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									Building Together

                    Managing Sustainable Development
                        in Cement Plant Operation
§ Company Profile
§ Performance and Awards
§ Environment Management and Energy Efficiency
§ Water and Biodiversity Conservation
§ Corporate Social Responsibility

Holcim – Global by Tradition

             Holcim location in Indonesia

Holcim (Narogong)
and Ciwandan
5.5 Juta Ton Semen
                                         Holcim (Tuban) in
                     Holcim (Cilacap)
                                                    Konsumsi semen per capita      Konsumsi Semen
                     2.8Juta Ton Semen
        Plant                                                                        1'190'000 to 5'360'000   (6)
                                                                over 300               450'000 to 1'190'000   (7)
                                                                                       200'000 to 450'000     (7)
                                                                155                          0 to 200'000     (7)
                                                                                Source: ASI (past) and own estimate

                    Holcim Indonesia Company Profile
                                                                   Total Employee
                                                                   • 2,500 employees
                     PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk (“HIL”) is
                     Indonesia’s 3rd largest cement                Cement & Clinker Manufacturing
Holcim Cement        producer with related businesses in           § Total Cement Capacity      : 8.3 Mio T
                     ready-mix concrete (RMX), and
                                                                   • Cilacap (CIL2)
                     aggregates production.
                                                                         • Brand                    : Semen Holcim Serba
                     HIL is the 2nd largest cement producer                                           Guna, Readyflow
                     within Holcim in South East Asia.             • Narogong (NAR1& NAR2)
                                                                        • Brand                     : Semen Holcim Serba
                                                                                                      Guna, Readyflow
Holcim Aggregates                                                                                   : Readflow +
                                                        Vision :                                    : Durable & ExtraDurable
                     Provide Healthy Living condition for                                             Oil Well cement
                     society’s future                              • Grinding Plant at Ciwandan & Johor Baru, Malaysia
                                                       Mission :   Ready Mix Concrete – PT Holcim Beton
                     Holcim Indonesia will grow by delivering      • 1.7 Million M3 pa. - Operating 26 batching plants
                     sustainable building solutions focused on       (Jakarta, West Java, Outer Jakarta & Surabaya)
  Holcim RMX
                     distinctive customer segments, through
                     development of people, innovative             Aggregates
                     leadership and integrate networks, to         § Crushed Stone production facility supplying the internal
                     create maximum value for stakeholders           RMX & external demand (3.5 million tonnes p.a. capacity
                     whilst caring for the environment and           from Maloko, West Java & Jeladri, East Java)

          PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk. Cilacap Plant Profile
          More than 80% Employees are indigenous people

§   Company Name              :   PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk. Cilacap Plant
§   Business Scope            :   Cement Manufacturing
§   Operation time            :   1977 (a.k.a PT Semen Nusantara)
§   Capacity                  :   2.6 million T-clk/year
§ Employees                   : 620 people
                                340 Born in Cilacap
                                560 with Cilacap ID
§ Area                        : 118.4 ha (City Forest 46 ha)
§ Plant Location              : Karang Talun village,
                                 North Cilacap sub disrict
                                 Cilacap – Central Java

Bio indicator inside plant with 46 Ha City Forest – one of best in
                                 Butterfly Breeding

          Deer Breeding

     Bird Breeding                     Botanical Garden

Holcim Strategy and the triple bottom line

                               Creation of Value

                                Geographic             Local Management
Strategy   Product Focus
                                Diversification        Global Standards

           Sustainable   Better     Permanent     Human        Corporate
Mindsets   Environmental Cost       Marketing     Resources    Social
           Performance Management   Innovation    Excellence   Responsibility

Base                                  People

• Holcim is committed to Sustainable development (SD)
• Hence its business strategy integrates economic, environmental
  and social elements (the "triple bottom line“)
• Ambitious Group-wide SD targets.                                         8
                …to be solution provider in healthy living condition
            Cement      Building Material   Housing   Healthy Living Condition

Value Add

            Past                                                         Product

                                                             Mega City
Performance and Awards

 GOLD Proper from Environment   Green Industry Award from   Ozon Award from Environment
          Minister                  Industrial Minister              Minister

                                 CSR Award from National      CSR Award from Governor
                                  Foundation Damandiri          12 Desember 2010

Environment Management System
§   Certified from SGS starting 1999, without
    any major finding since then, getting award
    “Total Dedication and Commitment in
§   Quality and Environment policy launched,
§   Using ENVOY – as entropy system to
    document all policies, implementation,
    monitoring on environment management,
§   Dedicated team to handle environment
    management system,
§   Clear road map on environment
    performance target, reduction on emission,
§   Prepare sufficient budget, provide training
    and certification for officers,

Emission Performance

§   Air emission far below national threshold (<40% dari NAB) :
    4 Dust 25 mg/Nm3 (Threshold : 80 mg/NM3),
    4 SO2 46 mg/.Nm3 (Threshold : 800 mg/Nm3),
    4 NOx 330 mg/Nm3 (Threshold : 1000 mg/Nm3).
    4 While world average : Dust 51 mg/Nm3, SO2 112 mg/Nm3, dan NOx 697
§   CO2 emission reduction 38 kg CO2/t-cementitious in 2011.
    4 Emisi CO2 Holcim Cilacap 2011 is 674 kg CO2/t-cementitious, far below CO2 in
       Indonesia (787 kgCO2/t-cemt).

