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In life, she

What is important for her ignorance in my life.

That everything is ready for her and she is done for.

Yirueoseo all decided to go up to her, but I do not think it is now.

She approached more carefully desperately want to make a man should not go without me.

So more and more of her love went up joahrimyeo left everything I want to love.

She required

She is beautiful.

She rides a lot of shyness.

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My day as her tomorrow.

Her legs and curved body and that no Outstanding excited to Kerala.

However, it left everything I fall in love with her beautiful man inside is going to be.

I'm remembering

I did things for her ....

Even today, as tomorrow, but

I would like her to be remembered as a beautiful person.

The secret people

I would like to know about a person.

But life is not so generous too.

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Is, though I do not know do not know moreugin lack

The whole world is still a stranger.

After going through a lot of trial and error and a failure to society Now exit.

Ache Society can not cool is cool ...

I know it.

I work in a world that is worth doing, and I want to propose to her .....

I'm really stupid man is

It costs more to sleep, think again.

Come to me, though, if you do not mind.

Bad Boy

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I think too much on

Think that's too far away

So it kind of smarts and do not know too much chest

Just wanted to get along well with your friends ....

1 is gradually abandoned Jean is a bad man came out all in society.

About the time when you are called to let them hurt ....

L think they would not bother me now.

Every night in dreams they dreamed 는데 forgive me ....

Has your've found the one, they want to go ....

Whip me if there was

If someone warm haejueot advice

                                                                      poem   •   7
I did not like .... geotinde

Come to think of it, but it says I tear.

My parents do not go against the word of

Without teachers resist

Now I happened to have the right guy ....

Today I would like to follow them too.

Martial Arts in fiction

've Seen a lot of young ttyae muhyeopji ...

Muhyeopji really asking the perceiving fun ....

I looked at uicheon doryonggi watching sinjohyeopryeo

                                                        poem   •   8
Laughed too much crying.

Go, go, go man is now in the military ....

I really do not know that I did not know this too.

Now I see you again .... the muhyeopji

Now it is coming up with a new feeling.

What I did not want to see muhyeopji a long time ...

Once again .... this muhyeopji secret girlfriend

Gamhoe of really fun and a new muhyeopji ....

Once again, a look of age muhyeopji.


                                                       poem   •   9
He was a killer.

Map not remember anyone who killed so many people killed.

Then one day I met him accidentally went to ro.

Adolescents with friends who like to see him dancing ....

You have a crush on me while he was looking at me.

And the snow we encountered two .....

Then after meeting gamyeo We have spent a happy childhood.

I'm worried about is that he quit his life have been called.

Finish the other day he regained consciousness when learn ....

Suddenly a call came.

That the last contract .....

                                                                 poem   •   10
Finish your friend's last contract to pay debts spiral .....

He was me cry.

And he did not know my father.

So sad to say was lost for a while.

He also lost his father to lose .....

I remember his last speech.

Now I live with my husband and me that love is.

Today many think he will follow.

Suffering from an incurable disease Girls

She first met the playground was in the neighborhood.

Clear the swing ride was like an angel she really was.

                                                               poem   •   11
Finish the swing to push yourself to the power that buchyeotneun .... She looked at me

I was pushing the swing without saying anything.

Her bright smile for the clearing and more

After that I knew her better than anyone was happy.

Natseol the new director had come to me she was like an angel.

But she has found the secret of.

They will live with just my mom ....

It was hanging on rare diseases.

I once again moved to the Fiji situation not her tears when you go ....

And I tease her looks now.

                                                                                         poem   •   12
Become a mean right med.

Difficult than anyone when the girl who helped me ....

I would like to meet once again.


Grandmother lived when he was a child fell in early tissue.

Due to contract after serving time in prison for hiring a man Cigarettes chance comes ...

And slicker and pickpockets and constitute a team.

He formed an organization struggling with poverty, but is different from the old organization for work and go to ...

Once again, in the end after the contract is hospitalized.

He met me there to finish a feud with his father and brother that came out of his house for accommodation ...

Then we make a trade with the team and I decided to marry him.

                                                                                                                  poem   •   13
Finish the house, but I held my father came to see me he ohjiman door in his face ...

Eventually he cut out of the world of organizations and meet his father.

And how one person's fault or because of his team last fight that went for ....

I think he is in heaven and is with the team stalls.

Than anyone else that made me happy ....

I will never forget his love.

Her birthday

She first met the library.

Study is the only thing I like to see her was love at first sight.

Did me the courage to bear ....

But courage went up to her.

