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					Title: Choosing To Apply For A 0% Intro Rate Credit Card

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Summary: Learn why you should choose to apply for a 0% intro rate credit card other
than a regular card.

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Article Body: If you’re of age and with a permanent source of income, maybe it’s time to
own a credit card. If you haven’t ever considered owning a credit card, maybe it’s time to
do so. There are a lot of good things that could be made possible simply by owning a
credit card.

First, credit cards could be of utmost use in times of emergency and unplanned events. If
your car breaks down and you don’t have cash with you, the words “credit card” may
never sound more beautiful to anyone’s ears than yours. If you find yourself accidentally
breaking an expensive crystal vase in the mall and once again you don’t have enough
cash with you, guess what alone could help you if there’s no one to lend you some
money? Your credit card of course!

And those are just necessity-related-advantages of credit cards, mind you. We haven’t yet
gotten to the best part of credit cards yet and that’s how it allows us to indulge and
pamper ourselves from time to time. Say, you just got out of a very bad relationship and
you want to relax and enjoy yourself for a while after feeling down for so long. If you
don’t have enough money to make your plan to self-indulge possible, your credit card
could always come to the rescue!

And of course there’s the fact that credit cards let you shop for the more expensive things
that you used to allow yourself to drool about only and never own! Well, guess what
again? Owning a credit card would allow you not just to drool but own those things as

Convinced then? Good, because it’s now time to pick what type of credit card you should
apply for.

There are just two main types of credit cards – the type that offers reward and the type
that doesn’t. We’ll be picking one from the latter category to discuss and this type of
credit card is called the 0% intro rate credit card. Sounds nice so far, right?

Well, a 0% intro rate credit card, as we mentioned, is a non-reward type of credit card so
that means you don’t get to earn reward points each time you utilize your credit card. On
the other hand, you do get to enjoy 0% interest rate for all your purchases. That’s right –
all your purchases shan’t be charged with any interest whatsoever!
What’s the catch? Well, the 0% interest rate isn’t a forever thing and once the time limit
expires, you go back to the normal rates. The good news: if you have something
expensive that you need to buy NOW then the 0% intro rate credit card is the optimum
choice for you!

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