Energy Efficiency

§   Continuous energy reduction reflected in historical datas as well as future road map,
§   Electricity consumption : 89.8 kWh/t-cmt while Holcim group average 102.9 kWh/t, and Indonesia
    103 kWh/t-cmt
§   Thermal consumption : 3,287 MJ/t-clk, while Holcim group average 3,540 MJ/t-clk, and
    Indonesia 3,639 Mj/t-cmt,
§   Capex and operational initiative arrange to increase efficiency and further energy reduction.

Waste Destruction and Utilization

                              Used Oil

              A dST
         R O W tilize         Used oil
       ZE % U

                               Accumulator scrap

 §   Alternative fuel and raw material to reduce CO2 emission.
 §   Reduce fossil fuel with biomass,
 §   CDM project successfully grant credit in the last 3 years,
 §   100% internal waste recycled or utilized.
Water Conservation
§   Water consumption 127 liter per
    ton clinker, while Holcim Group
    300 liter per ton clinker,
§   Recycling water 81% from total
§   1 Million mangrove plantation to
    conserve Segara Anakan,
§   Clear policy and road map to
    conserve water,
§   Dedicated and qualified person on
    water management.

            Biodiversity conservation – study and action plan
§ Biodiversity study entire Nusakambangan islands base on HCV (High Conservation Value)
§ Holcim Indonesia is one of companies in SRI KEHATI, who concern biodiversity in Indonesia.
In cooperation with FFI, BKSDA, BLH, ESDM, DepKumHam, LSM, LIPI, UNSOED and UGM
Create Biodiversity Action plan in mining area as part of environment management system:
§ Cave protection, key species protection, dedicate 60% zone as green belt, restore mangrove, community

             High Conservation Value : Biodiversity(flora fauna), environment service and sociocultural
                  CSR Holcim Strategic Implementation

    Holcim           CSR                      Coverage           CSR           Structured    CSR Impact    Sustainability
    Vision          Policy                     Social          Approach         Program      Monitoring     Initiatives

• Holcim      • Holcim        • Cilacap      • Area Cover   • CCC            • Pyramid      • 4 Levers     • Quarterly
 Vision and    CSR Policy      Demograph      Demograph      Channel &        CSR            CSR            CAP
 Mission                       y              y              Posdaya          Program        Sustainabi
                                                                                                           • Annual
                                                                                             lity Impact
                                                            • Collaboratio                                  CAP
              • 6 Pilars of
                                                             n program
• Holcim       CSR            • Area         • Area                                                        • Posdaya
 House                         Potencies      Potencies     • Musrenbang                                    Assessme
              • Roadmap
 Strategic                                                                                                  nt
               Master                                                                                      • Posdaya
                              • Issues and   • Issue and
               Plan)                                                                                        Fair
                               Concerns       Concern
              • Budget &
                    Structured CSR Program Development Implementation

                                                                                    Health              √
 Health           Life Expectancy
                                    √                    Cilacap
                                                    Core Competencies              Education
Education            Literacy                          Development
                  Study Duration
                                                 Specific Program                  Economy
Economy           Buying Power
                                    √              Development
                                        Health                 Education
            IPM                                                                                  MDGs

                                         Economic                   Social and

                                          Community Empowerment      “
                                            Posdaya ECD Center (*) ”
    POSDAYA (Family Empowerment Centre) as bottom up initiative to
    improve Human Development Index

§   POSDAYA is a family based development
    program which has four pillars: health, education,
    economy and environment

§   POSDAYA is a Posyandu (integrated
    empowerment pos) plus, strengthen existing
    Posyandu . Since 1 Marc 2010 22 POSDAYAs
    officially built in19 Villages                       Early Childhood in Posdaya

§   4 pillars of POSDAYA is supporting HDI
    development and achieve MDGs in Holcim 19
    Target Villages

§   Creating MOU with local government to support
    and establish 1000 POSDAYA in Cilacap.

                   HDI=Human Development Index
              MDGs = Millenium Development Goals
             Posdaya= Pos Pemberdayaan Keluarga
             Posyandu= Pos pemberdayaan terpadu

    PT. Holcim Indonesia Tbk. Pabrik Cilacap                             Presentasi PROPER HIL 2010
       Specific CSR program for Nusakambangan Inmates & prisoner

§   Inmates development program in term
    attitudes and empowerment :
    Ø De-radicalization    with religious
    Ø Integrated farming (fish, duck, cow,
    Ø Entrepreneurship program
    Ø Automotive and other life skills
§   Production Forest industry
§   Green house establishment for
    reclamation quarry area
§   Capacity building for prisoner officers,

       Holcim Indonesia
4 Levers CSR Sustainability Impact – measuring indicator

 Social License for Operation   Sustainability Program
   4 Asset Protection             4 Rate of participation
   4 Risk Management              4 Asset Development
   4 Perception / Reputation      4 Degree of Dependency from
   4 Minimizing Conflict             HIL

  Tangible Benefit              Community Empowering
    4 Economical                  4 Social cohesion
    4 Education                   4 Life Skill improvement
    4 Health                      4 Accessibility into development
    4 Environment                   sources
    4 IPM / MDG’s                 4 Entrepreneurship Community
           Tracking benefit, asset, participants and Posdaya
           dependency rate

         1973 Society gets new positive activities     BMT Asset has increased from 226 to 620 million

Posdaya Assessment Includes:
A. Management Posdaya
B. Financing Posdaya
C. Activity Posdaya
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Education
    - Health
    - Environment
D. Quality Posdaya
E. Coverage Area Posdaya
F. Development Posdaya
                                                     46% of Posdaya been Mandiri Independent predicated.
Community perception is measured as feedback for
improvement : 89% satisfied with Holcim operation.
       Public Perception of Holcim               Public Perception

    trend of environmental complaints   loss of operation time because the
                                                      Floating net
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