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					                                         Resume of Mark Bernard                                DOB: 01/10/65
          To design software driven by the users needs, and carefully apply facilitating technologies to
          support this goal.

          Note that in each situation I was in charge of the entire project and was the sole electronics and
          software engineer. Please review the complete listing starting at page 3.

01/98-present Web Developer for Teletrade Auctions (
              27 Main St, Kingston, NY, 12401
              (845) 339-2900, Contact: Ian Russell (

              Designed and implemented a custom web auction catalog and bidding system for an internet
              auction house, selling around 1000 lots per day. Site features include extremely fast access, a
              search engine, approximately 100 hi-resolution lot images per auction (with thumbnails), user
              preferences tracking, over 30 months of searchable past auction results, and secure login and

05/97-present Web Developer ( and IS Consultant for Markertek
              812 Kings Highway, Saugerties, NY, 12477
              (845) 246-3036, Contact: Jim Veltrie (

              Designed and maintain a full online catalog and ordering system of 16,000 professional video and
              audio products. Site features include extremely fast access, a search engine, two indices, product
              cross-referencing, product photos, secure online ordering and customer list maintenance.
              Purchased and configured a Windows NT Server with Cold Fusion. Also presently consult for
              client’s in-house computer needs.

02/95-present Programming Consultant for Miller/Howard Invesments.
              141 Upper Byrdcliffe Road, PO Box 549, Woodstock, NY 12498 (845) 679-9166,
              Owner/President: Lowell Miller (

              Created an expert system in Visual FoxPro to evaluate stock market technical activity, suggest
              buy and sell rules, and maintain a portfolio of stocks.

01/86-present Senior Design Engineer for Woodstock Percussion, now consulting
              167 DuBois Rd, Shokan, NY 12481
              (845) 657-6000 x 422, Owner/President: Garry Kvistad (

              Designed computer hardware/software, audio electronics, and mechanical hardware for four
              aluminum tube-tuning machines.

              Installed and maintained a 30 user Novell network for sales, accounting and research use.
              Converted accounting data from an older system for use with new accounting software. Made
              extensive modifcations to FoxPro accounting system, and developed many custom applications.

           Julie Abrams, client, (845) 255-5711 (
           Stuart Quimby, client, (845) 758-6053 (
           Garry Kvistad, client, (845) 657-6000 (
                                                                    Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 2


                                      Computer Programming

I am proficient at programming in the 'C/C++', dBASE, Visual FoxPro, HTML, Cold Fusion, Visual
Basic and ASP, and Multimedia Toolbook languages, and in the 6502, z80, 680x0, 80x86, 804x MPU
and DSP5600x assemblers. I have worked in-depth with Unix, MSDOS, Netware, and Windows NT
and 95-based systems and am familiar with others. I can learn other languages and environments in a
short time. My programming interests are in the field of real-time control, including audio signal
processing, mechanical control, and MIDI manipulation. However, I also have extensive experience in
more traditional programming fields such as user interface, database processing, and web

                         Digital/Analog Hardware Design and Fabrication

I can create original designs for a wide variety of electronic hardware, including digital, audio and
power control. I can provide completed prototypes and the associated schematic, mechanical, PCB
layout and custom enclosure designs to facilitate quantity manufacture.

                              Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication

Although I would not present myself as a senior machinist, I have designed, CAD-drafted, and
machined hundreds of parts and assemblies. I am talented in the use of vertical milling machines,
lathes, table saws, belt sanders and saws, and the smaller tools associated with the machine shop. I
also have some woodworking experience.

                              Graphics Design and Technical Writing

I have written and illustrated instructional and service manuals as an adjunct to many projects. I have
5 years experience in graphics design using desktop publishing tools such as Microsoft Word,
PageMaker, Photoshop, and CorelDRAW!, as well as numerous scanning, file conversion, and
outputting programs.

                    Systems Design and Integration and Product Development

The most important and satisfying part of my work is bringing the above abilities together to create
integrated systems: Controlling images, sound and mechanical devices in the real world with
innovative software techniques. My knowledge of all elements of a system is paralleled by my
experience with all phases of a product's development cycle. I have become accomplished at the
following tasks:

   Brainstorming with client and associates                  Hardware and software design
   Proposal preparation and presentation                     Prototype fabrication
   Sourcing & quotation from third-party vendors             Production interfacing to vendors
   Estimation of personnel resources                         Production engineering & quality control
   Preliminary design and modeling
                                                                Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 3

                                Past Projects and Career History

In each situation I was responsible for the entire project and was the sole electronics and software
engineer. For some projects that involved mechanical engineering, a separate machine designer
handled some of the mechanical design.