                                                                                        poem   •   14
At first, she was concentrating on my studies without any sense

Then she met me

Such cost to meet her

We are different.

Say hello to each other every day to ask

To give courage to each other every day

I'm happy because she felt the first time.

And today, her birthday and her coming-of-age ceremony

She is not here now.

Ileukyeoya the house alone without knowing who her secret ...

She died of an incurable disease.

                                                                  poem   •   15
Mother died and was promised would not cry again ....

I have promised her that kkyae.

Now, do not you cry

I do not have to do that. I loved foolish.

And I found a studio she lived alone.

She lived in her house looking for signs ....

Now, today, seems to be able to sleep.

She sensed the fragrance of memories ....

No longer does she find it is not buried there.

Now, to me, is not meant to doebeorin doebeorin your memories

                                                                poem   •   16
Please take happiness in heaven

Ppulte glasses

Schoolboy at school because I am one, and has been widely held school days all the way.

What wealthy family is also the one that could be classically ...

But then I'm sure jealous

However, you do not like my style, that you have

Children was hitting on me.

Aisin parents to transfer and store it

I will be getting together again with friends.

But this seems to be formidable in school.

But one friend was like me speechless.

                                                                                          poem   •   17
She was .... We will chinjae and spent school days.

However, the relationship between me and scare me how to transfer what was her shop ....

Now I have military service before le.

Still remember the day by the time of her ....

She was just there and I feel like that.

Then she gave me the strength ....

Guess what I told her existence

From the sea

The first time I made my way to the sea undergoing SAT.

Back before I went to high expectations and tight and ready to

Figured in the ocean there were many people waiting for me.

                                                                                           poem   •   18
Boasting a sleek shape with women

Aunt calmly take the kids busy with teaching ...

She was in it.

Easy to mess with anyone and no one approached her as kind not only

$ 14 one came to me saying she bluntly said sheets are you

And we've made love on the beach that day was.

Suddenly she wanted to see the other man take away phone

I can not exactly rough, but I think I know the reason to avoid.

Love does not need anything in mind, but need only tramway ....

She is not in a position to meet me to see was that.

Few years, and I were with the flow of the ocean to find her again.

                                                                      poem   •   19
Solo're greeted me only the lonely sea.

Like the rising tide of her heart, I want to ask

She was wondering where I saw at the sky

The sky rains down.

I know,

And I will do so.

She loved ....

Also of interest is now seeing mothayeo Health said ...

First love.

This was the first love is making me a fighter.

What is this large study rebellious magazine was on hand to meet her I changed.

                                                                                  poem   •   20
Grab father's violence without anyone crying mother soothe Dunn then

Accidentally knocking on the door of my house that allowed her a small gift ....

'You're birthday today. "

First birthday gift ever received ....

Hayeoteodo say it bluntly, it's a really overjoyed.

Then it came to himself, and her study

However, I can not go much violence has been going to the police station.

Footloose then watched her crying at my face, but ....

Crying, hugging me, will still think of her look.

Suddenly, she gone to transfer

                                                                                   poem   •   21
Turns out there was emigration is.

I work hard to keep her promise studied.

And now is the right test.

She will never forget her ... ...

Pure childhood will come back in the days of first love

I will not forget that first love

Love to you.

Is not nothing to you, I really

Through the years I can remember, the one who Is not

Ahniran anything without knowing what to do in your words, but shed tears, I'm footloose

This is an adult world, came away.

I'd say go for it you do not know the

I want to see you can not move or step jeongjak ...

Oh, baby not.

Just that you have had such a fool I hope there ahsyeoteumyeon.

Siring a harder look back, I'm sorry you feel ttyae

                                                                                           poem   •   22
Have loved you.


In the future, try to be remembered as a beautiful person, and nothing more .... I went up the development I do not
have to live a few times and cried and shall not do this thing left bojiman up my mind as desperate to me .... God, if
severe one will see the light of day again I believe that worship of God which has hardened my heart to tired now, but
I want to know the mind of God, which means that you if there is any mind also destination gunggumhae day of our
lives, no more crying now aneuri young time as chaplain to the park planted with trees planted as banks go back to
the days of pure, but as much as his heart is forever hoping for yesterday and today responded to a spirit of
authentic jumyeo yeotdamyeon now live Panathinaikos He loves the cry tomorrow starts today, is aneuri

False world.

