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Aurora's respected dentist Dr. Flaviu Oltean sat down with Jeff Hopp recently to answer some
frequently asked questions about cosmetic dentistry, and explain some common cosmetic

( - July 27, 2013) Aurora, Colorado -- Dr. Flaviu Oltean, a dentist in Aurora, Colorado sat
down with Jeff Hopp recently to answer some frequently asked questions about cosmetic dentistry.

As far as what exactly cosmetic dentistry means, Oltean says it is “any dental procedure that positively
alters the appearance of your front teeth.” He went on to say that really any procedure done to the front
teeth is considered cosmetic dentistry, because of the visible nature of those teeth.

According to Dr. Oltean, teeth whitening are the most common cosmetic dental procedure. This is due in
part to it being relatively affordable and easy to perform. Patients are able to see noticeable results in a
short period of time. He says other cosmetic dentistry procedures he performs are dental bonding,
composite bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and crowns. These procedures can repair and
enhance the appearance of cracked, damaged, missing, chipped or irreversibly discolored teeth.

Dr. Oltean says there is a wide range of cosmetic procedures, ranging from simple teeth whitening to
more complex situations: “Sometimes cosmetic dentistry involves gum surgeries, orthodontic procedures,
and occasionally even oral surgery. We do our best to provide the best care for our patients going through
more intensive procedures.”

Dr. Oltean and his staff are known to provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere for all patients. They
provide complimentary consultations for cosmetic dentistry at Dr. Oltean’s practice, Tower Dental.
Oltean explains what patients can expect at a consultation for cosmetic dentistry: “It includes professional
photos of the teeth, and casts, or molds, of the teeth, as well as x-rays if needed.” A before and after
evaluation is also a standard part of the thorough service that Dr. Oltean and his team provide to every
cosmetic dental patient.

Tower Dental in Aurora, Colorado offers a wide range of dental services aside from cosmetic dentistry,
including prosthodontics, emergency dentistry, and general dentistry for the whole family. Because of
their proximity to Buckley Air Force Base, Dr. Oltean says they provide services for many patients
using Tricare dental insurance. Tower Dental is currently accepting new patients, and Dr. Oltean
welcomes requests for appointment via phone or online.

Tower Dental
1155 S. Tower Road
Aurora, Colorado 80017

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