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					Title: Forums - Talk And Make Money

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Summary: How would you like to talk about things of interest to you, and make money
doing it? If you have a website, you have a way: forums.

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Article Body: If you have a website about a topic you enjoy, you can make money from
discussion forums. Talk, post links to your site, get traffic. Traffic means money, right? If
not, try different affiliate programs or Google Adwords. The worst sites should get a
couple cents per visitor. Now here's how to talk and make money.

Search "forum" plus the topic of your site on Google or Alta Vista. For my first site, I
searched "backpacking + forum" and in the pages of results I found several good forums.
I also searched related topics like "hiking" too. You can also check, and other
sites that have forums on many topics.

Registration is usually giving your email address and choosing a password. Some forums
allow guests to post without registering. Once registered, browse the forum topics, and
post a response to anything, just to "learn the ropes".

Income From Discussion Forums

The point of posting in forums is to get readers to come to your web site. Sure it's fun to
give advice and discuss things of interest to you, but that's secondary. With that in mind,
do the following:

1. Always link to your site. If they don't allow any links, find another forum.

2. Don't "spam." Sales pitches will be removed. Offer honest advice, or express an
   opinion, then sign off with your name and the link to your site.

3. Ask for help from others. This is an effective and acceptable way to "advertise." Enter
   a topic like "Can I get some advice?" and post something like, "I just started a
   meditation site. If some of you would visit and tell me what you think, I'd really
   appreciate it." Have a link to the site. People love to help, and to give opinions, and
   they'll click on those ads while they're at your site.

4. Look at total "views." Many forums show the total times each "thread" has been
   viewed. When you see some with many more than others, get in on those, or start a
   new thread on the same topic. Go where the traffic is, and get some of it.
I didn't like the idea of forums until I made a few posts, and saw my traffic and revenue
climb for days afterwards. That convinced me. Just be polite, offer some value to others,
and always have a link to your site. Many other secrets of using forums are covered in my
newsletter, but this should be get you started. Talk and make money today.

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