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									The Use of Technology in
  Health and Physical
  Focus: Department Supervisor
         (Health and PE)
          Kate DeSantis
      The Latest and Greatest
 It seems like everyday something comes out in the
 technology world that can help make our lives easier
                      and better.

Some of these technology gadgets and programs can
    contribute to health and physical education.

A few components can help reach a goal or contribute
              to maintaining health.
vTo incorporate a piece of technology into a health
 and physical education classroom with applications
 on it that can help towards making, achieving and
 maintaining health and fitness goals.

vBy purchasing a product that students can use during
 class with there peers can make achieving there
 goals fun.
                        Ipad Mini

An Ipad mini has many uses in a classroom. It has many features/apps that can
be used in a health and physical education class. The mini version is smaller
and more compact which will make using the device easier for students as they
use it to assess there health components.

Ipad mini $329 each

Can be purchased from
How the features/applications on
the Ipad mini and be used in the
 The Ipad mini has some features/apps that can be
    very useful in a health and physical education
vThe Internet
vThe Camera/video App
v‘My Fitness Pal’ App
vBMI Calculator App
vStop watch App
        The Internet Feature

The internet feature on the Ipad mini is a great feature to use because
you can access any application or website. A website that would be very
helpful in the classroom would be:


That website can be used for nutritional information, food tracking and
making nutrition goals and tracking them.
 The Camera/Video App

The Camera/video app on the Ipad mini would be a great tool for
students to use to log there fitness goals/progess throughout the
school year. They can use the camera to take still pictures or they can
use the video part to make documentaries about there journey or video
students performing fitness/health activities.
         ‘Myfitnesspal’ App

The ‘myfitnesspal’ app is a free app offered on the Ipad mini. It would need to
be downloaded to each Ipad mini before use. On ‘myfitnesspal’ students can
create a food log (it also offers calorie counting, nutrition facts, serving
portions, etc), see there progress in charts, graphs, and numbers and they can
make comparisons which results.
      BMI Calculator App

There are many different kinds of BMI calculator apps offered on
the app store on the Ipad mini. Each one will ask for sex, height,
weight, sometimes age. The app will calculate it for the student and
give them results in charts, tables and pictures.

*(students should be able to calculate there BMI on there own but
this app will show them there progress in charts)*
          Stopwatch Feature

The stopwatch feature on the Ipad mini is a great tool to have students
use when they are doing any fitness tests. The stopwatch feature is
easy to use and is convenient on the Ipad mini because students can
easily transfer results to documents or apps to log there progress.
                 Overall Cost

Each Ipad Mini is $329 each. For a class of 25-30 students I
would make groups of 5 students (5-6 groups). Each group
would have an Ipad mini.

5 Ipad minis @ $329 each= $1,645

All apps/features mentioned in the slides were free and Ipad
mini’s can last a long time if they are taken care of and properly
• The Ipad mini is a great tool to have in health and physical
  education classes.
• I chose the top 5 apps/features (in my opinion) that could be
  helpful in the classroom but there are much more.
• Students can benefit from using the Ipad mini in groups by
  helping each other and comparing results and seeing progress
  in there groups.

                       Thank you!

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