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New York Times Newspaper by SEJWK


									New York Times Newspaper Editorial Paper Dear Editor: I am here to urge to not make kids in schools wear school uniforms. I just don’t think that theirs a reason why students should wear them. It just doesn’t make since to me and maybe many other kids. When wearing uniforms I think that they don’t prove anything. It doesn’t prove that we are smart because we wear uniforms. It doesn’t prove that we are respectful because we wear uniforms. Wearing uniforms it doesn’t help us with are manners. They just don’t prove anything. Students will get mad because of the style. We will have to wear the same thing everyday for school. Just wearing khaki pants and a blue shirt will get boring. We won’t be aloud to wear colorful clothes we can only wear dull clothes. We will get annoyed. Girls will get mad if we have to wear uniforms for school. Girls wouldn’t like to have to wear the same thing everyday to school. Girls would want to express their

style in school. Girls would get mad by not being able to wear nice and beautiful clothes to school. Girls need to be able to wear styling clothes not plain dull boring clothes. Those are my apian of why we shouldn’t have school uniforms. Students would feel upset and very mad. I hope you make a strong and good decision. Thank You I hope you make a good decisions. Sincerely, Julia Evans

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