Event Dates   Client: Description

06/72-07/78   Started building various electronic kits at age 7. At 12 years I spent the summer
              repairing consumer audio and installing car stereos, and at age 13 became the youngest
              person to ever complete the electronics course from the International Correspondence

07/79-11/83   Freer Associates: Wrote BASIC and z80 assembler software and provided customer
              technical support for HVAC industry applications.

04/83-01/84   Richard Teitelbaum: Designed and wrote software and designed peripheral hardware
              for an avant-garde electronic musician.

              The musician plays a piano with switches under the keys. An Apple II with a 68000-
              based coprocessor manipulates the notes and with input from a touch-panel, slide pots,
              and foot switches, and then plays two other acoustic pianos via electromechanical
              solenoids. Later upgraded the system to include MIDI input and output.

              The software is similar to the present-day MAX software for the Macintosh computer.
              Called the Patch Control Language, it uses a modular approach to programming musical
              transformations. The operator hooks together various note delay, transposer, counter
              and 20 other modules into a "patch." For a performance, the musician “executes” the
              software patch and interacts with it via various input devices to achieve the desired
              artistic results.

              I traveled to Europe twice to be on hand as a technician for performances, once at
              Berlin Jazzfest '83 and again at Festival Inventionen '84.

11/83-01/86   Freer Associates: Wrote more programs for the sheet metal industry in the 'C' language
              on a Unix system. The software is a bid estimation expert system that consists of
              interpreter engines for user interface, calculation and report modules.

04/84-12/84   Personal Project: Designed hardware and software for a computer-based stage lighting

              This is a 68000-based computer and custom dimmer hardware to control stage lighting
              in real-time, optimized for artistic, expressive lighting of up-tempo musical
              performances. Using a touch-panel and joystick, the system allows controlling up to
              256 lights in both prearranged and improvisational patterns.
                                                                   Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 4

01/86-05/87   Woodstock Percussion: Designed an embedded controller for an acoustic door chime.

              An 8048 MPU plays preprogrammed and user tunes, engaging solenoids to strike 6
              aluminum tubes. A seven button front-door keypad is used for all operator controls.
              Features include a user ROM cartridge slot for preset song expansion, an innovative
              keyboard interface circuit where all power and data flows through a single wire pair,
              and a stuck solenoid protection circuit for power-related MPU crashes. Designed
              circuitry, PC boards, programmed CPU, and acted as liaison between industrial designer
              and plastics molder.

01/86-01/87   Woodstock Percussion: Designed software and electrical/computer hardware system
              for tuning aluminum tubes.

              An IBM PC compatible computer
              controls mechanical hardware through
              pneumatic cylinders and stepper
              motors. A roughly-cut tube is loaded,
              trimmed to a precise length, frequency
              analyzed with a custom DSP-based
              FFT subsystem, and then drilled and
              trimmed to a final length to bring the
              tube into tune.

              Among the tasks involved in building
              these machines was writing code for a
              Motorola 56000 DSP FFT subsystem,
              designing circuitry for and laying out
              four PC boards, and designing and machining numerous evolving mechanical

06/86-08/86   Design Science Toys: Designed programmable controller hardware and software to
              automate a wooden dowel drilling and slotting machine controlled via pneumatics.

05/87-10/88   Woodstock Percussion: Designed software,
              electrical hardware and pneumatic system for
              tuning, labeling and scribing aluminum tubes.

              This is a machine similar to the first (01/86),
              except three tubes are processed at once. One tube
              is trimmed to a known length while another is
              labeled, scribed and frequency tested, while yet a
              third is trimmed to achieve final tuning.

03/89-04/92   Woodstock Percussion: Installed, programmed custom FoxPro code, and maintained a
              30 station Novell network for business and technical use.

              Converted accounting and sales data from an older, proprietary system to the FoxPro
              files used on the new system. Installed network cabling in 20,000 square foot plant,
              programmed custom internal E-mail system, customized accounting system, created
              numerous small applications, and maintained hardware and software of system.
                                                                   Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 5

09/89-10/89   Woodstock Percussion: Wrote an application for manipulating pitches and acoustic
              instrument lengths.

              The Tuning Assistant provides a user-friendly interface for a multitude of acoustic-
              tuning services. The user can input and receive output for pitches in equal-
              temperament, just-intonation and Hertz notation, and determine absolute and cutoff
              instrument lengths for given pitches. The system also smoothly interfaces to a testing
              jig with a 9 foot linear scale
              and a DSP-based FFT
              acoustic analysis system, both
              custom designed. The system
              performs all technical tasks
              for the tuning of prototype and
              short-run production products,
              invaluable to research experts
              and minimally skilled workers

10/89-02/90   Primo Piatto: Designed software for a real-time restaurant delivery dispatch.

