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					Alabama Federation of Republican Women

          “Constitution in Crisis” Workshop
  This year’s election is about freedom and keeping control of our lives
               as much as it is about jobs and the economy.
2012 Mock Presidential Debate
         Between Barack Obama
          (Impersonator wearing Obama Mask)


        GOP Generic Candidate
      (Impersonator wearing Ronald Reagan Mask)

     Actors in this mock debate are amateurs and
         this presentation has been unrehearsed
Purpose of Mock Presidential Debate
• Expose Assaults of President Obama on U.S.
  – Steal individual liberties
  – Erase the separation of powers among 3 branches
  – Usurp powers reserved to the states

• Highlight Key Issues where Obama Disagrees
  with Majority of Americans, Regardless of
         Obama’s Goal is to
  Subvert & Change the Constitution
• Obama appointed 40-plus Czars to form a
  shadow government to end-run Congress and the
  Courts – at the beginning of his term.
• Never before has a presidential election been
  about whether the U.S. Constitution would be
  saved or replaced.
• Majority of voters don’t believe this could happen
  in America. Yet it IS!
• Benjamin Franklin warned that the Founders
  gave Americans a republic – if they could keep it!
         Candidates’ Stand on
      “SAFETY NET” Entitlements
• AGREE philosophically on
  – Compassion for those who need a safety net
  – Government spends too much

  – FAULT LINE between two parties is how far they
    are willing to go to do something about it
     • By cutting entitlements, spending, and debt
     • Whether the safety net should be a PERMANENT
       lifestyle or a TEMPORARY lifeline.
                       U.S. CONSTITUTION:
            Should it be Static or Evolving?
• Obama:
  – Constitution is flawed & should be changed
  – Should be interpreted as ever-evolving to fit ever-changing cultural
  – Should affirm a government right to redistribute wealth to promote
    social and economic justice

• GOP:
  – Constitution makes America exceptional by guaranteeing self-
    government, individual liberties and limited government
  – Constitution should “evolve” ONLY through amendments – not
      • by re-interpretations by activist judges “making law”, or
      • by the president usurping powers of Congress and states, or
      • by forced changes through laws like ObamaCare, ObamaEd, and Cap and
Should Constitution be Static or Evolving
                (Slide 2)
  – Goal is to fundamentally change America from free-
    market capitalism into European socialism
  – Fairness, inequality, social justice

• GOP:
  – Social justice differs radically from traditional
    American notions of justice based on individual rights
  – Americans will not willingly/knowingly accept
Should Government Be Expanded and
        Given More Power?
  – Congress’ power should be limited
  – Power of President should be expanded

  – Government power should be limited as required by
    the Constitution
  – Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson: Unlike an animal
    mankind was not born with saddles on their backs,
    nor did God suit a favored few with boots to ride men
    into the poor house or slavery

What actions would each presidential
candidate take to derail this out-of-
control train and turn the economy
               Capitalism &
         Redistribution of Wealth
  – Spreading the wealth does take America deeper into debt;
    but …
  – It encourages Americans to become dependent on
    government; and…
  – People learn they don’t have to WORK for a living; they
    can VOTE for a living
  – At some point, other people’s money runs out
  – Redistribution of wealth never works
  – Case in point is Greece – after decades of socialism and a
    65% tax rate, Greece is still drowning in debt and 20% live
    in poverty
• ObamaCare: Violates First Amendment of religious

• Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA): Obama’s decision to
  cease defending DOMA violates the Constitution

• Obama’s use of federal funds to push the homosexual
  agenda in America’s schools and make gay rights “universal
  rights” within/outside the U.S. violates the Constitution’s
  definition of “natural rights”

   – Sexual preferences are NOT legal rights under the Constitution
                                                 Activist Judges
   – How the Constitution should be interpreted
   – Whether we should have activist judges

   – Believes in global government, using
       • Foreign laws in court decisions such as Sharia
       • United Nations treaties

• GOP:
   – Believes courts should interpret the law not make laws
   – The U.S. Supreme Court is ONE VOTE away from being an activist
       • If Obama is re-elected, the U.S. Supreme Court will become an activist court
         and will use decisions to make laws
       • Constitutional government is on the verge of disappearing in the U.S.
         Activist Judges
               Slide 2

Recent examples of how ACTIVIST

Can change the Constitution & Give
  Government More Control over
          Citizens’ Lives
              Activist Judges
                      Slide 3

•   Gun Control
•   Illegal Immigration
•   Cap and Trade
•   ObamaCare

“Constitution in Crisis” Workshop
   Key Issues at Stake in this Election
   This election is about freedom and keeping
   control of our lives as much as it is about jobs
                  and the economy
• Obama is erasing the separation of power
  among the three federal branches
• Obama is usurping powers reserved to states
• Judicial activism is a serious threat to our
          Obama’s Policies That A
          Majority of Voters Reject
•   ObamaCare
•   ObamaEd (National Common Core Standards)
•   Adopt European Socialism
•   Gun Control
•   Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
•   Attack on Religious Freedom
•   Bailouts
•   Homosexual Marriage
•   Activist Judges
              Obama’s Policies That A
              Majority of Voters Reject
•   ObamaCare
     – 85% oppose individual mandate   (Associated Press-GfK poll)
   – 53% support repeal of ObamaCare (Rasmussen, March 2012)
• ObamaEd (nationalized education)
   – While most voters remain unaware of ObamaEd,
   – 64% say big government is the biggest threat to the country
       (Gallup, December 2011)
     – 57% oppose Obama’s proposal to require national standards
       (Rassmussen, March 2009)
•   European Socialism
   – 64% oppose Socialism (Gallup, February 2010)
• Gun Control
   – 70% oppose banning handguns and 57% oppose making any gun
     laws stricter (Gallup, October 2011)
               Obama’s Policies That A
               Majority of Voters Reject
• ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
   – 79% oppose amnesty (Zogby poll, November 2008)
• FIRST AMENDMENT: Attack on Religious Freedom
   – 50% oppose Obama’s birth control coverage mandate
      with 13% undecided and only 38% in support (Rasmussen, Feb 2012)
• Bailouts
   – 62% oppose bailouts and believe in individual
     responsibility (Public Opinion Strategies, October 2007)
• Homosexual Marriages
   – 62% believe in traditional marriage          (Alliance Defense Fund and Public
      Opinion Strategies survey, June 16, 2011)
• Activist Judges
   – 58% believe “judicial activism” is a crisis (Survey by American
      Bar Association Journal, October 2005)
                   Charles Krauthammer
                   Syndicated Columnist
                      December 2, 2011

“If Obama wins, he will take the country to a place
       from which it will not be able to return
  (which is precisely his own objective for a second

                     THE END

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