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Marketing Opportunities
                               K&N Pro Series
•   The K&N Pro Series is made up of the East Series
    and the West Series, with a new, expanded
    schedule designed to further showcase the two
    series nationally.
•   The NASCAR K&N Pro Series serves as a
    developmental series for NASCAR’s three national
    series. Many of today’s top drivers began their
    careers in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series.
•    Each series has it’s own points champion
•   Second season for K&N Engineering as series
•   The minimum age requirement for the NASCAR
    K&N Pro Series is 15 years old, a move designed to
    attract the increasingly large number of young
•   2012 schedule includes traditional tracks and events,
    along with a combination race in the American
    Heartland and several races in conjunction with
    NASCAR Sprint Cup Series weekends.
               K&N Engineering

• Based in Riverside, CA with
  over 600 employees
• Global company with offices
  in the UK and the
  Netherlands employing over
• Family owned business for
  over 40 years
• Inventor and leading
  innovator of reusable cotton
  gauze filter technology
• Involved in many forms of
                                  Series Overview

     The NASCAR K&N Pro Series is made up of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and the K&N Pro Series
     West. This division represents NASCAR’s top regional touring series, where competitors will refine
    their skills before making the jump to one of NASCAR’s three national series. Both series compete in
    either 110-inch or 105-inch wheelbase cars that are similar to those of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
      and the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Attendance averages are about 5,000 – 15,000 spectators at
                             short tracks and 400-600 people in the garage area.

•   The NASCAR K&N Pro Series West                                The present format of the K&N Pro
    was born when NASCAR came to the                              Series East began in 1987 when
    West Coast and began sanctioning                              Anheuser-Busch and NASCAR returned
    the Pacific Coast Late Model circuit in                       to the Northeast with a revised version
    1954. It has been known as the                                of the NASCAR North Tour that ran
    Pacific Coast Late Model circuit,                             between 1979 and 1985. In 2003, this
    Grand National West, NASCAR                                   series combined rules with the NASCAR
    Winston West Series. NASCAR                                   K&N Pro Series West to form the Grand
    AutoZone West Series and NASCAR                               National Division. NASCAR has now
    Camping World Series.                                         welcomed K&N Engineering as the series
                                                                  sponsor on both the east and the west.
The Racing Series of NASCAR

        WEST       EAST

                            Driver Highlights
Many drivers competing in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series have moved up through the ranks to
NASCAR’s three national series including: Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex, Jr., Austin Dillon, Trevor
Bayne, Steve Park, Cole Whitt, Brendan Gaughan, Ricky Craven, Ron Hornaday, Joey Logano Dav
Gilliland, Ricky Carmichael and Chad Little.

                                    "The NASCAR K&N Pro Series really honed my skills as a driver and significantly
                                    impacted the success I have today. It taught me how to be a great competitor on and
                                    off the track. I cherish the memories I had racing in the K&N Pro Series and enjoy
                                    getting back to it when my schedule permits."
                                    -Joey Logano

          Joey Logano

                                    "The NASCAR K&N Pro Series has always been a good mix of tracks and a good mix of
                                    drivers. You have to be able to fight on the short tracks and tackle the big tracks. It's
                                    an awesome series. My Dad won championships and I came close a couple of times. I
                                    still look forward to running in the series when we're on the West Coast."
                                    -Ron Hornaday, Jr.

       Ron Hornaday- 1997
                              2012 Schedules

                       EAST                                             WEST
        Event                                           Event
     Event Date                                      Event Date
Bristol Motor Speedway           March 17       Phoenix International Raceway    March 3
Greenville Pickens Speedway      March 31       Havasu 95 Speedway               April 14
Richmond International Raceway   April 26       Miller Motorsports Park          April 28
Iowa Speedway                    May 19         Stockton 99 Speedway             May 5
Bowman Gray Stadium              June 2         Iowa Speedway                    May 19
Gresham Motorsports Park         June 9         Brainerd International Raceway   May 26
Langley Speedway                 June 23        The Bullring at LVMS             June 2
Raceway Park                     July 14        Infineon Raceway                 June 23
Columbus Motor Speedway          July 21        Evergreen Speedway               July 14
Iowa Speedway                    August 3       Colorado National Speedway       July 28
Greenville Pickens Speedway      September 3    Iowa Speedway                    August 3
New Hampshire Motor Speedway     September 22   Portland International Raceway   August 26
Dover International Speedway     September 28   Sandia Motor Speedway            September 29
Rockingham Speedway              November 3     All-American Speedway            October 13
Tentative - Subject to Change                   Phoenix International Raceway    November 10
                                                Tentative - Subject to Change              7

• Designated time slot Thursdays
  from 6-7pm to provide consistent
  messaging and destination
• Entitlement to include schedule of
  spots, opening/closing billboards
  and exposure with on-air talent
• SPEED is carried by DIRECTV, Dish
  Network and 8 cable operators
  including Comcast and Time
  Warner                               More than 72 million
                                       households in the US
                                           and Canada

                   2012 Broadcast Schedule
                  (for reference only, 2012 TV schedule coming soon)

  Each K&N Pro Series race will be broadcast on SPEED in the designated time slot of
    Thursdays at 6:00pm. Broadcasts will be an hour long with on track action and
            driver interviews featuring well known industry on air talent.

