Mass Air Flow Meters Quality Value Overseas Automotive GmbH by renata.vivien1


									Mass Air Flow Meters
           Quality & Value
n OE  equivalent product
n 100% testing – each unit tested before
n Warranty – claims handled locally

n Competitively priced to enhance margins

n Broad market coverage

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              Fit and Function
n Full   unit replacement
          not labor intensive
  n Faster,

  n Assurance of function

  n No need for specific tools

n No   Core Charges

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    Quality Design and Production
n   Printed Circuit Board
n   Platinum based hot
    film sensor
n   Quality assembly
n   Designed to perform
    to OE specifications

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    Component & Process Quality
n   OE quality
    n Components
    n Materials

    n Assembly

n   High performance
n   High durability

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