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									    What are the Documents Needed to Open a Bank Account in Ireland

In modern times opening a Bank Account in Ireland is fairly easy. You could open an account either
online or go to a branch and just sign up. Usually the process will take about an hour or so. And in most
banks you could begin depositing money the same day. But before you do all of this, you will need to
have certain documents at hand in order to open a bank account with your bank of choice. I will
continue to explain below.

There are Two Types of Bank Accounts:

Banks usually have two types of accounts to choose from. One type of account deals with personal
banking. This type of account is usually what most people sign up for since it is only the bearer (you) of
the account who will have access to it. Most bank account holders use it to deposit their paychecks and
also to pay their bills. The type of personal banking accounts available are the checking account, savings
and money market account.

The second type of bank account is called a business account. These types of accounts are usually used
by small to large corporations. Businesses may have an account there for depositing money, employee
payrolls as well as for paying bills. There is some overlap between the both but still they each have
different documentation requirements for each one. The federal government regulations are pretty
much the same from bank to bank as well as from account to account (checking, savings, money market,

What are the documents required to open a personal Account:

Federal government requires that you have certain personal identification documents to open a bank
account. These documents could be a driver's license, military ID (active military) or a US Passport as
well as a Social Security number and proof of address (apartment lease or utility bill). If you are a non
citizen you will also need to provide your alien registration number.
For online bank accounts the same process could be followed above. The only difference is that you will
need to photo copy the required documents and then mail them to the bank. The process to open the
online account may take longer to open since you will need to mail the documents over to them.

Documents needed to open a Business Bank Account

A business account tends to have a longer process in required documentation. In order to open a
business account you will need your personal identification (just like above) plus you will need your
business license or incorporation certificate. Even so you will need to check with the bank because it
may require a Memorandum and Articles of Association. If your business wants to accept checks and
electronic funds in your business name you will need to register a Fictitious Business Name (FBN) or a
Doing Business as (DBA) with your local department of records and file it with the county clerk.

NOTE: I almost forgot you will need to go in person to open a business account.

In conclusion, all accounts required documentation is fairly standardized across all banks. They do offer
a wide range of financial as well as account products which could benefit you in the long run. It is fairly
common for a person to have a checking account as well as a savings or even a business account. You
should always pay a visit to your local branch and speak to a bank representative. There he or she will be
able to help you select the right account or services to meet your needs.

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