Those who manage and assume the financial risk of new business by pptfiles


									  Those who manage and
assume the financial risk of
      new business.
Improved the steam engine
     in the late 1700s.
A business organization in
 areas such as shipping,
   mining, or factories.
 A drug that prevents pain
during surgery, patented by
         a dentist.
A private toll road.
     The first factories
developed in what industry?
  During the Industrial
Revolution, life changed in
    what basic way?
The cotton gin was a
machine that could…
Which invention most
 affected imports?
In the early 1700s, Abraham
  Darby’s experiments led
          him to …
Land enclosure in the 1600s
  and 1700s resulted in …
Abraham Darby made better
     quality iron by …
Steam became an efficient
 power source because of
improvements made by…
The putting-out system was
      a method of …
The development of steam
power enabled the growth
          of …
In what way were railroads
   an improvement over
The slave trade contributed
 to the rise of industry in
       Britain by …
The movement of people to
        cities …
An apartment building for
   the working class.
The Luddites were a …
 What wee the causes of
urbanization in the 1700s?
The people who lived in
 tenements in industrial
cities were part of the …
Most early factory workers
 were women because …
Laws called “factory acts”
 were passed in the early
       1800s to …
What was a long-term result
of the Industrial Revolution?
Utopian socialist who set up
a model community in New
     Lanark, Scotland.
The working class.
 Karl Marx despised
capitalism because he
  believed that it …
    Thomas Malthus
discouraged vaccinations
       because …
Germany formed a social
democracy in the 1860s to
   change gradually.
What best describes David
 Ricardo’s “Iron Law of
“The greatest happiness for
the greatest number” was a
         goal of …
  Which group established
communities where all work
is shared and all property is
    owned in common?
According to laissez-faire
economists, the cure for
    poverty was …
According to socialist, the
 solution to poverty and
     injustice was …
Jeremy Bentham believed
        that …

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