Transformative Education_ A Work of Justice_ A Work of Love

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					Transformative Education:
   A Work of Justice,
     A Work of Love

   A work in partnership
 The Child
   The Curriculum
     The Educator
      The Goal of Education
        “So What?” Questions
The metaphysics of education - JES
              The Child
         The “material cause”
          The Curriculum
         The “formal cause”
            The Educator
         The “efficient cause”
        The Goal of Education
          The “final cause”
  Panel of respondents
  General Conversation

Small group conversations
Conversation of the whole

Society General Chapter in Amiens

First International Heads Meeting in

Beginning of the 3rd era of globalization
Eras of globalization

1st era: 1492 – 1800 agent: countries

2nd era: 1800 – 2000 agent: companies

3rd era: 2000 -     agent: individuals
and                        small groups
The Material Cause
   of Education

    The Child
        Composite Picture:
Global youth culture
 Common Styles
    A Common Value System
       Drawn to the Spiritual

                  Activities in solitude
                  Activities in service
                  Passion for Justice
The Formal Cause
  of Education:
The Subject Matter
 Plan of Studies:

Emphasis on Character
Spirit and Plan of Studies
  common mission
  common spirit
  shared principles and values
  broad purposes
  hopes and ambitions

    NOW –
    common competencies
Global competence:
…the knowledge and skills that help people
understand the flat world in which they live,
the skills to integrate across disciplinary
domains to comprehend global affairs and
events and to create possibilities to address
them. Global competencies are also the
attitudinal and ethical dispositions that make
it possible to interact peacefully, respectfully,
and productively with fellow human beings
from diverse geographies.
                                  Fernando Reimers
  Three dimensions
of global competence:

the affective dimension

 the action dimension

the academic dimension
                  Yong Zhao
the affective (ethical) dimension

“a positive disposition towards
   cultural difference and a
framework of global values to
      engage difference”
  the action (skill) dimension:

 “refers primarily to the ability
to speak, understand, and think
     in a foreign language”
the academic (disciplinary and
 interdisciplinary) dimension:

  “knowledge of the world which
   includes deep knowledge and
 understanding of world history,
geography, the global dimension of
topics such as health, climate, and
   economics, and the process of
        globalization itself.”
        Digital Competence:
knowledge of the nature of the virtual
positive attitude towards the digital
ability to use different tools to participate
and lead in the virtual world;
ability to create products for the virtual
     Competencies for
the building of community
The efficient cause of education:

         The Educator
Saints savants

  “wise saints”

 “holy scholars”
   Professional Competence:
      rigorous intellectual formation
      strong instinct for community
   concern for the other, especially the
consistent character formation in freedom
               a life of faith
Commitment to the God Quest

    Spiritual Generativity

    Importance of
    Formation to Mission
  The Final Cause:

The End of Education
The End of Education…

   Justice, Peace and
the Integrity of Creation

          an act of justice

       a foundation for peace

       a new spiritual vision

the establishment of the reign of God
The Integrity of Creation:

    Particular issues

    A New Narrative
The new cosmology…
 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
   Brian Swimme
   Thomas Berry
   Mary Evelyn Tucker

   Judy Cannato (relying on Karl Rahner)
        Field of Compassion: How the New
        Cosmology is Transforming Spiritual
        The Universe Story:

a single creative event
a single act of divine grace
connectedness at the heart of all creation

our role and responsibility:
 co-creators with God,
 participating in God’s work of transformation,
 participating in God’s compassionate action.
Compassion…compassion changes
everything. Compassion heals. Compassion mends
the broken and restores what has been lost.
Compassion draws together those who have been
estranged or never even dreamed they were
connected. Compassion pulls us out of ourselves
and into the heart of another, placing us on holy
ground where we instinctively take of our shoes and
walk in reverence. Compassion springs out of
vulnerability and triumphs in unity.
a quality
an organizing principle
a character trait
a competency for globalization
a challenge to be good news for the poor

a lens for our choices
a foundation for our hope
Our International Network
of Sacred Heart Schools…

  a field of compassion
   Maureen Ryan
       Sacre Coeur, Australia

   Chris Carpenter,
         Hammersmith, England

   Kim Sook Hee, rscj
        Sacred Heart School, Korea

   Suzanne Cooke, rscj
        Carrollton, United States

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