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									Baton Rouge Chiropractor, Capitol Spine And Rehabilitation, Provides Natural Solutions For Back

Baton Rouge, LA, 1-Aug-2013 - Capitol Spine And Rehabilitation is proud to announce that it now
provides natural solutions for back pain and other neuromuscular conditions. A Baton Rouge
chiropractor provides these solutions without the use of any pharmaceutical agent or invasive

Back pain is one of the most common and frequently experienced health problems in the world. The
condition may seem ordinary and simple, but it actually results to debilitating effects. The pain is
usually serious enough to impair work and proper functions. Some may experience severe pain which
affects daily activities. This pain condition is also usually chronic in nature. The cause of the problem
in most cases, is unknown. This makes it harder to provide solutions to the problem.

Mainstream medical interventions for pain conditions usually involve the use of surgical interventions
and pharmaceutical therapies. Surgical interventions have a lot of risks and the results are not
guaranteed. Pharmaceutical therapies can have a lot of side effects, especially when used in a long term

Chiropractic solutions are then a good alternative. The Baton Rouge chiropractor performs spinal
adjustments to deal with the pain. Spinal adjustments help in restoring correct body alignment and can
relieve pressure in the nerves and muscles. This will then result in pain relief.

The solutions are natural and will not use any invasive procedure. Other natural therapies may also be
used to provide a more comprehensive and holistic solution. These complementary therapies include
exercise, massage, and nutritional management.

To get to know more about these natural solutions, and the clinic's other services, one can browse
through their page at Members of the press and others with more
questions may also contact the clinic through the details provided below.

Company Name: Capitol Spine and Rehabilitation
Address: Suite B, 422 Colonial Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Contact Telephone Number: (225 ) 926 - 1900

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