Now, for you, I know we're not even promised to meet often in the name of love, I think that should not be waiting any
time you no longer bright smile you gave to me, but you secretly love dagaohmyeo I had to hide the sorrow you like
me anymore so much! hazard because they can not be in the world once you leave, ask that you stay with me .... is
the most beautiful in the world to lie to you that I've always loved the bad guy's mind to keep me happy, I love life


Love alone is too hard, but to be happy, so can not go away because I do not know when the love and the pain of
being hurt to be hidden in secret for me is that it all but one day my love to fly, and even today I think the end of day
I love her, she's secretly hiding the pain and sorrow that my high vacuum can say they ve accomplished so stupid ....
I do not know why. courage to go up to her, but I can not, or the ability to love, rather than gatchwoseo show me what
it looks now, it is necessary for me tomorrow is gonna toast buteorado courage ... not today, not tomorrow or the day
falling asleep machangajiin can look at me, but because she is happy.

She and my future

                                                                                                                 poem    •   23
I did not want to happen today the close of sunshine woke up in an empty mind is brilliant too. Beloved come up first,
but now she has a lot of work to do., If just a dream for me to one day ... Good luck to outgoing other does not.
getting student loans than anyone else noticed ethic of my mind ... All that she knows her from smiling delight
moreuneunji starting from the end that she is born with her and now I want to have a dream that one going to
withstand jeowae so stupid. . seems to be a tough day today.


Oh, baby Oh, baby what do you think what do you want with you if you want one you love, I will gladly head and I'll
send you if anyone will be willing me if I would want if another nip separate line in the sky ... you why ought do you
look so sad sad world that one is like I will have revenge did you know that Oh, baby do not look sad we can not
forever and one day I'll be there as much as thy only ....

To their loved ones.

She looked at her every day and sit down and speak to tell her every day that if you do not want anymore, You called
me by name again in the name of ... 100 days hanjido Nami You are not a thing of the past, she gave me as much as
believed. , You listen to my words, I will do my best as giulyeotdeon beautiful Oh, baby do not cry. thy side I'm here ...
You are not alone anymore.

You romantic.

You truly can not reach an elegant and abuse my intellectual yiyeoseo you truly can not judge carelessly. Too lazy to
think of this or that she was not my baby I'm always so romantic tension is O, but now farewell to you It is said that to
my own not so little so different, we will not be able to do with love, always coming and going, but I'm still waiting for

                                                                                                                    poem     •   24
the law to you not familiar with the approach I have gone over and should not be seeing this. these and other
thoughts and finally to you, the way you ... I finally cried. Oh, baby Please be happy.

The prince of her dreams.

The sky is like a dream to me by giving me such a comfort to me as I want to meet the man whispered to me always
a man who promised change without jumyeo forever by my side as hangyeol jumyeo Where Does a guy like that to do
with the life I now is looking at my earnest desire for the prince of her dreams ... Now the number line, please contact
us at 010-xxxx-1004

Handsome man.

I'm still a shy girl grows a school teacher went to the chattering mind seemed to convey a shy girl grows. Then it
gradually caught. Now graduated from Girls High School days is to crush my brother to attend college without having
to go to the beauty school. Loved me brother gave him ..... now I want to give the power back. Nha asked me if all
that is still good-looking, I'd like to say openly love all of the looks, not looking at him would mean I my brother's
good heart I want to be like.

The difference between love and friendship.

Whenever you need a touch of love to me just sticking a girlfriend like her misunderstanding makes her best friend in
the world to me, to me, the world is now aware of who her she looks ㄴgeu Is there anyone who will say why not I
want to go together, like other people of the world should not because it's her or think this or that is required sleep
that'll wake up tomorrow and ran to her first love, I want to say because I can not, why did you still have the courage
to do this once in a container boryeopnida love to find the time to come ahnigie Now I really want to love.

                                                                                                                   poem   •   25
Eat the rice cake.

Childhood friends childhood with my parents and we had a rice cake ... the taste was really good memories of it does
not slip away this time will come a day every day, it is difficult to get along busy I remember the old days Sindang
stop by .... Eating a little too relentlessly eaten rice cake flavored with a little bit ... Now it makes sense to eat and
enjoy the love Oh the memories of people who have gone give them somewhere ... I want to eat with them again

Ttyae a child.

I miss the times when I was young, my appearance is infinitely superior playing pranks with friends and do not know ..
nice enjoyable those days than it is now too humble .. No time to study hard in high school with friends in tears
naeboja carefully with a little more force and the army said to each other before going up all night with each other to
drink and gave us ... Now I think that day will not come back, and my father and mother eating seaweed kkeulyeojun
gnawing tuteol I miss that time.

