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									The Holocaust Center is a department of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
established in 1981 by Federation leaders, community leaders, volunteers, and Holocaust
survivors, to act as a "living memorial" of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Center is an educational resource center to educate public school students (K-12)
in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and northern West Virginia. The Center also provides
training to public school teachers about the Holocaust.

Our Innovation:

A number of Holocaust education curriculums exist; however, there is no standardized                    Holocaust Center
curriculum for Holocaust education in the region that would ensure a consistent and high-               Holocaust
quality experience for students. However, in Pennsylvania there is no state-mandate for the             Commission
inclusion of Holocaust education. Along with this educational climate, the number of Holocaust          CHAIR
                                                                                                        Hilary Tyson
survivors continues to decline. Their stories and memories are an integral part of Holocaust
education, and the Holocaust Center is making every effort to document and preserve their               MEMBERS
                                                                                                        Moshe Baran
unique and powerful experiences.                                                                        Shulamit Bastacky
                                                                                                        Michelle Browne
                                                                                                        Dr. Barbara Burstin, ex-officio
As of July 1, 2013, the Holocaust Center will restore the annual teacher training workshops as          Sidney N. Busis, M.D., ex-officio
                                                                                                        Daniel E. Butler, ex-officio
state mandated Act 48 credits have been reinstated.                                                     Rabbi Mordecai Glatstein
                                                                                                        Nachum Golan
Adding Value:                                                                                           Sam Gottesman
                                                                                                        Danny Greenfield
                                                                                                        Lori Guttman
Given the current context of Holocaust education, the Holocaust Center has developed a new              David Kremen
                                                                                                        Solange Lebovitz
program entitled regional educational program, called UpStander Ed. The Holocaust Center                Jeffrey W. Letwin, ex-officio
                                                                                                        David Murdoch
understands the need for a Holocaust education curriculum that will be relevant, engaging, and          Sr. Maureen O’Brien
accessible in the current educational climate. The Center has begun (and will continue) to design       Fritz Ottenheimer
                                                                                                        Paula Sittsamer Riemer
the curriculum, including a consistent "toolbox" of educational documents, methods, and                 Dr. Joel Schuman
                                                                                                        Barbara Shapira
activities.                                                                                             Edgar M. Snyder, ex-officio
                                                                                                        David Sufrin, ex-officio
                                                                                                        Ellen Surloff, ex-officio
UpStander Ed. has three primary goals. First, the program will serve as the standard for a              Hal K. Waldman, ex-officio
Holocaust curriculum in the region. This requires lesson content and teacher training that draws        Aaron Weil
                                                                                                        Sam Weinreb
from the events of the Holocaust                                                                        Dr. Yolanda Avram Willis

                                                                                                        Holocaust Center
Second, the program will engage students in understanding and analyzing specific components
of the Holocaust. Rather than structuring a curriculum where students are lectured and rely             DIRECTOR
                                                                                                        Joy Braunstein
heavily on a textbook, this program will focus on being interactive and appealing to a variety of
                                                                                                        SENIOR ASSOCIATE
students learning styles and abilities.                                                                 Samantha B. Chilton

Third, the curriculum itself will be interdisciplinary and designed to be grade specific, so that the   Jewish Federation of
                                                                                                        Greater Pittsburgh
Holocaust Center can maximize its influence in classrooms across the region. Although
                                                                                                        CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD
Holocaust education is predominately taught in History and Social Studies classes, this                 Louis B. Plung
UpStander program can be tailored to function effectively in other subjects, such as Literature,
Music, and Civics/Government.                                                                           Jeffrey H. Finkelstein

The Holocaust Center of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh is the most prepared of any
organization in Pittsburgh to take on the role of broad-scale education to K-12 grade public
school students regarding the Holocaust. In the tri-state area, we are the only educational
resource in the field. The UpStander Ed. program is led by an Education Advisory Committee
that is made up of local professors and both current and retired middle and high school
teachers. The Center has the relationships, the knowledge base, and the reputation to
successfully run these programs.
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