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Process heat                                     2009                 Subject: Combination
                                                                      BCU 400/ECOMAX
Gerrit Wohlschläger                                                   Edition: 07.09

                      Elster GmbH presents BCU 400 and ECOMAX

     Burner control units and self recuperative burners for the metallurgical

Osnabrück, August 2009. Elster GmbH, Kromschröder Osnabrück site, is presenting the BCU 400
Series with a range of models designed for specific applications at this year’s Heat Treatment

These burner control units comprise all the functions required for the operation of an industrial gas
burner in a single metal housing. The integrated operating and diagnostics unit on the BCU 400
indicates the relevant operating steps as well as the flame signal and unit parameters. Using an
optical interface and the PC software “BCSoft”, the unit can also be adjusted retrospectively to the
relevant application by resetting individual parameters. The BCU 400 device family is designed for
continuous operation in accordance with EN 746-2. Flame control is performed by an ionisation or UV
sensor. An optional input also permits switchover to an external temperature monitoring system in the
case of furnace wall temperatures upwards of 750°C.

The BCU 460 version is suitable for directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity. The burners may be
modulating or stage-controlled. The BCU 460/480-L version has an integrated flexible air valve control.
BCU 480 (Fig. 1) is equipped with a second flame signal amplifier for independent monitoring of pilot
or main burner systems. The pilot burner can be switched off or burn permanently.

The robust, long-life design of the internal electronic components allows the units to be used reliably in
intermittent mode. The functional sequences implemented in the unit permit optimised matching to the
relevant heating system and, consequently, optimum system availability.
For the field of heat treatment processes, Elster GmbH, LBE Wuppertal site, offers the self
recuperative burner ECOMAX (Fig. 2), which significantly lowers not only consumption, but also
emissions. Some of the heat from the flue gases, which is otherwise released unused into the
surrounding area and is lost, can be recycled and returned to the process. Due to the energy saving of
up to 30%, the systems’ efficiency is increased considerably. The cast metal ribbed tube recuperator
version of ECOMAX can be used with a maximum efficiency in temperatures of up to 1,150°C, while
the all-ceramic version with a patented burl shape offers maximum efficiency at temperatures of up to
1,300°C. The capacity range for the ECOMAX burner lies between 5 and 500 kW. The range of
products is completed with burner systems with a recuperator for indirect heating using U and W tubes,
dual- and multi-fuel burners for different fuels and applications, as well as the channel burner
WINGSTAR® for the direct heating of fresh air, recycled air or flue gas.

The Kromschröder BCU 400 Series and the LBE self recuperative burner Ecomax will be exhibited at
the Heat Treatment Colloquium in Wiesbaden from 7 to 9 October. The company stand can be found in
the upper level foyer, stand 07.

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About Elster GmbH

Elster GmbH, Kromschröder Osnabrück is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge products
and system solutions for safeguarding, measuring and controlling gases. With domestic and
commercial gas meters, as well as safety valves and control components for heating equipment and
for industrial use, the company offers a wide range of services, supported by a global sales and
service organisation.

Elster GmbH, LBE Wuppertal site, develops and markets high-quality industrial burners and self
recuperative burners with an integrated air preheating system to save energy, for the direct and
indirect heating of industrial furnaces, as well as customised firing systems for gaseous, liquid and
dust-type fuels in different branches of industry.

About Elster Group

Elster Group is the world’s largest supplier of metering technology for gas, water, heat and electricity
consumption and is a leader in automated meter reading (AMR). The group employs over 7,500 staff
and has operations in 38 countries worldwide, focused in North and South America, Europe, Africa,
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and experience gained from more than 170 years in the industry.

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