Between the army to boyfriend

My boyfriend is a soldier ', he was always a fragile body, but I want to guard me .... the army and went to two euros.
Uncertain future that gave him love me. Rubber shoes for me to tell you to change the destination I am with Waiting for
him too power costs.'ve heard how much power marks of tears on the letter turns out, I think this time is not going to
see him, because I have a pain in your body are likely to go to the hospital I'm telling a burden to him, I do not want I
hate giving this time I think he is unforgettable. bleed like a letter of tears will be our last and I loved him.

Beautiful to you.

                                                                                                                      poem   •   26
Your eyes are really beautiful. Thy hair really soft. Maethil just like any minute the dew would like to enter your eyes
Who do you saddens me though to you but do you know kind approaching, You miss someone that mean. none for
me not only as you please forward this to me ..... So I'll wait for you .... only'll leave thy seat, I love you.

Promises you can not keep.

I have a girlfriend who has gone to study abroad, we loved one another between future promise was my dream to be
a singer can not promise a brilliant future was called the situation did not catch her, I told her to sing the guitar
beating took care of, but I was starting to look more and you do not have to have lost sight went, I had nothing to
give to her, and when she left, and the last trip, I cried., but my hair today, so we write a song . promises you can not
keep, but I think of her and the other to finish today, and I will be a singer - only to sing only for her not to see that
the goal today, while winning one eye on the exit Chapter audition, I promise just two will defend and sing the most
beautiful in the world, is today an exceptionally heavy rain comes. tteoohreumyeo the day I first met her and writes the
lyrics and remember her Her departure says it all. ahryeon our memories ... memories that easily will not be erased.


The word says such a good friend, always up to guard, and one side that wanted to spend the rest of your life, but to
me that a friend of those people are from an early age I've been suffering from autism, I found a dear friend, but she
to me She came over with a bright smile that I was willing to, but she suffers from autism, I know that I have to walk
away, I find her haemae is today, and I will find her. beside me all she's my Love is. come back.

Out of the window.

Lower the rain out of the window by a ray. Then the ratio is lower by a dagger in my heart, I lost a few years ago, her
close to the mean of traffic accidents, and I looked out the rain to remember the day I first met her and her do not
have an umbrella, said to me share my umbrella smile showed that delight the first time I was able to meet her and we
soon became friendly after meeting gamyeo promised future, but after a few years, she died in a car accident. I did

                                                                                                                    poem     •   27
cry and I told her to make different ...... now I do not cry the rain to refresh the memories of her and share Cause, is
now raining out the window.

In the world.

No one in this tough world, I will only have to endlessly weak. Quite a while watching the rain is pacing me helpless
with a pen that is too soon for me to discover. Confucius said, well dwaenda study was a rainy day, I book the
defendant hath long speculation during the fall. fact, for me, she was loved. aettin looks to me tender love she gave
him the figure was her love and memories are found asleep haemae costs. appear if you have a dream tonight I hope
She may not know me now, and I, and memories of her in my dreams meet again.'ll remember, and was happy you
happy me yeotgeodeunyo Iranian women still I Draws even in a dream tonight. .....

I'm on the road today.

I can not be with anything, but I have a dream for many people just write a good time to give an impression was when
my mate does not have yet is simple. Showed me her share at the time talked to my hold. Quit screaming angry I
could see her. Yeah, well, I'll keep writing. was my dream and hope .... and depressing poem for my past that allowed
me happy brilliantly gave out this poem I love you.


Her eyeball was always moist. Did not tell me why, do not know a lot of words seemed seemed too sensitive when I
first saw her, I decided to love her and protect her from afar trope cigarettes when viewed She looked at me like a
stranger scoping I Okay, poor people like me are less that her man is not decided, but I wish told her eyeball so that
from now on no more tears flow hard for her to live a that

                                                                                                                 poem      •   28

I was not a girl anymore studying when I heard the song I did not care ... that nothing but the third is dream college
free said let's pass was thinking .... But it is not a reality when you fall so hard and always keep frustrated and sung
mind that there is a song for anyone that did not bring it up for my songs without ... Now I want to be with him forever
whisper 'I'm getting married today. "


He does not, she does not have to remember that I love the law, however, does not find it easy to forget because I
might bring back at least once are they gonna do at least once, which I think may try Overnight hoepo than Anything
they can still afford to go back to the old pulmyeo I want to become pure innocence yet do they remember them more,
but because they are so important that I breathe, I did not forget hagie strong ground without a strong leader naseori I
can see that when I love I love, but that does not come easily is kept unchanged for change, I like pine aneuri

On the way back.

