Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point by TPenney


									          Hazard Analysis and
          Critical Control Point
The concept of HACCP is relatively simple; however, application of
the program can be challenging. HACCP is based upon seven basic
                 Analysis of workplace hazards
             Identification of Critical Control Points
                 Establishment of Critical Limits
               Monitoring of Critical Control Points
                Application of Corrective Actions
                     Verification Procedures
                 Documentation of the System

Prior to applying a HACCP plan to a specific product and process,
five tasks must be accomplished:
•     Establish a team of individuals with detailed knowledge and
      experience of the process to be analyzed.
•     Describe the food involved and any process-related methods.
•     Categorize the intended use and consumers of the food.
•     Establish a flow diagram for the process outlining the steps
      involved (a simple block diagram is sufficient).
•     Verify the flow diagram through on-site inspection of the
•     Once these preliminary tasks have been completed,
      implementation of the HACCP principles can take place

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