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					                The Next DHC Generation

Solar District Heating in France :
Developing and innovating


                                                9-10 October 2012
                                                 Brussels, Belgium
                  Mail :
The Solar Thermal Market and

  District Heating Potential
            Solar Thermal in France

• Current French Solar Market :

                  Stagnant for 5 years
              Solar Thermal in France

• Objectives : Figures from “Grenelle de l’Environnement”
  (integrated in the National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP))

                              +25% per year
            Solar Thermal in France

• Current market vs objectives :

                                      Objectives PPI
                We need to develop
                large systems if we
                 want to reach the

                                           Current market
             District Heating in France

• Inventory of district heating network :
       • 450 heating networks (>3MW)
       • 16 cooling networks (> 3MW)
       • Many smaller networks …

• They are mainly high temperature district network : >85°C
• But new low-temperature district heating are being build for
Status of Solar District Heating in France
               The first Solar District Heating in France

• New Ecodistrict :
   – 700 housings

• Location :
   – Toulouse

• District heating :
   – New network
   – Biomass boiler : 1250 kW
   – Operator :
               The first Solar District Heating in France

                                 Source : Jean-Pierre Larrouy, architect

• Specifications of the solar plant :
    – Solar Collector (Vaccum tube) : 464 m²
    – Working temperature : 54°C/84°C
    – Commisionning : 2013
• This installation will be monitored within the project « Smart Grid Solaire
  Thermique »
                A new solar collector for SDH

• Due to the high temperature of the current French district heating, the
  company SAED developed a specific solar collector

• Specifications :
    –   Standard loop : 184m² (aperture area)
    –   Technology : Evacuated Tube Collector
    –   Heat pipe made of aluminium (roll-bond)
    –   Two patents (SAED/CEA)
               A new solar collector for SDH

• The SAED Technology is designed for large installations :
   –   Simple hydraulic distribution
   –   Easy to balance
   –   Low pressure drop
   –   Black steel pipe fully welled
Challenges to overcome for SDH
   implementation in France
              High temperature district heating

• Temperature of DH :
   – Only 35% (9 500 GWh) of the heat is
     delivered by DH with temperature
     lower than 110°C
   – But it is more than 70% of the DH
• Opportunities :
   – Extension of DH network
   – Buildings retrofitting and reduction of
     DH temperature
   – Small district heating (P<3.5MW)
     unrecorded in this survey that are
     mainly with a temperature lower
     than 110°C and supplied from
     biomass boiler
                                               Source : SNCU Survey 2010
              Location of DH network

• Mainly in densely populated area :
   – Almost impossible to have large field of collectors on ground
   – Building integration is more or less required
Opportunities for SDH implementation in
             Financial opportunities

• Reduced VAT for energy of District Heating :
   – When more than 50% of renewable energy
   – VAT is reduced from 19.6% to 5.5%

• New building regulation :
   – When CO2 content of the DH is lower than 50g CO2/kWh
   – Lower constraints on the thermal losses of building
             Political opportunities

• « Grenelle de l’Environnement »
   – Local authorities can obliged end-users to be connected to DH in a defined

• « Grenelle de l’Environnement » and NREAP : objective 2020
   – Tripling the number of connections to DH networks
   – 76% of the heat delivered from renewable energy
    How to implement SDH in France?

Research project :

Case studies &
Dissemination :
              The first French R&D project about SDH

• This project is launched in order to :
   – Initiate a “new” business for solar thermal energy in France
   – Contribute to the ambitious objectives of the Grenelle of the
   – Improve the share of renewable energy in the energy mix of district

• Project :

• Objectives :
   – Develop Solar District Heating in France and realize a pilot plant
• Project duration :
   – July 2012 to December 2017
              R&D project

• A consortium based on complementary
  knowledge :
  –   Solar collectors manufacturers : Clipsol and SAED
  –   District Heating operator : Cofely
  –   Engineering companies : INDDIGO and TECSOL
  –   Solar Energy Research Center : CEA INES
                      R&D project

   • Work program :

                               Modeling, Simulation and lab test

Integration of Solar Energy in
     French DH network                     Development of specific
                                                                                  Business model
   - Existing french DH network                solar collectors
                                                                                  - Economic model
 - Centralized and decentralized               - Flate plate collectors
                                                                                     - Legal model
            solar systems                    - Vaccum tube collectors
         - Mid-term storage

                                             Pilot plants
                                       - Monitoring of Balma SDH
                         - Realization and monitoring of a new district heating
                The SDHplus project

• New IEE project launch in July 2012 , Follow-up of IEE SDH take-off project
• Objectives :
    – Actions for achieving a commercial market rollout of solar district heating in

• Our actions aim at:
    – stimulating and supporting commercial applications of solar district heating
    – developing and pilot implementing new business models for solar district
    – transferring know-how and creating cooperation of market actors at European
                The SDHplus project

• European Partner Consortium :

    – SDHplus involves 18 partners from 13 European countries, among them
      associations, enterprises and institutes of the district heating and solar
      thermal sector.

• More Information :
• Coordinator : Thomas Pauschinger, SOLITES
                 A first case study : Villeneuve

• The future Ecodistrict Villeneuve in Chambery
    – 500 housings

• District heating :
    –   There is an existing district heating in Chambery : 210 GWh, 160°C/110°C
    –   New network will be build for the Ecodistrict
    –   Low temperature : 75°C / 50°C
    –   Energy :
          • From the existing high temperature district heating
          • From solar Energy
                A first case study : Villeneuve

• Centralised solar system

• Another way of solar integration into the district heating is studied for this
  new ecodistrict Villeneuve in Chambery : decentralised solar system
                 A first case study : Villeneuve

• 9 differents hydraulics schemes are simulated with TRNSYS
    – Type of the connection to the district heating
    – « Self » consumption in the building (DHW, Space Heating)

• Objectives :
    – Optimise the solar production
    – Reduce the cost of solar Energy
    – Size the solar collector area and the storage volume
     A second case study : Montmelian

– Montmelian
    • Pioneer city in solar energy in France
    • 1200m² of collectors for 4000 inhabitants.
    • One (out of ten in France) city with Cit’Ergie label

– District heating of Montmelian
    • A new ecodistrict is planned with a district heating
    • 1000 housings
    • Study will focus on a high solar fraction district heating with seasonnal
• These projects are supported by :
   – ADEME through the Program of
     Renewable Energy Investments for the
     Future (Project Smart Grid Solaire

   – Intelligent Energy Europe program
     through SDH+ project (project
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