This is the new man, but still lack the promised return. Mojil seemed to suffer more and more specifications, piling
That's all I want to come back after a lonely day, and loves to see her shed tears of happiness when I feel the best
in the world, seemed to take it a few days ago now I There is nothing to me how much time is left still does not want
to see her finally fight for her to meet me at night without thinking is tantalizing, but gotta move on and think and think
again, and rising up her world .... is the most stupid than me.

A letter to you.

I am with you and you are you looking to you now, recalling memories of years ago, the eyes lose the letter

                                                                                                                    poem      •   29
sseomyeot want to be a burden to me, said last came the day when the nug tears flows without saying anything you'd
have resented the words of Mother've been mature now Forget going to want to view, but not as you know I'm not an
angel, but it's good to write a letter this letter delivered Juniors meet you in my dreams tonight thinking yeah, you'll be
fine, but again I say rejoice endlessly I'm no longer capable of meeting any love in any that there can be an angel
appeared to me to see if you think I'm an angel seolchil sleep today my letter to you until you give it until it meet you
in my dreams I'm loving ....

You do not know.

Like a movie that approached me and smiles as he always did to me, you thereby juldeut everything that I was happy
all the world was like with everything, but he left a piece of me gone, leaving only a letter. 'Why? It hurts now so I do
not cry I will not find him, I haeteunikkayo happy With it, I thank you.

Oh, baby spy an open mind.

You could always say ... always as I say bluntly that allowed you to do what you think would also want to say what a
depth of thy face was full of Love is the true value of the other party wants to open her heart to know that you move
Only one place that does not look like a doll You can now return the doll to change your mind let go, get you just
worry about an uncertain future, and I know that is also harder now to open your mind, put the worries down now
jeorbeum for us has to do with memories, so please know that I'm not alone You, You would like to see.

She is my

She is exceptionally beautiful, my long straight hair and white skin, resulting in laughing dimples ... that everything is so
beautiful. Stable job, I find the proposal to her in front of the house to find her gone, but she was not. than the one to
ask around the older woman do you namgyeotdago he noticed a sheet of letter, always a burden to you now or forget

                                                                                                                    poem    •   30
doetdago she suffered at the end of collapse, I could not say anything, and a short time later with the news that she
married I heard sent me away without knowing English .... Why? while tears and dumb was rock hard, but we were
happy and I will not go and look for her will be my last kiss her kiss you do not know I will never forget is the drawer
sokeneun still ... she bought the doll, which gave her folded paper cranes who cost nothing .... There are not only
remembered my heart Oh, baby back was happy with you.


I love his eyes so bad-looking was always sincere and nice to people who do not fall into what one was go up to
him, even fragrant smell of cigarettes go up to him as if the world was happy with all that. Anywhere with him, the time
When two come .... shy as a child and has gon wait for him, but now he seems to not have to wait, because I love
another man and now he would really like doebeo. too love ..... even if the other person is . much He could not forget
the love that I now can not ...... just like he smoked a cigarette a day of mulmyeo throat just get a long time I see his
picture, he still is beautiful. Adonis that this was. fell on his face .... I fell in love with it, but his that he will want you to
know. Be happy, You are my man forever.

She is beautiful.

I'm looking baraman she truly is beautiful there baeksuin dream motkkul I have a job is just wander around as if
suffering from schizophrenia snooping flash. Unlike all her idea for me to do, but do not call her only only waiting for
the time to come time to come to her email but wait forego this testimony and I can do nothing, what happens is that
disabled people, she is so beautiful. many people would go up to her and her people I would dash to the sagwijago
to sleep in today is a lot to worry about. tomorrow so that I can be a little better .... honorable to her before tonight
so I can be her idea. now I want to be her man.


Now my heart does not run. Loved ... so loved that she went away she went away, but now my heart pounding beats

                                                                                                                            poem   •   31
her and asking me to find who I was to meet her, I would not run again, now seemed like the heart is beating back all
the people who are not even star Diablo was alone I've closed that has changed and I met her a while it did not run
.... My heart and my heart and now she forgotten is beating again. meet again love to see her, I have been committed,
she is just a memory to me now, but I loved her to the heart.


Mothers I'd like to have a lot of stories. Parent. She's my sister and me, my mother, my back bent gnome wandering
bosalpimyeo arm around me at that time, Mother, I know who was the mother of the wrinkles that as much as I'm a
mature haejyeotdaneun. Sisters mother also now Mother's heart is immeasurable guess is always correct and humble
.... I asked mother's words can remember everything, so relax and sleep, Enjoy Your mom and I know that it was all
mother's, so I'll practice himself. I met a long time sister give me today's generous dining table. nightfall today, I
suppose Mother Mother will be forever in my heart is.

                                                                                                                     poem   •   32

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