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                                         Psp Accessory - Blueye It Will Answer For You!
                                                                      By J. Lloyd

   Besides many accessories that PSP has acquired, once in awhile there is one that gets more and
more interest from people. It is Blueye. You can now take your calls without missing a strike. In fact, it
almost turns your portable audio supply into a Bluetooth headset and is a great PSP accessory.

Blueye fits inline between your own headphones and your PSP player. Blueye supports all players and
headphones that use 3.5 mm plugs; in other words any portable player or headphones you are might
have. If somebody calls you when you are listening to your music, Blueye will mute the music and
allow you to handle your call using your own headphones and a Bluetooth connection with your phone.
 This PSP accessory helps you listen to the music again after you ended the call.

Blueye also supports interactive voice control. This means you will not use your hands in order to
answer the phone; you just answer with your voice. It also has a Personalized Ringtone. For example,
when you receive a call, an audio stream turns into your very own ring tone in real-time.

Blueye has design signs that merge effectiveness with style. For example, did you know that the
Blueye buttons were designed so that they could be used with your gloves on? Blueye also has twin
microphones – Uniquely Blueye gives the option to use either the internal or a personally extended
external microphone. Whichever option you choose, you get to use your proper headphones as a PSP
accessory. For this PSP accessory, it is possible to choose from a variety of colors and one that best
suits your mood. Blueye has an open platform as it provides you with toolkits, hardware, interface
specs, and sample code forum. In fact, whatever you need to build Blueye into your own world and
allow the mobile phone to become your personal remote control. Blueye is a wireless bridge that acts
as an intelligent gateway between your mobile and anything you choose to connect Blueye to.

The Blueye turns any personal player into a Bluetooth hands free device that will work with your
Bluetooth mobile and as a PSP accessory. With a talk time of 10 hours, your mobile phone will power
out before Blueye does. So relax and enjoy your PSP games, PSP videos with this nice PSP
accessory. Battery life will vary depending on environment and mode of operation used. Charge via
USB. Any USB port (PC or MAC) will do. You can even use the USB charger that comes with your
PSP. It has a power capacity large enough to never let you down when you need it.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Web 2.0 is not a feature but a complete philosophy that has been designed into Blueye. It gives you
control and lets you choose where you want Blueye to be. Using the developer tools, you can use
Blueye to create your own functions. Blueye is an intelligent connectivity gateway between your mobile
and anything you care to connect Blueye to. So as a PSP accessory, it suits perfectly because it does
not distract you from your habits and it eases your experience. brings you the latest on PSP.  PSPs are very popular, and we want
to bring you the most up to date information online! Be sure to check out our latest information page on
PSP accessories.

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                                       PSP Downgrader - Downgrade Your PSP Now
                                                                      By Don

Most PSP users are unfortunate because they have to spend heavy dollars every month on getting
new PSP games that hit the market that are specially made for the PSP consoles. Then they might
also have to purchase all their favorite and music discs once more for the simple reason that the PSP
is not compatible with the DVD format. Sony has quite intelligently made the PSP retail only with the
compatibility of UMD, or the Universal Media Disc, which is once more a Sony product. With this smart
movie, Sony ensures that PSP buyers will have to purchase from Sony again and once more.

 This ruse of the PSP developers has come in for much flak, but Sony doesn't mind, it has additional its
business drastically. The brunt is borne by the PSP owners like you. However, let me tell you today,
there is a great solution for this problem. Within ten minutes, you can convert your redundant PSP that
works with only a few discs you have into a blazing multimedia center that can do things you never
imagined. This magic is achieved through a PSP downgrader. To downgrade your PSP you really only
need a couple of things. Firstly, you need a mini USB cable to connect your PSP to your computer.
Secondly, you need the correct downgrader to run and install the correct files on to your PSP. For
more info visit

 The biggest advantage of PSP downgrader is that you are making it compatible to play with all the
games and movie and music discs that you did before the PSP even happened. In fact, you can use
those same discs once again with your PSP.

There are several other advantages that you can get with a PSP downgrader. These are as follows:-

 (i) The PSP downgrader makes it possible for you to download homebrew games for your PSP and
play them. Since there are hundreds of good quality homebrew games available on the Internet for
download, it means that you might never have to buy any other UMD again.

 (ii) The PSP downgrader enables the PSP to be used certainly like a PC. You can connect the PSP to
your PC and swap data files from one device to the other.

 (iii) You can play all your DVDs on the PSP. That means, you can also store your movies and watch
them on the move.

 (iv) With the PSP downgrader, it becomes possible for you to download whatever music (in whatever
format you like) on your PSP and hear it when you want.

 (v) With a PSP downgrader, you can use your PSP like a universal remote control. This is the cause
why people with PSPs are looking to PSP downgrades with such high regard. There is one site that
have full videos to show how to go about PSP downgrades. Several such videos are available from the

 These are but some of the advantages one gets with a PSP downgrader. We can review by saying
that a PSP downgrader can convert your PSP into a total multimedia center.

If You Want To Download Unlimited PSP Music, Games, and PSP Movies, visit

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