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									               Lesson 22: Putting It All Together

           Scenario 1: You Are the
        Emergency Medical Responder
   You arrive at a local shopping mall in response to a
   call that a middle-aged woman has collapsed in the
   food court. A friend states that the woman was
   feeling sick to her stomach, got really pale and
   sweaty and then just collapsed. Several people are
   standing around the patient. Another bystander has
   begun performing CPR.

Emergency Medical Response
          Scenario 2: You Are the
       Emergency Medical Responder
   You are called to the home of the parents of a
   10 month old because the parents are unable to
   wake the infant and noticed that he was not
   breathing. The parents are distraught and sobbing.
   You find the infant lying prone in his crib.

Emergency Medical Response
          Scenario 3: You Are the
       Emergency Medical Responder
  You and your partner arrive on the scene of a motor-
  vehicle crash in which a car veered off the road and
  landed in a small creek containing about 6 inches of
  water. The driver of the vehicle is unconscious, not
  breathing and has no pulse. A passenger in the car is
  alert and reports that the patient complained of
  feeling light-headed and then “grabbed his chest
  before losing control of the car.” The passenger is
  complaining of some pain in the right knee from
  hitting the dashboard. Your emergency vehicle is
  equipped with an AED.

Emergency Medical Response
             Putting It All Together
 § Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death
   in the United States
 § Cardiac Chain of Survival:
    • Early recognition and early access to the EMS
    • Early CPR
    • Early defibrillation
    • Early advanced medical care
 § CPR: chest compressions and ventilations
 § AED: to re-establish an effective rhythm

Emergency Medical Response

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