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One of the reasons why I suspect this phenomenon is 'human' is because
most of these cases occur in North America. And even Britain’s most famous
close encounter case (Rendlesham) occurred at a U.S. military base. ET’s
would have a more world-wide interest in humanity.
The first ever case (the Hills case) occurred in New Hampshire, U.S. You do
not hear of any French or German guys getting abducted. But whereas in the
NDE it’s clear what causes the altered state of consciousness (i.e., DEATH),
what would be the trigger in the alien abduction scenario? It would have to
be something that the U.S. possesses that the rest of the world doesn't.
Maybe it is something to do with the specific form of technology... high
radiation levels perhaps? That's my theory anyway.
The ETH crowd base their theory on eye-witness testimony. But the way it
always happens in sleepy conditions also makes me suspicious. The first ever
abduction case happened to Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills had travelled
for many hours from Canada to New Hampshire U.S. and were on a sleepy
road on a dark night. Other experiencers are abducted in the middle of the
night from their bed, others still on other sleepy roads at a time when 99% of
others are asleep. If 10 people got abducted from NYC in the middle of the
afternoon then that would outweigh all of the thousands of sleepy abductions
put together... easily.

Either the human craft dare not show itself over a major city or the aliens are
scared of city dwellers. I go for the former. The factor that unites almost all
of the so-called contactees is that they are less consciously alert than city
dwellers (abductees are either in bed in the middle of the night or on a sleepy
road at a time of night that is late enough to mean that its pitch black). Those
walking about in a crowded day-time city have to be alert all the time, e.g., so
that they don’t get ran over by a car, so that they are not late for their train
home, so that they see the taxi that they need to flag down, and so on and so
on. So the sleepy person starts off at a more unconscious level than the city
dweller. And they are more prone to fear as there is no one around to help
them. Combine this with the fact that a craft really is seen and you have the
conditions for potential altered state of consciousness… and maybe the
human occupants of the craft deliberately induce it. They either deliberately
cause the altered state of consciousness ‘or’ the technology that sends the
machinery of cars into chaos also has a similar impact on the human brain
and mind… and thus accidentally induces a psychocultural altered state of
consciousness in the human.

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