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									5 Tips to Simplify Las Vegas Wedding Planning
Planning for a wedding in Vegas can be stressful. There’s so much to think about: the food, the colors,
the décor, the venue, etc.

The process can take months away from you when you should be cherishing engagement together with
the groom. The following are 5 quick tips to help you prioritize and simply your wedding planning so you
can spend more time with the people that matter most.

From the Guests Perspective
First, as much as the big day is about you, it’s also about the guests. If there were no guests, you’d likely
just dress in white with the groom in a tux and get married without much thought to food, colors, seats,
venue, etc.

A chapel would do. A simple bouquet of flowers would be sufficient.

In fact your Las Vegas wedding would resemble the more cliché image everyone carries in their mind of
those that elope. The truth is that it’s because of your guests that you go to such lengths to make there
any “planning” to be done at all.

So think like your guests when you begin planning. Do you want to be in a hot, overstuffed venue?

Do you want to be fighting over a tiny platter of food? You’ve come to honor the bride and groom,
would you prefer waiting in a line or having the ability to approach them to give your congratulations at
any time?

                                           Account for the number of people you expect to be there and
                                           get a venue size big enough to accommodate them all
                                           comfortably. If there’s going to be food, make sure there’s
                                           more than enough for every guest to return for seconds or
                                           thirds (obviously if you’re providing a full meal you’ll have the
                                           freedom to limit the food portions to just over one meal for
                                           every person to save money).

Set up a line or let people approach you. Make the format obvious in the invitation and keep your
conversations brief the day of the wedding.

Everyone wants to talk to you and there are only a few sweet hours to make it happen. Make sure every
guest gets that opportunity.

Think about the experience of the guests, and then plan the Las Vegas wedding to accommodate to
them. That’s only the first step.
Step two allows you to turn your focus away from the guests. Check out your budget early and often.

Get a set budget to spend on the wedding from those contributing and plan around those restrictions. A
smaller Las Vegas wedding probably won’t be able to afford 3 course dinners for all guests.

You need to know that before you order the catering. Figure out the budget you’re going to be working
with and then move to the other plans.

Date and Wedding Venue
Third, pick a date (which might need to take into consideration your family guests) and then begin
looking for affordable venues. You may run into a few
problems with wedding black out days or overbooking.

Pick a date. Pick a venue.

Try to reserve it. If the day won’t work for the venue,
then change the venue or the date.

Fourth, after the venue and date are picked, get your
invitations out. The sooner you get those out to the right
people, the sooner they can make preparations to come.

Fifth and finally, ask for referrals from your hired hands. When you get a venue, ask them about a good

Once you secure a photographer, ask them about good places for floral arrangements, etc. These
professionals work for weddings every day and network with each other.

They can help eliminate the stress of shopping around blindly with solid, reliable referrals. Ask all the
organizations you hire for recommendations on a particular aspect you have yet to investigate.

These five tips will help you prioritize and manage your time while planning your Las Vegas wedding.
These tips streamline your work and remove excessive tasks from your to-do list.

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