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									2012 Legislative
DSC Professional Council
May 25, 2012
Sharon Crow, Senior Vice President, Governmental Relations
2012 Legislative Session

• Budget
  • Lottery                    $10,034,908
  • CCPF                       $48,339,804*
  • Total Operating w/projects $58,374,712

  • Authorization tuition incr.   5%

  • Adults w/Disabilities         $    170,000
  • WDSC                          $    307,447
2012 Legislative Session
• CCPF         $48,339,804*
  • Includes          $ 7,600,000   Flagler P/C Classroom Bldg.
  • Includes          $ 2,032,000   Complete NJ Center
  • Includes          $ 1,000,000   DSC/UCF Writing Center

• Capital Projects
  • Gen ren/remodel           $ 1,821,938
  • Rem/Add Bldg. 220         $ 2,400,000
  • Rem/Addition Bldg. 314    $ 3,012,000
2012 Legislative Session

• Postsecondary Education Conforming Bill - HB 5201
  • Creates the Florida Virtual Campus which consolidates the Florida
    Distance Learning Consortium, FACTS.org, Florida Center for
    Library Automation and College Center for Library Automation.
     • Responsibilities
        • Provide access to online student and library support services

        • Serve as a statewide resource and clearinghouse for postsecondary
          education distance learning courses and degree programs

        • Increase student access and completion of degrees.

        • Delays until December 1, 2012, the requirement for colleges and
          universities to interface with FACTS.org.
2012 Legislative Session
• HB 5201 (continued)

  • Creates a degree completion pilot program for adult learners and assist
    them in obtaining degrees aligned to high-wage, high-skill workforce

  • Involves University of West Florida (UWF), University of South Florida,
    Florida State College at Jacksonville, and St. Petersburg College.

  • Requires UWF to submit a plan to the Legislature by June 1, 2012, and to
    implement the pilot in 2012-13.

  • Requires participating institutions to transfer administration of the pilot
    to FVC by June 30, 2013.
2012 Legislative Session
• HB 5201 (continued)
  • Clarifies that a student may receive a Bright Futures award for no more
    than 2 semesters or the equivalent, in any fiscal year, including the
    summer term.

  • Establishes a 100% tuition surcharge for hours over 110% of specific
    baccalaureate degree programs at state universities.

  • Students graduating high school in 2012-13 academic year and after will
    have only 2 (down from 3) years to take advantage of Bright Futures.

  • Allows re-application for qualifying students for up to 2 years (down
    from 3).

  • Clarifies that FAFSA is required for all initial and renewal awards.
2012 Legislative Session
• HB 5201 (continued)
  • Limits the use of Gold Seal award to applied technology diploma
    programs (up to 60 credit hours or equivalent) or technical
    degree or career certificate program (not to exceed 72 credit
    hours or equivalent.

     • Gold Seal can no longer be used for AA or Baccalaureate Programs

  • Sets dollar amount as specified in the General Appropriations Act.

  • Extends the $200,000 state funds limitation for remuneration of
    Presidents and Administrative employees.

  • Provides closer audit oversight by Auditor General and the Joint
    Legislative Auditing Committee.
2012 Legislative Session
• HB 5201 (continued)
  • Requires Florida College Boards of Trustees to use purchasing
    agreements and state term contracts or enter into regional, or
    multi-institutional consortia and cooperative agreements in order
    to achieve a 5% savings on existing contract prices.

  • Repeals the current authorization for Florida College District
    Boards of Trustees to apply for an exemption from SBE approval
    of baccalaureate degrees.

  • Expands transient student online admissions application process
    to include all courses, not just distance learning course as
    presently authorized.
2012 Legislative Session
• HB 5201 (continued)
  • Increases the Capital Improvement fee from 10% to 20% of
    tuition per credit hour; maintains that fee can only be raised
    $2.00 annually.

• SB 1994
  • Creates the Florida Polytechnic University in Polk County – the
    state’s 12th university
2012 Legislative Session
• HB 7135
  • General Education Requires only 30 instead of 36 credit hours.

  • Foreign language requirements must be taken prior to AA award.

  • Requires SBE and BOG to develop a coordinated 5-year plan for
    postsecondary and baccalaureate graduation as well as a unified STEM plan.

  • SBE strategic plan will be revised to include clarification of FCS institutional

      • This includes identification of degree programs, including baccalaureates.

      • SBE will establish criteria for service delivery areas of FCS authorized to
        grant baccalaureate degrees.

      • Requires SBE to establish performance metrics and specify goals and objectives for
        each FCS institution.
2012 Legislative Session
• Florida College students seeking an AA degree are required to
  indicate a baccalaureate degree program offered by an
  institution of interest by the time the student earns 30
  semester hours.
  • The institution in which the student is enrolled shall inform the
    student of any prerequisites required.
• Establish a minimum of 5 “core course” options in 5 areas
  •   Communication
  •   Mathematics
  •   Social Sciences
  •   Humanities
  •   Natural Sciences
• Directs Higher Education Coordinating Council to provide
  reports to the Legislature
2012 Legislative Session


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