Discrimination complaint by stcloudtimes


									                            Receipt Date: 5/6/2013                 9:11am

                            Docket Number:

1~Enter information about yourself.
First Name:                                  ("..,b),.,..(7""'(C

last Name:
Zip Code:
Bestllme to Call You:                    DAY
Primary Phone Number:                1-(b-)(G-);-(b-)(-7(-C)--

Alternative Phone Number:
Your EmallAddress:
                                     I      (b)(7(C)
2. Who else can we call if we cannot reach you?
Contact's Name:
Daytime Phone Number:
Relationship to you:
3. Who was discriminated against?
                                         If someone other than
                                         yourself please Include:
                                         Injured Person's
                                         Daytime Phone
                                         Evening Phone
                                         Relationship to You
                                         (eg. son or daughter)
                                         Injured Person's
                                                                                              Zip Code:
4. What institution discriminated?
Institution Name:                                                                            St. Cloud State

Address:                                                                                      6401 Sycamore Court N.

City:                                                                                         Maple Grove

State:                                                                                        MN
Zip Code:                                                                                     55369

School or department                   Involved:                                              SCSU Twin Cities
                                                                                              Graduate Cent

5. Have you tried to resolve the complaint through the
institution's grievance process, due process hearing, or
with another agency?
Agency Name:

Date Flied:

Current status of the complaint:

6. Describe the discrimination
On what basis were you discriminated                                                        against?

race;         retaliation;

Description of each discriminatory                                                 action:

I am flllng this complaint against St. Cloud State University
because I am an African American female who recently suffered
an act of discrimination based on my race. Initially, I filed a
written        formal complaint with the St. Cloud State University
Office of Equity and Affirmative       Action to Inform tl1e school of                                                 the
Instructor's discriminatory practices and misconduct. As a result
of this action, however, I experlenced further racial discrimination
andretaUatlon that resultedJn'my dismissal from the school,
whlchpre'vented me from graduating in December 2012 with a
Mast~r ofSclencetn
     .   -,                  "',
                                      appn~dcUrl(~1 research.
                                         _ ''o<-.i::.',     ,'j-<i""f .••.. ,l.,     ,".'
                                                                                                    In the Fall 2012
semester, which should have1oeenmy'final                                                           semester, the grades
                       ",     ,'~;.         . .,<t'       "c'~.<-"i ':\ •. ~_'. :.                      •
I receIved were unfair and Issued In retaliation by'the Instructor
for my having filed a formal complaint against another Instructor
concerning her discriminatory conduct. In February 2013, I
received a letter from St. Cloud State University stating that I
was no longer eligible to attend the school as a result of my low
grade point average. During the Fall 2012 semester, I received a
"pass" grade for two courses for which I should have received a
letter grade of A. The "pass" grade did not affect my grade point
average and was given deliberately to create an unjust situation.
I should have received a grade of A for a third course I took in
the fall of 2012, but the Instructor committed an unjust act yet
again. In assigning a group project,. the Instructo~s purposely
segregated all of the students of color Into one group, and the
Caucasian students Into another group. The group of students of
color (Including myself) received a failing grade on the
assignment, even though we completed all of the criteria outlined
 In the assignment. Segregating students based on race Is
 discriminatory, and allowing the Instructor to submIt a "pass" for
 no justifiable reason Instead of an A grade was retaliatory. In yet
 another course, the Instructor unfairly penalized me for having a
 computer glitch that would not allow me to electronically submIt
 one assignment on time. This assignment was ten minutes late,
 which affected my final grade; white students, on the other hand,
 were allowed to submit their work several days late without
 penalty. As an outcome of this situation I am seeking corrective
 actIon and restitution. I would like my grades changed and to be
 reinstated Into the Master of Science In applied eUnlcalresearch

Do you have written Information that you think will help us
understand your complaint?

7. When did the last act of discrimination occur?
Enter the date:                            02/01/2013

Are you requesting a waiver of the lSO-day filing time limit for
discrimination that occurred more than 180 days before the filing
of this complaint?


Reason for not filing complaint before 180 days.

8. What would you like the institution to do' as a result of
your complaint?
As an outcome of this situation I am seeking corrective action
and restitution. I would like my grades changed and to be
reinstated Into the Master of Science In applied dlnlcal research

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