Obesity isn’t a disease

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					Obesity isn’t a disease
Dear Editor, I have seen “obesity “ up close. My mother was considered obese from an imbalance of hormones. I believe obesity is caused from overeating and a lack of exercise. People who become corpulent from medical issues should be cateriegorized under something other than obese. Excessive eating is one cause in obese people. In modern days, American people have become very lazy, and they eat too much and can’t burn calories. Fast food and greasy food should be controlled, and eating healthy can help, so there is no excuse. Also, excessive eating causes the stomach to stretch and hold more food with the extra food people need to exercise more to burn calories. A lack of exercise is the second cause of obesity. Getting up and exercising is very simple and easy. Not having the confidence or time is not an excuse. Doctors may call obesity disease, but people cam eat right and exercise to help she weight. Absence of self-control is a key factor of how people are becoming obese today. Overeating causes weight gain. Choosing to eat greasy, fatty foods and not exercising so their own fault, and I feel that it shouldn’t be labeled a disease. I think a disease is something medically wrong that you have no choice in hoe it happens.

Sincerely, Camri Dancy

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