Environmental Scanning Overview Occupational Analysis

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					Environmental Scanning Overview
      Occupational Analysis
       Manchester Community College
          Educational Master Plan
             November 2010
Concerns and Disclaimers

      Alignment of Postsecondary Education, Connecticut General Assembly- Legislative Program Review
      Committee, October 6, 2009

Difficulty in Making Accurate Demand Projections
 “In general, the ability to forecast 10 years out the types of jobs that will be available
   in the future is limited, with projections accurate only about one-third of the time.
   There may also be a lack of awareness or limited use of these projections by
   postsecondary education institutions and students.    ”
Labor Force Projections

 Source: New England 2020 – Forecast of Educational Attainment
Source: New England 2020 – Forecast of Educational Attainment
Job Availability in the CT Employment Market

                 “August Employment Data Shows Small Hopes For CT
                 Job Growth”
                        “New England's Economic Outlook: CT And
                        NH Will Have Strongest Economies”
 October 2010
State Industry Trends by Sector
Source: CT Department of Labor
State Industry Trends by Sector
Source: CT Department of Labor
Back to the Future – Jobs Predictions from 1980
  Leisure consultant                      Artificial intelligence technician
  Materials utilization specialist        Aqua-culturist
  Medical diagnostic imaging technician   Automotive fuel cell battery technician
  Myotherapist                            Benefits analyst
  Relocation counselor                    Bionic electron technician
  Retirement counselor                    Computational linguist
  Robot technician                        Computer microprocessor
  Shyness consultant                      Cryonics technician
  Software club director                  Dialysis technologist
  Space mechanic                          Electronic mail technician
  underwater archaeologist                Fiber optic technician
  Others that come to mind are:           Fusion engineer
  Chief Technology Officer (CTO)          Hazardous waste technician
  Chief Information Officer (CIO)         Horticultural therapy
  Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)           Image consultant
  Chief Geographic Officer (CGO)          Information broker
  Chief Training Officer                  Information center manager
  Chief Privacy Officer                   Job developer
  Portal Administrator
  Health Informatics Knowledge Worker
  Bioterrorism Specialist
High Demand/Growth Areas
Health Occupations – Continued demand for health care
 workers. Pharmacy Technicians, EMT’s, Radiologic Technicians,
 Medical Lab Technicians, Surgical Technicians, Health
 Information Technologists, Mortuary Science, Vet Tech’s,
Chemistry and Biology- Area of national focus and connections
 to health care and emerging technologies
Hospitality – Lifestyle trends combined with sustained growth in
 job demand
Mid-Level Managers – Knowledgeable in business sector with
 liberal arts background and soft skills to communicate effectively
Emerging Trends
 Energy and Sustainability – Green Jobs
 Technology – Biotechnology, Green Technology
 Global Competency – Business Practices, Cultural Competencies,
  Global Awareness
 Niche Specialization
     Criminal Justice – Forensics, Intelligence Analysis, Computer Crime
     Business – Salesmanship, Supervision, Middle Management, Small
      Business, Quality Processes, Customer Service, Leadership, Retail,
      Insurance Specialist
   “Recognition Awards” – Recognition award upon completing a
    group of specialized courses in a given area.
   Existing Programs
 May need retooling to respond to economic realities and post
    -recession job demand:
     Manufacturing – rapid prototyping, advanced technology,
      Occupational Safety
     Education – more use of teacher assistants and aides
Description: The Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) in Instructional Assistance prepares students
to work as instructional assistants. The program emphasizes the philosophical, cultural, and linguistic
processes involved in teaching children. Students develop knowledge and skills required of the
instructional assistant through a combination of courses in methodology and practicum experience.
         Endorsements in ESL, bilingual, reading, storytelling, computer
        Information Systems – Focus on industry specific growth-
        applications, database, warehousing, networks, systems
        administration, cyber security
CT Department of Labor
Green/Sustainability Movement and CC Occupations

                       Paulien & Associates, Inc. September 2010

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