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									 The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and,
 in particular to encourage:
    The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service
                                                                                                                             The Bulletin of the
   High ethical standards in business and professionals; the recognition of worthiness of all useful occupations;
         and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society.
   The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business and community life.
                                                                                                                               Rotary Club of
 The Four Way Test                                                                                                      Patong Beach Phuket - Thailand
 Is it the TRUTH?                Is it FAIR to all concerned?
 Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? Will it be BENIFICIAL to all concerned?

                                           CLUB HONOUR ROLL
                                              Rotary Foundation
                Past Presidents              Sustaining Members                      Paul Harris Fellows

2001/02 C.P. Paiboon Upatising               Friedrich “Sam” Fauma                Arnaud CMC Verstraete *
2002/03   Jeroen Deknatel       Arnaud CMC Verstraete                             Friedrich “Sam” Fauma
2003/04   Neil Cumming          Bradley Kenny                                     Denis Carpenter
2004/05   Friedrich “Sam”Fauma Otho Beale "O.B." Wetzell III                      Brad Kenny                        *
2005/06   Arnaud CMC Verstraete Mark Pendlebury                                   Larry Amsden                      *
2006/07   David Arell           Wolfgang Muesburger                               David Arell
2007/08   Otho Beale "O.B." Wetzell III Gregory “WOODY” Leonhard Otho Beale "O.B." Wetzell III

2008-09 Michael Massey                      James de Beaujeu Domville

                                      Major Donors                                (* Multiple PHF)
               Benefactors              Level 2                                       Bequest Society
          Arnaud CMC Verstraete Arnaud CMC Verstraete                             Arnaud CMC Verstraete
                                                  DISTRICT 3330
          DISTRICT GOVERNOR                                Khun Thienchai Niyom

                        ROTARY CLUB OF PATONG BEACH — BOARD
          PRESIDENT                         Gregory “WOODY” Leonhard
          VICE PRESIDENT                    Norman Dawkins
          PRESIDENT ELECT                   Larry Amsden                                                                  Denis—photo Late afternoon Rawai Beach Phuket Thailand
          PRESIDENT NOMINEE                 Best Wanamakok
          IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT                             Michael Massey
          PAST PRESIDENT                                       Otho Beale "O.B." Wetzell III                                      Chartered 5th September 2001
          SECRETARY                                            Ingo Mueller
                                                                                                                         Volume No 4- Issue No. 18 - 3rd November 2009
          TREASURER                                            Kenth Nilsson
                                                                                                                              Meetings Tuesday 7.00pm for 7.30pm
                                        CHAIRPERSON — COMMITTEE
          SERVICES PROJECTS                           Bradley Kenny
          CLUB ADMINISTRATION                         Denis Carpenter
          MEMBERSHIP                                  Mark Pendlebury
          ROTARY FOUNDATION                           P.P. Arnaud C.M.C. Verstraete
          FUNDRAISING                                 Otho Beale “O.B.” Wetzell III
          PUBLIC RELATIONS                            Jeroen Deknatel                                                                   Visit our Website at
          SCHOLARSHIP                                 Larry Amsden
          SEARGENT AT ARMS                            Richard Arell
          BULLETIN EDITOR                             Denis Carpenter
                                                                                      NEXT WEEK — Tuesday 3rd November, 2009
          Tuesday 3rd November, 2009
Dinner Out— DAVINCI RISTORANTE—NAI HARN                                                     SAA Richard has booked Dinner Out at DAVINCI -
                                                                                            Nai Harn for your enjoyment
             Tuesday 10th November, 2009                                                    A GREAT MENU HAS BEEN OFFERED AT 500 BAHT— IN
          Konstance Doering & Aude Amondia—                                                 SEPARATE EMAIL—RICHARD HAS REQUESTED YOUR
                                                                                            EARLY REPLY by 31st OCTOBER -
           V. Doulos— FLOATING LIBRARY
                                                                                                       A superb evening is assured

                                                             CLUB PROGRAM 2009/2010
  NOVEMBER           Rotary Theme – Rotary Foundation                                                                 CO-ORDINATOR

 Tue          3      DINNER OUT— DAVINCI RISTORANTE & PIZZA - NAI HARN             ( & LOY KRATONG )                SAA RICHARD ARELL


 Mon          16     BOARD MEETING                                                                                   BOARD MEETING
 Tue          17     BILL BARNETT - Founder and Managing Director of C9 Hotelworks,
  Sat         21     FUTURE VISION FOUNDATION (1300—1700 HOURS ) PHUKET TOWN

 Tue          24     ABLE WANAMAKOK - FACE BOOK & ROTARY
  DECEMBER           Rotary Theme – Family                                                                            CO-ORDINATOR

 Mon          21     BOARD MEETING                                                                                    BOARD MEETING
 Tue          22     NO MEETING - CHRISTMAS

