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					Staff Development Day 5th June 2009 Teachers to come prepared with a pre-test of the first Text Type to be taught in Term 3 (as determined by prior Staff Meeting) Topic 9.00 9.10 Prayer LFTT: Review history, accountability, aims within the school Work with Stage Partners: Core Group (CG) to demonstrate - Analysis of Pre-tests - Develop student profile - Construct Planning Guide using Syllabus/Modules /LFTT text - Construct Pacing Guide for one Text Type Resources/ Organisation Smartboard Renee Lee Who


1. Pre-test 2. Proforma - Assessment Profile - L,T&W Planning Guide - L,T&W Pacing Guide 3. Documents LFTT Text English Syllabus English Modules (Access to Computer)

ClassTeachers Core Group Teacher for own stage (2 copies)

Core Group Teacher for own stage

11.00 11.30 1.00 1.30

Morning Tea Bernard Lunch Development of Games Purple Book - Investigate games needed Access to Computer - Photocopy Access to Photocopier - Compile with instructions in readiness for making

Aims: By the end of the day each class should have: 1. Developed a Planning and Pacing Guide for one text type to be taught in Term 3 2. At least one game photocopied, with instructions, in readiness for a parent helper to make.

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