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									          ACCEA Awards: Who can apply for what and how?

Awards are made locally (points 1-8) and nationally (Bronze to Platinum).
Progression and desirable support are shown below.

                                   LOCAL SCHEME: Points-based. Each Trust
             0                     establishes a committee of 10-15 members

                                                     NATIONAL SCHEME
           1-8                9                      Applicants require support of their
                                                     Regional ACCEA Committee
                              Bronze                 PLUS
                                                     Specialist Societies (BSG)
                     B        Silver                 Royal colleges
                              Gold                   AND/OR
                                                     Other national bodies (eg BMA, Medical
                                                     Women’s Federation , British
                              Platinum               International Doctors Association)

 ADDITIONAL            AMRC   Universities   DoH and other National
 modes of support             UK             Professional Bodies
 for Platinum applications

  1. Applications can be can be made for Level 9 via the local scheme
      and for Bronze via the National scheme. If a local application for
      level 9 is successful, the national Bronze application must be

   2. Level 9 and Bronze Awards are equivalent in value and prestige.

   3. Those who hold B Merit Awards can apply for Silver (easier) or Gold
      (more valuable) status.

   4. Applications for Platinum can be supported by additional
      mechanisms as shown.

   5. Anyone can write a citation in your support spontaneously as an
      individual. BSG will organise a sympathetic citation for all of those
      put forward on its ranked list.

   6. If you are successful for Level 9 and have asked for BSG support for
      Bronze or if you learn you have been successful in the previous
      round, at any level nationally (announced in the Autumn), PLEASE
      inform us so we can give support to another colleague
How are people assessed?
There are five domains (England and Wales)
   1. Delivering a high quality service: high personal clinical standards.

   2. Developing a high quality service – service innovation and

   3. Managing a high quality service: local service or (inter)national
      professional society management,(inter)national health policy

   4. Research and Innovation: based on achievement, papers and

   5. Teaching and training: based on student feedback, innovation,
      exam activities and (inter)national contribution to education.

The scoring system
ACCEA uses three scores for each domain:
Meets contractual commitment: 2
Above contractual commitment; 6
Excellent:                     10
You are not expected to be exceptional or even higher than average on all
There is some imprecision about whether these criteria relate to an
average or a comparison with those who hold merit awards similar to your
present one (see BSG scoring below).

Regional differences
Forms and a description of the English scheme are at:
The process is similar in Wales, but with a different web site
( It is slightly
different in Scotland (nominations, based on 6 assessment criteria are
made to SACDA: The Northern Ireland
works to a different timetable, with a closing date typically in July

BSG’s process
Application for the support of the British Society of Gastroenterology is
open to all consultants who are established members of the Society.

As a large society, the BSG is normally allowed to support 12 individuals
for Bronze Awards, 5 for Silver and 4 for Gold.

Each year in June the President Elect (Chair of the Committee) writes to
all consultant members of the BSG asking for those wishing to pursue an
award with support from BSG to send a completed ACCEA application form
by Sept 1st.
The Committee
ACCEA rules require a Committee to include the following:

ACCEA         BSG criteria for selection
Consultant    President Elect (Chair)
with merit    Nominated representative of Clinical Services and Standards
award (4)     committee (includes training)*
              Nominated representative of Education committee*#
              Nominated representative of Research committee*#
Consultant    An individual who served on the Trainees section 5-8 years ago
without       (previously Trainees In Gastroenterology [TIG])*
award (1)
Lay           Nominated representative from Patient Opinion or other patient
Member (1     organisation*
or 2 of:)     Chief Executive of the Society
              Suitably qualified member of the Trustees*

* Subject to approval by the Trustees


The deadline for final submission of forms and supporting documents to
ACCEA is usually in December or January. Because the process is
complicated, BSG can only support members who send their forms to us
on time.

 Applicants should therefore fill in the ACCEA form (and send it
electronically to Janet Bassett on by the Sept 19th

During September, each member of the Assessment Panel scores each
applicant using the criteria that are applied by the central ACCEA panel.

The Committee will work solely from a copy of your application that you

Members of the Committee will rank all applicants separately and submit
scores to the Chief Executive for collation.

In order to establish a wider and more discriminating range of scores,
BSG uses a continuous scoring system (0-10) anchored to the ACCEA
2,6,10 criteria and with reference to a level of service expected for the
merit level from which the individual is applying. This will not alter the
relative ranking of individuals, but will help achieve discrimination
between closely similar cases.

Scores are collated and totalled.
Individuals who are found to have been successful in the previous year’s
round, when announced during the autumn are normally removed from
consideration unless, exceptionally, they are trying for a yet higher award

A meeting or teleconference is held to verify, ratify and -under exceptional
circumstances- amend scores. Scores may be amended if an error is
discovered or in the case of individuals with very similar scores, on the
basis of a broader assessment of merit and the likelihood of success.

Discussions may also take place with Royal Colleges or Universities to
ensure that the widest range of assessments of merit are obtained.

A ranked list of (normally) 12 applicants for Bronze awards, 5 for Silver
awards and 4 for Gold awards is established and submitted

Sympathetic individuals are approached to write individual citations for
those on the ranking list.

Applicants submit their ACCEA form. BSG sends their ranked list and
supporting citations separately.

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