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Air Guard stands up 232nd Operations Squadrondoc - Nevada - DOC


									Nov. 6, 2007

Growing Nevada Air Guard detachment becomes squadron
CARSON CITY, Nev. – An indication of the Nevada Air National Guard’s growth in southern Nevada, the Nevada Air Guard’s Detachment 1 based out of Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nev., recently changed its nomenclature to the 232nd Operations Squadron. The name change officially occurred Oct. 1 and was marked with an internal ceremony Oct. 31 to coincide with the birth date of the state and its Battle Born motto. Detachment 1 began in March 2004 with three airmen and has now grown into a squadron of 78 airmen including 52 full-time employees. It has had personnel in combat theaters of operation since the unit began. The detachment included the first Air National Guard pilot and sensor operator to complete the MQ-1 Predator Unmanned Aircraft School and it was the first Air National Guard unit to employ the AGM-114 Hellfire missile in combat. Today the squadron has 14 qualified unmanned aircraft pilots, six sensor operators, six mission intelligence coordinators and numerous maintenance and support staff. In her speech to commemorate the name change, Nevada adjutant general Maj. Gen. Cindy Kirkland said the growing squadron was a good example of increased interaction between the National Guard and the active-duty Air Force. “The 232nd Operational Squadron is full of highly efficient and highly effective Nevada guardsmen. This activation is just the beginning of the integrated association we are developing with the active duty,” Kirkland said. “It is a model being duplicated across the nation. This activation (of the squadron) is the result of several years of challenging efforts by past visionary leaders.” Despite the nomenclature change, the mission of the organization will not change. The squadron will continue to focus on its state mission of maintaining its presence with citizen-airmen to protect, support and more

2-2-2-2 Detachment becomes squadron strengthen Nevada communities and it is trained and ready to respond to the orders of the adjutant general and governor of Nevada and it will also continue its federal mission of training guardsmen to support Air Force advanced training, tactics development and testing when activated either voluntarily or by Presid ential authorization. -30-

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