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					                            JUNG: PARADIGM 2

How one proves something has to take into account the discipline that they
are dealing with. Hence Jung argued “the question ought to be formulated:
what is physical, biological, psychological, legal and philosophical evidence?”
(Jung, in Shamdasani, 2003, p99). Jung argued that there was an Anglo-Saxon
bias on what was deemed to be scientific… Jung here is referring to physics
and chemistry.

In Memories, Dreams, Reflections (MDR) Jung refers to another world
“lying behind or beneath” the everyday world… in which “neither ‘here and
there’ nor ‘earlier and later’ are of importance. I have been convinced that at
least part of our psychic [i.e., psychological] existence is characterised by a
relativity of time and space. This relativity seems to increase, in proportion to
the distance from consciousness, to an absolute condition of timelessness
and spacelessness.” (Jung/Jaffe, 1995, p336)

Jung is right (concerning the quote in Shamdasani’s text) to avoid making all
knowledge fit into one paradigm. And his MDR quote (above) sticks to this
principle… as Jung writes that he is meaning “the addition of still another
dimension” (Jung/Jaffe, 1995, p336). And Jung’s emphasis on “timelessness
and spacelessness” at the deepest levels of the unconscious… has since been
confirmed by the NDE. This brings us to my final quote from Jung, again
from MDR. In a chapter title ‘On Life after Death’ he writes:

“If we assume that life continues ‘there,’ we cannot conceive of any other
form of existence except a psychic [i.e., psychological] one; for the life of the
psyche requires no space and no time. Psychic existence, and above all the
inner images with which we are here concerned, supply the material for all
mythic speculations about a life in the hereafter, and I imagine that life as a
continuance in the world of images. Thus the psyche might be that existence
in which the hereafter or the land of the dead is located.” (Jung/Jaffe, 1995,

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