitating.

With proper test taking
preparation the actual
day of the test can be
made as least stressful as
possible. When a student
is properly prepared to
take their test, they can
feel confident that no
matter what their final
score is they performed
to the best of their ability,
and rarely is a person’s
best not enough to allow
them to pass whichever
course they are being tested in.

Prepare Early
So the issue then becomes properly preparing for the examination. The very first step that a student
must take to fully and properly prepare for their test day is to begin early, very early, in fact.

A student who wishes to fully prepare for their finals or for any exam should begin their preparations
just as soon as the course begins. Starting one’s test preparations with study early will allow the student
to learn the material over time, avoiding the all too typical cramming session that often replaces, but
not fully, the progressive study of an entire semester.

Early preparation for an exam should take place every day in the form of study. To effectively learn the
material, and to therefore perform well on the test and prepare fully for the exam, a student should
plan time each day to review and study the lesson that was taught that day so that the information has a
chance to sink in and become fully engrained in the mind of the student.
Review Often
                                                        In addition to daily study of the most recent lesson,
                                                        periodic yet frequent review of past lessons should
                                                        also make up a section of the student’s daily study
                                                        time. By reviewing often the lessons of the course
                                                        that have been taught previously, a student will be
                                                        able to relearn or learn anew the material that has
                                                        been taught before.

                                                        This process of restudying past material for sections
                                                        of time every day will allow for the knowledge
                                                        offered by the lessons to become ingrained in the
                                                        mind of students. This preparation will then in turn
                                                        offer a student the greatest opportunity to succeed
                                                        in the class.

Eat Healthy & Get Enough Sleep
In the weeks leading up to the exam and on the day of
the exam especially, a student should strive to be as
healthy as possible as this will help their mind focus and
run effectively. Being healthy includes eating a well-
balanced diet that will give the student energy,
exercising regularly (one will be surprised at what a
difference regular exercise can have on their mental
function), and getting enough sleep.

By fully preparing all semester long through study and
living a healthy lifestyle, a nursing student will be able to
properly prepare for the day of their exams.

Photo Credit: albertogp123, ccarlstead, & NinJA999 via PhotoPin cc

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