              This system connects a central FoxPro-based order-entry computer network with 5
              distribution restaurants in New York City. Orders are entered on the central system,
              then transmitted to the distribution restaurant nearest the customer, where the orders are
              printed for delivery to customers. Modems communicating via standard dial-up lines
              use error correction and line failure redial strategies to achieve high reliability.

05/89-09/90   Woodstock Percussion: Designed and machined upgraded subassemblies for existing
              tuning machines and oversaw the building of a third tuning machine much like the first.

11/90-09/92   Woodstock Percussion: Designed software
              and much of the mechanical hardware for a
              machine to rough-cut aluminum tubes.

              The machine employs a hopper of tubes up
              to thirteen feet in length and cuts them into 6
              to 13 smaller tubes in one operation. The
              software required a complex multitasking
              scheme to concurrently handle three
              separate, but sometimes interdependent, tube
              handling subsystems.

03/91         EQ Magazine: Wrote an article on the repair and maintenance of studio mixing boards
              for the May '91 issue.

05/91-07/91   Daniel Van Der Beek: Designed software and integrated control systems of a
              computer-controlled pastry-making machine.

              An IBM-PC controls two stepper motors moving heated presses and one stepper motor
              rotating an oven table. Each cooking press takes precisely-timed multiple descents and
                                                                   Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 6

              retractions into dough. All timing and cycling is controlled with a user-friendly
              operator interface. Parameters for the next cycle can be programmed while the current
              cycle is still running, allowing rapid tuning of the system to different dough recipes.

02/92-05/93   Applehead Sound: Wired a 24 track sound recording studio and served as the technical
              engineer for maintenance and new equipment installations. Also installed a burglar and
              fire alarm system in the studio.

06/92-09/93   Bard College: Installed a new patch bay and wiring system to an 8 track electronic
              music studio. Also acting as consultant to new building construction and retained as
              technical engineer for maintenance and new equipment.

11/92-present Woodstock Artists Association:

                                     Wrote and presently maintain a FoxPro member tracking
                                     program for an artists cooperative. The program also tracks
                                     works of art and exhibitions, and prints reports, and mailing lists.
                                     Also, exhibition wall cards are printed on card stock.

12/92-01/93   Design Science Toys: Developed a program to convert a
              NASA world satellite image into an 180 piece globe puzzle. A
              flat Mercador digital image of the earth was digitally projected
              onto 180 triangles to be assembled into a three frequency
              icosahedron globe. The original full color 8640 by 4320 pixel
              image was converted to 225 DPI triangular images, which were
              in turn printed in a jig-saw puzzle book and assembled by
              customers into a spherical globe.

01/93-02/93   CyberGear, now Tectrix: Developed a digital music playing system for a virtual
              reality exercise bike.

              Given mood parameters from the VR environment
              generator, the system plays songs that reflect the
              changing VR situations while keeping musical
              continuity. Musical composers use a MIDI sequencer
              capable of writing standard MIDI files and compose
              modular song fragments.         Besides the musical
              information, the composer also inserts special
              controller information to specify how the music will
              loop and context switch, and how it will do so in
              relation to the changing situations of the VR environment. At run time, these special
              MIDI files are played on a multimedia sound card and follow the VR action, while still
              maintaining artistic fluidity.
                                                                   Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 7

10/93-11/93   Anyone Can Whistle, sister company of Woodstock Percussion: Developed a point-
              of-purchase multimedia presentation system for a retail music store.

              The customer is presented with a very simple interface
              from which to select amongst 40 different musical
              products. Products can be chosen from a list of gift
              idea categories, instrument type groupings, or a full
              alphabetical list. After selecting the desired product, a
              view screen is presented that includes a photograph,
              historical copy and other textual information, all while
              a stereo recording of the product is played.

              Included in the software is an attraction screen with a whistling, animated bird logo.
              This is to entice customers to come over and try the system.

12/93-01/94   Woodstock Percussion: Developed a multimedia presentation system for attracting and
              informing customers at a gift industry trade show.

              This system is similar to the Anyone Can Whistle system, except that it is intended for
              use by wholesale windchime customers in a trade show environment. The presentation
              used 24 bit photographic stills with textual descriptions and stereo chime samples mixed
              with environmental sounds for a realistic effect. Also included was a musical scale,
              scored on-the-fly, for the tunings of each chime.

05/94         Ben Rubin: Designed and built a conditioning amplifier for FSK sensors. This is part
              of a performance art system that reads various input sensors and feeds a computer sound
              and light controller.

