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									 On the Move
                Elizabeth                    advertising
                Brown,                       tools named
                Trulia                       Adriel Lares
              The San                        to its board
              Francisco                      of directors.
              online mar-                    Recently, he
              ketplace                       served as
for homebuyers, sellers,                     the business
renters and real estate        unit leader at Hewlett-
professionals appointed        Packard’s 3PAR Storage
Elizabeth Brown vice           division.
president of human
resources. Previously, she                    Bryan
held positions at LinkedIn.                   LeBlanc,
                David Eads,                   The Moun-
                Cloudwords                    tain View
              The San                         provider of
              Francisco                       mobile and
              cloud-based                     cloud testing
              translation      named Bryan LeBlanc
              manage-          to its board of directors,
              ment appli-      and he will also serve as
cation provider appointed      chair of the audit commit-
David Eads as vice presi-      tee. Currently, he is chief
dent of sales. He held vice    financial officer at Jive
president of sales roles at    Software.
                Alexander                     Tomita,
                Garcia-                       Skadden
                Tobar ,                      The law firm
                Agari                        named Jason
              The San                        Tomita as
              Mateo                          counsel and
              provider of                    he will work
              cloud-based      from the Palo Alto office.
email authentication tools     He represents clients in
named Alexander Garcia-        mergers and acquisitions,
Tobar vice president of        strategic sales, joint ven-
business and corporate         tures and debt and equity.
development. He is former
chief executive officer at                    Ralph
SyncTV.                                       Maltese,
                Mitchell                      Harvest
                Habib,                        Food Bank
                YuMe                         The organi-
               The Red-                      zation that
               wood City                     provides
               provider        much needed food to
               of digital      families in Santa Clara
               video brand     and San Mateo counties
advertising tools named        named Ralph Maltese vice
Mitchell Habib to its board    president of operations.
of directors. Currently, he    Previously, he served at
serves as chief operating      BPR Consulting.
officer at Nielsen.
                                              Steve Rossi,
                Brian                         Silicon Val-
                Harmon,                       ley Leader-
                Agari                         ship Group
              The San                         The San Jose
              Mateo                           nonprofit
              provider of                     organization
              cloud-based                     that repre-
email authentication tools     sents employers on issues,
named Brian Harmon vice        programs and campaigns
president of sales. Previ-     that affect the economic
ously, he held positions at    health and quality of life
Palo Alto Networks.            of the valley named Steve
                               Rossi to its board of direc-
                Jennifer       tors. He is the publisher
                James,         and president of the Bay
                               Area News Group.
              The Menlo                       Sarbiewski,
              Park invest-                    Anaplan
              ment firm
              appointed                       The San
Jennifer James as a                           Francisco
partner. She is former vice                   provider of
president at Blanc & Otus.                    modeling
                                              and planning
Adriel Lares,                  tools for sales, operations
                               and finance appointed
                               Mark Sarbiewski chief
The Redwood City pro-          marketing officer. Recent-
vider of digital video brand   ly, he was CMO at Clustrix.

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