 Tue          29     NO MEETING - CHRISTMAS
   LAST MEETING - TUESDAY 27TH OCTOBER 2009                                       LAST MEETING - TUESDAY 27TH OCTOBER 2009
 SAA Richard welcomed all to the meeting and in the absence of                 O.B. The RUBBER DUCK RACE DAY event at
President WOODY— and asked VP Norman Dawkins to open the meeting.             Laguna on Saturday 7th November— your chance to
                                                                              have fun at Laguna and help charity. Dragon Boats ,
VP Norman opened the meeting and almost forgot to tap the gong.
                                                                              kayaks and raft race with a special cardboard box
Visiting Rotarians: Guest speaker — Khun Suchana Chaloemtoem                  race for the kids. Plenty of Fun for ALL—get your
                      RC Phuket South                                         DUCK for 150 baht—available from Woody's
                                                                              Sandwich Shoppe, Mike's Bikes, Phuket Radio
                      Adam Hantke
                                                                              91.5FM, Mom Tri's Boathouse, Kopi de Phuket and Lee Marine.
                      RC of Adelaide E.D.G.E.
                      South Australia                                         Michael Sat 14th November is the installation night for our sister club
                      Heidi Neyses                                            CENTRAL DAMANSARA IN KUALA LUMPUR. A project they are doing is to
                      RC of Hermeskeil Germany                                provide Computers at an orphanage . A great way to get to know our sister
                                                                              club—have great fellowship for a wonderful weekend. Check with Michael to
                                                                              book your spot and GET INVOLVED.
                                                                                                   Khun Suchana Chaloemtoem—guest speaker is an active
                          Don Mikel Hall
                                                                                                   Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Phuket South.
                          RC of Helsingborg
                                                                                                   Suchana has lived in the U.K.—did not like the cold (even
                          Sofiero Sweden
                                                                                                   VP Norman can attest to that) and moved to Bangkok—
                                                                                                   but her husband did not like it there so now live in
                               Rewi Chaney                                                         Phuket.
                              RC - Kerikeri                                                        Khun Suchana gave an excellent power point presentation
                          Northland New Zealand                               on the 100th Rotary International Conference in Birmingham England on
                                                                              21st—24th June 2009       - 3 Ms
Visitors:     - Simona Bazzoni (guest of Able—also attended last week)        -        MIND— REDUCED RATE—BOOK EARLY
              - Fritz Wimmer (partner of Heidi Neyses )                                MONEY— AIR TICKET
              - Teena Hantke ( wife of Adam)                                  MANAGEMENT— TAKE THE TIME & ASSIST THE FAMILY Register
                                                                              through the website—& pay on line—check R.I. plenary programs—BOOK
David - Announced more US Navy ships will arrive on 31st Oct— 2nd
                                                                              ticket—VISA if applicable—HOTEL                         The R.I. convention
November. Brad is currently meeting with the navy reps on Tuesday night
                                                                              will be in Bangkok in 2012 and in 2010 Montreal Quebec— . New Orleans in
and arranging three COMREL’s during their stay.
                                                                              2011.                                        Suchana learnt so much AND—
ComRel 1, Saturday 31 October 2009 – Baan Ao Nam Bor School –                 MADE MANY FRIENDS - GREAT FRIENDSHIPS— LEARNT MORE ABOUT
Ao Makham, 07:30 to 14:00,                                                    THE FOUNDATION—              The opening session in Birmingham was in two
ComRel 2, Sunday 1 November 2009 – Baan Nam Yen School - Patong, 07:30        sessions—each one with 15,000 people attending. This will also be similar in
to 14:00,                                                                     Bangkok. So much to learn to make it a successful R.I. conference
ComRel 3, Monday 2 November 2009 – Baan Bang Thong School - Kathu,
07:30: to 14:00,                                                                                                              Thank you Khun Suchana Ed
Larry A successful RYLA program in Trang— Denis accompanied the two
children from Home & Life and five from Phuket Sunshine Village to the five   SAA Richard asked for Who Am I—consensus was it was a little late with
day event and Larry brought them back— ALL exhausted after an exciting        another busy night. Richard provided some jokes to complete the evening.
week - A quiet trip home it would appear as they caught up on some sleep .
 ROTARY NEWS—Child mortality rate drops worldwide                                                      SOME INTERESTING WORDS
By Ryan Hyland and Diana Schoberg                                                          A FEW WORDS TO PONDER OVER AND TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE—
                                                                                           KINDLY SUBMITTED BY V.P. NORMAN      (Thanks Norman Ed)
A UNICEF study released in September shows a drop in child mortality worldwide.
Improved antimalaria measures and simple health practices have contributed to the          ACEREBRAL             - WITHOUT A BRAIN
decline of child deaths worldwide, according to a report released by UNICEF in
September.                                                                                 APROSEXIA             - INABILITY TO CONCENTRATE
The study showed that an estimated 8.8 million children under five died in 2008
compared with 12.5 million in 1990, a drop of 28 percent and the lowest since re-          CARDIALGIA            - HEARTBURN—MILD INDIGESTION
cordkeeping began in 1960, UNICEF says.
"These new figures underscore the importance of the work that Rotary does," says           DISCALCEATE           - BARE– FOOTED (LATIN—CALCEUS (A SHOE)
2008-09 RI President Dong Kurn Lee, who chose to focus on child mortality during           EXUNGULATE            - TO TRIM OR CUT NAILS/HOOVES
his term. "The great majority of child deaths are preventable, and most of them can
be prevented with relatively inexpensive interventions -- something as simple as a         FABULIST               - A LIAR
water filter, antibiotics, or a trained birth attendant."
The UNICEF report attributed the drop in child mortality largely to health interven-       FACINOROUS             - EXCEEDINGLY WICKED
tions such as immunizations, vitamin A supplements, improved prevention of
mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission, and the use of anti malaria mosquito nets.          FORMICATE             - TO SWARM LIKE ANTS
Although all regions of the world have made progress, millions of children still die                        “THE HOTEL IS FULL OF FORMICATING ROTARIANS”
each year, with 40 percent of those deaths occurring in the Democratic Republic of
the Congo, India, and Nigeria, according to the report.                                    GELOGENIC              - LAUGHTER PROVOKING
Lee's emphasis on reducing child mortality inspired clubs and districts to initiate new
                                                                                           HOMUNCULUS             - LESS THAN AVERAGE HEIGHT,
projects and come together for two international conferences devoted to the issue.
In 2008, more than half of all World Community Service health projects focused on                                  SMALL INSIGNIFICANT MAN
reducing child mortality, involving medical clinics, health care training, and nutri-      KAKISTOCRACY            - A GOVERNMENT BY THE WORDT CITIZENS
tion, according to Rotary International's ProjectLINK database.
Here are a few examples of innovative Rotary club projects that are addressing child       LIMACEOUS               - SLUG—LIKE
 Rotary clubs in Great Britain, Ireland, and Tanzania collaborated to form Rotari-       LUSUS NATURAE           - FREAK OF NATURE
ans Eliminating Malaria in Tanzania. The group used two Matching Grants and one
Health, Hunger and Humanity Grant to provide more than 200,000 mosquito nets to            MACROLOGY               - LONG & TIRESOME TALK A MACROLOGIST?
communities in and around Arusha.                                                                                      IS A BORE !
 To help improve maternal health, members of the Rotary clubs of Bagé-                   NYMPHOLOEPSY           - A PASSIONATE LONGING FOR SOMETHING
Minuano, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and Jackson Hole Supper, Wyoming, USA, are                                      UNATTAINABLE . ARE YOU A NYMPHOLEPT ?
establishing a center to collect and redistribute breast milk at a hospital in a low-
income area of Bagé.                                                                       OPSIMATH                - ONE WHO LEARNS LATE IN LIFE
 The Rotary Club of New Manila Heights, Quezon City, Philippines, launched a
project in 2007 to treat 90 children under the age of 10 for tuberculosis. Headed by a     PROCACITY               - PETULANCE , IMPUDENCE
Rotarian physician, the effort provides medicine and distributes food to the children.
                                                                                           PILGARLIC               - A POOR,WRETCHED BALD HEADED MAN
"It's important to recognize the progress we've made, and how we've made that pro-
gress," Lee says. "But we also need to acknowledge that there is still a great deal left    I love the last one - Now if someone calls me PILGARLIC I know
to be done in the area of child mortality -- and that there is a very great deal that we
                                                                                                       what they mean and can retaliate - eh Michael
as Rotarians can and should be doing."
                                                                                           I rechecked and it also said—2 : a man looked upon with humorous contempt
                                                                                           or mock pity - NOW NORMAN - them is fighting WORDS Ed
               Tuesday 10th October,2009                                                            BIRTHDAYS

