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Safer, Faster, Cheaper, Refractory Removal


                                                                                  • Valves

                                                                                  • Riser Lines

                                                                                  • “Y” Sections

                                                                                  • Flu Gas Piping

                                                                                  • Catalyst Transfer Piping

                                                                                  • Aluminum Plant Digesters

                                                                                  • LP Separators
Technology for critical path components. HydroChem Refractory
Removal Technology is a field proven system that uses our powerful                • UNIPOL Rx’s

pumping equipment and customized nozzles to remove refractory                     • Tray Towers
from process lines and valves quickly and cost effectively.

Returning equipment to service faster. What used to take up to                    • Single shift process time
a week is now reduced to a few hours. The successful removal of                   • Reduced manpower
carbon impregnated refractory in riser piping systems and valves is
                                                                                  • Better surface prep
now safer, faster and less expensive. We have the specialized tooling
                                                                                  • Bulk removal
necessary and the operational experience to remove the toughest
                                                                                  • Remote operation
refractory materials used in the industry today.
                                                                                  • Personnel safety
Safety. Pre-engineered into every job we do. Strict safety measures
are built into every project we do. Special equipment training is
conducted at our two technology centers to ensure personnel                       • Bauxite

are aware of all hazards and potential safety concerns. Extensive                 • Vibe Casted Refractory
field experience combined with laboratory research has enabled                    • Polymers
HydroChem to develop the safest and most efficient techniques used
in industrial equipment cleaning today.

                                                                               5” thick Resco 17EC
                                                                               carbon impregnated
                                                                               refractory prior to
                                                                               removal. Final results
                                                                               shown in photo above.

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           Advanced Technology Solutions

       Experience Dramatic Time and Cost Savings

        Eliminate risks: Traditional refractory removal
        methods involve air hammers, falling debris
        and confined space entry.
                                                                                                               70” Riser after cleaning
        Time Savings: Most vessels and towers
        can benefit from the time savings and cost
        advantages that our Refractory Removal
        Technology offers.
                                                                     46” Globe Valve

        Removes Toughest Substrates: Polymers,
                                                                     HydroChem’s refractory removal technology has removed
        Rubber Linings & Coke fouling are just a few
                                                                     carbon impregnated refractory at speeds of up to 50 sq. ft. per
        examples of the tough materials and coatings
        that this versatile system can remove quickly                hour. On recent jobs we successfully removed approximately 200
        and efficiently.                                             sq. ft. of Resco 17EC carbon impregnated refractory in 4 hours,
                                                                     or roughly 50 sq. ft. per hour. Using widely practiced traditional
                                                                     methods of hydraulic chiseling, two laborers with average
                                                                     experience would need approximately 4 shifts or roughly 32 hours to
                                                                     complete the same job.

                                                                     On a Rx Riser we successfully removed 34 linear feet of 6” thick
                                                                     refractory at a speed of approximately 20 sq. ft. per hour. Using
                                                                     HydroChem refractory removal technology, this riser was relined and
                                                Before and           put back into service at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
                                                after photos of
                                                refractory removal
                                                process after
                                                2 hours .                                    MoarJet

                                                                                          2 man crew
                                                                                                                 Manual removal vs.
                                                                                            hydraulic          HydroChem automation.

        Vibe cast refractory                                                                        Sq. Ft.   10       20        30       40   50

                                                                                       Comparison of refractory removal times on
                                                                                       a recent 46” diameter globe valve project.

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