                       EAST                                             WEST
        Event                                           Event
     Premiere Date                                   Premiere Date
Greenville Pickens Speedway      April 28       Phoenix International Raceway    April 21
South Boston Speedway            May 12         All-American Speedway            May 5
Richmond International Raceway   May 19         Iowa Speedway                    June 2
Iowa Speedway                    June 2         The Bullring at LVMS             June 23
Bowman Gray Stadium              June 9         Infineon Raceway                 July 7
Gresham Motorsports Park         June 16        Toyota Speedway at Irwindale     July 14
Langley Speedway                 June 30        Evergreen Speedway               July 21
New Hampshire Motor Speedway     July 28        Portland International Raceway   TBA
Columbus Motor Speedway          August 4       Colorado National Speedway       August 18
Greenville Pickens Speedway      September 15   Montana Raceway Park             August 25
New Hampshire Motor Speedway     September 29   All-American Speedway            October 20
Dover International Speedway     October 6      Phoenix International Raceway    November 17
Tentative - Subject to Change                   Tentative - Subject to Change
                        Awareness Campaign
Commitment to the NASCAR short tracks
•   National awareness campaign to promote local short
    track racing
•   Tagline: “The soul of NASCAR”
•   Media placement to gain high level of visibility
    throughout the season

 • 30-second television spots
      •Ad airs during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series,
      Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR K&N Pro Series
      events as well and support programming on NASCAR TV on
 • Radio Ads
      •MRN Radio- NASCAR USA, Sirius Satellite Radio- NASCAR
 • Internet
      •Banner Ads
                                 On-Line Support

•NASCAR brought the daily content management and
 oversight of the local racing portion of in-house in 2008 and rebranded as

•The website has seen tremendous growth as it
 continues to add content and features to meet fan
 interest – jumping from 3.16M hits in 2008 to 4M in

•In addition, average time spent on the site is up
 nearly 30% from 2009 to 2010.

•NASCAR Home Tracks has 3,000 fans on Facebook and
 1,800 followers on Twitter

•NASCAR Home Tracks have produced more than 194
 videos since May that have generated more than
 96,000 views.                                         11
                       Media Outreach

•   Advance PR events to promote race
•   News and Notes
•   Post-race Press Releases
•   Hundreds of publications, radio
    stations and websites nationwide
    report on the NASCAR K&N Pro
    Series and its competitors. The vast
    exposure to all tracks and teams is a
    great opportunity for series growth.

                   Cutting Edge Technology
•   SPEC Engine
     – Approved for use in competition August 1, 2006
     – Available as a complete engine or in kit form
        through Robert Yates Racing
     – Over 400 engines in use as of February 1, 2010
•   Age requirement
     – Minimum driving age reduced to 15 for NASCAR
        K&N Pro Series
•   Composite Body
     – 105” or 110” wheel base to fit former Cup and
        current Nationwide Series bodies
                                                          Spec Engine
     – Bodies differentiated through graphics and grill
     – 11 different replacement panels
     – Available through four sources:
          • Eshleman Racing
          • Summit Racing
          • BSR Products
          • Racing Plus
                                                          Composite Body   13
                        NASCAR Fan Base Demographics
NASCAR is gender neutral, a fit for the entire family.
Gender                                                         NASCAR Fans
Male                                                              60%
Female                                                            40%

NASCAR fans are just as likely as the U.S. population to be 18-34 and 18-44.
Age Composition                       U.S. Population           NASCAR Fans    Index NASCAR Fans vs. U.S. Pop
18 – 24                                     13%                      13%                    100
25 – 34                                     18%                      18%                    100
35 – 44                                     17%                      18%                    106
45 – 54                                     22%                      24%                    109
55 – 64                                     13%                      13%                    100
65+                                         17%                      14%                     82
18 – 34                                     31%                      31%                    100
18 – 44                                     48%                      49%                    102
NASCAR fans are middle class and just as affluent as the U.S. population.
                                                                               Index NASCAR Fans vs. U.S.
Income Distribution                   U.S. Population          NASCAR Fans
Under $30,000                              31%                      31%                  100
$30,000 - $50,000                          22%                      22%                  100
$50,000 - $70,000                          16%                      17%                  106
$70,000 - $100,000                         15%                      15%                  100
$100,000+                                  16%                      15%                   94
$50,000+                                   47%                      47%                  100          14
                   NASCAR Fan Base Demographics (continued)

NASCAR is a sport the whole family can enjoy.
                                                                                                     Index NASCAR Fans vs. U.S.
 Family Friendly                                        U.S. Population               NASCAR Fans
 % of families with kids
                                                                  37%                        38%                103
 under 18 years of age

1 out of 5 NASCAR fans is a minority.
                                                                           U.S. Population
 Minorities                                                                                               Percent Change
                                                                 2003                        2007
 Member of a minority
                                                                19.6%                        20.5%             +5%
    Hispanic                                                     8.3%                        9.0%              +8%
    African-American                                             8.2%                        8.2%               0%
^ indicates results based on “all NASCAR fans” minus “all white non-Hispanics”

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