                                             Konstance Doering &                             NO ONE THIS WEEK
                                               Aude Amondia—
                                           V. Doulos— FLOATING
                                            A check of this vessel is amazing.                      Who Am I ?
                                            I checked it out -
World War I had just begun when the freighter "Medina" was launched at
Newport News on August 14th, 1914. The ship was in service until 1948 and
                                                                                                     Who am I? -
                                                                                  Last Tuesday night 27th October
survived two World Wars. And when she was to be scrapped a Panamanian                   No WHO AM I this week
company purchased the then already "vintage" "Medina" and rebuilt her as the
passenger ship "Roma". But the ship's owners went bankrupt a few years later
and in 1952, Italian shipping company Costa acquired the ship and turned it
into the deluxe "Franca C". And when - 25 years later - Costa decided to            Sunset at Promthep Cape Phuket
retire the ship it was once again not bought by the breakers but by "Gute
Bücher für Alle e.V." ("Good books for all"), a Christian organization based in
Germany. The ship was renamed "Doulos" (Greek for "Servant"). Since then,
the former "Medina" has visited more than 500 ports, offering books, mainly
for those who normally do not have access to them. The onboard book store
has some 4.000 different titles (approx. 500,000 books can be stored on
board in total), from Christian literature to novels and university textbooks.
The crew aboard M/V "Doulos" is made up of volunteers who are not paid
but who carry all expenses themselves.



                                                              Thanks PP
                                                              Arnaud Ed

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