12/95-06/96   Design Science Toys: Revised the program that converts a NASA world
              satellite image into an 180 piece globe puzzle. This was a new version of
              the original program created in 1993. A higher resolution source image of
              20040 by 10020 pixels was used to create final triangle images at 300 DPI.
              There were also other assorted improvements.
                                                                   Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 8

02/95-present Miller/Howard Investments: Created an expert system to evaluate stock market
              technical activity, suggest buy and sell rules, and maintain a portfolio of stocks.

              Due to the sensitive nature of the trading business, I am not able to elaborate further on
              the details of this project.

10/96-present Miller/Howard Investments: Installed and maintain a Novell Network for investment
              management and accounting functions.
                                                                  Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 9

03/96-present The Print Project: Developed a database and word processing template for an annual
              wines reference book, with automated reference, index and appendix chapter

             A Microsoft Access database was created to store wine and winery information. The
             reference chapters of the book were then created automatically in Microsoft Word,
             complete with embedded codes for three separate indices.

             I was also involved in some of the graphic design, layout, and editorial proofing.
                                                                   Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 10

05/97-present Markertek: Designed and implemented a custom database driven online ordering

              System is a full online catalog and ordering store
              of 16,000 professional video and audio products.
              Site features include extremely fast access, a
              search engine, two indices, product cross-
              referencing, product photos, secure online
              ordering and customer list maintenance.
              Purchased and configured a Windows NT Server
              with Cold Fusion.

              Store web site is at

              Also presently consult for client’s in-house computer needs, including database
              programming and Netware maintenance.

12/97-01/98   TecNec: Designed and implemented a brochure web site at

01/98-present Teletrade: Designed and implemented a custom web auction catalog and bidding
              system for an internet auction house.

              Up for auction are about 1000 lots offered 6 days
              a week in the categories of coins, sports cards
              and collectibles, and diamonds. Site features
              include extremely fast access, a search engine,
              approximately 100 hi-resolution lot images per
              auction (with thumbnails), user preferences
              tracking, over 30 months of searchable past
              auction results, and secure login and bidding.
              Purchased and configured a Windows NT Server,
              using Active Server Pages and SQL Server

              Worked with in-house marketing and IS
              departments. Located, interviewed, and hired
              two programmers.

              Web site is at

              Also developed for and maintained Teletrade's previous Unix/Apache/Perl web site.

04/99-present Eureka Trading Systems: Technology consultant for innovative commodities trading
              platform. Developed community bulletin boards, calendar, discussion forums sites, and
              consult to existing development of trading site.                    Web site at
                                                                        Mark Bernard, Ember Engineering, Page 11

                                               Client References

I encourage you to contact any of my clients. I have complete faith in an enthusiastic recommendation.

Julie Abrams                          Gail Bradney                          Stuart Quimby
(            (                  (
Eureka Trading Systems                The Print Project                     Design Science Toys
180 Old Tappan Rd, Bldg 6             P.O. Box 703                          Station Hill Road
Old Tappan, NJ 07675                  Bearsville, NY 12409                  Barrytown, NY 12507
(201) 750-9110                        (845) 679-4805                        (845) 756-4221

Ian Russell                           Neil Freer                            Richard Teitelbaum
(                  (                  (
Teletrade, a subsidiary of            Freer Associates                      Electronic Music Dept
Greg Manning Auctions, Inc.           28 Avenida Las Nubes                  Bard College
27 Main St                            Sante Fe, NM 87505                    Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Kingston, NY 12401                    (505) 466-1819                        12504
(800) 232-1132 x 201                                                        (845) 758-6822 Ext 252
                                      Garry Kvistad
Micheal Benjamin                      (                    Jim Veltrie
(              Woodstock Percussion                  (
Tectrix Fitness Equipment             167 DuBois Rd                         Markertek Video Supply/TecNec
(formerly CyberGear)                  Shokan, NY 12481                      812 Kings Highway
Irvine, California                    (845) 657-6000 x 422                  Saugerties, NY 12477
(800) 767-8082                                                              (845) 246-3036 Ext 301
                                      Lowell Miller
Mike Birnbaum                         (                 Lisa Williams
Applehead Sound                       Miller/Howard Investments             (
P.O. Box 634                          141 Upper Byrdcliffe Road             Woodstock Artists Association
Bearsville, NY 12409                  Woodstock, NY 12498                   Woodstock, NY 12498
(845) 679-5093                        (845) 679-9166                        (845) 679-2940

                                     Equipment and Facilities Available

Software: I have a complete IBM-PC MSDOS and Windows 95 development environment, with Visual C/C++,
Visual FoxPro, and Java languages and 80x86 assembler, complete with extensive libraries for fast turnaround.
I also have CAD capabilities for both printed circuit boards and mechanical drafting.

Hardware: My electronic lab includes a full array of design and repair equipment and a large inventory of parts.

Machine Shop: I own a small machine shop with a milling machine, lathe, and other metal fabrication

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